The Slip and Related Artists · 2004
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Tin Angel

Rolling Home To You The Shouters Predicting the Rain No Hurry My Room Yellow Medicine Tin Can Coffee Cup Sometimes There's Wine Summer Of My Fall Counting Sheep Talkin' Walkin' Blues Before You Were Born Holly Would You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry Til You Go Mardi Gras

Tin Angel

Rolling Home To Us, To Truth, To Night, To You! The Shouters+ Predicting the Rain# No Hurry My Room% Yellow Medicine Tin Can Coffee Cup Sometimes There's Wine Summer of My Fall Counting Sheep@ Talkin' Walkin' Before You Were Born Holly Would^
You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry Til You Go Mardi Gras
! Nathan mentioned that he wrote this tune while on the road with the Slip a few years ago as their merchendise guy. + Brad used an ambient guitar delay, lots of reverb on the voice. # With Leslie on small percussion box played with mallets % "My Room" and "Yellow Medicine" are Slip members only. @ "Counting Sheep" and "Talkin' Walkin'" are Nathan solo. ^ Requested by Leslie


Money, Money, Money, Tin Can Coffee Cup, Snowed In > Poor Boy, Predicting The Rain *, (instrumental jazz number) *, Mardi Gras Song, Summer of My Fall, 19th Nervous Breakdown
ay I Stay, "Little Piece of String" Eulogy, I'm In No Hurry To Get To Heaven, Chopin Prelude (in Fm?) > Back In 15 Minutes, Sometimes True To Nothing *, Never A Boy Again (working title), Holly Would, Big Light, Movin By Lovin', Before You Were Born, Nowhere From Here To Go Encore: It's Good To Be Back Home, Ambrosia Drunk, Hunny, You Don't Have To Say Sorry 'Til You Go


Money Money Money Tin Can Coffee Cup Snowed In Poorboy Predicting The Rain Instrumental Mardi Gras Summer Of My Fall 19th Nervous Breakdown
May I Stay "Little String" No Hurry To Get To Heaven Chopin> Back In Fifteen Minutes Sometimes True To Nothing "Never A Boy Again" Holly Would Big Lights Movin By Lovin
Before You Were Born Nowhere From Here To Go Encore It's Good To Be Back Home Ambrosia Drunk Hunny You Don't Have To Say You're Sorry Til You Go
Surprise Me Mr. Davis Tour

Eclipse Theater

disk one: 1. Rolling Home 7:10 2. To You 5:54 3. Money Money Money 6:56 4. Unprotected Sex 6:04 5. Tin Can Coffee Cup 8:03 6. Nellie Jean 18:20 7. Mardi Gras 7:43 8. Summer of My Fall 5:14 9. Dyin' Man's Diamond 10:33
disk two: 1. No Hurry to Get to Heaven 7:46 2. 19th Nervous Breakdown 16:07 3. Holly Would 4:19 4. Big Lights 6:57 5. Snowed In* 14:19 6. "new leslie song"* 7:44 7. The Woods 11:54
disk three: 1. "Passion>" 2:50 2. Movin By Lovin> 10:48 3. Honeymelon outro :27 4. Encore: 3:32 5. banter 2:07 6. Before You Was Born> 6:21 7. Moral Decay> 5:21 8. It's Good To Be Back Home 5:50 9. Ambrosia Drunk 6:39
*with Leslie Helpert Nathan Moore- vocals, guitar, harmonica, melodica Brad Barr- guitar, vocals Marc Friedman- bass (or barritone guitar?) Andrew Barr- drum kit, percussion Leslie Helpert- vocals, guitar, 2 way radio

Eclipse Theater

Rolling Home To You Money Money Money Unprotected Sex Tin Can Coffee Cup Nellie Jean Mardi Gras Summer of My Fall Dyin' Man's Diamond
No Hurry to Get to Heaven 19th Nervous Breakdown Holly Would Big Lights Snowed In* "new leslie song"* The Woods
"Passion>" Movin By Lovin> Honeymelon outro Encore: Before You Was Born> Moral Decay> It's Good To Be Back Home Ambrosia Drunk
Surprise Me Mr. Davis Tour, with Nathan Moore

Red Eyed Fly

Children of December Poorboy Sometimes true to nothing Get Me With Fuji
SXSW Showcase

club dada

The Green Room
Iowa City

Chasing Rabbits Rainmaker Nellie Jean > Headshot-esque "Big Door" jam* > Don't Foil The Mohel Poor Boy
(Take A) Beetle To The Badlands > (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding > (Take A) Beetle To The Badlands Hey Worrier > The Shouters Else > Blue Moon > Else Children Of December Yaki Soba 19th Nervous Breakdown > Nowhere From Here To Go
* 'Big Door' jam was brad looping a suggested name change voicemail through the guitar and a recorder while andrew and marc laid down the rhythm section.

