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Please Note:
This site,, used to be at the url The data at that old URL is not to be trusted.
This site is the continuation of that old URL. The data hosted here including shnid for sources is still the canonical data.
Your music lists are still hosted here.
The same team who has ran db for 22 years is still in charge of this website.
Reach us at with any questions.

The future of db: This site, and the code running it, is over 23 years old. In order to preserve the site and all its data, a new site is in the works: Live Concert Database. This site is 100% open source and all the code is found on github.

The data is served through GraphQL. POST your GraphQL client to to interact with it. The underlying database is an exact copy of this site's database and is updated periodically from this live site.

We welcome volunteers to assist with this effort. Skills in Next.js with Typescript to build the front end are needed. Especially helpful are designers to improve the look and feel. Programmers interested in working in PHP using my library doctrine-graphql are also welcome.

The code development of db has been a solo effort up until now. Finding new volunteers to help with this altruistic project would be most welcome. Contact us with any questions and I look forward to your pull requests.

We are a social network of like-minded music collectors. Find here recordings ranging from Walt Whitman by Thomas Edison to the concert you attended last week by a dedicated hobbyist or professional. Although no music is downloadable you may find connoisseurs of your favorite artists from around the world in your home town or across the oceans.