David Gans and Related Artists · 2002
Display shows for related artists: David Gans , David Gans & Friends
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

Hey Pocky Way Let it Rock Desperado Stay All Night Baby Please Don't Go Jessie > Broken Arrow > China Cat Sunflower > I Saw Her Standing There So Fine Sweet Young Thing Crazy Crazy Crazy Man Smart, Woman Smarter Love Potion #9 Tear-Stained Letter Rocket Man > Sultan's of Swing Impressionist Two-Step Hooker River Iko Iko Introduction Black Rat Swing I Bid You Goodnight River & Drown
Wake the Dog show: David Gans (guitar and vocals) Danny Carnahan (guitar, octave mandolin and vocals) Eric Thompson (mandolin and vocals) Suzy Thompson (violin, accordion, guitar and vocals) Mika Scott (drums and vocals) Kurt Ribak (bass)

Jake's Roadhouse

Lazy River Road In Another World > The Nightmare > Blue Roses Impressionist Two-Step High Guy Down to Eugene Tear My Stillhouse Down* Pancho and Lefty* River and Drown*
* with Bobby Miller (mandolin & vocals)

Suwannee Springfest (Mainstage)
Live Oak

Set 1: Mainstage set:, Lazy River Road, Positive Friction/The Wheel > Impressionist Two-Step, Down to Eugene, Like a Dog > Loser, The Minstrel, River and Drown

The Pharm

Echolalia Our Lady of the Well-> When I Paint My Masterpiece Down to Eugene High Guy Monica Lewinsky Loser-> In Another World Desert of Love Travelin' Man Return of the Grievous Angel Caroline *River and Drown
Elvis Imitators Who Killed Uncle John? Lazy River Road Falling Star Impressionist Two-Step Broken Arrow Cassidy-> An American Family Seeds and Stems Things We Said Today-> I Bid You Good Night-> The Wheel/Positive Friction
* with Andy Mars, percussion

Plaza Grill

High Guy, Echolalia, Down To Eugene, Falling Star > In Another World > Watching the Detectives > Sitting In Limbo > I Bid You Goodnight > Loser, The Minstrel

St. Louis

Scarlet Begonias, I Bid You Good Night > Like a Dog > Terrapin > River and Drown > The Minstrel, Mission in the Rain, Return of the Grievous Angel, High Guy, Echolalia, Down to Eugene, Seven Story Mountain > Trying E: Who Killed Uncle John?

The Cabooze

DISC 1 (68:18) 1. Down to Eugene (4:20) 2. Return of the Grievous Angel (4:14) 3. Lazy River Road (4:33) 4. Like a Dog-> Terrapin-> River and Drown-> Me and Bobby McGee (21:36) 5. Banter (0:28) 6. Seven Story Mountain (5:43) 7. Normal (2:47) 8. High Guy (3:32) 9. Who Killed Uncle John? (5:35) 10. In Another World-> Cassidy-> Attics of My Life (15:31) DISC 2 (73:50) 1. Falling Star-> Watching the Detectives-> Scarlet Begonias-> Watching the Detectives-> In Another World (12:38) 2. Banter (0:16) 3. Brokedown Palace (4:22) BONUS TRACKS 5/10/02 - Stevens Point, WI 4. Sin City (4:26) 5. Hooker River (5:17) 6. Bird in a House (4:04) 7. In My Life (2:36) 8. Wherever I Am (3:18) 9. Honeydude jam (3:28) 5/3/02 - St. Louis 10. Mission in the Rain (3:49) 5/2/02 Columbia, MO 11. Political Science; An American Family (7:04) 12. Pancho and Lefty-> Leave Me (10:00) 5/4/02 Kansas City 13. Waltzing Across Texas (3:49) 14. Black Peter (7:56)

Gratefulfest 3, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

Lazy River Road Attics of My Life (1,2) Who Killed Uncle John? (1,3) China Doll (1)-> Blue Roses (4) Cassidy (5)-> Mountain/China Cat Jam (5) 1 = Lisa Mackey, vocals 2 = Rob Eaton, vocals 3 = Bass Boy, mandolin 4 = Scott Larned, melodica 5 = John Kadlecik, electric guitar

Gratefulfest 3, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

Yellow Submarine (with many people onstage) In My Life* Helplessly Hoping* jam->* Find the Cost of Freedom* Down to Eugene (DG w/ DSO) * DG w/ John Kadlecik on gtr & vocals and Lisa Mackey on vocals

Stanley's Pub

Echolalia, Rocket Man > When I Paint My Masterpiece > Willin' > Cassidy > An American Family, Rubin and Cherise > Me and Bobby McGee, Lazy River Road, Loser > In Another World > I Bid You Goodnight > Pancho and Lefty, Falling Star, Seven Story Mountain > Trying, Sin City
Shut Up and Listen, Broken Arrow > You're Still On My Mind, Like a Dog > Terrapin Station > Box of Rain, jam > El Paso, Down to Eugene, Ship of Fools > China Cat Sunflower Jam, Blue Roses, Waltzing Across Texas, Impressionist Two-Step, Looks Like Rain, Normal