Newport Music Hall

Catacea> The Invocation Chasing Rabbits 74 Mudslide Predicting The Rain Wolof * The Shouters * (new tune) Proud> Soft Machine> Ashland Encore: The Zeros
* With Mike Dillon and John from Hairy Apes BMX

Mr. Small's Theatre

??? (instrumental)> Fear of Falling Cumulus Aptos* Chasing Rabbits
Poor Boy (w/ blues intro) So Dope 74 Sorry* > With or Without You* ???Spanish Jam??? December's Children Encore: If One of Us Should Fall
*w/Mike Dillon

River Street Jazz Cafe

Lots of Socks > Song* Chasing Rabbits* Predicting the Rain* Yaka Soba Sometimes True to Nothing
Fear of Falling Wolof Johnny's Tune > Hoc No Seh Soft Machine ^ Poor Boy Children of December Encore: Get Me With Fugi Happiness is a Warm Gun > ** Else ***
* Brad on acoustic ^ Marc on guitar and foot pedals ** Beatles cover *** Built to Spill cover

Tabor Academy

New Song> Predicting The Rain Chasing Rabbits Nellie Jean> Drums~> Jam> Tabor Alma Mater@ Happy Snails# Yakisoba^
Get Me With Fuji% Brad Talks... Fear of Falling Poor Boy* Sometimes True To Nothing The Woods+ Before You Were Born
ENCORE: Dogs On Bikes
-~ Marc and Brad slowly fade out at begining -@ As this was a private concert for the students and faculty of The Slip's high school alma mater, the school song was played by Marc on the Danelectro 6 String Bass. -# Brad invites Phil Kazlauskas, a senior at Tabor up to play shakers on Happy Snails. As Tim Lanterman (The Slip's Road Manager) was not on hand for the show, Phil sat in his place.The song was preceeded by an "Ode To Joy" tube solo by Andrew.Brad referenced meeting students the afternoon before the show. Prior to the show, the band offered a music workshop to students of the school, where they played songs such as Happy Snails, Yellow Medicene and Munf. This workshop was not taped. Phil also played shakers during the workshop that afternoon. -^ Brief dropout ~.15 Seconds at 1:20.2 -All songs labeled "New Song" are infact new, and as a result, remain untitled. -% Recording starts a few seconds late -* With Blues Intro. -+ With Band Introductions at the end


Chasing Rabbits, Get Me With Fuji, Come Over, Soft Machine, Yaki Soba
Aptos*, new Marc song, Fear of Falling, Clementine, "Tim Lanterman," Happy Snails, Mudslide, 74. Decembers Children

Kate Buchanon Room @ HSU

Kuumbwa Jazz Center
Santa Cruz

Set 1 01. Opening Improv 02. Chasing rabbits 03. Predicting the rain 04. Aptos 05. River Sang to Buddha 06. ???
Set 2 07. Hey worrier Disc Two: Set 2 continued 01. Wolof 02. Fear of falling 03. When cloudy hushes moon 04. Jumby 05. December's children Encore: 06. Poor boy 07. Before you were born.
setlist courtesy of:; anyone with info on missing track names please let me know.

Cabaret Music Hall

Intro> Get Me With Fuji Fear of Falling Wolof> The Shouters Out On the Weekend(Instrumental)* Poor Boy Predicting the Rain River Sang To Buddha Soft Machine Ode To Joy> Happy Snails^ The Zeroes(December's Children)
ENCORE: Dogs on Bikes If One Of Us Should Fall
Setlist courtesy of *Neil Young Cover ^Mr. Meowskers on Shakers

Lupo's at the Strand

Old George*$, More Intense Surveillance, Fear Of Falling, Nellie Jean, The Air The Body* > calypso tune* > The Air The Body
If One of Us Should Fall^ > Children of December!, Ho Syne No Day / The Bongo Dance* > Four Chords*#, Seranetta&, Chasing Rabbits, Proud? Encore: Get Me With Fuji*, Imagine%
*w/ Pete Barr on Steel Drum and Mackie Burnett on percussion. $ new bluesy tune, sort of sounds like a mix between the Rolling Stones and Spiritualized. ^ Brad commented on the death of Ray Charles, and this song wasn't officially dedicated to anyone, but i'm sure it went out to him. ! Brad ended the song by climbing up on top of the speakers as high as the lights in true rock and roll fashion, he then came down and never missed a beat. @ with Blue Moon tease. # Bob Marley cover (instrumental). & new italian composition written by BAM, titled by mother Barr and dedicated to her, it's beautiful and features all three members on guitars. ? "new Marc tune" (not Terra Delu). % John Lennon cover, instrumental as always. [Betty - furbally1 at ] "Shango Dance" was also played, but much slower version than Narrows Acoustic show [Casey - cisforcasey at hotmail]

