Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons and Related Artists · 2012
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
White Eagle

1936 Jesus > Get Down > Heavy Makes You Happy > Road To Damascus > Lucretia My Reflection rap > Road To Damascus > Both Of You > Let It Grow > The Road Home% Hearts Gone Blind% > Flying Cowboys rap% > Heart Of The Matter rap% > Walk On The Wild Side rap% > Hearts Gone Blind% > Wisconson Death Trip
Tennessee Fire* Heater* When the Telephone Rings* Sparkle > These Grey Days Unprotected Time The Revelator > Cortez The Killer > Time The Revelator E: We Will Go Down# > Good Sunday# > Let's Get It On rap# > Amazing Grace(Trad.) rap# > We Fall Down rap# > That's The Way God Planned It rap # > Let's Get It On rap# > We Fall Down rap# > Good Sunday#
*Written and performed by Walter Salas-Humara % w/ Michael Lewis - vocals # w/ Michael Lewis - guitar/vocals

Na Kai Ewalu Canoe Club

K-Line The Night I Got Drunk Cloud Eyes Miles From Here Land of Miracles Kicking Hong Kong I Know There's a Darkness
White Stag The Road Home Belmont Radiator Panama # Radio Cab Watching Me Eat My Soul We Will Go Down> Good Sunday **
#=w/ "could u be loved" rap ending" **=w/ "we fall down>i wanna dance with somebody" raps & "i wanna dance with somebody" rap ending interpolated with "GS" Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox Jr.Ruppel - bass, b.vox Steve Drizos - drums, percussion, b.vox

Players Bar & Grill

Happy Book > Beautiful Dirt > Apollo Radio Cab Most Beautiful Day Cloud Eyes Belmont Radiator > The Road Home
White Stag > Temple Of Love Wonder Wheel > Break It Down > Kind Of PLace Thanks And Praises E: Hearts Gone Blind > World Party rap > Heroin rap > Walk On The Wild Side Rap

Sam Bonds

Ship > LAX Kicking Hong Kong Radio Cab Fastest Horse Beautiful Dirt
Happy Book > Wonder Wheel > Pure Life > Road Home Temple Of Love > Revolution > Chainsaw City > The Chain rap > Revolution > Mile High Mile Deep E: Thanks And Praises

Capital Ale House

Ship Radio cab Campo Miguel Amazing grace Hey mancha> Mary Lou Bears that dance
Without a rope Spit Fastest horse Evasive Wonderwheel Cloud eyes Missed the boat Encore: Thanks & praises

Asheville Music Hall

Happy Book Campo Miguel The Beautiful Dirt Kicking Hong Kong LAX Radio Cab
Brother Michael Wonder Wheel Break It Down > Kind of Place What I Lived For Ten Killer Fairies We Will Go Down -encore break- E: The Road Home E: Eat My Soul

The Pour House
James Island

Happy Book Campo Miguel Wonder Wheel Radio Cab Bears That Dance Fastest Horse in Town
Salt Lake City Pink Light Temple of Love The Road Home The Beautiful Dirt Missed the Boat* Encore: You Again *with Bret Mosley

Smith's Olde Bar

Happy Book Campo Miguel Wonder Wheel Radio Cab LAX Break It Down The Kind of Place Spit
Ship Beautiful Dirt Light Is Like Water Savage Garden

Bluebird Theater

Happy Book Campo Miguel Radio Cab Wonder wheel Revolution > Chainsaw City > Revolution LAX Staple Gun Break It Down Savage Garden Encore: Hallelujah Trail Spit Airplane

Legend Valley

Happy Book Radio Cab Wonder Wheel Climb To Safety
2012 All Good Music Festival
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