Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons and Related Artists · 2006
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Casa Rio Sombrero - Playa Sombrero
Costa Rica

You Again Miles From Here Dixie Mattress Election Day Jacob Ladder Land of Miracles Belmont Radiator Kind of Place Wild Wild West > Prisoner > Wild Wild West
Bears That Dance Watching Me > Rock Bottom Riser > Watching Me Mountain Home > Mountain Song > Mountain Home Spin Cycle > North > Family Affair > North > Spin Cycle Henry > World Will Turn

Park City

Set I: Frost Heaves Prince of Denmark Hold onto You Pink Light Belmont Radiator Chrome Koran The Jump > End of the World > The Jump
Set II: Oil Monkey Muscle Speedwater Electra Glide in Blue Mountain Home Gunsmoke Encore: Mohawk Three Mile Island


Touchless Automatic* > Fury Goat Blowing My Brains Out > This Is The Place Muzzle*# With out A Rope*# *First time w/JMO's #Steve Drizos drums, Brad Rosen percussion
Suppers Ready% Panama% Nobody's Fault But Mine > Gunsmoke > Into Joy > Gunsmoke > Nobody's Fault But Mine Reprise Encore: These Grey days % W David Lipkin on harmonica


Touchless Automatic, Goat, This is the Place, ...It'll Burn You Up, Swimming to Phuket
Syracuse, Fiona, Sometimes You Just Lose It, Muzzle, Under the Lilacs, She's Going Out
E: The Night I Got Drunk
With Steve James and Steve Drizos


supper's ready Brother Michael touchless automatic light is like water > gloryland > lilw chrome koran
without a rope muzzle and in the end it'll burn you up blowing my brains out fionna tuning/banter chainsaw city

Wakarusa Campgroung Stage


Miles From Here, Back in a Hole, Electra Glide in Blue, You Again, Syracuse, The Jacob Ladder
And In The End It'll Burn You Up, Election Day > Milk, Hearts Gone Blind, Daddy Bruce, Hey Mancha > MaryLou, Road to Damascus

Quixote's True Blue Cafe

Supper's Ready > Ray of Heaven, Touchless Automatic, Blowing My Brains Out, Panama, Spin Cycle > North > Nicaragua > North > Spin Cycle
Without a Rope, Muzzle, Dixie Mattress, Goat, Two Balloons, Crime & Punishment, Savage Garden
Entire show with Steve James on guitar and Steve Drizos on percussion.

Club Ego's
Salt Lake City

The Night I Got Drunk> Big Things> Come Together> Big Things> Golden American, Cool Hand Love, Muscle, Muzzle
Sometimes You Just Lose It, Chainsaw City> Staplegun, Yellow Ribbons> Powderfinger> Yellow Ribbons, And In The End It Will Burn You Up, Fiona> Sparkle
w/Steven James Wright & Steve Drizos entire show

Club Ego's
Salt Lake City

Three Mile Islan> Conscious Contact, The Kind Of Place, Tanker, Altar In Your Box> North> Family Affair> North> Altar In Your Box
Without A Rope, Touchless Automatic, Goat, Grateful> Tumbling Dice> Grateful, Light Is Like Water, Road To Damascus(no coda)
entire show w/Steve James Wright & Steve Drizos

Crescent H Ranch

Beautiful Child Of God, Cloud Eyes, Supper's Ready, Without A Rope, Land Of Miracles, Belmont Radiator, The Kind Of Place, Sleeping With Soldiers, Panama, Pure Life, You Again, Amazing Grace
Ain't Misbehaving(instrumental w/out Jerry), Three Mile Island, Bears That Dance, Electra Glide In Blue, North> Family Affair> North> Nicaragua> Drums/Bass> Spin Cycle, Miles From Here, Brother Michael
entire show Acoustic w/Steve James & Steve Drizos; Chris & Michelle's wedding reception

Knotty Pine

1936 Jesus> Touchless Automatic, My Little Tiger, Swimming To Phuket, We Will Go Down> Good Sunday
Supper's Ready> Most Beautiful Day, Chrome Koran, Panama, Muzzle, Jam> Drums> Nobody's Fault But Mine> Gunsmoke> Drive
entire show w/Steve James & Steve Drizos

The Knitting Factory
Los Angeles

Chinese Ball~> Gunsmoke Touchless Automatic The Kind Of Place This Is The Place Speedwater Without A Rope Spincycle~> North~> Spincycle

Country Fair

Pure Life>Mountian Home, Election Day>Milk>Reelin In The Years>Milk, Brother Michael

Blackberry Hall @ Edgefield

Chinese Balls > Ray Of Heaven Suppers Ready Light Is Like Water > Gloryland > Light Is Like Water Panama > Concious Contact Spin Cycle* > North* > Spin Cycle* Encore: Three Mile Island* > Way Too Loud* *w/ Sam Holt
Panic aftershow 200yds from amphitheater

