Jerry Joseph and Related Artists · 2005
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Uptown Bar
St. Petersburg

Beautiful Child of God The Jump With Cloud Eyes Mountain Home Staplegun Two Balloons Golden American Chrome Koran Kind of Place Tanker Brother Michael
Syracuse American Fork > American Standard Speedwater Miles from Here Poison Tell Me Again Ten Killer Fairies*
*show cut-off at 2:00 a.m.

Scruffy Murphy's Irish Pub

Beautiful Child of God, Wild Wild West > North > Wild Wild West, With Cloud Eyes, Belmont Radiator, Under Two Minutes, Most Beautiful Day, Climb To Safety > Calling Out My Name > Climb To Safety
My Little Tiger, This Is the Place, Ten Killer Faries, American Fork, Jacob Ladder, Pink Light*, Two Balloons*, Frost Heaves*, World Will Turn*, K-Line*
*=with Mark Brut - guitar

Poor Richards

White Dirt(cut @ end), Syracuse(cut @ Begining), Thistle > Comes A Time > Mohawk > Comes A Time, This is the Place Where Everybody..., Watching Me, Muscle, American Fork > Enemy of the Enemy > Bulls on Parade > Head Like A Hole > Bulls on Parade > American Fork, Thanks & Praises
Back in the Hole, Poison, With Cloud Eyes, What I Lived For, Ray of Heaven > Golden American > Ray of Heaven, The Night I Got Drunk, Kind of Place, You Again, Welcome to the Other...> Easy to Slip > ...95% of the World, She Goin' Out > Prince of Denmark > She Goin' Out(last 10 seconds missing)
Master Recording

Caledonia Lounge

Pogues Weather, The King Of Love, The Jump, With Cloud Eyes, This Is The Place Where Everyone Finds Out Who They Are, Golden Americans, We Will Go Down > Good Sunday, That Which Is Coming, White Dirt*, Hallelujah Trail*, Miles From Here* > Jacob Ladder* E: Henry* > Light Is Like Water* * w/ Dave Schools (Bass & Vocals)

Proud Larry's

1936 Jesus The Jump Chrome Koran Cloud Eyes ? This is the Place Back in the Hole Golden American Election Day Milk American Standard American Fork> Enemy of the Enemy> Bulls on Parade> Head Like a Hole> Amercan Fork
Gunsmoke In the End it WIll Burn You Up Brother Michael Get Down Climb to Safety> Calling Out Your Name> Give it Away Now> Climb to Safety

George Street Grocery

Gunsmoke* We Will Go Down > Good Sunday Beautiful Child of God My Little Tiger Mary Star of the Sea Welcome To the Other 95% > Easy To Slip > Welcome To the Other 95% missing tracks: Mountain Home > Chainsaw City > Mountain Home Bears That Dance This Is the Place Where Everybody . . .
Goat* Alter In Your Box > North > Nic > Alter In Your Box And In the End It'll Burn You Up* Cloud Eyes War At The End of the World^ ??? (Tate Singing)^ Savage Garden > Let's Talk About Sex/Give It Away rap > Savage Garden^ * new song ^ with Tate Moore
this source is missing last three songs on set 1

The Rhythm Room

Intro / tuning Gunsmoke Golden American Bears That Dance Cloud Eyes The Jump Swimming to Phuket
Intro / tuning Goat Jerry fixes broken guitar string Hallelujah Trail Fastest Horse in Town Ten Killer Fairies Chrome Koran Speedwater Blowin' My Brains Out Amazing Grace American Fork > Climb To Safety Encores: K-Line The Kind Of Place

CD World

Pogues Weather > 1936 Jesus > K-Line, Syracuse, Thistle > Cloud Eyes > Thistle

Mexicali Blues

Bears That Dance Jacob Ladder King Of Love Amazing Grace Syracuse Panama Muzzle
Supper's Ready Without A Rope White Dirt Pearl Of Great Price War Of The End Of The World encore: World Will Turn
Jerry Joseph - Guitar, Vocals Steve Kimock - Guitar Reed Mathis - Bass John Morgan Kimock - Drums

Bombs Away Cafe

Set I: Goat, This is the Place, Bears That Dance, Hold On To You, Swiming To Phucket, 1936 Jesus, Joan Of Arc, Staple Gun, Amazing Grace, Purple Hearts, Bright Young Thing, Chrome Koran> Golden American
Set II: Gunsmoke, White Dirt, Lick The Tears > My Little Tiger > Climb TO Safety ?Burn You Up?, Spy, Cloud Eyes, Miles From There, Ching A Ling > We Will Go Down > Breakfast At Lucille's E: Blowing My Brains Out > Light Is Like Water(slow) > K-Line
Master recording


