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Jam Cruise 5 - Pool Deck
MSC Opera

Jam Cruise 5 - Cotton Club
MSC Opera

Mesa Theater
Grand Junction

Crest, Small Axe, Take Me Home, Right Between Your Eyes, Fox > Cluck Old Hen > I Want A New Drug > Fox Honkytonk Tequila*, Norwegian Wood*, Lighten Up Your Load, Beneath The Blossoms^, Thrill Is Gone^#, Poison Oak E: Weight@, Turn On Your Lovelight@
* w/ Phil Ferlino (New Monsoon) on keyboards and Bo Carper (New Monsoon) ^ w/ Marty Ylitalo (New Monsoon) on drum kit # w/ Ron Johnson (New Monsoon) on bass, no BCH @ w/ Jeff Miller (New Monsoon) on acoustic guitar

Abbey Theatre

Well-Oiled Machine, Honey Be, California King, Lochs Of Dread, A Great Many Things, High Bill Medley, Firefly, Golden Days, Poison Oak
Idaho Pines, Hard Hearted, Jackmormon Mother, Copenhagen, Queen Elizabeth, Gumboots, Big Sciota, Green Drop, (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin' > Angeline The Baker > Cindy E1: The Weight E2: Birds And The Bees

Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach

Lighten Up Your Load Honey Be Ginseng Sullivan Poison Oak Satisfy My Soul Guns Or Butter Golden Days Summertime Gal The Crest
Feel Like Dancin' Howlin' At The Moon Jackmorman Mother Take Me Home California Snow & Rain I'm Still Here Amanda Lynn Little Liza Jane String's Breath Desert Rat New Speedway Boogie Evolution -> Angeline The Baker Encore: Firefly

Malibu Inn

The Woes And The Lows, Well-Oiled Machine, Swing & Sway, Golden Days, Waiting For A Squall, June Apple, Honkytonk Tequila, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Flask, Alas!, Firefly, Cumberland Blues
Copenhagen, Waterpocket Fold, Take Me Home, Busted In Utah, Hobo Song, Sifting Through The Ruins, Silas, Rebecca > Blue Night, What To Do, I'm Still Here, Cherokee Shuffle E: Birds And The Bees

Fais Do-Do
Los Angeles

Firefly, Guns Or Butter, Idaho Pines, Poison Oak, Waterpocket Fold, Always Be The Moon, Well-Oiled Machine, Waiting For A Squall, Butch & Peggy, Sweet Honey Fountain, Wedding Day
Kissin' Cousins, I'm Goin' Up On The Mountain, Hard Hearted, Return Some Day, Gumboots^, I've Let Go, Open Season, Desert Rat, California Snow And Rain, Summertime Gal# E: Sugaree
first set was "Well-Oiled Machine" album played in order from beginning to end ^ w/ Erik on flute (not tin whistle) during wind section # w/ Erik on flute during jam

Skyline Room

(You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin', Honey Be*, Jackmormon Mother^, Lighten Up Your Load, Nellie Kane#, When I'm 64, Homeless Man Blues, Honkytonk Tequila, Norwegian Wood$, Orange Blossom Special%
Beneath The Blossoms, Cumberland Blues@, Hobo Song, Queen Elizabeth, High Bill Medley, Right Between Your Eyes, Howlin' At The Moon, Busted In Utah, Rocket Man, Big Sciota E1: Amanda Lynn E2: On My Way Back To The Old Home
- private house party, with guests dressed as rock stars and each band member dressed as another band member (Erik as Nat, Nat as Bryan, Bryan as Erik, Aaron as Zac, and Zac as Aaron) * w/ Aaron (as Zac) singing first verse ^ w/ Erik on guitar and vocals, Nat on bass, Bryan on banjo, Aaron on mandolin, and Zac on fiddle # w/ "The Other One" teases $ w/ Cassidy Bouse-Eaton on flute % w/ James Bond theme song teases @ w/ "Hava Nagila" teases

Santa Barbara

Flask, Alas!*, Worth Waiting, Limbo In Lovelock, 3.2, Lochs Of Dread, Silas, Pay Your Dues (The Woes And The Lows), Cherokee Shuffle, Golden Days, Right Between Your Eyes, Blue Night
Sweet Honey Fountain, Irish Medley 2, Good Ol' Boys, Cryin' Shame, Gumboots, Birds And The Bees, What To Do, Ian's Greens, New Speedway Boogie*, Ginseng Sullivan, I'm Still Here, Desert Rat E: Here By Your Side*#, Small Axe*, Honey Be*, Angeline The Baker > Cindy
* w/ Erik on piano # Erik solo

