John Kadlecik and Related Artists · 2012
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Rams Head Live

Hey Now Good Guys & Bad Guys Complicated Sister Smiles It's Alright Illegal Smile Way To Go Home American Spring Happy Birthday Jackie, Talk Bron-y-aur Hairball Willie Seen Love Down To Eugene Ripple (with On The Bus)


Nobody Told Me Sister Smiles Seen Love Get Out of My Life Your Mileage May Vary --> Fast Enough for You Way To Go Home Givin Me The Business
Feel Like Dynamite Any Road --> Fire On The Mountain --> Any Road Desert Trance Its Alright They Love Each Other After Midnight E:Sing Me Back Home

The Gramercy Theater
New York

Quixote's True Blue

Nobody Told Me What's Become Of Mary Seen Love That's What Love Will Make You Do * They Love Each Other * band introduction American Spring It's Alright Everybodys Tryin' *
Second That Emotion * > The Wedge * Sister Smiles Desert Trance Way To Go Home Mama Help Me Walking In Your Footsteps > YMMV > Page 43 Will It Go Round In Circles Encore: Goodnight Irene
* = w/ Paul Murin on guitar

Quixote's True Blue

Life Is A Carnival The Business Sister Smiles After Midnight * How Sweet It Is * Wot's.. Uh The Deal? Dream #11 Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Feel Like Dynamite Bead-O What's Become Of Mary Band Introduction Stir It Up New Physics Rant > Outa Space > Free > So Many Roads unknown Encore: Three Little Birds > My Sisters & Brothers

Quixote's True Blue

Too Many Mornings The Harder They Come Seen Love Bird Song Dweller On The Threshold Fast Enough For You Any Road > Fire On The Mountain > Any Road Reprise
Good Guys & Bad Guys Also Sprach Zarathustra Cleaning Windows Russian Lullaby Get Out Of My Life Women Lazy River Road Desert Trance Hey Pocky Way It's Alright Walls Of Time Not Fade Away Encore: Sing Me Back Home

Sunshine Daydream Memorial Park
Terra Alta

Hey Pocky Way What's Become of Mary Sister Smiles Desert Trance The Business American Spring It's Alright Complicated
Second That Emotion They Love Each Other Walls of Time After Midnight Lazy River Road Franklin's Tower Dark Star SunShine Daydream So Many Roads How Sweet It Is Talk My Sisters and Brothers
John Kadlecik - Guitar & Vocals Katy Gaughan - Percussion Larry Joseloff - Bass Lizzie Friel - Vocals Nathan Graham - Drums Paul Grepps - Keyboard Soundcheck Complicated Intro Paul's Jam


Second that Emotion Sister Shine Lazy River Road The Harder They Come ? Dream Number 11 Walls of Time Life is a Carnival
? Seen Love ? Beano Free Dark Star ? Franklin's Tower So Many Roads Feel Like Dynomite Hey Pocky Way
John K Band

State Theater
Falls Church

Good Guys & Bad Guys Bean-O Nobody Told Me Suzy Greenberg Catfish John Its Alright -> YMMV -> Its Alright Everybody's Tryin' Sisters & Brothers
Shakedown St -> Feel Like Dynamite -> Shakedown St The Business Desert Trance -> Thus Spoke Zarathustra Any Road -> Fire on the Mountain -> Any Road Be the One After Midnight
opening set by Elikeh John K Band lineup: John Kadlecik - guitar/vocals Trevor Spect - sax/flute Larry Joseloff - bass Nathan Graham - drums Katie Gaughan - percussion Paul Grepps - keys Lizzie Friel - vocals

The Blockley Pourhouse

I Second That Emotion Sister Smiles Giving Me the Business Bean-O American Spring It's Alright Catfish John Complicated
After Midnight > Your Milage May Vary > Desert Trance What's Become of Mary Free Seen Love Walking In Your Footsteps So Many Roads Feel Like Dynamite Life is a Carnival
John K Band

River Street Jazz Cafe

After Midnight What's Become Of Mary Seen Love Any Road> Fire On The Mountain Any Road Walls Of Time Free The Business
Shakedown Street Dynamite Bean-O Sister Smiles Dweller Desert Trance Walking In Your Footsteps Your Mileage May Vary> Page 43 Everybody's Tryin' Encore: So Many Roads

The Howard Theatre

Space Ripple Sister Smiles Storm Windows The Hanging Of John Collins American Spring It's Alright We Can Run Any Road Touch Of Grey


After Midnight Givin' Me the Business That's What Love Will Make You Do Tin Roof Shack Dream #11 Catfish John Dweller on the Threshold Sisters & Brothers
Let the Good Times Roll -> Nobody Told Me What's Become of Mary Shakedown Street -> Desert Trance -> What's Up intros The Wedge -> NFA -> Page 43 How Sweet It Is
Everybody's Tryin' Sing Me Back Home

State Theatre
Falls Church

Ripple Down to Eugene Sister Smiles Perfection The Light That Has Lighted the World Time Stand Still Skating Away In My Life
Hey Pocky Way What's Become of Mary Seen Love Russian Lullaby One Too Many Mornings Wonderous Stories Complicated Walking in Your Footsteps Jam Dark Star Three Little Birds
First Set Is Solo
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