Keller Williams and Related Artists · 2003
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State Theatre

Thin Mint, You May Be Right, Sally Sullivan> Bad> Sally Sullivan, Alligator Alley, Bass loop, Moondance, Got No Feathers, Blew 'Em Away, Stupid Questions, People Watching$, Shakedown Street> Loop> Shakedown Street, Novelty Song
Inhale to the Chief, Kidney in a Cooler, Loop> All Along the Watchtower*, Brunnette> Loop> The Airport, Flying, Life is, Matty Groves, Victory Song> Mouth Harp Loop, Freeker by the Speaker Encore: Sultans of Swing^
$ new song - first time played * played to the melody of the previous loop ^ Dire Straits cover - first time played Setlist courtesy of

Machias Performing Arts Center

Instrumental?*> Instrumental$> Breathe> Instrumental$> Toy Loop> Breathe, Bob Rules> Restless Wind!> Bob Rules, Stinky Green> Yoni, Loop tease^, Stairway to Heaven^> Sunday Bloody Sunday^, Real Good for Free^, Piano Loop^, Crater in the Backyard, Bird Song, More than a Little
Molly Malloy> Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough> Loop> Best Feeling> Loop, Stash, Loop, Bounty Hunter> Midnight Rider> Bounty Hunter> Midi Loop, Thanks Leo, SlowMo Balloon> Schitzo> Runnin' on Fumes, You are What You Eat> Metal Lips#> Loop> Freakshow Encore: Vacate
* instrumental, usually played before Let's go dancin' $ new instrumental ! with violin midi, as played by Vassar Clemments ^ on baby grand piano # no YAWYE reprise Performed at the University of Maine Setlist courtesy of


Setlist courtesy of

Variety Playhouse

Setlist courtesy of

The Handlebar

Setlist courtesy of

The Orange Peel

Instrumental Intro> Kidney In A Cooler> Deep Elem Blues> Kidney In A Cooler> People Watching> Landlord> Roshambo> Thirsty In the Rain*> Alligator Alley, Loup> Stinky Green> ?> Sideways Tree> Instrumental (Fretless)> We Want the Funk
Inhale to the Chief> Life Is, Chillin> Theramin Jam> "Kind of Freeks Me Out When People Get on Stage" Loup> Loving Cup> Bob Rules> Another Brick in the Wall> Bob Rules> Loup> Boob Job> Chant Loup> Couple of Freeks> Flying, Novelty Song E: Tribe
*With Love Bizarre tease at beginning. Setlist courtesy of Keller Williams Dot Net

Rhythm & Brews

Setlist courtesy of

Hal & Mal's

Setlist courtesy of

Varsity Theatre
Baton Rouge

Setlist courtesy of


Rockumal > Loup Juggler > Loup > Juggler * Landlord Krispy Critters Aligator Alley > Loup > Alligator Alley Electronic Loup Dogs Moondance > Loup # > Moondance Kiwi and the Apricot Yoni A Fifth of Beethoven
Instrumental? Blazeabago > Lets Go Dancing > Blazeabago Instrumental? > Mouth Trumpet Loup > Crooked > Loup > Multisyllabic Franklin?s Tower Help on the Way > Slipknot @ Wedge > Glory and Consequence > Wedge One Hit Wonder Night Fever > Loup > Roshambo > Keller Thanks His Crew > Stay Human > Loup Break between End 2nd Set and Encore Encore Upright Tube Loup > Ah Oh Chant

Gypsy Tea Room

Inhale To The Chief Jeffersons Theme > Juicy Fruit Theme > Loose Lucy > Kidney In A Cooler Keep It Simple Loup > All Along The Watchtower Shapes Of M&Ms Vabeotchay Shiver Vacate Loop Sexy Jam Meat Man Loop Skitso Flying Dallas Theme Song Loop
Art Freeker People Watching Friendly Pyramid Anyhow, Anyway Gypsy Woman Irie To The High > Kinky Reggae More Than A Little > Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes Nomini > Fat B Tube Loup Mental Instra Novelty Song

El Rey Theatre

Wool Warehouse

Setlist courtesy of

Orpheum Theater

Setlist courtesy of

Nita's Hideaway

Instrumental>You May Be Right>Apparition>Breakdown, Johnny B. Goode, People Watching, Loup, Nomini>Fat B, Instrumental>Loup, Red Pebbles, Moondance, Get On Up>Cars, Trucks, Busses>Money, Money, Money>Get On Up>Streetbeater
Thin Mint>Kiwi & the Apricot>Toy Loup*, Bounty Hunter>Loup^>Crooked>Loup>Joshua/Jericho Rap, Multisyllabic, Franklin's Tower, You Are What You Eat>Metal Magnet>You Are Wheat You Eat, Blatant Ripoff>Low Rider Loup, Roshambo, Sultans of Swing E: Stay Human (All the Freaky People)
*w/PVC pipes and Theremin ^w/Drum Kit Setlist courtesy of


Setlist courtesy of

Belly Up
Solana Beach

Setlist courtesy of

Santa Ana

Setlist courtesy of

El Rey Theater

Setlist courtesy of


Setlist courtesy of

Cal Poly Theatre
San Luis Obispo

Tubeular, Rapper's Delight, Skitso, Under Pressure, Shinjuku, Keep It Simple, Dance of the Freek, Blazeabago>Let's Go Dancing>Blazabago, Moondance, Stargate, Hum Diddy Eye, One Way Johnny, Novelty Song

Rio Theater
Santa Cruz

Rokumal > Stupid Questions People Watching Loop>Celebrate Your Youth Gold Plated> Bob Rules> Restless Wind> Bob Rules Shakedown Street Apparition Bru Loup Best Feeling
Instrumental> Don't Stop Till YOu Get Enough> Loop> I'll Be With Thee> Kinky Reggae In the Middle No Expectations Multisyllabic Loop> Victory SOng> Diamonds on the soles of her shoes Instrumental Tube Loop Moving Sidewalk Stay Human crowd Encore: Dinah Moe Hum

