Sam Holt and Related Artists · 2009
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Dulcinea's 100th Monkey

The Moral Decline * Call Me the Breeze Can't Change the Past People See Mercy Train to Bogart Outlaw Women Instrumental? Walkin' Shoes
Instrumental? Willing Lonesome Blues Whiskey Drinkin' Women Redneck Mothers All I Can Do is Write About It I Can Get Off on You Makes Sense to Me
* Sam solo

The Goat Tavern (Soup and Whiskey)

People See Tennessee Before Daylight Mercy Train to Bogart Can't Change The Past Walkin Shoes Lonesome Blues (Shooter Jennings) Midnight Moonlight Redneck Mothers Pickin Up The Pieces
The Takeout>Call Me the Breeze Bull Run Whiskey-Drinkin' Women Heard It In a Love Song Long Hard Ride Willin' All I Can Do Is Write About It The Moral Decline>Game on Poncho & Lefty Outlaw Women Leaving Trunk Porch Song

The Patio @ Bateaux
Port Royal

tuning -> jam -> Walkin' Shoes Tenessee Before Daylight Leaving Trunk Lonesome Blues Face Yourself Alone Can't Change the Past Devil's Love Song Whiskey Drinking Women People See
Midnight Promises -> instrumental Pickin' up the Pieces Midnight Moonlight See You Later, I'm Gone All I Can Do is Write About it Battle of Bull Run Willing Heard it in a Love Song

The Brick

Tennessee Before Daylight When I Paint My Masterpiece Check Me Out [with a Cheeseburger] I Can Get Off on You People See Whiskey Drinking Women -> See You Later, I'm Gone The Take Out -> Call Me the Breeze Can't Change the Past 90
tuning -> Edgewater* Face Yourself Alone Mercy Train to Bogart Battle of Bull Run Dan Lotti intro/banter** Free Man** Friend of the Devil** Walkin' Shoes Outlaw Women Midnight Moonlight Willin' -> Travelin' Light Heard it in a Love Song
*Sam solo, on Cameron's guitar **Cameron and Dan Lotti of Dangermuffin [no Sam]


People See Check Me Out (With a Cheeseburger) Call Me The Breeze Can't Change The Past Walkin' Shoes In My Own Way All I Can Do Is Write About It Lonesome Blues Train Song
Mercy Train To Bogart Willing Ruby Outlaw Women See You Later Whiskey Drinkin' Women Bull Run Devil/Angel When I Paint My Masterpiece Heard It In A Love Song
Whole show with Guarav Muholtra on percussion, Benji Shanks on guitar, and Richard Proctor on drums

The Pour House
James Island

Searchin' for a Rainbow Ain't Living Long Like This Mercy Train to Bogart Outlaw Women Wet Trombone Blues See You Later I'm Gone Cant Change the Past Battle of Bull Run Lonesome Blues Gimme Back my Bullets
Workin' for MCA Hot 'lanta Heard it in a Love Song Liquor Ain't Love No Matter What + Tennessee Before Daylight Lawyers, Guns, and Money Midnight Promises Long Hard Ride Encore: Waiting for the Bus Rockin' in the Free World
Southern Rock Revue: Sam Holt - guitar, vocals Benji Shanks - guitar, vocals Will Harraway - bass, vocals Jeff 'Birddog' Lane - percussion Duane Trucks - drums + with band intros

Zuffys Place

Walk On Up Against The Wall Georgia Rhythm Outlaw Women * Company Store * Fatman In The Bathtub * Tupelo Honey * Ophelia * Tennessee Before Daylight * Rock And Roll * Right On * Midnight Promises * Memphis In The Meantime Can't Change The Past -> Legend Of Wooley Swamp Hurricane Tuning/Enter Kris Tangled Up In Blue *# Sin City *# Voodoo Me, Myself, And Id *@
* = something # = something else @ = yet something else
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