The Slip and Related Artists · 2010
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Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Sullivan Hall
New York

Aurora Broke The Promise Land Gaunt Debutante Untitled (D'Gary) If You Knew The Soft Machine Happy Snails All I Saw Was You Children of December
Paper Birds Motherwolf* Airplane/Primitive Wolof Suffocation Keep Encore: Let There Be Horses Encore 2: Pass It On Heartbreaker (Zep)*

Club Passim

Tombstone*, Sleepyhead, Summer of My Fall, If You Knew, Emily Green, One Sick Knave, Hollow, Mardi Gras Song, Roses & Bottles
Joelle, The Shouters**, Nowhere from here to Go, Poor Boy, Maybe Some Day***, Home Away From Home, As the Crow Flies E: Woo-Hoo Blues**** > Everything Must Go

Red Square

Tombstone Papa Came A Rolling Home Roses and Bottles Exploding Pen Sissyfuss Hollow When A Woman Woo Hoo Blues Mardis Gras I'm No Good At All Joelle The Real Morning Party Nathan Tune I Hate Love Woo Hoo Blues Fat King of Gods Nowhere From Here To Go Encore: As The Crow Flies That's The Way

Doug Fir Lounge

Tombstone One Sick Knave When A Woman I'm No Good at All If You Knew Mardi Gras Song ??? Sissyfuss To You Little Boat

Axe and Fiddle
Cottage Grove

I Want To Get To Heaven (Before I Die) Sissyfuss Roses in Bottles The Garden Electric > When A Woman If You Knew That's The Way One Sick Knave You Don't have To Say You're Sorry 'till You Go
Not Tired (of Counting Sheep) 19th Nervous Breakdown Maybe Some Day Money Money Money When a Little Boy Encore: Last One Ever
Marco Benevento Trio opened the show

Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds

Tombstone Fat King of Gods Emily Green Back in 15 Minutes One Sick Knave If You Knew 19th Nervous Breakdown When A Little Boy Summer of My Fall Maybe Some Day Poor Boy As The Crow Flies
"High Sierra Music Festival"

Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds

Paper Birds Get Me With Fuji Broke The Promised Land The Shouters * Motherwolf ** Wolof *** The Weight of Solomon If One Of Us Should Fall Heartbreaker $ * with Nathan Moore and Fred Torphy ** with Skerik on Saxaphone *** with Skerik and Jordan Katz on trumpet $ with Joe Conte on Harmonica
High Sierra Music Festival

Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco

Eube Motherwolf Get Me With Fuji Love Ain't Enough Paper Birds Mudslide Chrysanthemum (Something Learned) Dear Milena Reddish Moon The Soft Machine (with Marco Benevento on keyboards) Weight of Solomon (with Marco) E: Children of December

Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco

Sissyfuss Roses in Bottles Sleepyhead If You Knew Snowed In If I Stay (Beautiful Day) > NYE countdown > Auld Lang Syne > If I Stay Mardi Gras Song Everything Must Go I Hate Love
Summer of My Fall I'm No Good At All Joelle jam Poor Boy > It's Only Rock and Roll > (with Felecia Ford on vocals) Home Away From Home Encore: Tombstone As The Crow Flies I Want To Get To Heaven (Before I Die)
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