McNear's Mystic Theater

set 1: 1 - Instrumental> 2 - Kiwi and the Apricot> 3 - Bru Loup 4 - Standing on the Moon 5 - The Juggler> 6 - Loop> * 7 - The Juggler 8 - Vocal Loop 9 - Bob Rules> 10 - Run Like an Antelope> 11 - Runaway Jim> 12 - Run Like an Antelope> $ 13 - Bob Rules 14 - People Watching 15 - Blatant Ripoff> 16 - Low Rider> % 17 - Hunting Charlie> 18 - India> 19 - Freakshow ^ * - with Groove is in the Heart & Dancing in the Street $ - with loop - drums, theramin etc % - with "I wanna be a Jedi Knight"
set 2: 1 - Instrumental 2 - Turn In Difference 3 - Golden Years 4 - Roshambo 5 - Keep It Simple> & 6 - All Along the Watchtower> 7 - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes 8 - Victory Song 9 - Flying 10 - Born to Run 11 - Rapper's Delight Loop @ 12 - Multisyllabic 13 - Franklin's Tower & 14 - crowd Encore: 15 - Loop> One More Saturday Night> ! 16 - Celebrate Youth (sung to previous loop) & - with drum kit @ - with trombone ! - with xylaphone/paddle thing - lots of toys looped - played to previous loop

Yellowstone Ballroom (UW) - Laramie, WY

I. Rockumal, Stupid Questions, Allegator Alley, Still Wishing the Course> Pets, You May Be Right, All Along the Watchtower, Inhale to the Chief, Multisyllabic, Instrumental, Loup, Tribe, Theramin Jam, Crooked, Bird Song, Life Is, Loup, Kidney in a Cooler E: Upright Tubes > Rapper's Delight

Paramount Theatre

Intro, Freeker, People Watching, Freekshow, Vacate> Loup> One Hit Wonder, Night Fever, Bob Rules> Restless Wind> Bob Rules, Theramin Jam, Novelty Song
Thin Mint, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Glory & Consequence, Loop, Dogs, Best Feeling, Loop, Simply Living?, Boob Job, Love Handles, Tyre Shop > Flying, Airport
E: Don't Know Why^*> Heart and Soul*> Reel Good for Free*, Breathe%
*On Grand Piano ^Norah Jones cover, whistled, first time played %No guitar just drums and toys

Rococo Theatre

thin mint> apparition sally sullivan>bad>sally sullivan the juggler life is bird song alligator alley one hit wonder in a big country pets> word up> loup> brunette> breathe> tube loup/theramin jam> ay oh> breathe
inhale to the chief> hypnotize> jack-a-roe> hypnotize> inhale to the chief up from the skies loup> all along the watchower* dogs in the city multisyllabic upright tubes loup> for what its worth more than a little kidney in a cooler E: freakshow E2: rock and roll all night

The Blue Note

The Pageant
St. Louis

Molly Maloy > Don't Stop Til You Get Enough Til the Morning Comes Kidney Take Five Medley* Best Feeling > Post Best Loop Apparition > Loop > Freekshow > It's a Plant# > Boob Job > Drum Loop > Novelty Song
Rockumal Luv Handles Loop Freeker > Night Fever > Freeker Sexy Jam > Loop Flying Running on Fumes Breathe Xylephone Tube Loop > Theramin Loop > Breathe A Day That Never Was People Watching > Loop > More Than a Little
Loop > Celebrate Your Youth
* with Sloth tease # tease

Phoenix Ballroom

?, Turn in Difference, Blatant Ripoff> Low Rider, Roshambo, It's a Plant, Word Up, Blew 'Em Away, Alligator Alley, Dudley Wah, Shiver, Toy Loup> All Along the Watchtower, Thanks Leo, Born to Run, Stay Human
Inhale to the Chief, Jam, Stinkey Green> Yoni, Traveling Man, Keep It Simple, Crooked> Fools Rush In, Nomini> Loup, Scarlet Begonias> Fire on the Mountain/Freekshow Medley, Red Pebbles, Thin Mint> Tube Loup> Ay Oh E: Karate> Vacate

Lehigh University

Rockumal Rock and Roll All Night Bass Loop Kidney in a Cooler More then a Little Loop Hunting Charlie > Give Me Shelter > Hunting Charlie Loop > Life Is > Skitso > Loop Jam > Freekshow Drum Funk Loop > Crooked > Loop Jam > Yeah Loop E: Celebrate Your Youth

The Birchmere

Instra, Here Comes the Sun> Landlord> One Hit Wonder> Night Fever> Big Ass Crater, Loup> Boob Job> Loup>Stargate, Lion Sleeps Tonigh Loupt> Tell My Feet I made it home, No Habla Espanol> Valerie#, Celebrate Your Youth*> Novelty Song
Instramental> Space Loop> Freeker> Instramental**, Keep It Simple, Jhoon Rea> Tundra, Hallelujah##, Mental Instra, Breathe###, Flying, Victory Song> Diamonds on the soles of her shoes***> Love Handles
E: Jam> Dogs
#Garcia/Hunter cover, first time played? *On Acoustic Bass **On Fretless Guitar ##Martin Sexton Cover ###w/ short Oh Ay Chant ***Incomplete, in crazy martian voice setlist courtesy of

Vanderbuilt University

Charlotte City Fest

Oakley Farm, Freekfest 2

A Day That Never Was> Loup> Apparition%> Loup, Best Feeling> Post Best Feeling Loup, Big Shot> Bird Song> Blatant Rip-off> Lowrider Loup, Dogs, Gallavanting, Get on Up> Rockumal Loup> Get on Up, Loup> Got No Feathers> Kidney
Mental Instra> Bru Loup^, Passapatanzy, Pink Panther Theme Song> Roshambo> Reuben and Cherise, Sally Sullivan> Scooby Doo> Shakedown Street> Loup> Shakedown Street> She Said, She Said, Sideways Tree, So What> Stupid Questions, Till the Morning Comes, Thin Mint, Travelin' Man> Vacate
E: Yoni*> Loup
%With looping ^With drum kit, theramin, and "w00kie juggling sticks" *drum kit replaced vocal percussion

Hamden-Sydney College

Molly Malloy> Base Loop, Tribe> Loup%> Eyes of the World#> Alligator Alley> Shiver> Pets> Zilla Jam%> Crooked%> Boob Job%, Brunette> Breathe> Happy McFat> Tube Loop> Ay Oh, Breathe Flying, Stay Human
New Instrumental> Blazeabago> Let?s Go Dancin> Blazeabago> Turn in Difference, Chillin? Like a Villain**> Loup@**> Freak Show**, Rockumal**> Stupid Questions**, Thin Mint%**> Rockumal Loup**, Freeker By the Speaker**> Word Up**> Freeker**, Bob Rules**> Loup$** E: Celebrate Your Youth**> Novelty Song**
** drop outs on master DAT %With drum Kit loup #With drum and bass loups @With theramin $Keller mentions that his dad went to Hamden-Sydney and his mom went to Longwood, making him a "product of Farmville" (both schools located in Farmville, VA) Free show