19 Broadway

CD 1 set 1 01. Sugaree > 02. Popstar 03. Our Lady of the Well > 04. In Another World > 05. Watching the Detectives > 06. Blue Roses 07. High Guy 08. Lazy River Road 09. I Bid You Goodnight* > 10. Like a Dog* > 11. Terrapin* > jam* > 12. Pancho and Lefty* > 13. Things We Said Today* 14. Let It Rock* CD 2 set 2 01. In My Life*** 02. Sitting in Limbo*** 03. Every Night*** 04. Promised land** 05. Desperado*** 06. Elvis Imitators*** 07. The Minstrel*** 08. Jacqueline*** 09. Seven Story Mountain > 10. Trying 11. Rubin and Cherise > 12. Autumn Day
* with Terry Haggerty (guitar) ** with Patti Cobb (vocals) *** with Barney Doyle (acoustic Guitar) and Patti Cobb (vocals)

Camp Creek

Down to Eugene Lazy River Road Like a Dog > Terrapin > River and Drown* > Pancho and Lefty* Mexicali Blues* Shut Up and Listen* Sovereign Soul* Ripple* > Brokedown Palace
* with Kris Kehr (mandolin & vocals)

Moe's Alley
Santa Cruz

Gordon and Kristine Taylor's Backyard

1. Lazy River Road 2. Jam> 3. Leave Me> 4. Terrapin Station> 5. River and Drown 6. Return of the Grievous Angel 7. Sitting In Limbo> 8. Popstar 9. Normal 10. Blue Roses 11. Sugaree 12. Mexicali Blues 13. Jam> 14. Like A Dog> 15. In Another World 16. Down To Eugene
Private Party

Oakland Metro

Stew Introduces Dg Desert Of Love High Guy Falling Star Like A Dog > Hooker River Waltzing Across Texas Blue Roses Down To Eugene An American Family Psycho Killer > Leave Me Popstar These Apartments Trying
opening for Stew

Smith's Olde Bar

01. Surely You Jest > Leave Me 02. Lazy River Road 03. Who Killed Uncle John? 04. Hyperactive Jam > In Another World > Falling Star 05. Ripple* 06. Wild Horses* 07. River and Drown* filler: Seven Story Mountain (from RRE set)
* with Mark Van Allen, Dobro; Tim Carbone, fiddle; John Skehan, mandolin; Andy Goessling, banjo & saxophone & vocals; Dave von Dolen, bass; Cary Harmon, drums...DG also joined Railroad Earth for "Seven Story Mountain" and "Big River" at the end of their set.

MagnoliaFest - Main Stage
Live Oak

Surely You Jest An American Family Lazy River Road Sovereign Soul > Blue Roses* Falling Star** > Hyperactive Jam** > In Another World** Mexicali Blues Who Killed Uncle John? River And Drown ** > Pancho And Lefty***
* with Andy Goessling, sax. ** with Andy on sax and Tim Carbone on fiddle. *** with Andy on sax and vocal, and Tim Carbone on fiddle. (both are members of Railroad Earth)

MagnoliaFest - Music Hall Stage
Live Oak

01. Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad 02. Season of the Witch 03. Friend of the Devil 04. River and Drown
DG, guitar and vocals; Kelly Sisson, vocals; Scott Sisson, drums and vocals; Ed Richardson, bass; Brian Homan, pedal steel guitar; Annie Wenz, percussion; Dave Hendershott, guitar; Steve Pruett, electric mandolin; Sam Pointer, acoustic mandolin

Magnolia Fest/Music Hall Stage
Live Oak

Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad, Season of the Witch, Friend of the Devil, River and Drown

Irish Pub

01. Sovereign Soul > Blue Roses 02. Lazy River Road 03. Return Of The Grievous Angel 04. Rehab 05. Who Killed Uncle John? 06. I Bid You Good Night > Surely You Jest 07. Uncle Dave?s Rag 08. Seven Story Mountain > Trying 09. Wharf Rat 10. High Guy 11. You Win Again > Blue Eyes Cryin? In The Rain 12. An American Family

The Good Foot

01. Down to Eugene 02. Lazy River Road 03. I Bid You Good Night > Leave Me > Terrapin > River and Drown > Return of the Grievous Angel 04. Who Killed Uncle John? 05. Blue Roses > Ship of Fools > In Another World 06. Surely You Jest 07. The Minstrel


DISC 1 01. Our Lady of the Well > Ship of Fools > In Another World > Ship of Fools 02. Rocket Man > When I Paint My Masterpiece 03. Cassidy > An American Family 04. Normal 05. Lazy River Road 06. Sitting in Limbo > You're Lost, Little Girl > Falling Star 07. Elvis Imitators DISC 2 01. talk 02. Down to Eugene 03. Seven Story Mountain > Trying 04. Four Strong Winds 05. Surely You Jest > Pancho and Lefty > Leave Me > Terrapin > Attics of My Life 06. Rehab 07. Ripple


01. An American Family 02. Lazy River Road 03. Waltzing Across Texas* 04. When I Paint My Masterpiece** 05. Surely You Jest > Pancho and Lefty 06. Sovereign Soul > Trying
* with Danny Carnahan, octave mandolin and vocals ** with Danny Carnahan, guitar and vocals

Studio Z
San Francisco

Ship of Fools> In Another World> Autumn Day Lazy River Road Down to Eugene Surely you Jest> Terrapin Station> River and Drown> Me and Bobby McGee> Return of the Grevious Angel Mexicali Blues Who Killed Uncle John Blue Roses

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