Music List for Jarod
Last Update: Sep 25, 2005
Show Count: 770

Trading Rules:

Update 4/24/18:

I haven't updated this in a long, long time. I mostly don't trade anymore. If I do have anything you're looking for, please let me know and I may be able to find it for you. Thanks!


Hi, and welcome to my list. I am mostly a DMB fan, but I am always up for different music. If you know of an artist that I may like, let me know and maybe we can work something out. Here is my status:

Trading Status: CDR/SHN: On DVDR: On

B+P Status: CDR/SHN: On DVDR: On

Trading Rules:

Please communicate with me through out the trade. If something happens, let me know. I can be patient if I know what is going on on your end.

DAO, no TAO or mp3 sourced shows.

SHN or CDR, doesn't matter to me :).

I use EAC to encode then burn.

I can trade shn's threw the internet.

If a show is shn sourced, let me know if you want it in shn or cdr format.

Try to include as much source info as possible.

Do not write on the discs. Use either a post-it or a piece of paper.

Be honest, and have a fun time trading.

DVD Rules:

Please extract your dvd's via DVD Decrypter and check them with IFOEdit to fix any sector problems. To do this, please read here.

I can burn only DVD+R's for now. I will accept either format.

Don't send any brands that are generics (Memorex, Imation, etc).

Try to include as much source info as possible.

B&P Rules:

I usually give out b+p's to everyone. If you don't know what a b&p is, go here.
Make sure that you don't send any brands that are true generics. My burner does not like them sometimes so be careful on what you send. Also, include a piece of paper telling me what you want. Finally, make sure that the disc amount is right. I have a bunch of shows in shn format, and some of them are more discs (1 or 2 more) when converted to an audio cd. I will try to mark it, but I may forget, so double check with me.

I maintain the shn's Ari Hest, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Dave Matthews (solo), Dave Matthews Band, Howie Day, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Mason Jennings, Matt Nathanson, Nickel Creek, and O.A.R. (Of A Revolution). If you have anything for me to add, please contact me.

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Eat Yr Greens by Anna Creech