Fox Theatre

I'm Still Here I'm goin'up on the Mountain Honey Bee Worth Waiting Firefly The woes and the Lows Busted in Utah Rebecca Blue Night Lighten Up your Load
Desert Rat River Song How Sweet it is Summertime Gal Jackmorman Mom Hobo Song Little Liza Jane Golden Days Virginia's Grin Cumberland Blues California King Sweet Honey Fountain E: Right between your Eyes 3.2

The Basement
Lone Tree

MC Adam E. Swing & Sway Flask, Alas! Open Season One More Time Around California Snow And Rain Sucker For Pigtails High Bill Medley Wedding Day Bit by Bit# 2 Buck Chuck Dolphin*^
Up On Cripple Creek Limbo In Lovelock On My Way Back To The Old Home Kissin' Cousins Waiting For A Squall > Thrill Is Gone > Green Drop Beneath The Blossoms Evolution > Angeline The Baker > Cindy Don't Think Twice# E: Cherokee Shuffle@ ! Funky Chicken Props Sitting Alone In The Moonlight$ Big Sciota% Family Time String's Breath
# first time played * w/ Nick Keefe on guitar and vocals ^ w/ Cassidy Bouse-Eaton on fiddle @ Aaron and Erik only $ BCH joins % Nat joins

Lonesome Tree Jam 3.2
Lone Tree

MC Adam E Amanda Lynn Spider Small Axe Little Liza Jane Right Between Your Eyes The Crest* Take Me Home Queen Elizabeth Back On The Train Be Kind Boys^
Sugaree New Speedway Boogie Loose Lucy (The Trial Of) John Walker Lindh Horseshoe Naked Blue > Dovetail Joint > Naked Blue Sophronie > Elephant Hunting Song
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere#$ Little Cabin On The Hill$% Wagon Wheel$ Poison Oak Idaho Pines Lovelight What To Do
* w/ "Here comes the Sun" teases ^ first time played # w/ Zac on guitar and Nat on mandolin $ w/ Ellie Holzemer (Cross-Eyed Rosie) on fiddle % w/ Ellie Holzemer on vocals


Amanda Lynn Pay Yer Dues Busted In Utah Honey Be Wedding Day Cumberland Blues What To Do Guns or Butter Idaho Pines Desert Rat Right Between Your Eyes Rebecca Howlin' At The Moon Going Up Swing & Sway The Birds & The Bees
Special Guest: Charlie Rose (banjo)

Stubb's BBQ

I'm Still Here, Jackmormon Mother, Limbo In Lovelock, Sweet Honey Fountain, Honkytonk Tequila, Small Axe, New Speedway Boogie, In These Parts > Blue Night
The Fox > Celebrate Good Times > Cluck Old Hen > Spider > The Fox, Rather Be Blind, Waiting For A Squall, Golden Days, Coal-Mining Woman, Kissin' Cousins, Copenhagen, Hobo Song, Firefly, Poison Oak E: June Apple*, Wedding Day*
* w/ Adam Moss (Green Mountain Grass) on fiddle

Last Concert Cafe

Silas > Good Ol' Boys, Rosalee McFall, California King, Horseshoe, 2 Buck Chuck, The Crest, Thrill Is Gone > I Want A New Drug > Thrill Is Gone
The Woes And The Lows, A Great Many Things, Cheatem's Dream, Desert Rat, California Snow And Rain, On My Way Back To The Old Home, Loose Lucy > Virginia's Grin > Coo-Coo's Nest, Dovetail Joint > Virginia's Grin, Return Some Day > 3.2 E: What To Do, Take Me Home, Watermelon On The Vine

The Jellyphish Lounge

Swing & Sway River Song Open Season Gumboots Flask, Alas! Butch & Peggy Red Clay Halo
Evolution > Molly Put The Kettle On > Evolution Firefly Be Kind Boys Queen Elizabeth Amanda Lynn Satisfy My Soul Bit By Bit Honey Be Well-Oiled Machine
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere* Sing Me A River*^ I've Let Go Backrooms Of My Mind Sweet Honey Fountain > Big Sciota > Sweet Honey Fountain Rocket Man String's Breath (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin' E1: Dolphin Cherokee Shuffle
* w/ Zac on guitar and Nat on mandolin ^ first time played