Cajun Queen River Boat
New Orleans

Thin Mint > Love Boat > Sailing Shoes > Kidney In A Cooler Dude Loup Stargate > Word Up > Casa Quetal > Loup > Stupid Questions > Crooked > Flac Jam Mississippi Monster Shakedown Street People Watching Killer Waves Bob Rules > Restless Wind > Bob Rules Loup > We Want The Funk
Intro > The River > Loup > Freekshow In The Middle Breathe > Tube/tyre Shop Loup > Ay Oh > Breathe Apparation > Franklin's Tower Multisystematic Loup Schizo Runnin On Fumes > Talk About It > Funky Town > Runnin On Fumes Life Is Glory & Consequence Johnny B. Goode Thank You Sittin On The Top Of The World
E: Rock N Roll

House of Blues
New Orleans

Marvin's Mountaintop (All Good Festival)

Disc 1 1 intro 2 Jam > Trenchtown Rock 3 Keep It Simple 4 All the Funky People 5 More Than A Little# 6 Alligator Alley 7 Loop 8 Bob Rules* > Loup > Bob Rules 9 Chanting & Digerido 10 Freeker By The Speaker 11 Standing On The Moon Disc 2 1 Instrumental 2 Dogs > 3 Boob Job 4 Novelty Song 5 Celebrate Youth 6 Life Is 7 Jam > Outro 8 E: Best Feeling
Notes: # w/ Joules Graves cover People Of The Earth Tribe * w/"Restless Wind" whistle

SummerCamp 2003

Rockumal Keep it Simple Trenchtown Rock Best Feeling Cookies Breathe Turn in Difference Freeborn Man Jefferson's Theme Kidney in a Cooler Moondance Dinah-Mo Hum Revelation 221" Pink Panther theme "Must be a bad guitar" Freeker by the Speaker Victory Song Boob job Flying Reuben and Cherise Multisyllablic Celebrate your Youth Novelty Song Encore: Love Handles
Acoustic (loopless) Performance

The Stone Pony
Asbury Park

Instrumental> Sun and Rain> Moondance> Killer Waves, Rockumal techno jam, Freeeker, Roshambo> It's a Plant> Jonny B. Goode, Flying> Thin Mint> Theramin Jam> Tube Loup> Day'O call/responce and rest of Banana Boat Song, Brunette> Matty Groves> Toy Loup, Franklin's tower^> Novelty Song> Celebrate Your Youth, loup>Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes, Airport E: Breathe*

Lincoln Theatre

Disc 1 Modereko Tracks 1-13
Disc 2 Keller with Modereko 1. Balloon Song Solo Keller 2. New Loop 3. Midi Loop > Boob Job Keller With Modereko 4. Crooked 5. New Loop 6. Love Handles 7. Celebrate Youth 8. Victory Song
Disc 3 Keller with Modereko 1. Apparition 2. Tennessee Jed Modereko 3. ??? Keller with Modereko 4. Deep Water Modereko 5. Nitrous Encore Keller with Modereko 6. Low Rider
This show was actually billed "Modereko with Surprise Guest". It is also listed under Modereko, but there is no SHN database for that band.

The State Theatre
Falls Church

Modereko: 'Funkier' > 'Allman' > Sahara Sod ? > ? ? > ? [with "low rider" tease"] ? > Balloon *
Keller Solo: Loup > Loup > Rainy Day > Loup > Modereko and Keller: Keep It Simple > ? > ? > Love Handles Apparition > 'Jam' > Victory Song Celebrate Your Youth > 'Niner' >
Modereko: Terrapin > Immigrant Song > Some of That! ? ? Encore: Modereko and Keller: Tennessee Jed> 'Miracles'
Modereko with Surprise Guest, Keller Williams

Great Stage Park

Set I - Disc I 01. Thin Mint > 02. Don't Stop (Till You Get Enough) > 03. Till the Morning Comes > 04. Love Handles 05. Green Acres Theme Song > 06. Yoni 07. Kidney in a Cooler > 08. Best Feeling > 09. Loup > 10. Celebrate Your Youth
Set I - Disc II 01. Instrumental > 02. Schitzo 03. Running on Fumes 04. Flying > 05. Stay Human > 06. Techno Loup Freeker > 07. Techno Loup Freeker, cont. 08. Freeker 09. Sultans of Swing > 10. Boomwhacker/Toy Loup 11. E: Novelty Song
◆ Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival ◆

Town Park

??? > Love Handles Kidney In A Cooler Sunny Rain > Inhale To The Chief > Not Of This Earth Celebrate Your Youth Novelty Song Johnny B. Goode Victory Song > Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes% Black Peter > Thin Mint Talk Portapotty* Best Feeling* Freaker By The Speaker* E: Redemption Song$
30th Telluride Bluegrass Festival *with Michael Kang and Keith Moseley, last time played 11/20/98 %unfinished, just first verse $a capella

Sheridan Opera House

Set One/Disk One 01 Inhale to the chief 02 You've got to Hide Your Love Away 03 "Let me be your dog, you can be my master" 04 Earl & Sheba 05 Vacate 06 Birdsong 07 Big Ass Crater (in the Junkyard) Disk Two/Set One cont. 01 Tyre Shop 02 Instrumental 03 Let's Go Dancing 04 Breathe 05 Take Me To the Tundra 06 Instrumental 07 Above the Thunder 08 Boob Job 09 Rastaman Chant (?)
Set Two / Disk Three 01 instrumental 02 Rubin & Cherise 03 04 Stupid Questions 05 Roshambo 06 Bob Rules 07 Runaway Jim>Antelope 08 Bob Rules Reprise 09 Multisyllabic 10 Franklins Tower 11 "Hotel Motel Holiday Inn: 12 Moving Sidewalk 13 Thank You..... 14 More Than a Little E: 15 Bohemian Rhapsody
TBF "Nightgrass" show

Higher Ground Music Festiva l- Mainstage
Terra Alta

(?)Instrumental > Vacate > Stagger Lee > Chillin Like a Villain > Hallelujah > Stinky Green > Yoni > Slow Mo Balloon > ? > (?)Instrumental > Walking on the Moving Sidewalk > Love Handles > You are What You Eat > (?) Lips Like a Magnet Loop > Irie to the High > All Along the Watchtower > (?)Keep it Simple(Inspired by Charlie Hunter) > Boob Job* > What the Hell Was That Loop > Novelty Song > Breathe > Percussion/Xyla Loop > Breathe Loop Encore: Best Feeling %

Northwest String Summit
North Plains

Set 1 - Disc 1: 01- Instrumental 02- Breathe 03- Get On Up 04- Thirsty In The Rain (1) 05- Another Brick In The Wall (1) 06- Instrumental > Best Feeling 07- Big Ol' Crater In The Backyard (2) 08- Take Me To The Tundra (2) 09- Victory Song > Diamonds On The Souls Of Her Shoes > Bob Rules (3)
Set 1 - Disc 2: 01- Earl And Sheeba 02- Celebrate Your Youth E: 03- Rastaman Chant
(1) = w/ Larry and Jenny Keel (2) = w/ Jeff Austin (3) = w/ Tye North