Beautiful Child Of God The Jump Goat Blowing My Brains Out This Is The Place Chainsaw City American Fork King Of Love* With Cloud Eyes* Jacob Ladder*^
* - w/ Dan Eccles On Lap Steel Guitar ^ - w/ Sean Oldham On Drums

Stubb's (Indoor Stage)

Tuning> We Will Go Down> Good Sunday> Road To Damacus Goat Blowing My Brains OUt Spin Cycle> North> Cop Shoot Cop> Spin Cycle
Henry> My Little Tiger White Dirt Bears That Dance Ten Killer Fairies Mountain Home//
D1-Jerry Solo Acoustic D2- w/ members of Richmond Fontaine

Stoner Farm

The Night I Got Drunk Panama You Again Blowing My Brains Out Goat Criminals in my Closet>Pearl of Great Price Pink Light
Freezing to Death Crime&Punishment/setbreak Beautiful Child of God Dixie Mattress Electra Glide in Blue This is the Place Coffee Boy Banter Cloud Eyes Belmont Radiator
Thistle>Comes a Time>Mohawk The Kind of Place American Standard The Dancer+ Stop That Train+ The Jump Gunsmoke
Jerry Joseph with J.Pat + J.Pat Solo

The Fire

Intro/Tuning We Will Go Down>Mountain Home With Cloud Eyes Belmont Radiator Jacob Ladder Dixie Mattress
Light is Like Water This is the Place Blowin' My Brains Out Panama Gunsmoke>Climb to Safety
Jerry Joseph w/J-Pat and Adam Sorenson One Set Show - Post Panic


The Jump Shooting Up The Neighborhood Grateful Hallelujah Trail Two Balloons Fireworks Pearl of Great Price I Know There's A Darkness Criminals
Kind Of Place Big Lagoon Brother Michael Gun Smoke -> The Jacob Ladder Panama Light is Like Water
entire show with J-Pat on mandolen, harmonica, backup vocals

Jazz Aspen
Snowmass Village

This is the Place* > Good Sunday *, White Dirt **, Lick the Tears***, Jacob Ladder***, Ray of Heaven > Mountain Song > Ray of Heaven***
Opening for Widespread Panic *: Jerry solo **: w/ Wally Ingram & Eric McFadden *** w/ Wally Ingram, Eric McFadden & Jr. Ruppel

Jazz Aspen
Snowmass Village

One Set/One Disc This is the Place* > Good Sunday* White Dirt** Lick the Tears*** Jacob Ladder*** Ray of Heaven > Mountain Song > Ray of Heaven*** Opening for Widespread Panic *: Jerry solo **: w/ Wally Ingram & Eric McFadden *** w/ Wally Ingram, Eric McFadden & Jr. Ruppel

The Blue Door
Snowmass Village

Goat > Brother Michael, 1936 Jesus, Thistle > Mohawk > Thistle > Comes a Time > Mohawk > Comes a Time, New Psychology of Love *, Wild Wild West > * North > Nic > North > * Tight *
Way Too Loud > *$ Road to Damascus > Shout > When the Levee Breaks > Road to Damascus *$
Jerry Joseph - Guitar/Vocals Junior Ruppel - Bass/Back-up Vocals Wally Ingram - Drums * Eric McFadden - Guitar $ Sam Holt - Guitar

The Blue Door
Snowmass Village

Alektrophobia (Opener) Crucify Me ? Gouge Away Sister Maggie, Brother Sam This is Love ?# Undertow # Eric McFadden - Guitar/Vocals Wally Ingram - Drums # Junior Ruppel - Bass Jerry Joseph & Friends Set I Goat > Brother Michael 1936 Jesus Thistle > Mohawk > Thistle > Comes a Time > Mohawk > Comes a Time New Psychology of Love * "Crowd" Wild Wild West > * North > Nic > North > * Tight * Set II "Introductions/Tuning" Way Too Loud > *$ Road to Damascus > Shout > When the Levee Breaks > Road to Damascus *$ Jerry Joseph - Guitar/Vocals Junior Ruppel - Bass/Back-up Vocals Wally Ingram - Drums * Eric McFadden - Guitar $ Sam Holt - Guitar

Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins

Beautiful Child of God Jump > Until the End of the World > Jump 1936 Jesus Thistle With Cloud Eyes Belmont Radiator Golden Americans White Dirt Ten Killer Fairies
Swimming to Phuket Goat Breakfast at Lucilles Last Word* > Last Act* > Last Word* Muscle Light is Like Water (slow) Encore: Speedwater Climb to Safety (w/bucket rap)
* with Brian Sofer

Samana Lounge

Mountain Home The Night I Got Drunk Both of You Muscle With Cloud Eyes My Little Tiger Prince of Denmark Tanker Chrome Koran I Know There?s a Darkness
Freezin? to Death Chainsaw City Bears That Dance & Bears That Don't Jacob Ladder Spy Two Balloons > Roll with the Changes Blowin? My Brains Out Get Down > Soda Man > Sparkle Panama Election Day Light is Like Water