Common Grounds

I'm Going Up The Mountain Lighten Up Your Load I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Roll River Roll Amanda Lynn Summertime Gal Right Beween Your Eyes> Rebecca> Blue Night Limbo In Lovelock Rather Be Blind* Thrill Is Gone*
*w/ Roosevelt Collier - pedal steel, Alvin Lee - guitar, Earl Walker - drums opened for The Lee Boys

The Garage
St. Petersburg

Birds and Bees, I’m Still Here, Honey Bee, 3.2, Wedding Day, The Crest, New Speedway Boogie*, Cumberland Blues*, Honkytonk Tequila*, Little Liza Jane, Return Some Day, Queen Elizabeth, Sweet Honey Fountain, Angeline the Baker> Cindy, Firefly, Flask, Alas!
*w/Roosevelt Collier of The Lee Boys on pedal steel

Culture Room
Ft. Lauderdale

Jackmormon Mother, Swing & Sway, Dear Old Dixie, Sing Me A River, Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, California King, Nellie Kane, Time's At Hand*, Rebecca, Virginia's Grin^ > Sugaree
community billboard, The Fox > Cluck Old Hen > Spider > The Fox, Faith, Howlin' At The Moon > Naked Blue > Angeline The Baker > Cindy, 2 Buck Chuck, Ginseng Sullivan, Beneath The Blossoms, Desert Rat
E) String's Breath, Waterpocket Fold, Gumboots
* last "Time's At Hand" was on 7/19/06 (107 shows) ^ unfinished

Univesity of North Carolina

Firefly The Fox > Cluck Old Hen > Spider > The Fox Lighten Up Your Load Idaho Pines The Crest Rebecca > Blue Night Busted In Utah Hobo Song Pay Your Dues (The Woes And The Lows)
Evolution >Molly Put The Kettle On >Evolution Guns Or Butter Return Some Day Blue Ridge Cabin Home June Apple California King Sugaree Jackmormon Mother Gumboots Silas Cherokee Shuffle 3.2 E: You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

The Grey Eagle

I'm Still Here > Roll River Roll Feel Like Dancin' High Bill Medley > Wedding Day Golden Days Well-Oiled Machine String's Breath* Beneath The Blossoms* Cumberland Blues
Sing Me A River Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Always Be The Moon > Angeline The Baker > Cindy Swing & Sway Here By Your Side* Takin' A Pee song* Up On Cripple Creek* Honey Be Honkytonk Tequila* Open Season On My Way Back To The Old Home Poison Oak E: Begin Again^ Red Clay Halo# Dolphin#
* w/ Erik on piano ^ first time played; Zac solo # unplugged - a benefit show for the family of Paul McKinney (

Alley Katz

String's Breath Silas Honey Be I'm Still Here > Old Dangerfield Thrill Is Gone Be Kind Boys Blue Ridge Cabin Home A Great Many Things High Bill Medley
Walls Of Time * Pretty Polly * What To Do * Rebecca * > Blue Night * New Speedway Boogie * Worth Waiting In These Parts California King Don't Think Twice It's Alright
* w/ Sharon Gilchrist on mandolin and vocals

Ram's Head

Limbo In Lovelock, Lighten Up Your Load, Right Between Your Eyes, Angeline The Baker > Cindy, Amanda Lynn, Waltz Across Texas*, Take Me Home*, Golden Days, Queen Elizabeth, Honkytonk Tequila^, Beneath The Blossoms^, June Apple^, The Crest E: I'm Still Here^#
* w/ Sharon Gilchrist on mandolin and vocals ^ w/ Andy Hall (Infamous Stringdusters) on dobro # w/ Jeremy Garrett (Infamous Stringdusters) on fiddle - co-bill with the Infamous Stringdusters (HBR played second)

Thompson Hall Lawn

Silas Guns Or Butter Cumberland Blues The Fox > Cluck Old Hen > Spider > The Fox Well-Oiled Machine Pay Your Dues (The Woes And The Lows) Firefly Desert Rat Honey Be Angeline The Baker > Cindy

Thompson Hall Lawn (UNH)