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Incorrect date, the actual date for this show is 6/20/03. twatts

HSMF Grandstand Stage

I: Thin Mint>People Watching, Night Fever>Rockumal>Vacate>Loup>Vacate, Standing on the Moon, Alligator Alley>Dude Loup, Blatant Ripoff>Getting Hot in Here, Novelty Song, Instrumental>Keep it Simple>Loup>Boob Job, Cookies>Turn in Difference, You Are What You Eat>Celebrate Your Youth E: We Want the Funk

HSMF Funkn' Jamhouse

I: Molly Maloy>Trenchtown Rock>Loup, Best Feeling>Post Best Loup>Freekshow, It's a Plant, In the Middle, Pretty Good*, Ah Oh Loup, Shakedown Street>Passapatanzy, Darling Nicki, Jam**>Galavanting**>Breathe**, More Than a Little**>Beck Song?**>More Than a Little**, Glory and Consequence, Thrift Store>No Feathers>Stay Human, Multisyllabic, Franklin's Tower***>Jam***>Crooked***, Dogs>Loup>Jew Harp>Techno Jam E: Redemption Song * - John Prine Cover ** - With Russo/Benevento Duo *** - With Fareed Haque

The Bottle & Cork
Dewey Beach

Set1: Disc1 1. Crowd 2. Molly Malloy -> 3. Tribe -> 4. Loup -> 5. More Than A Little -> 6. Missippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo@ 7. Roshambo -> 8. Roshambo Loup -> 9. Stupid Questions -> 10. Keep it Simple 11. Take 5 Medley ^ -> 12. One Hit Wonder -> 13. Big Country -> Alligator Alley -> 14. Bass Loup 15. Under Pressure ^^ 16. Instrumental + -> 17. Word Up %
Set2: Disc2 1. instrumental -> 2. Let's Go Dancing -> 3. Turn in Difference 4. jam -> 5. Kinky Reggae* -> 6. Kinky Reggae Loup -> 7. Boob Job -> 8. Mental Instra -> 9. Neon Tube Loup -> 10. The City -> 11. Loup -> 12. Stay Human** -> 13. Schitzo -> 14. Moving Sidewalk -> 15. Techno Loup -> 16. Celebrate Your Youth -> 17. Moving Sidewalk -> 18. Drum Loup (w/new drum machine) E: 19. Freakshow#
Notes: @ Grateful Dead Cover ^ w/ the Sloth teases (Phish) ^^ W/ Vanilla Ice reference + Same as 4/13 Instrumental Opener % w/ freestyle * Bob Marley Cover ** Spearhead Cover # Ani DiFranco Cover

Gathering of the Vibes

Thin Mint > Portapotty Bird Song Post Best Loop > Best Feeling > Post Best Loop > Instrumental Breathe > Tube Loop > Ay Oh Chant > Breathe Reprise Novelty Song Jam > Victory Song Flack Jam > Boob Job Drumz > Thank Yous Love Handles E: Loop > Celebrate Your Youth

Live on Penn

Molly Malloy -> Don't Stop Till You Get Enough -> Vacate -> Until the Morning Comes -> Rockumal -> Until the Morning Comes Instrumental -> Turn In Difference Novelty Song -> Neon Tube Loup -> Flying -> Got No Feathers -> Loup -> Celebrate Your Youth -> Word Up -> Celebrate Your Youth
1 Set show on Pennsylvania Ave. No Encore. Co-Bill with Galactic.

Old City Courtyard

Set I: 1. instramental* > [3.39] 2. Moondance > [5.44] 3. Loop > Moondance > [5.08] 4. Get On Up > [3.00] 5. Money^ > Loop > [9.59] 6. Get On Up > Sanford & Son [2.57] 7. Big Ass Crater [4.43] 8. Roshambo > [3.47] 9. Stupid Questions > [5.37] 10. Blatant Ripoff > Lowrider [7.18] 11. Love Handles [3.08] 12. Bob Rules! > [3.57] 13. Scooby Doo > [2.59] 14. Bob Rules! > [7.08] 15. Breathe > [2.53] Set II: 1. ...> Toy Loop** > [7.23] 2. Breathe [0.53] 3. {bass-a guitar jam?} [1.46] 4. Earl & Sheba > [4.18] 5. "Don't Damn the River#" Loop[6.48] 6. In the City [3.24] 7. Novelty Song > [5.21] 8. Instramental(i)> [1.01] 9 Instramental(ii)> [2.00] 10. Instramental(iii)@> [0.17] 11. Diamonds on the Soles... [1.16] 12. Above the Thunder [5.51] 13. Stay Human [7.35] E: 14. Stairway to Heaven tease > [1.01] 15. Sweet Home Alabama tease > [0.16] 16. Freeker [4.54] * i've searched for the name of this one. it sounds a little like thin mint in parts, but it may just be an unnamed. i know i've heard it though. beautiful and pretty technical song (fingertapping parts). ^Superstition loop tease ** "We Can Dance" voiceover # river = radio station the event supported @ i'm unsure of the name of this instrumental series. i've heard it a thousand times, and it's really sweet. plus KW always plays these segments together.
◆ "Sundown In The City" free concert series ◆

Alan Cupp's Farm (Farmapalooza 7)

Rockumal That '70's Song* Keep It Simple Dudley Wah Pretty Good Still Wishing the Course > Pets > Alligator Alley Tribe Loop > For What It's Worth ?Feeling? When the World is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around Sheebs > Blazeabago > Let's Go Dancing > Blazeabago > Our House > Bru Loop > Toy Loop > Day Oh Apparition Multisyllabic Let's Go > Zilla > Kinky Reggae > Loop > Boob Job Thanks Leo > The Airport > Celebrate Your Youth E: Love Handles
*Actual name of "That '70's Show" theme, performed by Cheap Trick Photos:

Bluemont Concert Series

Molly Malloy> Moondance Base Loup>Rockumal Loup> Freaker By the Speaker Sultans of Swing Passapatanzy Rainy Day Dogs Jam> Crooked Loup> Boob Job "Yesterday"^ Loup>Johnny B. Goode Instrumental> Turn in Difference Breathe> Boomwhacker/Toy Loup w/theramin >Breathe
Instrumental> Take Me to the Tundra Born to Run Schitzo Airport> Loup> Celebrate Your Youth> Airport Flying Stay Human Percussion Loup% Vacate# E: Redemption Song@
^w/ lap slap slide guitar antics (acoustic turned over), not positive of song title %played on new percussion kit #w/ Dixie tease @ all-vocal, no instruments played

