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Set 2
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Henry Fonda Theatre
Los Angeles

The NorVa

Set I with The Keels Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen-> Goof Balls The Groundhog-> I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail Bath of Fire Mountain Song Vanilla Ice Cream New Horizons Trespassing-?? Come and Go Blues Duprees Diamond Blues Stunt Double Houses of The Holy Take Me To The Tundra Pepper-> Whirly Pig-> Culpepper Woodchuck
Set II Keller Solo Newness Tribe Up In My Cadillac-> Loup For What It's Worth-> Loup Slo Mo Balloon I Wanna Jump Yer Bones Boob Job Life Without You-?? Yoni Gate Crashers Suck-> Till The Morning Comes-> Loup/Keller Thank You's-> Till The Morning Comes E: Best Feeling

Rams Head Live

Set I with The Keels Star Trek Theme-> Portapotty 2003 Minus 25 Loser (Beck)>Loser (Jerry)>Loser (Beck) On the Way Home Again Local Outdoor Organic Thirsty in the Rain Mountains of the Moon Breathe-> Another Brick In The Wall-> Breathe Passapatanzy Changed the Locks [Happy Birthday Tease] Wild Horses Crater in the Backyard Mary Jane's Last Breakdown Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) Connie Chung
Set II - Keller Solo Skiteo-> Moving Sidewalk Ninja Alligator Alley Groundscore You Are What You Eat Wind Cries Mary Zilla India Life Is Apparition-> Freshies Terrapin Station (On Piano) Loup (w/ Lou On Trumpet)/Keller Thank You's-> Celebrate Your Youth

The Town Ballroom

Thin Mint > Dudley Wah Golden Years Casa Quetzal Life Is> Eyes Of The World > Stupid Questions > Local Outdoor Organic > Take The Money And Run > Pepper > Travel By Balloon > Vocal Jam Luckiest Man >Heart And Soul Tribe
India> Crooked> Novelty Song> Runnin' On Fumes Black Peter> Flying> Swing> Love Handles> Best Feeling> Fly Like An Eagle E: What I Got

The Egg

M&M's > Moondance > Stargate > Moondance Killer Waves > Sultans of Swing > Killer Waves Crator Take 5 >The Sloth >Take 5 Johnny B. Goode Slo Mo Balloon Partyin' Peeps Restraint Once in a Lifetime > Lifetime Loup Travelers Day at the Office More than a Little
Mental Brunette > Bounty > Tubular Jungle Loup One Way Mullet Cut Alligator Alley > Leo Light > Loup E: Freshi House Music [Fantastic Voyage]

Webster Theatre

not sure of the setlist, any help would be much appreciated!~
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Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

Jam > Sideways Tree > Loop Jam > Juanita > Portapotty A Love Bizarre ? > Sunday Energy Jam > ? > Loop Jam > Haliujah > ? Irie Jam > Lady With A Fan > Terrapin Station > Burning Down The House
? > Jam > Stayin' Alive Novelty Song > Soul Shakedown Party ? > Heartbreak Hotel > ? > St. Stephen > ? > ? > Perpendicular Teeth > ? > Ninja > ? Freeker By The Speaker > Word Up > Gin & Juice > Freeker By The Speaker Encore Celebrate Your Youth* > Dark Star > Celebrate Your Youth
* - Trumpet: Lou

Higher Ground
S. Burlington

Thin Mint Back Of The Bus Get On Up Dear Emily Restraint Fuel For The Road Sanity Doin' That Rag Not Of This Earth Partyin' Peeps Vocal Loop There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Freshies* Intromental Blazeabago Turn In Difference Wind Cries Mary Loop Multisylabic Acoustic Segue Got No Feathers You Are What You Eat Attics Of My Life Stash Elaphorse Sing For My Dinner Yoni Crowd Loop - Horny Lou House Music * W/ Jamie Masefield
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Berklee Performance Center

Intro? > Apparition > Johnny B. Goode*, People Watching, Casa Quetzal, Hepped up on Goofballs, Bird Song!, Kiwi and Apricot > Blazeabego > Still Wishing to Course@ > Pets#, Loup?, Terrapin Station!, More than a Little
Gimme Shelter$ > India%, Slo-Mo Balloon, Theramin Loup, Ninja of Love, ? > Moving Sidewalk, What the World Needs Now, Stay Human (All the Freaky People)^, Gypsy Woman&, Gate Crashers Suck > Cumberland Blues!, E: My Sisters and Brothers+
* - Chuck Berry (Reggae Stylee) ! - Grateful Dead @ - Camper Von Beethoven # - Porno for Pyros $ - Rolling Stones % - Michael Hedges ^ - Michael Franti (Spearhead) & - Martin Sexton + - Charles Johnson

