Hot Buttered Rum String Band and Related Artists · 2005
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Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
The Time Inn Lounge
Las Vegas

Duke Boys, This Morning at 9, Cattle In the Cane, Virginia's Grin, Sugaree, Roll River Roll, Idaho Pines, Blue Night, Small Axe
High On A Mtn Top, June Apple, edding Day, I've Let Go, Flask Alas!, Dovetail Joint, Sweet Honey Fountain, Irish Medley, Angeline the Baker > Cindy,Naked Blue > endof Dovetail Joint, Rocket Man, Hard Hearted Encore: Firefly

The Oasis

Set 1 Tonight I'll Be Stayin' Ginseng Sullivan Silas Hard Hearted Rosalee McFall Irish 2 Idaho Pines Kiss Her Butt Green Drop Rather Be Blind Hobo Song Sweet Honey Fountain Set 2 Jam>Dovetail Joint>Jam> Gumboots Sophronie High Bill Medley New Speedway Boogie Poison Oak Spider Always be the Moon Duke Boys Crest E: Feel Like Dancin'

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

Flask Alas Virginia's Grin Evolution Angeline > Cindy Firefly Idaho Pines Sugaree Well Oiled Machine Norweigan Wood Wedding Day June Apple Nellie Kane > Up Your Load > Nellie Kane Squall In These Parts Hobo Song Cumberland Blues Encore - Dolphin I'll Fly Away

Aggie Theater
Fort Collins

Set I Spider I'm a Goin Up Wedding Day High Bill Medley One More Time Around Cattle In the Cane Flask Alas! 3.2 Sophronie Rosalee Mcfall The Crest
Red Haired Boy Big Sciota Sitting Alone In The Moonlight Pig In A Pen The Great Divide School Bells Good Ol' Boys Walls Of Time Sugaree I Saw The Light
Second Set is Hot Buttered Homeslice (Hot Buttered Rum String Band with Honkytonk Homeslice)

The Basement
Lone Tree

Big Sciota Tonight I'll Be Staying Virgina's Grin Lighten Up Your Load Waterpocket Fold Firefly Hard Hearted Fox > Cluck Old Hen > Fox Well Oiled Machine I'd Rather Be Blind Sweet Honey Fountain Staying Alive
This was the second set of the night, after Honkytonk Homeslice and before the "Hot Buttered Homeslice" set.

Old Main Chapel, CU Boulder Campus

Silas, California King, John Walker Lindh, Idaho Pines, June Apple*, Always be the Moon*, 3.2*
Evolution> Angeline the Baker> Cindy, Squall, Ginseng Sullivan, Blue Night*, US Blues*, String's Breath*, In these Parts*
*w/ Bridget Law and Bonnie Paine Acoustic encore was not recorded...

Dulcinea's 100th Monkey

Green Drop, Guns Or Butter, Old Dangerfield, River Song, Gumboots, String's Breath, Nellie Cane, Poison Oak, Wedding Day, High Bill Medley


Virginia's Grin-> Squall June Apple Well Oiled Machine Rosalee McFall Water Pocket Fold Backrooms Of My Mind Sugaree Red Clay Halo# Sweet Honey Fountain% Rebecca->Roses In the Snow Dim Lights, Thick Smoke Friend Of the Devil->Blackberry Blossom School Bells Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms
#enter Jilian Nershi for rest of show %enter Billy Nershi for rest of show

The Other Side

"what's goin' on, Montana?" Silas Ginseng Sullivan California King "happy birthday, Molly" Rosalie McFall * > Dukes' Good Ol' Boys > Lighten Up Your Load > Dukes' Good Ole Boys "greasin' the wheels..." Horsehoe > Cryin' Shame > Rather Be Blind commercial banter... 3.2 * for Molly "Troutman" McCauley, celebrating her 50th birthday
"Shanti Groove rocks!" Small Axe Poison Oak "cheers to Missoula!" Evolution Valley > I've Let Go Rebecca > Blue Night In These Parts Cumberland Blues crowd... Encore: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Wedding Day # # for Storm & Christine, pending their May nuptuals "Lewis & Clark played here..."

