Dumpstaphunk and Related Artists · 2004
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Howlin' Wolf - Jazz Fest!
New Orleans

Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans

Voices Inside (Everything is Everything)* > bass (Porter) > Jam > Voices Inside (Everything is Everything), Jam (???), What You Want From Me# > Look Ka Py-Py > drums (Russell), Come Get Some Funk Today^ > Jam > Come Get Some Funk Today, Just Kissed My Baby (Meters) > drums (Nikki) > Let Me Have It All (Sly Stone) > guitar (Krasno) > bass (Porter) > Let Me Have It All, Same Thing**, ??? > sax (Sam) > guitar (Krasno) > guitar (June) > bass (Porter) > guitar (Hall) > ???, Soul Power, Let A Woman Be A Woman & Let A Man Be A Man, Check Out Your Mind, Here But I'm Gone > No More Okey Doke > guitar (June) > No More Okey Doke > guitar (June) > People Say (Meters) > guitar (Charlie) > People Say > bass (George) > "George Jam"## > introductions^^ > Standing In Your Stuff, In Time > Dance To The Music, That Ain't The Way (To Carry On)
* - Donny Hathaway version of this Evans, Powell, and Upchurch tune; w/band intros # - Ivan says "Don't be scared....don't be a diva and shit" beforehand. ^ - Russ says "For all y'all that really wanna get funky, check this shit out!" ** - At the end Ivan says "We're known as the IMF....International Motherfuckers" and then introduces everybody. ??? - Let me know if you can identify this tune ## - Jam led by Russ getting the crowd to yell "George" while the man himself anchors the bottom end and says "There's some funky shit goin' on up here!" ^^ - Ivan introduces all members on stage, George introduces Ivan and then all the people that have played throughout the show. This one-time conglomeration was put together by Ivan and was called "Jamikaze" Ivan Neville - keys, vocals (Brides of Jesus; Aaron's Son - this is his band) Eric Krasno - guitar (Soulive, Lettuce, etc.) David Russell Batiste Jr. - drums, vocals (fUNKY Meters, PGF, Brides of Jesus, Vida Blue, etc.) George Porter Jr. - bass, vocals (Meters, fUNKY Meters, Pardners, Trio, etc.) Ian Neville - guitar (Brides of Jesus; Art's son - keep your ears out for this guy) Sam Kininger - alto sax (Soulive, Lettuce, Sam Kininger Band) Michael (Ray?) - trumpet (Sun Ra, Michael Ray's Cosmic Krewe, etc.) "The Other Dude" (?) - tenor Sax June Yamagishi (PGF, Wild Magnolias, Trio) - guitar Tony Hall (Neville Brothers) - vocals, guitar, bass Nikki Glaspie (Sam Kininger Band) - drums DJ Andrew (?) - turntable Charlie (Dennard?) (Brides of Jesus) - guitar

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