Berbati's Pan

Get Me With Fuji > Fear Of Falling > Shouters Don't Foil The Mohel Soft Machine Old George Nellie Jean Dear Milena

Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds

The Shouters Tin Can Coffee Cup Summer Of My Fall Holly Would Poor Boy To You Unprotected Sex Song Last One Ever 19th Nervous Breakdown
14th Annual High Sierra Music Festival - Late Night - Tulsa E. Scott Building

High Sierra Music Festival - Late Night

Children of December Get Me with Fuji ? Soft Machine (What's So Funny 'Bout)Peace, Love and Understanding* If One of Us Should Fall** Sometimes True To Nothing * by Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello ** Marco Benevento on Keys

Big Meadow - HSMF

The Fillmore
San Francisco

Landing Reddish Moon Old George Soft Machine Don't Foil The Mohel* December's Children ? Planet Of Inexperience crowd Get Me With Fuji *-w/Mike Dillon(Hairy Apes BMX) on percussion and xylophone

Tyrone Farm

Eube Mudslide Back In 15 Minutes Paper Birds > Fear Of Falling Soft Machine Sweet Thing Cut From The Cloth Proud Spice Groove > The Shouters^ Nothing More About Me Dogs On Bikes E: Children of December > With Or Without You*
"The Ice Cream Truck" ^ - w/ Boubacar Diabate on vocals * - w/ Sara Azriel on vocals

Tweeter Center

Poor Boy Get Me With Fuji Nellie Jean Weight of Solomon^ Children of December
^sesame street tease("chasin' the clouds away) opened for Allman Brothers Band

Evolve 5

Wolof Poorboy Soft Machine Nellie Jean If One of Us Should Fall Get Me With Fuji Proud

Patio Theatre

More Intense Surveillance Paper Birds Spice Groove Even Rats Golden Rod* Poor Boy Chasing Rabbits Reddish Moon Proud Dogs On Bikes E: Children Of December
w/ Marco Benevento On Some Songs * - New Marc Song Played On The Ukulele

Double Door

Set I: ??? (instrumental) Fear of Falling Intro > Paper Birds Get Me with Fuji Even Rats Massachussetts to DC*
Set II: Wolof The Shouters Proud Let the Morning In Sometimes True to Nothing* E: Reddish Moon Children of December
*with Marco Benevento and Joe Russo Brad also sat in for a song of Benevento/Russo's opening set.

Glenn Miller Ballroom

Lotsa Sox Fear Of Falling From The Gecko Paper Birds Gilberto Gil Reddish Moon Poor Boy

The Aggie Theater
Fort Collins

Lotsa Sox Chasing Rabbits Poor Boy Trane-ing Nellie Jean$ > Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell Reddish Moon
Even Rats Get Me with Fuji* Let the Mornin' In Proud Paper Birds The Shouters Encore: Children of December
$ big piece of River Sang to Buddha in the end jam * Sweet Child of Mine tease from Brad.

The Bluebird Theater

Lotsa Sox Fear of Falling 74 Wolof Even Rats Let the Mornin' in Reddish Moon Poor Boy
Paper Birds* Massachusettes to DC (?) Sorry> With or Without You Sometimes True to Nothing Encore: Soft Warm Simple Wonder* December's Children** Dogs on Bikes> Whats So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding
*Some people had been requesting this one throughout the show. Brads guitar came unplugged in the middle of the song, but recovered quickly. **Brad Tossed his strat a good 15 to 20 feet across the stage to Andrew, who joined in on the opening chords.

ACL Festival

Lots of Socks Paper Birds Get Me With Fuji A Little More Jill Reddish Moon Poor Boy Children of December

Paradise Rock Club

Lotsa Sox Chasing Rabbits blues intro > Poor Boy Get Me With Fuji Reddish Moon Even Rats Paper Birds Suffocation Keep Wolof Proud E: Sometimes True To Nothing

Revolution Hall

Lotsa Sox> Paper Birds Reddish Moon Headshot> Mr. Meowskers Fear of Falling Even Rats Suffocation Keep So Dope More About Me> What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding? E: Nellie Jean> Jam> Children of December