The Fez Ballroom

Intro Virginia's Grin> Look Again Lighten Up Your Load Lochs of Dread Evolution> Silas New Speedway Boogie* Blue Night* Georgia Rose*> June Apple*
Intro Jam> Dovetail Joint> Angeline/Cindy Worth Waiting Irish 2 Squall! Jack Mormon Mom Always Be The Moon Hobo Song* Lay Down Sally* Cumberland Blues* ENCORE Immaculate Rain In These Parts
* w/ Scott Law Encore was unplugged at lip of stage

The State Theatre
Falls Church

Jack Mormon Mother, Sugaree, Virgina's Grin > Sweet Honey Fountain, Firefly, Squall, June Apple, 3.2
*Opened for Dark Star Orchestra

New Hope

Green Drop Lighten Up Your Load Blue Ridge Cabin Home Fox > Cluck Old Hen > Fox Rebecca > Blue Night Virginia's Grin 3.2
Good Ol' Boys Firefly Hobo Song Homeless Man Silas Squall > New Speedway Boogie > Rosalee McFall High On A Mountian Top
Norwegian Wood > Big Sciota Horseshoe Kiss Her Butt Cumberland Blues Crest Flask Alas! Thrill Is Gone > Frosty Morning > Thrill Is Gone Sweet Honey Fountain E:Ginseng Sullivan You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Free Show

Moes Alley
Santa Cruz

Set I Home Sweet Home Hard Hearted Ian's Greens Spider Irish Medley 2 Sucker for Pigtails Firelfly Green Drop Summertime Gal Jam->Dovetail Joint Angeline Set II Tonight I'll Be Staying Rosalee McFall Take Me Home Poison Oak Sitting Alone in the Moonlight Virginia's Grin Open Season Worth Waiting Lighten Up Your Load Feel Like Dancin' E: Brain Damage John Walker Lindh

The Little Fox
Redwood City

Nellie Cane High On a Mountain Top High Bill Medley Roll River Roll Into the Mystic* Good Ol' Boys Guns or Butter Well Oiled Machine Idaho Pines One More Time Around Flask Alas!
Open Season I've Let Go Silas Take Me Home Thrill is Gone New Speedway Boogie Squall Sophronie The Crest Cryin' Shame Copenhagen Sweet Honey Fountain
E: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Big Scotia
* 1st time played

Knitting Factory

Duke Boys 3.2 Firefly > Flask Alas! Sweet Honey Fountain > Jack Mormon Mom Summertime Gal Take Me Home High Bill Medley
Silas Always Be The Moon Idaho Pines Wedding Day Irish Medley 2 Copenhagen Worth Waiting Green Drop Lighten Up Your Load New Speedway Boogie (E) String's Breath

Santa Barbara

Tonight I'll Be Staying Roll River Roll Hobo Song RosaLee McFall Sucker For Pigtails Wedding Day Rebecca> Blue Night Open Season Cumberland Blues
Lochs Of Dread Squall River Song Kiss Her Butt California King Into The Mystic Well Oiled Machine Goin' Up Naked Blue> Angeline/Cindy Feel Like Dancin' (E)Ginseng Sullivan One More Time Around Sugaree

Evergreen Lodge - Sandy and Stella's Wedding Recep

Ceremony Hot Buttered Rum String Band & Guests Instrumental Over The Waterfall>??Instrumental ??Instrumental ??Instrumental ??Instrumental ??Instrumental ??Instrumental Here There and Everywhere# Ripple (ALL) "Pastor Yeehaww Factor" In My Life (YMSB) "Pastor CLosing" Outro (ALL) # David Thorn: Guitar, Jeff Austin: Mando
Reception Hot Buttered Rum String Band June Apple Wedding Day Virginia's Grin > Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place) ?? Into The Mystic > Take Me Home Silas Up On Cripple Creek Lighten Up Your Load Cumberland Blues Squall Barnyard Suite (Fox > Spider > Cluck Old Hen > Fox) Immaculate Rain Firefly encore Rosalee McFall

Berkeley Community Theater

Jack Mormon Mother,Wedding Day*,Well-Oiled Machine,Cumberland Blues,Sweet Honey Fountain
Wavy Gravy's 69th Birthday. Corinne West came up for Wedding Day. The band joined Phil Lesh & Friends for Turn on Your Lovelight > Happy Birthday for Wavy > Lovelight

Head West

Jack Mormon Roll River Roll River Song Wakarusa * 1st Time Played Rosalee McFall Homeless Man ???? Messed up Somewhere Open Season Good Ol' Days Duke Boys Summertime Gal
Evolution Rather Be Blind Green Drop I'm Still Here Virginia's Grin Fox > This Morning @ 9 > Fox CA King Blue Night In These Parts Encore: Angeline The Baker > Cindy

