David Gans and Related Artists · 2003
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Set 2
Set 3
Lakeside Cafe

DISC 1 01. Sin City 02. Desert of Love 03. Normal 04. Echolalia 05. Lazy River Road 06. Til I Can Gain Control Again 07. High Guy 08. Desperado; King of the Road 09. Things We Said Today > Leave Me > Terrapin > Brokedown Palace DISC 2 01. Rehab 02. Return of the Grievous Angel 03. Sovereign Soul > Trying 04. These Apartments 05. The Distance to the Door 06. An American Family 07. Autumn Day 08. Popstar 09. Down to Eugene 10. Wherever I Am 11. Travelin' Man 12. Like a Dog > Hooker River
Totally acoustic: unamplified, no effects


Down to Eugene Surely You Jest > Pancho and Lefty > Leave Me > Terrapin > An American Family High Guy Blue Roses Lazy River Road Autumn Day Like a Dog River and Drown (encore)
performed between Seconds on End and Ten Mile Tide

Cafe Tazza

Set 1: Return of the Grievous Angel, ??, Pancho and Lefty> Leave Me, Sweet Baby James, Hotel California> In Another World> The Nightmare, Our Lady of the Well> When I Paint My Masterpiece Night Crawl> The Distance to the Door, ???, Seven Story Mountain > Trying, I Bid You Good Night> Ship of Fools, Four Strong Winds, Sin City, Impressionist Two-Step, Stella Blue, Falling Star, Down to Eugene, Waltzing Across Texas, An American Family, Sitting in Limbo> China Cat jam

Dead Goat Saloon
Salt Lake City

Wharf Rat-> Our Lady of the Well-> Ship of Fools-> In Another World-> Pancho and Lefty Mexicali Blues Who Killed Uncle John? Lazy River Road Surely You Jest An American Family Normal
Monica Lewinsky Seven Story Mountain-> Trying Night Crawl Rubin and Cherise-> The Minstrel Down to Eugene Dire Wolf Revolution River and Drown Cassidy-> Mountain Jam Blue Roses-> Brokedown Palace

Mystic Hot Springs

Til I Gain Control Again Sin City, Cousin Caterpillar Jam > Lady With A Fan > Attics Of My Life These Apartments Mexicali Blues Lazy River Road Talk > Our Lady Of The Well > Sitting In Limbo > Jam > Brokedown Palace Blue Roses

Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco

Who Killed Uncle John? Lazy River Road In My Life (1,2) Looks Like Rain (1,2) White Rabbit (1,2,3,4,5)(Lisa, I'm your groupie forever!) Surely You Jest-> (2,4,5) River and Drown-> (1,2,4,5) Down to Eugene (1,2,4,5)
(1) Lisa Mackey, vocals (2) John Kadlecik, guitar and vocals (3) Rob Eaton, slide guitar (4) Scott Larned, melodica (organ on "River and Drown") (5) Kevin Rosen, bass; Dino English and Rob Koritz, drums

Private Party
San Francisco

Set 1: Our Lady of the Well > When I Paint My Masterpiece, Pancho and Lefty > Leave Me, Normal, Popstar, Mexicali Blues, An American Family, These Apartments, Night Crawl, Sweet Baby James, Waltzing Across Texas, Surely You Jest, Four Strong Winds, Lazy River Road, Down to Eugene, Like a Dog > Terrapin > River and Drown > Return of the Grievous Angel
Set 2: Jam > The Nightmare > In Another World > Watching the Detectives > Blue Roses, The Distance to the Door, Seeds and Stems, Sovereign Soul > Trying, Seven Story Mountain > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Thunder Road,

