Hot Buttered Rum String Band and Related Artists · 2006
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Set 2
Set 3
Cerritos Center For The Performing Arts

The Coach House
San Juan Capistrano

Silas Small Axe Rebecca> Blue Night Cripple Creek Pay Yer Dues * 1st time played Right Between Your Eyes ^ For MISSY Wakarusa Shuffle What To Do Idaho Pines
Coal Mining Woman Irish 2 On My Way Back to the Old Home Homeless Man Blues I've Let Go Naked Blue> Ang/Cind Sugaree**, Lighten Up Your Load**, June Apple,** Walls Of Time** E: Dolphin**
** uplugged at edge of stage

Tractor Tavern

Limbo In Lovelock > Silas > Small Axe Blue Ridge Cabin Home Irish 2 Tangled Up In Blue ^ Roll River Roll * Rebecca > Blue Night Guns Or Butter New Speedway Boogie ** Poison Oak

Wonder Ballroom

Goin' Up Guns Or Butter Idaho Pines Right Between Your Eyes Walls Of Time Busted In Utah One Little Riddle* Honey Be Summertime Gal Honkeytonk Tequilla** The Thrill Is Gone^ Sweet Honey Fountain^^
* Debut permormance of a new Bo Carper song w/ Bo on guitar ** w/ Marty Ylitalo on drums and Phill Ferlino on keyboard ^ w/ Marty Ylitalo on drums, Phill Ferlino on keyboard, Brian Carey on congas and Ben(Zac Matthews' cousin) on electric guitar ^^ w/ all from Thrill is gone plus Ben Bernstein on bass (w/o Zacs cousin)

Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco

I'm Still Here, Poison Oak, Honey Be, Right Between Your Eyes, High Bill Medley Wedding Day, Dovetail Joint > Water Pocket Fold, Idaho Pines, Metrosexual*, Honkytonk Tequila^, Sweet Honey Fountain^^
* w/ Brian Carey on bongos ^w/ Marty Ylitalo on drums and Phil Ferlino on keys ^^w/ all of New Monsoon sitting in (opened for New Monsoon)

Sherpa & Yeti's

Nellie Cane, Kissin' Cousins, Wedding Day, Kiss Her But, Limbo in Lovelock, Backrooms Of My Mind, Elephant Hunting Song>3.2>Angeline/Cindy
The Ballad of Rodney and Helen*, Good Ol' Boys, Dovetail Joint>Waterpocket Fold, Cumberland Blues, Right Between Your Eyes>Rebecca>Blue Night, Queen Elizabeth, Tonight I'll Be Staying, Virginia's Grin, Dukes E: Rosa Lee McFall, You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'
* a special guest appearance by Nat's uncle Rodney and aunt Helen

Fox Theatre

Sweet Honey Fountain Silas Small Axe Fox > Cluck Old Hen > Faith > Spider (In Us) > Fox (Hey Scramble) Gumboots Walls Of Time* Honkytonk Tequila* June Apple*
Metrosexual Open Season Idaho Pines Green Drop Guns Or Butter The Weight Honey Be Lighten Up Your Load What To Do Ginseng Sullivan* Busted In Utah* Encore 1: Birds And The Bees^ Encore 2: When I'm 64
* - w/ Sharon Gilchrist on Mandolin and Todd Livingston (Hit & Run Bluegrass) on Dobro ^ - A capella

The Basement
Lone Tree

Just Plain MC > MC deadesq Evolution > Coo-Coo's Nest > Evolution > Angeline The Baker > Evolution > Silas, Hobo Song, Woes And The Lows, The, Right Between Your Eyes, Rebecca, Blue Night, What To Do, Flask, Alas!, Norwegian Wood*
Crowd/Mohawk Talk> Big Sciota, Danny & Cleo, (The Ballad Of)^, Kissing Cousins, MC deadesq Happy Birthday > Cumberland Blues#, Idaho Pines, Queen Elizabeth, On My Way Back To The Old Home, June Apple, Busted In Utah, Cherokee Shuffle%, Wedding Day E1: honey be Sucker For Pigtails, Weight, The, Wagon Wheel, Always Be The Moon, Sugaree#