Three Sisters Park - Sunshine Stage

Harmony Park Music Garden

Appalachian Uprising Festival

(One Set) 1. -Intro- 2. Wedding Day 3. Poison Oak 4. Take Me Home 5. Squall 6. Cumberland Blues 7. Firefly 8. In These Parts 9. Blue Night 10. Well-Oiled Machine 11. Idaho Pines 12. I'm Still Here 13. June Apple 14. Three Point Two encore 15. Nellie Cane

Telluride Blugrass Festival

3.2 Guns Or Butter Firefly Norwegian Wood (w/Low Rider teases) Idaho Pines Squall Well-Oiled Machine Wedding Day* June Apple* In These Parts Sweet Honey Fountain Cindy
*with Peter Rowan and Sharon Gilchrist

Clinton Lake State Park

Virginia's Grin Ginseng Sullivan Take Me Home One More Time Around Wakarusa the Crest Summertime Gal Cumberland Blues* I Saw the Light* *with Andy Gosseling (Railroad Earth) on clarinet and Billy Nershi (String Cheese Incident) on vocals and guitar
"Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival" *with Andy Gosseling (Railroad Earth) on clarinet and Billy Nershi (String Cheese Incident) on vocals and guitar

Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival, Revival Tent

Silas Small Axe Firefly Flask Alas! Open Season River Song Well-Oiled Machine Lighten Up Your Load Sweet Honey Fountain* New Speedway Boogie* June Apple* You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'* E: 3.2
*with Marty Ylitalo and Tim Carbone

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

Set I River Song Silas Small Axe One More Time Around Limbo in Lovelock^ Well Oiled Machine Take Me Home Hobo Song* Thirsty in the Rain* Ahmed the Beggar Boy* I'm a Goin' Up* June Apple*
Set II Lonesome L.A. Cowboy** The Paper Bride of Angel Island** Ruby Ridge** Panama Red** Midnight Moonlight* Fox>Cluck Old Hen>Spider>Fox New Speedway Boogie Open Season Summertime Gal Green Drop Sweet Honey Fountain You Make Me Feel Like Dancin' Howlin' at the Moon* Wedding Day* E Walls of Time* Will the Circle Be Unbroken*
^ 1st time played * with Peter Rowan ** solo Peter Rowan

Big Meadows Stage, HSMF

Firefly Virginia's Grin> Sweet Honey Fountain Squall CA King Well Oiled Machine* Cumberland Blues* Hobo Song# Howlin' At The Moon*#$ June Apple*#$ Encore: 3.2 *Mike Marshall Chriss Thile #Peter Rowan $Sharon Gilchrist

Tulse E. Scott Theatre

Dark Hollow Old Home Whiskey Before Breakfast Audience Questions>Cabin In The Corner Blue Ridge Mountain Ya Don't Love Me Audience Questions>Breakdown(?) I Saw The Light Last Questions For The Audience>Mandolin Breakdown Breakdown(?)

High Sierra Music Festival

River Song Fox->Cluck Old Hen->Spider->Fox Naked Blue Evolution $2 Chuck Open Season Dovetail Joint Summertime Gal New Speedway Boogie* You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'*
*with Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) on fiddle and John Skehan (Railroad Earth) on mandolin

Sweetwater Saloon
Mill Valley

Broadway Oyster Bar
St. Louis

Wild Flower Cafe

Hard Hearted, Silas, Good Ol Boys, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Cherokee Shuffle, Small Axe, Sugaree, Nashville Pickin, Guns Or Butter, Thrill Is Gone, Rather Be Blind
Limbo In Lovelock, Summertime Gal, Copenhagen, Back On The Train, Homeless Man Blues, One More Time Around, Take Me Home, Rebecca, The Crest, Rocketman, Waiting For A Squall, 3.2, Encore: Busted In Utah

River Street Jazz CAfe

Four Seasons Hotel
Los Angeles

ceremony: Angeline The Baker Immaculate Rain Angeline The Baker (reprise) > Cindy Always Be The Moon
lunch set: All Blues, Big Sciota Chatter Scrapple From The Apple Star Of A County Down Jerusalem Ridge All Of Me Home Sweet Home Autumn Leaves
dancing set: Backrooms Of My Mind Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You Firefly Green Drop Wedding Day Chatter How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You Idaho Pines Hava Nagila* Rocky Top Sucker For Pigtails Sweet Honey Fountain Good Ol' Boys Happy Birthday^ String's Breath
* with Gil Selinger on vocals ^ to Aimee - Aimee & Adam's wedding - setlist also available at