Sunday River Ski Resort

Play This > Inhale To The Chief > Hypnotize > Jack-a-roe > Hypnotize > Eyes Of The World > 12345678 tease > Eyes > Inhale Same Ol' Golden Years Two Dingalings The Weight Relaxation Station Lithium Roshambo Stairway to heaven tease > Luckiest Man Klezmer Tune > Baila Your Ass Off Loup @
Mental Instra > Bounty Hunter > Wanted Dead Or Alive > Midnight Rider > Bounty Hunter > Tubular Loup > For What It's Worth Loup Crooked Tumbleweed Zilla/Theramin Loup Thanks Leo > Saint Stephen > Above The Thunder > Running On Fumes > Fumes cont'd > 221 inches > Loup ^ > One More Saturday Night
Notes: @ w/Lou on trumpet

Calvin Theatre

Intromental Freeker Help On The Way Sally Franklins Tower Sullivan The Wedge Travel By Balloon Freeker Reprise Gold Plated The Kiwi & The Apricot Once In A Lifetime Crispy Critters Calilou* Hallelujah* Rainy Day* Black Sheep* Celebrate Your Youth* The Juggler Sanity C'villin Nomini Fat B One Way Johnny Slo Mo Balloon Keep It Simple Partyin' Peeps Winds Of Fire Loop Tell My Feet I Made It Home What I Got House Music
* W/ Martin Sexton


Rockumal In The Middle More Than A Little Crater In The Backyard Birdsong Kiwi And The Apricot Stupid Questions Fat B > The Lion Sleeps Shakedown Street People Watching A Love Bizarre The Wind Cries Mary Loop Skitso Mullet Cut Travel By Balloon Burning Down The House Toy Loop House Music 1 House Music 2
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The Melkweg

Intromental Lithium Casa Quetzal Freekshow Same Ol' Moondance In A Big Country One Hit Wonder Pepper The Juggler C'villin Runaway Like An Antelope Jim Stinky Green Fat Man In The Bathtub Dance Of The Freek Tumbleweed Loop Running On Fumes Back Of The Bus
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The Melkweg

Intromental Scarlet Begonias Brown Eyed Women Play This Celebrate Your Youth Cadillac Ninja Of Love Kiwi And The Apricot People Watching Cookies Rainy Day Sing For My Dinner Restraint Life Twinkle Got No Feathers Slo Mo Balloon Lil' Sexy Blues Dance Hippie Freeker

The Melkweg

Rock & Roll All Night Dudelywah A Day That Never Was Gatecrashers Suck 'till The Morning Comes Kidney In A Cooler Instramental Vacate Real Good For Free Travel By Balloon White Rabbit Chicken Train Not Of This Earth Best Feeling Post-best Baby You Can Drive My Car Feeling Loop Keep It Simple Boob Job Crater In The Backyard Novelty Song Love Handles Yoni Freshies
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Point Ephemere

Shinjuku Freeker Word Up Freeker Reprise Portapotty Castles Made Of Sand Slo Mo Balloon Boob Job Sheebs Blazeabago Breathe Life Pepper Goof Balls In A Big Country Best Feeling Post Best Feeling Loop Fly Like An Eagle Illegal Smile It's Just A Plant Novelty Song Tribe Alligator Alley You Are What You Eat St.stephen Band Intros Celebrate Your Youth House Music
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Mushroom Stage, Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak

Thin Mint People Watching Moondance Freeker By The Speaker Word Up > Freeker Reprise Kiwi and the Apricot Vacate The Premises Brown-eyed Women Rockumal Stupid Questions Ninja of Love Let Me In The Miller's Will Come and Go Blues Attics of My Life Floating on the Freshies
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Mr. Small's Theatre

