Dumpstaphunk and Related Artists · 2016
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Wanee Festival
Live Oak

? Do Your Thing ? Ivan Banter ? Shinin' Star ? I Miss Ya ? ? Sisco Kid The World Is A Ghetto > Slippin' Into Darkness ? On The Serious Side What Is Hip ? Soul Facination

New Orleans

Street Parade ? (Soul Fascination?) Water Blueswave (a) Tuning Baby Don't You Do It (a) I Wish You Would ? (Doodle Loop) The World Is A Little Bit Under The Weather (b) Band Intros Me And Baby Brother In Time Nikki and Lukas enter Immigrant Song (c) Ramble On (c) -Encore Break- Intro to -> Justice Put It In The Dumpsta
Ivan Neville - Vocals, Keyboards Tony Hall - Vocals, Bass, Guitar Nick Daniels III - Vocals, Bass Ian Neville - Guitar Alvin Ford, Jr. - Drums, B.Vocals w/ Steeltown Horns: Reggie Watkins - Trombone J.D. Chaisson - Trumpet Rick Matt - Tenor Sax (a) - Brandon "Taz" Neiderauer - Guitar (b) - Cyril Neville - Vocals (c) - Nikki Glaspie - Vocals, Drums & Lukas Nelson - Guitar

River Street Jazz Cafe

I Wish You Would (with The Steeltown Horns) Blueswave One Nation Under A Groove [Parliament cover] Paper Chasing Britney > Sexy Motherfucker [Prince cover] (with The Steeltown Horns) Meanwhile (with The Steeltown Horns) Do You (with The Steeltown Horns) Justice (with The Steeltown Horns & Clarence Spady) Dancing To The Truth

Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans

Dr. Funkenstein Hit It And Quit It Unfunky UFO Gamin' On Ya! Funkentelechy Undisco Kidd (The Girl Is Bad) Do That Stuff Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On Mothership Connection (Star Child) Parliament> Bop Gun (Endangered Species)
Bernie Worrell Tribute- Bear Creek Bayou Music Festival After Party Ivan Neville - organ, keyboards & vocals Ian Neville - guitar Nick Daniels III - bass & vocals Tony Hall - bass, guitar & vocals Nikki Glaspie - drums & vocals Nigel Hall - keyboards & vocals Ryan Zoidis - saxophone Eric “Benny” Bloom - trumpet Jennifer Hartswick - trumpet & vocals TJ Norris - trombone

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