Tussey Mountain Amphitheatre

Skitso Golden Years Molly Maloy > Sunny Rain > Molly Maloy Loup > Celebrate Your Youth He'd Have Loved You More Than Eva Braun^ Keep It Simple Loup > Freakshow Rainy Day Vabeeotchay Portapotty Loup > Rapper's Delight Best Feeling E: Breathe*
^Danny O'Keefe cover *A capella Opening for The Disco Biscuits Keller sat in during Whole Lotta Love in the Disco Biscuit's first set

Universal Lending Pavilion

Liberty Hall

Set: 1 (Disc: 1) 01. Roshambo > 02. Sally Sullivan > Bad > Sally Sullivan 03. The Juggler + 04. Love Handles 05. Casa Quetzal 06. Bob Rules > Runaway Jim > Run Like an Antelope @ > Bob Rules 07. Apparition 08. Johnny B. Goode 09. He Would Have Loved You More than Eva Braun * > Keep it Simple * 10. Mental Instra > Breathe > Toy Loup # > Breathe 11. Novelty Song
Set: 2 (Disc: 2) 01. Thin Mint > 02. Kiwi & the Apricot > 03. Moondance > Midi Jam > Moondance 04. Mother's Little Helper ^ 05. A Day That Never Was 06. No Hablo Espanol > 07. Rockumal >
(Disc: 3) 01. Scarlet Begonias > 02. Freakshow % 03. Dersu > Dogs > 04. More than a Little 05. Skitzo > 06. Moving Sidewalk > Celebrate Your Youth > Moving Sidewalk (Encore:) 07. Instrumental $ > 08. Kielbasa Sausage $ 09. Bohemian Rhapsody !
@ With Let it Grow Jam + With "Groove is in the Heart" Theme * With Slide Guitar # With "In the Jungle" Theme ^ Rolling Stones, First Time Played, with dick-nosed Grandpa % With "Fire on the Mountain" Theme $ On Grand Piano (Teases U2 - New Year's Day) ! Acapella

Georgia Frontiere Pavillion - Sedona Cultural Park

One Set: Intro Loop-> Rock and Roll All Night Fuel for the Road-> Jazzy Loop-> Celebrate Your Youth-> Fuel for the Road Take the Money and Run Tribe Vacate Hallelujah Get On Up The Lion Sleeps Tonight-> Golden Years Loop Standing on the Moon-> Jam ???-> Percussion Loop-> Boob Job Above the Thunder Stay Human E: Redemption Song (acapella)

Liberty Hall

roshambo, sally sullivan>bad>sally, juggler, love handles, casa quetzal, bob rules>antelope>runaway jim>let it grow jam>antelope>bob rules, apparition, loup>johnny b goode, ava braun song, keep it simple, instrumental>breathe>tube loup>breathe, novelty song
thin mint, kiwi, moondance, mother's little helper, day without a buzz, no hablo espanol>rockumal, scarlet begonias>freakshow, dogs, more than a little, skitzo>airport>celebrate your youth>airport E: october>kielbasa bohemian rhapsody

Woodland Park Zoo's North Meadow

molly malloy moondance > lions and tigers and bears > moondance slowmo balloon love handles instrumental freeker sultans of swing word up breathe > tube loop > day-o > lion sleeps tonight > breathe dogs boob job multisyllabilic celebrate your youth victory song above the thunder bird song freeker reprise e:day-o

Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Help on the Way>Cold Rain and Snow>Slipknot!>Fire on the Mountain, Dire Wolf, Feel Like a Stranger>Franklin's Tower, Easy Wind, Mississippi Half Step, Shakedown Street, Rosalee McFall, Bird Song, The Eleven>Smokestack Lightning>Doin That Rag>Down Under, High Time, Til the Morning Comes
Sorry From the Shower>Breathe>Turn in Difference>Breathe, Molly Maloy>Sunny Rain>Molly Maloy, It's a Plant, Loup, Yoni, Luv Handles, Above the Thunder, Skitzo>Moving Sidewalk>Loup>Moving Sidewalk, Inhale Two the Chief, Loup>Boob Job Enc I: Freeker Enc II: Tribe

Red Hook Brewery

La Zona Rosa

Molly Maloy>Sally Sullivan>Bad>Sally Sullivan>Mexicali Blues, No Hablo Espanol>Rockumal, Keep it Simple, Push th' Little Daisies, More Than a Little, Skitzo>Moving Sidewalk>Loup>Celebrate Your Youth>Moving Sidewalk, Above the Thunder, Mother's Little Helper, You Are What You Eat>Loup>Freekshow>Loup, Red Pebbles, Luv Handles, Spartin Clarinet, Tube Loup, Rock and Roll All Night, Vacate, Yoni, Til the Morning Comes, Watchtower (1:56:00)

Farthing Auditorium - Appalachian State University

Inhale to the Chief> Hypnotize> Jack-a-roe> Hypnotize> Inhale to the Chief Apparition Loup> Freakshow Nomini> Fat B Loup Promoter Man (?send the money order overnight?)> Loup> Fuel for the Road> Loup> Fuel for the Road Revelation Free Born Man Get on Up Loup> Celebrate Your Youth, Get on Up
Instrumental> Turn in Difference Mental Instra> Bounty Hunter> Midnight Rider> Bounty Hunter> Loop (w/boomwhackers) Tell My Feet I made it Home Zilla> Kinky Reggae, Loup> Boob Job In the City Novelty Song> Loup ? (?not yesterday, but hopefully not tomorrow?) Above the Thunder Victory Song Loup (w/drums) Encore: Tribe Bohemian Rapsody (acapella)

Brown's Island

Rockumal Best_Feelin' Loup Still_Wishing_To_Course > We_Love_You Stargate All's_Quiet_Tonight Loup>Tribe Schitzo Blazabago> Tube_Loup You_Are_What_You_Eat> Metal_Magnet> You_Are_What_You_Eat Runnin'_On_Fumes Yoni Percussion_Loup> Celebrate_Your_Youth Tell_My_Feet_I_Made_It_Home

Blue Ridge Harvest Festival

Thin Mint Jefferson's Theme > Kidney in a Cooler Loup > Boob Job Spartan Clarinet Love Handles Glory and Consequence Thanks Leo Above the Thunder Stay Human Loup > Celebrate Your Youth Bird Song It's a Plant Johnny B. Goode Tube Loup > Freakshow > The Lion (Monkey) Sleeps Tonight > Freakshow > Ah Oh Chant > Freakshow