Bluebird Theater

Beautiful Child of God Jump > Until the End of the World > Jump, Spy, Syracuse, My Little Tiger, Alter in Your Box > North > Nicaragua > North > Alter in Your Box, With Cloud Eyes, Blowin' My Brains Out, These Grey Days
Gunsmoke > Drive, War at the End of the World *, Last Word > My Last Act > Last Word *, This is the Place, White Dirt, Climb to Safety Encore: Thistle > USA > Thistle > Comes a Time > Mohawk
* with Brian Sofer on Guitar


The Night I Got Drunk, Joan of Arc, Hallelujah Trail, You Again, Prince of Denmark, Muscle, Goat, Blowing My Brains Out, Swimming to Phuket, Gunsmoke, Tanker > World Will Turn
Purple Hearts, Cool Hand Love, Panama, Montana > Welcome to the Other 95% of the World > Montana, Grateful > Tumbling Dice > Grateful, Shooting up the Neighborhood, Climb to Safety > Sway > Calling Out My Name > Sway > When the Levee Breaks > Sway > Climb to Safety

Carrington Crawford's House

War at the End of the World, Breakfast at Lucilles > Brother John > Iko Iko > Breakfast at Lucilles, Brother Michael, Thanks & Praises, Most Beautiful Day, Wild Wild West > North > Nicaragua > Wild Wild West, Untitled, Cloud Eyes, Belmont Radiator, Watching Me
Pink Light, White Dirt, 2 Balloons, Lick the Tears, Panama*, Pearl of Great Price*, Light is Like Water, Drive
* w/ Houston Scott

The White Eagle

Gunsmoke Prince Of Denmark Suppers Ready* We Will Go Down > Take Some Time rap > Good Sunday White Dirt Jump > End Of The World > Jump
Belmont Radiator+ Syracuse+ Hearts Gone Blind+ > Swiming To Phucket+ Cloud Eyes+ Joan Of Arc+ Blowing My Brains Out+ Panama+ Other 95% of The World+ My Little Tiger+
* 1st time played + w/ Steve James (guitar/vocals)

White Eagle

Frost Heaves World Will Turn Hallelujah Trail Criminals In My Closet Supper's Ready* Climb To Safety Shootin' Up The Neighborhood Pumpkin Time
Three Mile Island Pink Light Anaconda Fury Blowin' My Brains Out Conscious Contact Amazing Grace There's A Darkness Ching-A-Ling The Night I Got Drunk Two Balloons Grateful These Gray Days Mary Star Of The Sea
* 1st time played

White Eagle

Guardian Angels, The Jump, American Fork, Most Beautiful Day*, King Of Love* Brother Michael*$
Supper's Ready*$, Anaconda*$, White Dirt*$#, Dixie Mattress*$#, Yellow Ribbons*$#, Way Too Loud*$#!^, Crime And Punishment*$#!^
* w/ Steve James (guitar/vocals) $ w/ Steve Drizos (drums) # w/ Daniel Hutchens (vocals) [Bloodkin] ^ w/ Eric Martinez (guitar) ! w/ Brad Rosen (drums) Danny Hutchens & Eric Martinez opened

Boulder Theater

1. Beautiful Child of God 2. Jump > Until the End of the World > Jump 3. Supper's Ready 4. This is the Place 5. Light is Like Water 6. Gunsmoke > 7. Drive Opened for Assembly of Dust

6's and 8's
New York

Two Balloons Gunsmoke Sparkle> Pearl of Great Price Hallelujah Trail Supper's Ready Breeakfast at Lucille's Lick the Tears White Dirt Panama Jacob Ladder E: Mountain Home
Jerry Joseph Steve Drizos Steve James

New York

Ray of Heaven Election Day > Tarantula Hawk Criminals in My Closet Supper's Ready Road to Damascus
Happy Birthday > Gloryland > Climb to Safety > Calling Out My Name > Climb to Safety Swimming to Phuket Light is Like Water Panama Saint John the Baptist Day World Will Turn Savage Garden > Let's Talk About Sex > Savage Garden
Jerry Joseph - guitar/vocals Steve James - guitar Steve Drizos - percussion JPat - harmonica


Set 1 Disc 1 01: Pouges Weather 02: st. john the baptist day 03: Anaconda 04: Road To Damascus 05: Shooting Up The Neighborhood 06: I Know Theres A Darkness 07: World Will Turn 08: Cloud Eyes 09: Staple Gun 10: Blowing My Brains Out> 11: Gunsmoke
Set 2 Disc 2 01: Suppers Ready 02: Light is Like Water 03: Pink Light 04: My Little Tiger 05: Crime And Punishment 06: Miles From Here 07: Panema 08: Pumpkin Time 09: She's Going Out 10: North

New Daisy Theater

Caledonia Lounge
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