Mr. Smalls Theater

Iowa Memorial Union, Univ. of Iowa
Iowa City

Instrumental Lithium In The Middle Dude Loop Easy Wind > Mr. Charlie > Easy Wind Sideways Tree Travel by Balloon Killer Waves Hallelujah What The World Needs Now Swing The Wind Cries Mary More Than A Little
Bounty Hunter> Dead or Alive > Midnight Rider > Bounty Hunter Happy McPhat Toy Loup Freeker One Way Johnny No Habla > Rockumal Conservative Christian Stupid Questions Attics Of My Life Love Handles > Feels So Good Intro Feels So Good Best Feeling Crowd Encore: Burning Down The House

The Pageant
St. Louis

Opening jam> Apparition, Fuel For The Road, Life, People Watching, Friend Of The Devil, Willin', Partyin' Peeps, Wind's On Fire, Young and Beautiful, Low Rider, SloMo Balloon*, Instrumental, Vanilla Ice Cream, Best Feeling, Fly Like A Seagull * - w/Lou Gosain on flugelhorn
Cookies (fades in), Breathe, Cadillac, Breathe reprise, Love Sucks, Get On Up, For The Love Of Money tease, Whole Lotta Love tease, Instrumental, Get On Up reprise, Multisyllabic, Sparkle, Teen Angst, Ultimate, Runnin' On Fumes, You Are What You Eat, Yoni, Crew Introductions, Floatin' On The Freshies E: Freakshow

Murat Egyptian Room

Three Sisters Park- Moonshine Stage

Killer Waves Casa Quetal Got No Feathers People Watching Dogs Apparition Kiwi And Apricot Still Wishing To Course (Camper Van Beethoven) Pets-janes Addiction We Love You (Camper Van Beethoven) Ground Score Life Santeria (Sublime) Play This

Friday Cheers - Brown's Island

Newness??-> Eyes Of The World (some tech difficulties) Kidney In A Cooler More Than A Little Above The Thunder Yoni

Bonnaroo Music Festival

Killer Waves Thin Mint Still Wishing to Course Pets > We Love You Ground Score Freeker By The Speaker Brown Eyed Woman Casa Questzal People Watching > Time Is Still Doobie In My Pocket Life Is Santaria > Kiwi And The Apricot Ninja Of Love Play This
"The Other Tent" Keller & The WMD's Gibb Droll - Guitar, Vocals Keith Mosely - Bass Jeff Sipe - Drums

Chastain Park Amphitheater

(instrumental) Moondance Kiwi and Apricot Relaxation Station Big Ass Crater in the Backyard Keep It Simple Boob Job (instrumental) Moving Sidewalk Sing for the Sinners Freaky Enrique Love Handles Yoni Dark Hollow [1] On the Road Again [1]
[1]: With Bob Weir.

Allgood Music Festival

intro Big Crater In The Backyard Faster Horses (The Cowboy And The Poet) Last Dance With Mary Jane > Breakdown > Last Dance With Mary Jane Take Me Home, Country Roads Kidney In a Cooler Mountain Song Doobie In My Pocket New Horizons* Local Outdoor Organic Freeker By The Speaker Breathe > Another Brick In The Wall > Breathe Inside Out All Fall Down > Culpeper Woodchuck Loser^ Dupree's Diamond Blues^
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Charlottesville Pavilion

Newness Fuel For The Road Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys People Watchin' Travel By Balloon Bob Rules > Scooby Doo >Bob Rules Dogs Rappers Delight Bounty Hunter >Wanted Dead or Alive >Midnight Rider >Bounty Hunter Skitso Love Handles The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Dark Hollow* So Far Away* > Brown Eyed Women*
* with Bob Weir

LC Pavilion

Hypnotize > Jack-A-Roe > Hypnotize No Hablo Espanol Instrumental Stupid Questions Pepper Wanna Jump your Bones Back of the Bus Instrumental Instrumental Breathe Take Me to the Tundra Instrumental Stay Human Real Good for Free Up in My Cadillac (w/ Bob Weir) Cumberland Blues (w/ Bob Weir

Stir Cove Harrah's Casino
Council Bluffs

Intro Moondance Stargate Goofballs Instrumental People Watching SloMo Balloon Jam Blonde Yoni Day At The Office (on piano) Wake Up Little Suzie * Friend Of The Devil *
* w/ Bob Weir