Cervantes' Materpiece Ballroom

Jackmormon Mother Limbo In Lovelock Old Dangerfield I'm Still Here Firefly Fox > I Want A New Drug > Fox California King Rosalee McFall Poison Oak
Crowd/Announcements Kashmir > Guns Or Butter Thrill Is Gone Take Me Home Metrosexual Copenhagen High Bill Medley Crest Worth Waiting weet Honey Fountain Brain Damage > Eclipse Crowd E1: Butch & Peggy Lighten Up Your Load Crowd E2: Feel Like Dancin' (You Make Me)

Langerado Music Festival - Sunrise Stage

I'm Still Here, Busted In Utah, Firefly, Sweet Honey Fountain, June Apple*, Wedding Day*, Well-Oiled Machine, Honey Be, Cumberland Blues * w/ Sharon Gilchrist on mandolin
Langerado Soundcheck Party

The Stella Blue (downstairs)

I'm Still Here Poison Oak This Morning At Nine Idaho Pines Norwegian Wood Open Season Copenhagen Silas
Kissing Cousins One More Time Around Sophronie Sugaree Spider (In Us) Irish Medley 2 Wedding Day June Apple In These Parts

Stella Blue

I'm Goin Up On The Mountain Guns Or Butter Limbo In Lovelock 3.2 Honey Be Right Between Your Eyes Rebecca Green Drop Angeline The Baker > Cindy Sweet Honey Fountain
11. banter 12. Fox > 13. I Want A New Drug > 14. Fox 15. Busted In Utah disc two: Waterpocket Fold Get Back On The Train Flask Alas! ??? Butch & Peggy Red Clay Halo Lighten Up Your Load Take Me Home Honkytonk Tequila You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Encore: banter Summertime Gal What To Do

Suwannee SpringFest - Main Stage (Ampitheater)
Live Oak

soundcheck > intro by David Gans I'm Still Here Firefly Guns Or Butter Kissing Cousins Idaho Pines Well-Oiled Machine What To Do * June Apple * Wedding Day * Honey Be
* w/ Sharon Gilchrist on mandolin

Negril Escape

Red Clay Halo Coal-Mining Woman Flask, Alas! One More Time Around Sophronie* 3.2* Take Me Home* Lighten Up Your Load Rosalee McFall In These Parts
* w/ Andy Goessling (Railroad Earth) Jamm in Jamaica festival

Mariners Beach

Feel Like Dancin' (You Make Me) Honey Be Fox Right Between Your Eyes Return Some Day Wedding Day June Apple* Honkytonk Tequila*^ Thrill Is Gone*^ Cumberland Blues*^
* w/ Andy Goessling (Railroad Earth) ^ w/ Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) on fiddle Jamm in Jamaica festival

Mariners Beach

Silas Stop That Train* California King Idaho Pines Metrosexual^ Sugaree^ Old Home Place# Busted In Utah Lighten Up Your Load Sweet Honey Fountain
* first time played; w/ David Gans ^ w/ Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra) # w/ Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon) Jamm in Jamaica festival

Sertoma Youth Ranch (Bluegrass Cafe Stage)

intro I'm Still Here I'm Goin Up On The Mountain Red Clay Halo Honkytonk Tequila Crest String's Breath > Ginseng Sullivan 3.2 Sugaree

Sertoma Youth Ranch

Jackmormon Mother Limbo In Lovelock Butch & Peggy On My Way Back To The Old Home* Take Me Home Lighten Up Your Load Honey Be California King

Appalachian Brewing Company

Rosalee McFall, Busted In Utah, Lochs Of Dred, Lighten Up Your Load, Sweet Honey Fountain, Firefly, Virginia's Grin, Nellie Kane > Good Ol' Boys > Nellie Kane
Franklin's Tower*, Wedding Day, High Bill Medley, Idaho Pines, Desert Rat^ > Feel Like Dancin', (You Make Me)#, Small Axe, California Snow And Rain, Roll River Roll > Dear Old Dixie, New Speedway Boogie, Naked Blue, Angeline The Baker > Cindy E1: Walls Of Time * jammed out of Grateful Dead setbreak music ^ first time played (new Nat tune) # w/Shakedown Street teases

Evergreen Lodge

Woes & The Lows, Naked Blue, When Im 64, Worth Waiting, Honey Be, Summertime Gal, Times At Hand, Up On Cripple Creek, Waltz Across Texas, Cherokee Shuffle, Honky Tonk Tequilla
Quizas Quizas, Open Season, Metrosexual, Community Billboard, What To Do, I'm Goin Up On The Mountain, Spider, A Great Many Things, Firefly, Sugaree, Busted In Utah, Wedding Day Encore: Whats Up