Egyptian Room

Rockumal>Don?t stop ?till you get enough, Trenchtown rock, It?s a plant, Loup>for what it?s worth>Loup>For what it?s worth, 89?-95? #, Sideways tree, Chevfan !, Loup, One hit wonder, Big country, Blatant ripoff>Low rider>Lion sleeps tonight, Rainy day ^, Loop>Tribe, Breathe
Gimmie shelter>India>Nomini>India, Loop %, Can?t play the blues $, Loup@, Novelty song>Toy loup, Bounty hunter>Loop, Instrumental>Yoni, Loop* , Loup=, Moving sidewalk,
E: Best feeling
# - New song, 1st time played ? about Keller?s Dead deer creek run from 89?-95? ? ? Never heard it before, doesn?t sound like a KW song ? Chorus of: You want me to change, well I?ll change for good. I will always love you Chevan (SP) ^ - New song ? Chorus of: It?s a rainy day, an excellent day % - with Simitar Midi $ - New song, blues style on slide guitar ? Chorus of: I cannot play the blues, I ain?t never felt pain, can?t play the blues, ?cause your so good to me. * - With dueling flugel/Trumpets, 1st time played = - Spacey loup with drum machine & zylaphone/theramin, also played 10/4/03 towards the end of 2nd set.

Newport Music hall

Thin Mint, Kiwi & the apricot, Moondance, Two dingalings, Loop>One more Saturday night, instru>In the middle, Appirition, Johnny B. Goode, Brunette>mental/Instru, Toy loop, Mullet Cut*
Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the mountain %, Crater in the backyard, Chillin'>lime in the coconut loup, Funny Money^, Instru/loop>Not yesterday$@, Love handles, People watching, Alligator alley, Instru>Loop>Celebrate your youth, .Flac jam>Kinky raggae, Loup>Boob job, Loup
E: Vacate
* - New song, chorus of: You & me baby like a mullett cut, party in the back, buisness in the front, behind this man is a woman with a fuse, behind this man is a muse. % - with dueling flugel/trumpets(Lou Gosain) ^ - New song, chorus of: he was nothing but cool to me, was he trying to be funny, when he gave us the funny money, it's not to late, send the money order over night $ - New song, chorus of: Not yesterday, hopefully not tommorrow. @ - on slide guitar # - on the zylaphone thermin

The Canopy Club

Set I Instrumental, Freeker, Inhale to the chief>Hypnotized>Jack-a-roe>Hypnotized>Inhale to the chief, Stinky green,Loup>Freakshow @, Molly Malloy>Shapes of change>Molly, Loop>The eleven, Hallellujah, Bob rules>Scooby Doo>Bob rules, Loup#>Celebrate your youth *>Celabrate good times
Set II Sheebs>The river, Turn indifference, Big shot, Eva Braun^, Loup>Franklin's tower, Novelty song, loup>Legalize it, Guiding light, Loup, Victory song, Loup %>Rapper's delight, E: Tribe $
@ - Played to preceding loup # - with zylaphone/thermins * - Played to preceding loop ^ - played on slide guitar % - Drum & bass loop>Dueling flugel/Trumpets(Lou Gosain) $ - played on djembe

Iowa Memorial Union Ballroom
Iowa City

Art, Moondance, Help on the Way>Slipknot!>The Wedge, Landlord, Roshambo, Gypsy Woman, Vacate, Spartin Clarinet, Breathe>Loup>Breathe, Mullet Cut
Sheebs>Blazeabago>Slide Guitar Loup>Hopefully Not Tomorrow>Multisyllabic, Loup>Celebrate Your Youth, It's A Plant, Karate, Get On Up, Night Fever, Above the Thunder, Thanks Leo, Slow Mo Balloon, Ruebin and Cherise, Loup>Gosain/Williams Trumpet Dual>Soul Shakedown Party Enc: Loup Jam

The Fine Line

Thin Mint A Very Fine Funeral Love Handles Still Wishing the Course > We Love You > Pets > We Love You Loup > Boob Job Victory Song > Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes Take Me to the Tundra Slide Loup > Mental Instra > Happy McPhat A Day Without A Buzz Darling Nikki Travel By Balloon > Get Away Slow > Travel By Balloon Bird Song Best Feeling > Post Best Loup
Nomini Fat B > Xylaphone Loup > Tribe Zilla > Crooked > Zilla Bob Rules > Restless Wind > Bob Rules Cracker Ass Cracker Apparition Horn Duo > Loup > My Sisters and Brothers Encore: Redemption Song* > Tube Loup > Ay Oh Chant
* On djembe

Orpheum Theater

Rockumal, Stupid Questions, Get On Up> Dude Loup*> Get On Up, Dogs, Loup> Govenator> For What It's Worth, Stargate, Roshambo, Doing that Rag> Down Under, 221", Sally Sullivan> Bad> Sally Sullivan> No Hablo Espanol, Art, Kidney in a Cooler
Sheebs> Let's Go Dancing> Breathe> Tube Loup, Loved You More than Eva Braun, Loup, Skitso, You Are What You Eat, Life Is, Yoni, Vibraphone Loup> ?^> Rapper's Delight, Stairway to Watchtower, Calypso Loup@> Banana Boat Song E: Boob Job
*With For the Love of Money and Whole Lotta Love themes ^Lou teased Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini) from the soundboard on his trumpet @With George of the Jungle, Blue Moon (The Marcels) and Heart & Soul themes

The Riviera

Molly Malloy> Don't stop til you get enough> Trenchtown Rock Dear Emily Loup> Freekshow* Vacate Funny Money> Safety Dance Novelty Song> Love Handles Shiver In the Middle Mental Instra/ Brunette Bounty Hunter> Midnight Rider> Bounty Hunter Tube /Toy Loup $ Weigh **
Intro> Blazabago> Coulpe of Freeks Sitting on the Bench Loup $ Keep it Simple# Scarlet Begonias> Fire on the Mountain Alligator Alley Kinky Reggae Zilla Loup Tribe* Flying Glory and Consequence> Mother's Little Helper ! Mullet Cut Loup Dueling Trumpet jam with Lou E: Celebrate your Youth
* Played to previous loup $ w/ Theramin ** Djembe # Slide Guitar ! Vocals from Dick Nosed grandpa

Alumni Hall

The River Tease > Thin Mint People Watching Best Feeling Post Best Loup Roshambo Golden Years Franklin's Tower^ Tribe Dudley Wah Gate Crashers Suck Sideways Tree Loup Freakshow@ Dogs Zilla Loup Disc 2 Eva Brau N> Slide Loup Novelty Song Brunette>mental/instru Toy Loup $ Airport Encore: Vibraphone Loup
^ with ModeReko on Keller's instruments @ with Deuling flugels - Lou $ with Theramin