The Funk Box

Paper Birds > Mudslide, Even Rats, Sometimes True to Nothing > Get Me with Fuji, Boston/DC Blues**, Reddish Moon, Proud E: Poor Boy, Suffocation Keep
** with Cochemea Gastelum of 20th Congress on alto sax

El Mocombo

Intro> Paper Birds Mudslide Nellie Jean> Lonely Boy Even Rats Chasing Rabbits Reddish Moon
Poor Boy Let The Morning In 19th Nervous Breakdown Sometimes True To Nothing Fields of Joy
Proud Porno Boulevard Stroll> If One Of Us Should Fall

Pepperjack's Cafe

Intro, Tonight We Leave Chicago, Wolof, Fear of Falling, Predicting The Rain, Blues Intro* > Poor Boy, Driving Backwards With You
Moonlight Mile, Get Me With Fuji, Children of December**, Spice Groove, Intro/Banter > Suffication Keep
*Weight of Soloman tease #Sweet Child of Mine vocal tease

Cafe Petite Campus

intro> Paper Birds, Tonight We Leave Chicago, Wolof, Lonely Boy???, Driving Backwards with You, Even Rats# Set II: Fear of Falling, Proud, Get Me with Fuji > Cowboy Up > Get Me with Fuji, Children of December, Sorry> With or Without You Encore: Suffocation Keep, What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding^
* there was a song played with very distorted vocals on the classical guitar, not sure what it was, I thought it might be that Lonely Boy song. # not an official title, still untitled. ^ at the end, Brad sang some lyrics from Weight of Solomon probably becuase there was a crowd of people outside singing it a capella before the show

Pearl Street Night Club Ballroom

Sam's intro ? Moderate Threat Cowboy Up Even Rats Shouters My Landlord Yellow Medicine
Mudslide intro> * Boston/DC Blues* Sometimes True to Nothing Driving Backwards With You "VOTE and intros" Suffocation Keep Encore: Everybody Wants to Rule the World#^ Decembers Children
* with Marco Benevento on Wurlitzer ^ with Matthew Rudnicki on vocals # Tears For Fears cover

New York

Intro Cut from the Cloth Moderate Threat> Cowboy Up A Little More Jill Paper Birds (My Landlord) Suffocation Keep
Proud Fear of Falling Old George Get Me With Fuji December's Children If One of Us Should Fall Encore: Cumulus

The Mercury Lounge
New York

Sometimes True To Nothing Reddish Moon Moderate Threat> Cowboy Up Poorboy Suffocation Keep A Little More Jill#
Cut From The Cloth Nellie Jean Else* Let the Morning In River Sang To Buddha** Proud
Gilberto Gil> Dogs on Bikes> Gilberto Gil*** Sorry> With Or Without You
#new title;casually known as Even Rats *Blue Moon Tease **Provisional Title ***aka "Massachusetts to DC"

Velvet Lounge

Suffocation Keep Jam> Wolof Fear of Falling Sometimes True To Nothing Let The Morning In
Moderate Threat> Cowboy Up Even Rats Children of December^ Alsoa Get Me With Fuji
^w/Fields of Joy jam

Stella Blue

Proud Cut From The Cloth Cowboy Up A Little More Jill Weight of Solomon Before You Were Born Gilberto Gil Get Me With Fuji
Old George Reddish Moon Intro> Poorboy Suffocation Keep
December's Children Yaki Soba


Predicting the Rain 74 Torque "space"> Lonely Boy Soft Machine Proud Witch In The Kitchen
Old George Fear of Falling Cowboy Up Stand By Me Happy Snails^ Suffocation Keep If One Of Us Should Fall
^without PVC pipes

Smith's Olde Bar

Poor Boy Cut From The Cloth Old George Even Rats Wolof The Shouters Paper Birds Reddish Moon Proud December's Children Encore: Suffocation Keep
one set. lotus opened

Sirius Studios
New York

Suffocation Keep Decembers Children> With Or Without You Even Rats Lonely Boy If One Of Us Should Fall Proud Old George


Even Rats Fear of Falling Something Learned Catacea> Soft Machine Torque Before You Were Born
Chasing Rabbits Don't Foil The Mohel Paper Birds> December's Children Lonely Boy Clementine Alsoa

Narrows Center for the Arts
Fall River

Even Rats Meowskers part 1 Autobody Experience Cumulus From the Gecko > Zion Meowskers part 2 Honeymelon Yellow Medicine
Meowskers part 3 Intro > Hey Worrier You Might Say > New Years!! Children of December Johnny's Tune > Else Paper Birds Even Rats More About Me (with Sara Azriel) Proud Joe Higley Suffocation Keep Encore: Whats So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding (Elvis Costello) If One of Us Should Fall Meowskers part 4
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