Evergreen Lodge

Rocket Man, Return Someday, Dovetail Joint> Limbo In Lovelock> Copenhagen> Angeline The Baker> Cindy> Dovetail Joint, California Snow & Rain, Birds & The Bees, Walls Of Time
Kissin' Cousins, "Butter Awards", Take Me Home, Queen Elizabeth, Desert Rat, Right Between Your Eyes, Rebecca, Blue Night, Quinn The Eskimo, Sweet Honey Fountain, In These Parts

Northwestern University

Intro I'm Still Here Honey Be Cumberland Blues Rd Clay Halo Coal-Mining Woman Honkeytonk Tequila On My Way Back to the Old Home Hobo Song Desert Rat Evolution Birds and the Bees Gun's or Butter 3.2 California Snow and Rain Well Oiled Machine You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Aladdin Theater

Intro Poison Oak I'm Still Here Return Some Day Copenhagen Old Dangerfield> Spider On My Way Back To The Old Home* Well-Oiled Machine Feel Like Dancin' (You Make Me)^
Intro Coal-Mining Woman Kissin' Cousins "Community Billboard" Metrosexual Norwegian Wood> Idaho Pines> Norwegian Wood> Desert Rat California Snow And Rain Waiting For A Squall Sweet Honey Fountain Queen Elizabeth Right Between Your Eyes Rebecca Dovetail Joint I've Let Go E: California King
Aaron Redner: fiddle and vocals Bryan Horne: bass and vocals Erik Yates: banjo, flute and vocals Nat Keefe: guitar and vocals Zac Matthews: mandolin, fiddle and vocals Comments: - soundboard was streamed live over the internet via MoreButter Radio - Cross-Eyed Rosie opened * w/ Ellie Holzemer (Cross-Eyed Rosie) on fiddle ^ w/ "Thriller" teases

Gorges Music Park
Lake Toxaway

Busted in Utah Guns or Butter Firefly Honey Be Desert Rat Lighten Up Your Load Well Oiled Machine Small Axe 3.2 Sweet Honey Fountain

KPFA Studios

Intro Jackmormon Mother Guns Or Butter Honey Bee Firefly Idaho Pines Desert Rat Waterpocket Fold Sugaree Wedding Day Well-Oiled Machine

Wakarusa Music Festival

Lucas School House
St. Louis

Worth Waiting Back In The Goodle Days Lighten Up Your Load Copenhagen I've Let Go Idaho Pines Crest High Bill Medley A Great Many Things Sweet Honey Fountain
Lochs Of Dred Poison Oak The Walls Of Time Hard Hearted On My Way Back To The Old Home Time's At Hand Return Some Day Desert Rat Big Sciota Birds And The Bees Cumberland Blues E: Well-Oiled Machine

High Sierra Music Festival - Main Stage

Busted In Utah Honey Be Right Between Your Eyes Honky Tonk Tequila* Wedding Days A Great Many Things June Apple California Snow And Rain Desert Rat Small Axe^ Firefly Well-Oiled Machine# Sweet Honey Fountain$ Silas> Cumberland Blues Guns And Butter Birds And The Bees
* w/ Tim Bluhm (Mother Hips) on guitar and vocals ^ w/ Zach Gill (ALO) on melodica # w/ solos on kazoos (supplied by Happy Brigade) $ w/ Matt Butler on djembe

Mishawaka Amphitheatre

Firefly, Take Me Home, Sugaree, 3.2, Waiting For A Squall, High Bill Medley, Limbo In Lovelock, Butch & Peggy, Summertime Gal, Waterpocket Fold, Sweet Honey Fountain, Gumboots

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

Firefly Busted In Utah Honey Bee Guns Or Butter Butch And Peggy Lighten Up Your Load
Thursday July 13 3:30 pm Set Main Stage

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

Limbo In Lovelock Poison Oak Well-Oiled Machine Return Some Day Flask Alas
Masters Workshop "Well-Oiled Machine" scheduled start: 3:00pm The main stage performance is here

Rothvoss Farm (Grey Fox BGF)

High On A Mountain Top Desert Rat Right Between Your Eyes Sugaree Feel Like Dancin’ (Enter Sharon Gilchrist - Mandolin) The June Apple Thank Grey Fox Wedding Day Encore: Birds And The Bees
This is the main stage set that was performed at noon. The "Well-Oiled Machine" Workshop Stage (3:00pm) set is here.