Forward Hall

Molly Malloy, Box of Rain, Dude Loup, Rainy Day > Thirsty in the Rain > Sunny Rain, Moondance > Loup > "Drum" solo > Moondance, Public Service Announcement > Looks Like Rain > Here Comes the Sun, Love Handles, For What It's Worth, Guiding Light, Boob Job
Gimmie Shelter > Hunting Charlie, India tease > Celebrate Your Youth, Spartan Clarinet, Illegal Smile > Bath of Fire > Inhale to the Chief, Above the Thunder, Mullet Cut, Trumpet (Lou)/Flugel battle, Keller Forgets Which State He's in Loup Encore: Freeker by the Speaker

Club Laga

Thin Mint > Apparition, Stupid Questions, Casa Quetzal, Blatant Ripoff > Low-Rider Loup%, Crater in the Backyard, Breathe > Tube Loup > Bass Loup$ > Breathe, Novelty Song > Loup, Got No Feathers, Born to Run, Old Lady From Carlsbad > Loup* > Sisters & Brothers
Fat B > Nomini > Techno Loup^, Stargate, It's A Plant > Loup > Irie to the High > Johnny B. Goode, Can't Play the Blues > Loup#, You Are What You Eat > Metal Magnet > You Are What You Eat, Running On Fumes > A Case of You > Loup > Xylephone/Drums > Celebrate Your Youth@ > Loup > Freakshow+ > Dueling Trumpets > Freakshow
E: Tell My Feet I Made It Home > Drum Loup > Tell My Feet I Made It Home %w/Monkey Sleeps Tonite $ w/Xylephone & Drums, Included Breathe Chant * w/Drum Kit and Kazoo ^ w/Tuvan Throat # w/Slide Guitar @ w/Theremin, Played to the Preceding Loup + Played to the Preceding Loup

Water Street Music Hall

I: Rockumal, In the Middle, Bob Rules > Another Brick in the Wall* > Bob Rules, Sultans of Swing, Relaxation Station > Blew 'Em Away, Dudely Wah, Sally Sullivan > Bad > Sally Sullivan > Dear Emily, loup@ > Tribe+ > Funny Money > Thin Mint > Mullet Cut, Love Handles
II: Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain, Best Feeling > post-Best loup, In the City& > loup > The Juggler > groove loup > The Juggler, No Hablo Espanol, Dogs > Zilla, ? ("yesterday but hopefully not tomorrow")#, Mental Instra > Bounty Hunter > Midnight Rider > Bounty Hunter, loup$, Drums%, Drive My Car^ > loup > trumpet/flugal duel
E: Vacate
*with boomwhackers & real percussion toys @with jaw harp, drum kit, electric guitar &on acoustic bass #with ironing-board slide guitar $bass, MalletKAT, theremin solo; ends with drum beat from George of the Jungle and Keller yelling "Watch out for that tree!" %MalletKAT & djembe ^djbembe

Troy Music Hall

01. Instumental 02. Moondance >Loup > 03. Bass loop > Moondance 04. Stargate 05. Breathe> Tube Loop > Breathe 06. Multislylabic > I can't play the blues 07. Theremin Loop > Celebrate Your Youth 08. Real Good For Free* 09. Crowd Banter 10. E: Boob Job w/ Lou on trumpet (off mic) 11. E: Kidney in a Cooler

Higher Ground

Till the Morning Comes In the Middle > Celebrate Your Youth Freaker By the Speaker Funny Money Blatent Ripoff > In the Jungle/Low Rider Loup Kiwi and the Apricot One Hit Wonder > Night Fever Above the Thunder (Flying?) Lawn Boy > Mullet Cut
Intro > Turn In Difference Keep It Simple > Suite: Judy Blue Eyes > Zilla > Dogs > Fluffhead/Stash Loop Novelty Song > Dark Star Loup > Percussion Loup > Freakshow Deer Creek '89-'95 Best Feeling

Pearl Street Night Club Ballroom

Thin Mint > Kidney in a Cooler > Vabeeoctchay, Get On Up > Dude Loup& > Get On Up, Rainy Day > loup%, Dogs, One More Wednesday (Saturday) Night, Mental Instra, Tubular, Hallelujah*, Young and Beautiful*, Gypsy Woman*
Inhale to the Chief > Sally Sullivan > Dear Emily > Dudely Wah, So Many Roads > 6. Celebrate Your Youth, Loved You More Than Eva Braun, Apparition, Balcony Baby#, broken string loop%, Spartan Clarinet, instrumental, Lets Go Dancing > MalletKAT loup, Freaker By The Speaker E: Redemption Song%
& with "For the Love of Money," "Cars, Trucks, Buses," and "Whole Lotta Love" * with Martin Sexton % a capella # Lou Gosain on trumpet

Lupos Heartbreak Hotel

Instrumental > Stupid Questions, Friendly Pyramid, Guiding Light, Loop > Tribe#, Roshambo > Chillin' > Loop!, Breathe > Breathe Loop > Breathe, Life Is > Alligator Alley, Victory Song > Loop > Mullet Cut > Loop
Instrumental > Blazeabago > Trun In Difference, Keep It Simple, Loop > I am the Eagle*, Drum Loop > Celebrate Your Youth&, Loop > More than a Little, Brown Eyed Women, Under Pressure, Instrumental, Hell Yeah Loop% > Stay Human (All the Freaky People)
E: Butt Ass Nipple
# Crazy loop with Keller singing tribe over it * John Denver cover w/ djbembe & Over drum loop w/ xylaphone ! w/ Lime in the Coconut teases % w/ Lou on trumpet

Somerville Theater

Kellar's Cellar Somewhat Ruleless Radio

01. Intro 02. Stay Human (Michael Franti & Spearhead; Album: Stay Human) 03. Late Night Freaky People Reprise (Keller Williams - 05/03/2003 - House of Blues, New Orleans, LA with Michael Franti and Radioactive) 04. Keller 05. Gyspy Woman (Martin Sexton; Album: Live Wide Open) 06. Normal (David Gans; Album: Solo Acoustic) 07. Keller 08. Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley) 09. //Keller's Cellar Theme 10. Wonder Boy (Tenacious D) 11. An Epic Meeting of Geniuses (Victor Wooton and Stanley Jordan - 10/11/1998* - Ripley's, Cincinatti, OH) 12. Keller 13. Tell Me Something Good (Rufus with Chaka Khan) 14. Sprung Monkey (Garage a Trois; Album: Emphasizer) 15. Keller 16. I Wanna Get with You (Beck) 17. A Love Supreme (Track No. 4 Tri Loca Gold Circle Planet Rave Compilation) > Keller Outro