Virginia City

Easter> Road To Damascus(no coda)> K-Line, Two Balloons, Panama, Amazing Grace
Muzzle, Nobody's Fault But Mine> The Jacob Ladder, Bears That Dance, Over The Coals, Belmont Radiator> The Kind Of Place> Drumz> The Kind Of Place, Jam> She's Going Out, Sometimes You Just Lose It Encore: Chrome Koran> Take Me To The River> Chrome Koran

The Mangy Moose
Teton Village

Mary Star Of The Sea> Prince Of Denmark, Poison, Hey Mancha> Mary Lou
Touchless Automatic> Ray Of Heaven, And In The End It Will Burn You Up, Back In The Hole, Without A Rope, The Kind Of Place, Jam> Road To Damascus(no coda)> K-Line
entire show w/Steven James Wright & Steve Drizos

The Lander Bar

Electra Glide In Blue> Chrome Koran, King Of Love, Muzzle, Cloud Eyes, Watching Me, 1936 Jesus, Golden American
Yellow Ribbons> Powderfinger> Yellow Ribbons, Daddy Bruce, Election Day> Swimming To Phuket, Sparkle> Pearl Of Great Price, Syracuse
entire show w/Steven James Wright & Steve Drizos

Aggie Theater
Fort Collins

Bears That Dance Gunsmoke Supper's Ready Breakfast at Lucille's Fury
Touchless Automatic Soda Man Electra Glide in Blue Tanker Crime & Punishment Hey Mancha She Goin' Out
Jerry Joseph - guitar/vocals Junior Ruppel - bass/vocals Brad Rosen - drums Steve James - guitar/vocals Steve Drizos - percussion

The Pub
Winter Park

Touchless Automatic, Syracuse, Dixie Mattress, Blowing My Brains Out, Yellow Ribbons> Powderfinger> Yellow Ribbons
The Kind Of Place, Pure Life, Conscious Contact, And In The End It Will Burn You Up> Nobody's Fault But Mine> Drive
entire show w/Steve James Wright & Steve Drizos

Fox Theatre

K-Line, The Jump, We Will Go Down>Good Sunday, Cloud Eyes, Belmont Radiator, Goat, Cool Hand Love
Blowing My Brains Out, Golden Americans, Touchless Automatic, Thistle>USA>Thistle>Comes A Time>Mohawk>Comes A Time>Mohawk, Gunsmoke>Climb to Safety>Gunsmoke
E: Without a Rope

Event Center

Touchless Automatic Suppers Ready Golden American This is the Place Kind of Place Gunsmoke> Climb To Safety
Rock & Blues Festival opened for Chris Duarte & Los Lobos

Club Suede
Kimball Junction

King Of Love> Montana, Pink Light, Syracuse, Belmont Radiator, Altar In Your Box, Yellow Ribbons> Powderfinger> Yellow Ribbons
Oil, Goat> Drumz> Goat, Bright Young Thing, Ten Killer Fairies, And In The End It Will Burn You Up, Jam> Road To Damascus> Enemy Of Enemy/Bulls On Parade> Road To Damascus(no coda)> K-Line
entire show w/Steven James Wright & Steve Drizos

Pat's BBQ
Salt Lake City

We Will Go Down Good Sunday Suppers Ready You Again Cloud Eyes Panama
Fiona 1936 Jesus Spin Cycle Conscious Contact Speedwater This is the Place

Music On Main Street

1936 Jesus> Big Things> Come Together> Big Things, Jam> Brother Michael, Pink Light, Cloud Eyes, The Kind Of Place, This Is The Place Where Everybody Finds Out Who They Are
Spin Cycle> North> Nicaragua> North> Spin Cycle, Light Is Like Water> Gloryland> Light Is Like Water, Mountain Home, Bears That Dance, Gunsmoke near start Encore: Gunsmoke> Climb To Safety> Gunsmoke

John's Alley

Yellow Ribbons > Fastest Horse Other 95% Of The World What I Lived For Crime & Punishment
Cop Shoot Cop > Over The Coals It'll Burn You Up Trantula Hawk Cool Hand Love Wild Wild West Encore: Light Is Like Water(slow)

Gullifty's Underground

Chinese Balls, Gunsmoke, Both Of You, Touchless Automatic, Goat
Pumpkin Time, Muzzle, Syracuse, Pink Light > Soda Man
Jerry Joseph, Steve Drizos & Junior ruppel, billed as "Jerry Joseph Electric"

The Fire

Hearts Gone Blind Conscious Contact Alter in a Box> North> Alter in a Box Light is Like Water> Henry> Light is Like Water Muzzle Enemy of my Enemy> Road to Damascus> Bulls on Parade> Enemy of my Enemy> Road to Damascus E: Pink Light