All Good Music Festival

Introduction Busted In Utah Guns And Butter New Speedway Boogie Honey Be 3.2

Kent Stage

California Snow and Rain Virginia's Grin Backrooms of My Mind Beneath the Blossoms Back on the Train In the Pines* Wedding Day Desert Rat
Dovetail Joint Always Be the Moon Limbo in Lovelock A Great Many Things Howlin' at the Moon^ The Hobo Song^ What To Do^ Firefly^ The Star-Spangled Banner^# Birds and the Bees^# (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin'^ encore: Happy Birthday to Aaron^ Dolphin^
*with Sharon Gilchrist ^unplugged #a capella

Field Stage 10,000 Lakes Festival
Detroit Lakes

California Snow And Rain Firefly Busted In Utah Guns Or Butter June Apple A Great Many Things Hobo Song Right Between Your Eyes Desert Rat Sweet Honey Fountain * Sugaree # Return Some Day # In These Parts #
* w/ Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra) conducting the band # w/ Matt Butler on Drums

The Other Side

I'm Still Here Fox> Cluck Old Hen> Spider> Fox Flask, Alas! Right Between Your Eyes Blue Night Honkytonk Tequilla Return Some Day Summertime Gal Poison Oak
"community billboard" announcements River Song Hard Hearted Naked Blue> Angeline the Baker On My Way Back to the Old Home June Apple Cryin' Shame Norwegian Wood> Copenhagen> Nor'Wood> Big Sciota Metrosexual Sweet Honey Fountain I Want a New Drug
Encore: I've Let Go Cumberland Blues

Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival

Jackmormon Mom Honey Be Firefly Well Oiled Machine Wedding Day June Apple Summertime Gal Sugaree
Mike Marshall plays mandolin on "Well Oiled Machine".

Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival

I'm Still Here Poison Oak Idaho Pines Backrooms Of My Mind Virginia's Grin > Copenhagen Sophoroni Kissin' Cousins On My Way Back To The Old Home Place * Cherokee Shuffle Trouble * ^
community billboard I'm Goin' Up % Gold Rush % Guns Or Butter Nellie Cane Feel Like Dancin String's Breath Silas Rebecca Sweet Honey Fountain Cumberland Blues
* w/ Pat, Frank and Keith from Country Current ^ 1st time played % w/ 2 unknown kids on banjo and mandolin Encore: Bird & The Bees - Missing, played unplugged in the center of the room

Soho Bar

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You Elephant Hunting Song Roll River Roll Guns Or Butter One More Time Around Horseshoe Waiting For A Squall Sucker for Pigtails Up On Cripple Creek Nellie Kane
Community Billboard Waterpocket Fold Norwegan Wood Dovetail Joint I've Let Go Norweigan Wood This Morning At Nine Irish Medley II Take Me Home Queen Elizabeth Green Drop Idaho Pines In These Parts Encore - Honkytonk Tequila

Lucidity Music Festival
Santa Barbara

Rocket Man Return Someday Dovetail Joint Limbo In Lovelock Copenhagen Angeline The Baker California Snow & Rain Birds & The Bees Walls Of Time Kissin' Cousins Butter Awards Take Me Home Queen Elizabeth Desert Rat Right Between The Eyes Rebecca Blue Night The Mighty Quinn Encore: Sweet Honey Fountain In These Parts

Piedmont Stage - Rhythm and Roots Reunion

Limbo in Lovelock Lighten Up Your Load Amanda Lynn Firefly Idaho Pines Cumberland Blues California Snow and Rain Well Oiled Machine Right Between Your Eyes A Great Many Things Sweet Honey Fountain


Busted In Utah Lighten Up Your Load Right Between Your Eyes Rebecca California Snow And Rain Amanda Lynn Hobo Song Take Me Home U.S. Blues June Apple Nellie Kane *
Community Billboard Happy Birthday Limbo In Lovelock Silas Small Axe Idaho Pines Crest Always Be The Moon Flask, Alas! Firefly

Audobon Center

Egor Intro Waterpocket Fold Amanda Lynn Hard Hearted Take Me Home Thrill Is Gone 3.2 Summertime Gal Dolphin Rocket Man
Intro Idaho Pines Sitting Through The Ruins Chatter On My Way Back To The Old Home Sugaree String's Breath High Bill Medley The Fox> I Want A New Drug> Spider> The Fox Into The Mystic The Crest Howlin' At The Moon Well-Oiled Machine The Weight
Jake Shimabukuro plays ukulele on "Take Me Home","Thrill Is Gone","3.2","Summertime Gal" and "Dolphin". Marty Ylitalo(New Monsoon)public snare on "Take Me Home","Thrill Is Gone","3.2","Rocket Man","Sugaree","String's Breath" and "The Weight". Ellie Holzemer(Cross-Eyed Rosie)plays fiddle on "On My Way Back To The Old Home".