The Fez Ballroom

Intro Limbo In Lovelock > Dovetail Joint Less Guns More Butter Hobo Song Butch And Peggy Idaho Pines Roll River Roll Open Season Metrosexual # Busted In Utah
Howlin' At The Moon > Old Dangerfield Small Axe Gumboots Star Of The County Down On My Way Back To The Old Home # Take Me Home Lighten Up Your Load Sweet Honey Fountain @ Green Drop > Cumberland Blues Virginia's Grin California King Encore: Firefly
Zac Matthews Birthday # first time played @ w/ Kukoo's Nest Aaron Redner - Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals Bryan Horne - Bass, Vocals Erik Yates - Banjo, Flutes, Accordian, Clarinet, Vocals Nat Keefe - Guitar, Vocals Zac Matthews - Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals

Chameleon Club

Intro> Limbo In Lovelock This Bird Has Flown Idaho Pines Copenhagen banter Rosa Lee McFall Wedding Day banter High Bill Medley
Right Between Your Eyes Rebecca Blue Night Busted In Utah Small Axe One More Time Open Season Cumberland Blues crowd noise Kali King E:Strings Breath E2:Honey Bee Goin' Up

The State Theatre
Falls Church

Busted In Utah, Guns Or Butter, Firefly, Honey Bee, Wedding Day, Cumberland Blues, Right Between Your Eyes Norwegian Wood*, Honkey Tonk Tequila
Comments: * W/ Rajiv & Phil from New Monsoon. Laidback opened for Hot Buttered Rum String Band. Hot Buttered Rum String Band Opened for New Monsoon. This date, October 18th, just so happens to be the birthday of three dear friends of mine. All three people were here @ the show that night. All three friends are EXACTLY 10 years apart!! I'm surprised lightning didn't strike! Wait, I take that back... ...having Laidback, Hot Buttered Rum, & New Monsoon all play the same night was the lightning. John Lyon (Head of Security @ the State Theatre)....Born 10-18-1960 Troy Nocon (Travelin' Troy)....Born 10-18-1970 Jasmine Topazio....Born 10-18-1980

Ovens Auditorium

Intro Busted In Utah Guns Or Butter Sweet Honey Fountain Firefly Wedding Day Honky Tonk Tequila Cumberland Blues

The Bottleneck

CD 1 SET 1 Hobo Song, Busted In Utah I'm Still Here, River Song One More Time Around Summertime Gal, Honey Bee Worth Waitin, Virginia's Grin
CD 2 SET 2 Intro, Right Between Your Eyes Rebecca, Well-Oiled Machine Goin' Up, Irish Medley 2 Wedding Day, Always Be The Moon CD 3 Sweet Honey Fountain I Want A New Drug, The Crest ENCORE Crowd, Back On The Train California King^, Immacualte Rain^ ^ Acoustic

Three Sisters Park

Intro Firefly Poison Oak Idaho Pines Well-Oiled Machine Squall June Apple Sweet Honey Fountain Cumberland Blues Duke Boys

The Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach


Virginia's Grin, Limbo in Lovelock, I'm Still Here, Right Between Your Eyes, Open Season, Poison Oak, Idaho Pines, Wedding Day, June Apple.
Intro, Fox>Cluck>Spider>Fox, Coal Mining Woman, Walls of Time, In These Parts, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Irish Medley #2, Cumberland Blues. Encore: Lighten Up Your Load.

Moondooggies West
Las Vegas

California King, Duke Boys, Ang/Cindy, Silas, Limbo in Lovelock, Hard Hearted, New Speedway Boogie*, The Trille Is Gone*, Rosa Lee McFall*, Small Axe*
Tonight I'll Be Staying, Green Drop, Roll River Roll, Queen Elizabeth, Right Between Your Eyes, You Make Me Feel Like Dancin', Honkeytonk Tequilla*, Howlin' at the Moon*, I've Let Go*, Cumberland Blues*
* w/ Dan Klepinger on keyboard

Throckmorton Theater
Mill Valley

Backrooms of My Mind Limbo in Lovelock> Ginseng Sullivan Idaho Pines One More Time Around Virginia's Grin Make Up Your Mind* ^ Lay Down Sally* Busted in Utah In These Parts
Eleanor Rigby^^ Norwegian Wood> Countdown> You Make Me Feel Like Dancin' Kissing Cousins^^ When I'm 64^^ Right Between Your Eyes Rebecca Honey Bee Stayin' Alive@ June Apple** Wedding Day** Cumberland* E: The Birds & The Bees^^ The Weight^^
* w/ Scott Law on electric guitar ** w/ Scott Law on Mandolin ^ Scott Law Original ^^First time Played @ w/ Nat on electric guitar and Scott Law on acoustic
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