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Friday Night The Answer I Ain't Nobody's Fool All Tied Up I'm Gone Heaven I Want You To Feel The Same Way That I Do Senorita Cotton Fields & Crossroads Hurt Dime Mi Amor Oye Como Va

Blue Cat Blues

Los Lonely Boys ? Live at BLUE CAT BLUES 2000 November 30 Blue Cat Blues - www.BlueCatBlues.net Dallas, TX soundboard>digital recording>cd purchased from Blue Cat Blues> EAC>wav>EAC and cdWave editing>mkwACT>shn ripped 100% error-free with EAC, then edited: original track 01 split into three, remove 1 sec gap at end original tracks 02-14: remove gaps at beginnings and ends from the eBay ad: "16 Songs -- This music was recorded on November 30th 2000 only one day after the tragic loss of the band?s grandmother. This show was dedicated in its entirety to her memory. The set starts off with ?Heaven? and includes ?Senorita? and a total of thirteen songs. In addition this CD includes three bonus tracts recorded during the band?s first appearance at our annual SRV Memorial Jam. Smokin? guitar work and vocal harmonies would be an understatement. The set list that night:" [track breaks and set list had to be revised extensively] 01. Heaven (4:44) 02. Friday Night (3:27) 03. Dime Mi Amor (3:18) 04. Baby You?re Gonna See (5:05) 05. I Want You To Feel The Same Way I Do (3:13) 06. I?m The Man To Beat (4:01) 07. I Don?t Want To Lose Your Love (4:16) 08. Texas (Cotton fields and cross roads) (10:51) 09. Senorita (6:22) 10. I?m Gone (4:33) 11. (You?re Gonna Miss) My Sweet Sweet Kiss (4:38) 12. Pride & Joy (SRV) (5:40) 13. End Of A New Beginning (may have just been "Untitled Instrumental" back then) (6:33) Bonus Tracks from 2000 November 5, Annual SRV Memorial Jam --- 14. Scuttle Buttin' (SRV) (2:18) 15. Friday Night (3:32) 16. I Don?t Want To Lose Your Love ("just wrote") (4:53) more from eBay ad: For a real taste of where the music that America is falling in love with today, comes from, this is a must have CD. Los Lonely Boys demonstrate their raw musical and vocal talents on this CD along with a true understanding of their roots influences. As a result of the unfortunate loss of their grandmother just one day prior to this show, every gut wrenching note and vocal is presented from deep within. That night they were not playing for the audience; they were playing for their grandmother. The set was recorded direct from our soundboard to digital by one of Dallas? top live sound engineers, Gregg Pearlman.

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