Oyster Bay

DISC 1 01. Sovereign Soul > 02. Trying 03. Lazy River Road 04. Surely You Jest 05. Desperado 06. (5 seconds) 07. Falling Star 08. Normal 09. Who Killed Uncle John? 10. Mexicali Blues 11. Down to Eugene 12. Our Lady of the Well > 13. Brokedown Palace DISC 2 01. Wild Horses > 02. Return of the Grievous Angel 03. Blue Roses 04. Desert of Love 05. An American Family 05. Rubin and Cherise > 06. The Minstrel 07. Like a Dog > 08. Terrapin > 09. River and Drown 10. Seven Story Mountain > 11. Stella Blue > 12. When I Paint My Masterpiece 13. Popstar
house concert

Orpheum Theater

Feel Like a Stranger (1), Samson and Delilah(1), [Xtra Ticket original] (1), Rocky Raccoon (2), Black Peter> (7), Playing in the Band (7), Watching the Wheels (4), The Crystal Ship (4), Baby's in Black (7), Blueberry Hill (2), It Must Have Been the Roses (2), He Will Break Your Heart (2), Might as Well (2), An American Family (1), 4:20 (6), Samba in the Rain (6), Surely You Jest (1), Lazy River Road (8), Down to Eugene (8), Give Me a Ride (3), Who Killed Uncle John? (8), The Music Never Stopped (6) > Tomorrow Never Knows (6) > The Music Never Stopped (6), Eyed of the World (7) > Golden Days (7), River and Drown (1) > The Wheel (1) > Good Lovin' (5), E: Ripple (2)
1 = Xtra Ticket w/ DG, 2 = Jerry, Vince, DG, and Xtra Ticket, 3 = DG w/ Joseph Langham, 4 = Vince solo, 5 = Xtra Ticket, 6 = Vince w/ Xtra Ticket, 7 = DG, Vince, and Xtra Ticket, 8 = DG solo Lineup: "The V-Dub Persuasion": Vince Welnick, David Gans, Xtra Ticket, and special guest Jerry Lawson

Stella Blue

Return of the Grievous Angel, talk about running out of gas on the way to the gig! Ship of Fools > Watching the Detectives > Pancho and Lefty Down to Eugene Mexicali Blues High Guy Surely You Jest Like a Dog > Terrapin > Attics of My Life
"Gosh, those were simple times?" Monica Lewinsky Sovereign Soul > Blue Roses > When I Paint My Masterpiece Stella Blue Seven Story Mountain > Trying Impressionist Two-Step > Brokedown Palace Night Crawl > Scarlet Begonias Ripple
lots of reverb on the vocals

Mill Valley

Return Of The Grievous Angel An American Family Desert Of Love Waltzing Across Texas Lazy River Road Pancho And Lefty > Jam > Leave Me Talk About Touring The Southwest And U.s. Politics? Sovereign Soul > Trying
Soundwood Jam series

Trout Farm Inn

Loser > Who Killed Uncle John? > Surely You Jest Blue Roses* pre-Dark Star jam* > Dark Star* > Leave Me* talk > Lazy River Road > Autumn Day An American Family
(opening for Seconds on End) * with Carrie Adler (oboe) from Seconds on End

Connecticut Yankee
San Francisco

Set 1: Night Crawl> What's So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding?> Ship Of Fools> In Another World Normal Surely You Jest> Black Peter> Blue Roses Down To Eugene Lazy River Road Waltzing Across Texas Sin City Like A Dog> Terrapin> An American Family

Eddies Attic

Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak

with members of Dark Star Orchestra

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

Midnight Moonlight* Lazy River Road** Surely You Jest** Black Peter** Down to Eugene***
Gratefulfest 4 * = with Zen Tricksters ** = with Zen Tricksters + John Kadlecik on mandolin & Dino English on drums from Dark Star Orchestra *** = with Dark Star Orchestra

Club Fred

Hyperactive Jam ->Hotel California ->Ship Of Fools ->In Another World, Waltzing Across Texas, Caroline, Lazy River Road, Down To Eugene ->Surely You Jest, Haddon Hill, Like A Dog ->Terrapin Station ->River And Drown -> The Minstrel, Sovereign Soul ->Trying, Brokedown Palace, Monica Lewinsky -> Normal

Last Day Saloon
San Francisco

Mill Valley

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