Soo Pass Ranch - 10,000 Lakes Festival
Detroit Lakes

Reuben & Cherise * Tuna Loup Goodness Wind Cries Mary Dogs > Irie Pepper # Freeker Turn In Difference Doobie Introductions Loup > 12. Celebrate your Youth
Show in incomplete. Missing first song or two from the show. * Fades in # Butthole Surfers cover

Red Rocks

Molly Malloy > Sunny Rain > Beautiful Oblivion Back Of The Bus Breathe > Teen Angst Slowmo Balloon Loop > Boob Job Mullet Cut Ensuing Freakiness You Are What You Eat Gate Crashers Suck 'Till The Morning Comes Best Feeling The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Dark Star*
* - w/ Bob Weir - Guitar, Vocals

Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
San Diego

Skinjuku, Life, Stargate > Loop > Tribe, Crater In The Backyard, Killer Waves, Loops > Zilla A Trois > The Wind Cries Mary, Loop > Rapper's Delight, Wind's On Fire, Jam, India > Hunting Charlie > India > Loop, Freeker By The Speaker > Word Up, You Make Me Feel, Jack-A-Roe, Jam > Wake Up Little Susie

The Sleeping Bear Dunegrass and Blues Festival

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Another Brick In The Wall ? Shakedown Street ? ? ? ? ? ?
Main Stage

Sunflower Stage,Evolve Festival

One Set Thin Mint > Apparition Moondance > Freaking Me Out (Loop) > Moondance (Reprise) Freaker by the Speaker > Word Up > Freaker by the Speaker (Reprise) Portapotty Cadillac Juggler > Dancin In the Streets (Loop) > Juggler (Reprise) Pepper In the Middle Dudely Wah Love Handles Doobie Freakshow Dogs Zilla A Trois (Loop) St Stephen Ninja of Love Back of the Bus Celebrate Your Youth Thanks to Paul and Adam for the help
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The Evolve Music and Awareness Festival (Sunflower

Apparition Moondance > Freakin' Me Out Loop Jam > Moondance Reprise Freeker by the Speaker > Word Up! > Freeker Reprise Portapotty Cadillac unknown > Dancin' Loop Jam > unknown reprise unknown unknown Loop Jam Love Handles Doobie in my Pocket Freakshow Dogs Loop Jam > intrumental St. Stephen Ninja of Love Back of the Bus (cuts)
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Thursday at the Square

Instra > Roshambo Rainy Day > Vacate People Watchin Inside Out [Eve6] Get on up Superstition > $$$ > Get on Up Play This Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Freekshow Blaze-a-bago Turn in Difference Zilla Dogs Sing For My Dinner > Yoni Encore: Freeker Women are smarter

Gathering or the Vibes

Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles) Thirsty in the Rain Rapper's Delight (Sugarhill Gang) Bob Rules Restraint No Sugar Tonight Victory Song Moving Sidewalk Jam Doobie in my Pocket Freebird Tease>Willin' Scarlet Begonias Brown-Eyed Women

Tweeter Center

??? Stupid Questions Life Restraint Shinjuku> Freeker by the Speaker Dogs Freshies Cadillac* Dark Hollow*
*w/Bob Weir

Tillie Town Fair @ The Stone Pony
Asbury Park

Thin Mint > Loup > Celebrate Your Youth* In the Middle Apperition > Vacate > Loup > Vacate Ear Infection@ > Pepper$ Casa Quetzal Burning Down the House Loup Jam^ Stargate Life Loup > Freshies > Victory Song > Ground Score > St. Stephen# Best Feeling (Encore)
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Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
San Francisco

Lithium ! People Watchin @ Celebrate Your Youth Pepper Novelty Song > Loop Zilla A Trois Dogs Theramin Loop Doobie In My Pocket
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Loop Freeker by the Speaker> Word Up> Freeker Repise Kiwi and The Apricot> Kidney In A Cooler> Play This> Dude Loop Life Is Doobie in my Pocket Scarlet Begonias The Wedge Freakshow on the Mountain Breathe> Up in my Caddilac> Breathe Bob Rules> Another Brick in the Wall Part1> Part3> Part2> Bob Rules You Are What You Eat Multisyllabic> Back of the Bus> Once in a Lifetime> Best Feeling E: Celebrate Your Youth