Salt Lake City

Miles from Here Most Beautiful Day Frost Heaves In The End It Will Burn You Up Mountain Home
Get Down Easter These Gray Days Both of You Hallelujah Trail Chinese Balls Bright Young Thing Hey Mancha Savage Garden
Junior's last show

Harmony Hill

Supper's Ready Breaking Down Kind Of Place Grateful > Tumblin Dice > Grateful Blowing My Brains Out Goat Hearts Gone Blind
Swiming to Pucket Speedwater > We Will Not Be Lovers > We will Not Be Brothers > It's Your Party Cry If You Want To > Speedwater Shooting Magnolia ( Jerry and Steve switching guitars during song. Jerry on bass) World Will Turn And In the End It Will Burn You Up
Two Balloons (20 min) > Roll With The Changes > Rasta Rap > Shalom rap > Two Balloons Yellow Ribbons > Powder Finger > Yellow Ribbons Touchless Automatic
Jerry Joseph - guitar, bass, vocals Steve James - Bass, guitar, vocals Brad Rosen - Drums, vocals Steve Drizos - Percussion, vocals 1st show w/o JR Ruppel on bass

Memorial Auditorium

Touchless Automatic Brother Michael Pink Light Conscious Contact

Hotel Royal Plaza
Lake Buena Vista

We Will Go Down The Jump And in the end it will burn you up Goat
Chrome Koran Tarantula Hawk Ray of Heaven Introductions Way to Loud *
*with Sam Holt

Hotel Royal Plaza
Lake Buena Vista

Panama # Touchless Automatic # This is The Place # My Little Tiger #
Alter * North * Shooting Magnolia * Savage Garden #
# w/ Jason Rappaport on Bass * w/ Steve James on Bass

The Melting Point

Without a Rope>Brother Micheal, Tell Me Again, Big Things>Come Together>Big Things, Any Other Day, Kind of Place, Ray of Heaven
Tight, Pure Life, Tarantula Hawk, Wild Wild West>North>Nicaragua>Wild Wild West>Just My Imagination>Wild Wild West, Bright Young Thing, Crime and Punishment, Conscious Contact
E: Muscle>Road to Damascus>K-Line
Jerry Joseph, Brad Rosen and Dave Schools

Lola's Room

Touchless Automatic > Brother Michael This Is The Place Where ..., Cool Hand Love Panama
White Stag Shooting Magnolia/Paradise City* Break It Down* Unprotected The Jump Ten Killer Fairies Beheading Of St. John The Baptist Day Don't Let Me Down/Pure Life The Kind Of Place Nobody's Fault But Mine/Gunsmoke Climb To Safety
* Steve James on bass, Lewi on guitar Jerry Joseph, Brad Rosen, Steve James, Steve Drizos, Lewi Longmire Lewi's first show

Mango Real
Puerto Jimenez, Osa Penin
Costa Rica

Jungle Work> The Jump 1 And In The End It Will Burn You Up Brother Michael Panama* Kind of Place
Shooting Magnolia 2 White Stag Goat Chainsaw City** 3 Savage Garden** 4 Unprotected Light Is Like Water > Henry (fast)> Light Is Like Water Way Too Loud**^ 5 Encore: Break It Down**
Notes: Craig Greenberg on keys entire 2nd set * JJ on keys **Lewi on guitar, Steve James on bass ^ Scarlet Begonias teases throughout 1 Paradise City chorus 2 First Night rap 3 Love Supreme & Marcus Garvey raps 4 Enemy of the Enemy, Bulls on Parade, Let's Talk About Sex raps 5 You Can Make Him Love You & First Night raps

Mango Real
Puerto Jimenez, Osa Penin
Costa Rica

Intro/tuning, Don't Let Me Down intro> Pure Life> Wild Wild West> North> Nicaragua>Jam> Wild Wild West, Beautiful Child of God, Welcome To The Other 95% Of The World*
Elvis(Frank Kossen)'s NYE countdown, Intro/tuning, Jungle Love, Concrete Jungle, Shooting Magnolia> Drums> Shooting Magnolia1, Nobody's Fault But Mine> Gunsmoke2> Drive^3 E: Life's Just Bitchin'> I Can See Clearly Now> Life's Just Bitchin'**4, Emilio's Speech
Craig Greenberg on keys entire 2nd set * bass amp died, Lewi finished the song on keys ** Lewi on guitar, Steve on bass ^ some static from sbd & PA 1 w/ Paradise City & It's A Man's, Man's Man's World raps 2 w/ To Joy rap & religious raps/chants 3 w/ more religious raps & Thanks & Praises rap 4 w/ Please, Please Please, Bend Down Low & I Hear You Knockin' raps
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