Jerry Joseph and Related Artists · 2011
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Living Room
New York

White Dirt Ship Radio Cab Beautiful Dirt The Road Home Panama #++ LAX Climb To Safety **@ Encore: Wisconsin Death Trip
++=w/ "could u be loved" rap ending @=w/ "calling out your name> bottom of the well>two hands" raps Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox #=w/ Craig Greenberg - piano, b.vox **=w/ James Patrick Dalton - harmonica

Cafe Addis
New York

Missed the Boat Ship Radio Cab Beautiful Dirt Kicking Hong Kong The Road Home Easter> Empire One Apollo
Belmont Radiator Revolution # Two Balloons> #** If I Should Fall From Grace With God # Hallelujah Trail> #++ Supper's Ready # Light Is Like Water #$$ Speedwater #@ E: Spy Wisconsin Death Trip #
Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox #=w/ James Patrick Dalton - harmonica

Low Brow

Tanker Radio Cab Beautiful Dirt Panama Miles From There The Road Home Isabella Cloud Eyes
Missed The Boat Sparkle > Pearl Of Great Price Hallelujah Trail Kicking Hong Kong Savage Garden

Dave's Darkhorse Tavern

Mountain Home > The Jump > Until the End of the World > The Jump Two Balloons Radio Cab My Little Tiger Wisconsin Death Trip The Beautiful Dirt Ship Emma's Pissed > Get Your Rocks Off The Road Home Time the Revelator Speedwater Encore: American Fork

The Shrine
New York

Ship > Radio Cab War At the End Of the World Beautiful Dirt # Emma's Pissed> Breakfast At Lucille's ** Grateful> ++ White Stag The Road Home Revolution $$ Drive ^^ Encore: Supper's Ready> Welcome To the Other 95% Of the World @
#=w/ "lie down here(& be my girl)" rap **=w/ "Rocks Off" ++=w/ "Tumbling Dice" $$=w/ "Chainsaw City" ^^=w/ "'workin' on myself'>two hands>amazing grace(trad.)>'workin' on myself'>two hands" raps @=w/ "easy to slip" rap Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox


King Of Love Constelation Welcome To The Other 95% Of The World > Rocks Off > Welcome To The Other 95% Of The World Hallejahuah Trail > Kind Of Place
Racy & Tricks love fest Radio Cab > We Will Go Down > Pure Life Cochise > Where Do The Children Play > Unprotected > Swiming To Phucket > Beautiful Dirt White Stag
Tracy & Ricks 10th anniversary party

The Jewel
New York

Missed the Boat> World Will Turn Wisconsin Death Trip ** Ten Killer Fairies American Fork ^^
Beautiful Dirt Welcome To the Oher 95% Of the World That Which Is Coming Ship Criminals In My Closet $$ Lick the Tears ++
"Rocks Off Acoustic Pre-Panic Cruise" **=dedicated to Maddie Taylor for her 7th Birthday ^^=performed at the heels of the Statue of Liberty $$=w/ "Sailin' Shoes" ++=w/ "funny feeling" rap>"Doors Of Your Heart" Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox Wally Ingram - drums, percussion #=w/ Mark Friedman - bass

The Jewel (Late Show)
New York

Hearts Gone Blind # Radio Cab Revelator ** Tight Furr
Good Sunday ++ Beautiful Dirt Speedwater @
"Rocks Off Electric Post-Panic Cruise" #=w/ "heart of the matter" rap & "heroin>walk on the wild side" raps **=w/ "Cortez the Killer" ++=w/ "we fall down" rap @=w/ "we will not be lovers>dweller on the threshold> i shall be released>world party" raps Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox Wally Ingram - drums, percussion Marc Friedman - bass

Fiddler's Inn

Ship Radio Cab Beautiful Dirt Night I Got Drunk World Will Turn Cochise 10 Killer Fairies
Missed The Boat I Know There's A Darkness Shootin' Up The Neighborhood Fur Milk American Standard The Road Home Power Down > Drive (with Brown Sugar)
Jerry Joseph - acoustic guitar, vocals Steven James Wright - electric guitar, backing vocals

Cosmic Pizza

Night I Got Drunk Radio Cab Cochise Road Home King Of Love These Grey Days LAX
Muscle White Dirt > Over The Rainbow rap > White Dirt War At The End Of The World* Pure Life* Both Of You# > Let It Grow# > Both Of You# Bossman Piss In My Lmonade# > Savage Garden# > End Of The World# E: Where Do The Children Play Furr
Denmark Veseys *W/ John Shipe lead guitar # W/ Al Toribio Lead guitar

Bluebird Theater

Pogues Weather Radio Cab Ship I Know There's A Darkness Little Drummer Boy Jam White Dirt Muscle Conscious Contact > Spin Cycle > Conscious Contact Golden American Cochise Furr War At The End Of The World Staple Gun > Showbiz Kids > Staple Gun Jam > She's Going Out > Lick The Tears > Paper Planes > She's Going Out Encore: LAX We Will Go Down > Good Sunday > We Fall Down > Good Sunday
Jerry Joseph & Wally Ingram
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