The NorVa

1. Instrumental 2. Freaker by the Speaker -> 3. Mental Intra -> 4. Breathe -> neon tube loup* -> Breathe 5. Killer Waves 6. Moondance -> Bass Loup -> Moondance 7. Stargate 8. Tribe** 9. VaBeeotchay 10. Love Handles -> Instrumental -> 11. Until the Morning Comes@
1. Instrumental -> 2. Blazabago -> Let's Go Dancin -> Blazabago# -> 3. Loup -> 4. Can't Play the Blues -> Blues Jam -> 5. Novelty Song -> Bass Loup -> 6. Hunting Charlie -> Kinky Reggae -> Hunting Charlie -> 7. Bob Rules -> Scooby Doo -> Bob Rules -> 8. Under Pressure -> 9. Instrumental? -> 10. Lou's Loup^ Encore 11. Percussion Loup -> Celebrate Your Youth
show notes: * w/third stones teases ** played over midi piano loup w/ drum kit @ serious tease, "here comes the sun" intro. Like he changed his mind at the last second. # w/ our house tease ^ w/ Lou on Trumpet

9:30 Club

01. Rockumal > 02. Dancin? Fool > 03. Kidney 04. One More Saturday Night > 05. Bounty Hunter > 06. Midnight Rider > 07. Tubeular > 08. Zilla (Garage A Trois Loup) > 09. Hunting Charlie > 10. Freekshow Loup
01. Skitso 02. You are what you eat 03. Yoni 04. A Case Of You 05. Moving Sidewalk 06. Stay Human 07. Celebrate Your Youth 08. Eva Braun 09. Trumpet Solo/Duel 10. Drums encore: 11. Brothers and Sisters > 12. Boob Job

Theater of the Living Arts

Thin Mint> Sultans of Swing, the Kiwi and the Apricot> loup>Tribe> 40 yrs? >Spartan Clarinet, Promised Land, Novelty Song> loup> Pets*>Thin Mint, Stairway to Heaven> Watchtower> Stairway> Kidney in a Cooler^
Jam, Boomwhacker loup> Celebrate your Youth> Keep it simple, Free Tommy Chong loup, Standing on the Moon, Molly Maloy (or Roshambo?), Fuel For the Road, Trumpet/Flugel battle w/ Lou, Homeless$> Diamonds on the soles of her Shoes$> Homeless> Mullet Cut, Love Handles
E: Scarlet Begonias tease%> Freekshow
*Porno for Pyros cover ^Keller sings additional lyrics and also does a few verses as an Elvis impression $Paul Simon Cover %Keller stops after opening verse and says "Psyche!"

Irving Plaza
New York

11/15/03 Irving Plaza - New York NY I: Inhale to the chief> Hypnotize> Jack a Roe> Hypnotize> Inhale (using the loup of Hypnotize), Best Feeling> Best Feeling Jam> Boob Job, Stupid Questions, Dogs> Garage A Tois Loup (sounded a bit like Crooked), Blatent Ripoff, Breathe> Toy Loup> Breathe> It's a Plant > Scarlet > start drum loup> Fire II: India> For What It's Worth (Techno Style w/ theramin), Cracker Ass Cracker (Can't play the Blues)> Acoustic Bass Loup, Multisyllabolic> Loup, People Watchin', Deer Creak 89-95, Low Rider, Weird funky loup> Lou funky flugal solo> You are What You Eat> Moving Sidewalk E: Bob Rules> Antelope> Jim> Antelope> Bob Rules

Melkweg (16th Cannabis Cup)

Thin Mint > Best Feeling > It's a Plant > Moondance > Freaker by the Speaker > ?(instrumental) > Breathe > Skitso > Moving Sidewalk > Love Handles, You Are What You Eat > Stay Human Encore: Scarlet Begonias
Show sponsored by High Times; the night before the tour with Michael Franti & Spearhead


(intro by Michael Franti), Molly Malloy > Don't Stop Til You Get Enough > Trenchtown Rock > Dudely Wah, Tribe, Johnny B. Goode, Mental Instra > Celebrate Your Youth > Thanks Leo, Mullet Cut > loup
1st night opening for Spearhead on Keller's 1st European tour


Inhale to the Chief > Stupid Questions, Blatent Ripoff > Low Rider > Get On Up > Dude Loup > teases/themes (Superstition > For the Love of Money > Cars Trucks Buses > Whole Lotta Love) > Dude Loup > Get on Up > Breathe, Moving Sidewalk


(Carl Young's intro), Sheebs > Turn in Difference, Moondance > loup > Moondance > Freeker by the Speaker > Word Up > Freeker Reprise
Keller joined Michael Franti & Spearhead during their set to do some mouth flugaling on "Sometimes"

Warren Haynes Christmas Jam

01 Instumental > 02 Breathe 03 Up in my Caddilac 04 Love Handles 05 Best Feeling (w/ Michael Kang of SCI) 06 Maggie's Farm (w/ Sam Bush, John Cowan & Michael Kang) 07 PortaPotty (w/ Bush, Cowan, Kang, Jeff Austin & Dave Johnston) (filler) Sam Bush, John Cowan, Michael Kang, Jeff Austin, Dave Johnston) 08 Sailin Shoes (Bush & Cowan) 09 Far Too Long For Me to Travel (Bush, Cowan, Kang, Austin & Johnston) 10 Same Old River (w/ Warren) 11 Good Woman's Love

Holiday Inn Select

1.Thin mint 2.You may be right 3.Chicken train 4.More than a little 5.Alligator alley 6.Moondance 7.Freeker>Loup>Freeker 8.Spartan Clarinet 9.Breathe>Loup>Breathe 10.Roshambo 11.2 dingalings 12.People watching 13.Dogs 14.Zilla jam 15.Drum 'n' bass loup 16.Boob job
1.Sheebs 2.Up in my cadillac 3.Turn in difference 4.?>Jefferson's them>Kidney in a cooler 5.Dudley wah 6.Brown eyed women 7.Travel by balloon 8.Celebrate your youth 9.?>Travel by balloon 10.Slide loup 11.Cracker ass cracker 12.Slide loup 13.Multisyllabic 14.Drum loup>Dueling flugels(some christmas song)# 15.Rappers delight 16.Like a mullet cut 17.Moving sidewalks 18.Zylaphone loup
01.Best feeling 02.E: Freakshow @
? = Songs i've never heard before/ don't know the name # = with Lou Gosain on Trumpet @ = played on Djembe
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