Alvin Youngblood Hart's Muscle Theory and Related Artists · 2001
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The NorVa

-Disc One- 1. Big Mama's Door 2. Nobody's Fault But Mine 3. Just About to Go 4. Lord, I'm Just a Country Boy in This Great Big Freaky City 5. Manos Arriba 6. The Hustler 7. Once Again 8. Cryin' Shame 9. Sway 10. Porch Monkey's Theme 11. Joe Friday 12. If Blues Was Money 13. Motherless Children 14. A Prophet's Mission 15. Will I Ever Get Back Home?
-Disc Two- 1. Illinois Blues 2. Electric Eel 3. Fightin' Hard 4. Mr. Soul 5. Call on Me 6. Crying Won't Help You 7. Stone Free > Post Show Music

Smith's Olde Bar

Big Mama's Door Nobody's Fault But Mine Just About To Go Lawd I'm Just A Country Boy In This Great Big Freaky City Manos Arriba The Hustler Once Again Back To Memphis Cryin' Shame Porch Monkey's Theme Sway If Blues Was Money Motherless Children
A Prophet's Mission Will I Ever Get Back Home Call On Me Electric Eel Illinois Blues Fightin' Hard Mr. Soul Stone Free

Double Door Inn

In My Time Of Dying Call On Me Cowboy Boots Porch Monkeys Theme Crying Shame Mr. Soul Fighting Hard Stone Free

Johnny D's

(talking) Big Mama?s Door (A. Hart) Nobody?s Fault But Mine (Otis Redding) Just About To Go (A. Hart/R. Davis, Jr.) Lawd, I?m Just A Country Boy In This Great Big Freaky City (Doug Sahm) Back To Memphis (C. Berry) Cryin? Won?t Help You (Hudson Whittaker a.k.a. Tampa Red) Call On Me (Don Van Vliet) Cowboy Boots (B. Knight) The Hustler (G. Roslie) Manos Arriba (A. Hart) Joe Friday (A. Hart) Sway (Jagger/Richards) The Other Side Of The Track (?) Porch Monkeys? Theme (A. Hart)
(talking) Livin' In A Strain (W. Vinson) * (tuning issues) If Blues Was Money (A. Hart) * A Prophet?s Mission (A. Hart) * Mama Don?t Allow (trad.) * Motherless Child (?) * Illinois Blues (Skip James) Cryin' Shame (Black Oak Arkansas) The Worm Will I Ever Get Back Home? (trad.) Once Again (A. Hart) Mr. Soul (N. Young) Fightin' Hard (A. Hart) Stone Free (J. Hendrix) * solo
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