Doug Fir Lounge

I'm A Going Up On The Mountain, Evolution> Gumboots, A Great Many Things, River Song, Well-Oiled Machine, Firefly, Siftin' Through The Ruins, Crest,
Community Billboard, Summertime Gal, California Snow And Rain, Swing And Sway, Right Between Your Eyes> Instrumental??, Waiting For The Squall, Cheatem's Dream, Kissing Cousins, Cumberland Blues, Backrooms Of My Mind, Honey Be> California King> Angeline The Baker>Cindy, E: Silas,

Caspar Inn

California King Limbo In Lovelock How Sweet It Is Well-Oiled Machine Howlin' At The Moon Amanda Lynn Hobo Song Waterpocket Fold One MOre Time Around Norweigian Wood> Big Sciota
Elephant Hunting Song> Norweigian Wood Idaho Pines Kiss Her But I'm Still Here Old Place Home Red Clay Halo What To Do Thrill Is Gone Watermelon On The Vine (x2) Back On The Train Naked Blue Rebecca I'll Be Your Baby Tonight E: Guns Or Butter

Mystic Theatre

Kissin' Cousins Lighten Up Your Load Idaho Pines Right Between Your Eyes Irish Medley 2 * Take Me Home ^ Cherokee Shuffle ^ Sifting Through The Ruins Swing And Sway Beneath The Blossoms # Ripple #$
Desert Rat # Up On Cripple Creek # Return Some Day # Always Be The Moon # The Woes And The Lows # Queen Elizabeth # Honkytonk Tequila # Sugaree # Sweet Honey Fountain #@% Into The Mystic # e: Wedding Day e: In These Parts #
* w/ Nat on octave mandolin ^ w/ Sharon Gilchrist on mandolin # w/ Matt Butler on drums $ w/ Papa Phil as Santa on vocals @ w/ Matt Butler on didgeridoo % w/ Matt Butler conducting

Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom

Spider Naked Blue Copenhagen Guns Or Butter* New Speedway Boogie*, Open Season Horseshoe Thrill Is Gone^ Lighten Up Your Load
Busted In Utah Honkytonk Tequila# Metrosexual@ I Want A New Drug The Woes And The Lows Desert Rat Howlin' At The Moon Friend Of The Devil$ Highway to Hell%
* w/ Adam Galblum on fiddle ^ w/ Raj Parikh (New Monsoon) on tablas # w/ Phil Ferlino (New Monsoon) on keys @ w/ Brian Carey (New Monsoon) on congas $ w/ Bo Carper, Jeff Miller, Raj, Marty Ylitalo, and Phil (New Monsoon) % w/ all of New Monsoon

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Swing And Sway Idaho Pines Kissin' Cousins Summertime Gal A Great Many Things June Apple Firefly Up On Cripple Creek* Return Some Day*^
Sifting Through The Ruins Honey Be Poison Oak Cherokee Evolution# > Molly Put The Kettle On# > Evolution# Feel Like Dancin', (You Make Me)# E: Kashmir%
* w/ Marty Ylitalo (New Monsoon) on drums ^ w/ Brian Carey (New Monsoon) on congas # w/ Raj Parikh (New Monsoon) on tablas % w/ all of New Monsoon

Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom

Crest Limbo in Lovelock Cal King Nose Rebecca Cali Snow & Rain (for Jeni) Silas Queen Elizabeth Golden Days (first time played - Zac original) Amanda Lynn Sugaree# Beneath the Blossoms* Red Clay Halo Wedding Day
NYE Set with New Monsoon: Knockin' on Heavens Door** Stairway to Heaven^ Lovelight
# w/ Marty and Jeff of NM * w/ Marty of NM **no Zac ^Zac on vocals dressed as Robert Plant; followed by NYE countdown
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