Rams Head Live

(intro) ultimate kiwi & apricot lonesome galavanting instramental freshies slo mo balloon above the thunder girl from ipanema birdsong rineheart fuel for the road wishing the course pets we love you new horizon got no feathers people watching keep it simple pepper best feeling brown eyed women freeker life newness play this crowd tuning casa quetzal house music
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Norva Theatre

Killer Waves Newness Play This The Girl From Ipanema Best Feeling> Jam> Apparition Case Quetzal Swing Low * My Only Friend; Gibb Droll Song ??? * Gibb Droll Song ??? God Damn Job Ninja Whishing the Course> Pets> We Love You
People Watching In the Middle Big Moon New Horrizons Ground Score Kiwi & the Apricot Time is Still (Gibb Droll Song) Thunder Pepper Thin Mint Freshies Crowd Encore: Life Is
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9:30 Club

Best Feeling > One More Saturday Night > People Watchin', Band intros, Back of the Bus > Alligator Alley > Restraint > Fuel for the Road, Angel, Freeker by the Speaker > Thin Mint > Above the Thunder, Shield@ > Play This, Life is > Ultimate, Tuning, Casa Quetzal, Freshies, Kiwi and Apricot, In the Middle, Indie rock/boxer shorts, Newness, The Girl From Ipanema, New Horizons, Ninja of Love, Turn in Difference > Got No Feathers > Still Wishing the Course > Pets > We Love You, Man Smart, Woman Smarter
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Bijou Theatre

Intro Jam > Appariton Keep It Simple Ear Infection Can I Join Your Tribe Angel People Watchin' Tease > No Sugar Tonight Lary Keel Intro Swing Low Sweet Chariot > Jam > Swing Low* One Last Dance w/Mary Jane > Breakdown >Mary Jane* Jam Freeker By the Speaker
Intro Jam Jam Doobie In My Pocket TBD Ophelia My Only Friend Got No Feathers You Are What You Eat Baby You Can Drive My Car > You Are What You Eat In The Middle Avalanche Mullet Cut Play This Encore:Focus On The Base Band Intro > Best Feeling
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Soul Kitchen

Ultimate Let It Rock Killer Ear Infection Middle Skitso Same Ol>Manic Deperesion>Same Ol Swing Low Freaker By The Speaker Rine Heart>Santaria Life
Newness Play This>Goddam Job>Play This Girl from Impanema Ninja Of Love Birdsong Soakie Back Of The Bus Blatant Ripoff Kidney In A Cooler Mullet
Best Feeling Where We Are Woman Are Smarter

Lincoln Theater

(intro) freeker ear infection casa quetzal tribe ultimate girl from ipanema instrumental lonesome angel swing low slo mo balloon no sugar tonight/new mother nature same ol' manic depression instrumental new horizion people watching big moon freshies newness play pepper this let it roll (let it rock) in the middle keith & gibb's two cents shield where we are best feeling crowd man smart, woman smarter house music
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The Aggie Theater
Ft. Collins

Runaway Jim > Antelope > Jim Shakedown Street Steep Grade, Sharp Curves Sultans of Swing Thirsty in the rain Back of the bus Jack Straw Night Fever Dig a Pony Conservative, Christian Space Wrangler Bastards of Young Wharf Rat Freekshow
I'm Alright Samson & Delilah (?) What I Got Lump Mary Jane's Last Dance > Breakdown > Mary Jane's Tumbleweed Don't Stop 'Till you get enough Trenchtown Rock Eyes of the World Dinah-Moe Humm Pepper Out of Range New Horizons Kiss E: Freshies

Carribean Holidaze
Runaway Bay

Caribbean Holidaze; Hedonism III
Runaway Bay

Rainy Day (?) Dogs Freakshow Bob Rules> Lump*> Bob Rules Doobie in my Pocket It's a Plant (420/247/365) Johnny B. Goode Apparition Scarlet Begonias&> The Wedge^> Fire on the Mountain& So Many Roads & Vacate Best Feeling Illegal Smile@ Outro
*/ Presidents of the United States of America Cover #/ Chuck Berry Cover &/ Grateful Dead Cover ^/ Phish Cover @/ John Prine Cover

Fredericksburg Fairgrounds

Beacon Theatre
New York

1. Art 2. Good Evening 3. Rock And Roll All Night 4. More Than A Little 5. Best Feeling 6. Friday Night 7. Thin Mint 8. Apparition 9. Jazz Loop 10. Tribe

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