Silas, Guns Or Butter, Cumberland Blues, The Fox -> Cluck Old Hen -> Spider - > The Fox, Well-Oiled Machine, Pay Your Dues (The Woes And The Lows), Firefly, Desert Rat, Honey Be, Angeline The Baker -> Cindy

The Stone Church

Amanda Lynn Hard Hearted Roll River Roll Sugaree Sing Me A River Don't Think Twice, It's All Right One More Time Around Cheatem's Dream Sucker For Pigtails Summertime Gal
Backrooms Of My Mind Naked Blue > Dovetail Joint > Evolution When I'm 64 Wedding Day* Sophronie* Lighten Up Your Load Worth Waiting Rocket Man Busted In Utah E: Howlin' At The Moon*^ On My Way Back To The Old Home*^
* w/ Charlie Rose on banjo ^ w/ Colin Gulley (Tough Cats) on banjo and Jake Greenlaw (Tough Cats) on suitcase

Daniel Street Club

Limbo In Lovelock, Lighten Up Your Load, Take Me Home, Pay Your Dues (The Woes And The Lows) > Butch & Peggy, Irish Medley 2, Wedding Day, Into The Mystic, Poison Oak
Dear Old Dixie, Jackmormon Mother, Walls Of Time, Blue Night*, I'm Goin' Up On The Mountain, Metrosexual#, Immaculate Rain, Sweet Honey Fountain > Always Be The Moon > Sweet Honey Fountain, I'm Still Here^, Big Sciota, The Weight, River Song
* w/ Colin Gulley (Toughcats) on banjo ^ w/ Joe Nelson (Toughcats) on steel guitar # Aaron messes up lyrics in one verse

The Picador
Iowa City

I'm Goin’ Up On The Mountain, Busted In Utah, I’m Still Here, Return Some Day, Jackmormon Mother, 2 Buck Chuck, On My Way Back To The Old Home, Bit By Bit
Red Clay Halo *, Deep Elem Blues *^, Flask, Alas!, Gumboots, Sophronie, Lighten Up Your Load, Honkytonk Tequila, Sing Me A River, Idaho Pines, Firefly, Poison Oak, Cherokee Shuffle E: (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin’
* - w/ Nicole Upchurch On Vocals ^ - First Time Played

Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom

Green Drop Return Some Day Limbo In Lovelock > Guns or Butter Beneath the Blossoms Be Kind Boys Brokedown * Sing Me A River Gumboots The Crest
Community Billboard ^ Intro by Uncle Rodney ^ What To Do ^ Cherokee Shuffle Bit By Bit Naked Blue > Silas California Snow And Rain Loose Lucy Sifting Through The Ruins > Idaho Pines Jackmormon Mother Summertime Gal You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Sugaree # E: Intro to Hugs Not Handshakes Hugs Not Handshakes * Back In The Goodle Days # Angeline the Baker # > Cindy #
* first time played ^ w/Uncle Rodney on vocals; without Nat # w/Adam Galblum on fiddle

Cotton Candy Castle

Good Ol' Boys, Sweet Honey Fountain, Sitting Alone In The Moonlight, Angeline The Baker > Cindy, Small Axe, (The Trial Of) John Walker Lindh, Limbo In Lovelock, Worth Waiting, Open Season, Back On The Train*
I'm Still Here*, You Ain't Goin' Nowhere*, Loose Lucy*, Coal-Mining Woman, Kissin' Cousins, Dinah, Up On Cripple Creek, The Crest, Cumberland Blues, Idaho Pines, Roll River Roll, Always Be The Moon, Evolution > Molly Put The Kettle On > Evolution
*with Brian Carey on percussion

Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco


3.2, Cumberland Blues, Swing & Sway, Return Some Day, Firefly, Busted In Utah, Sweet Honey Fountain*, Norwegian Wood, Kissin' Cousins, On My Way Back To The Old Home, June Apple, Honey Be, California King, Canary In A Coalmine, Virginia's Grin^ > Silas, I'm Still Here, Angeline The Baker > Cindy
* w/ Stephan Mikes on sitar ^ w/ "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" teases


Swing And Sway Return Some Day Guns Or Butter Firefly Amanda Lynn Rebecca Blue Night The Thrill Is Gone Beneath The Blossoms Squall Sugaree
Opened for Oteil And The Peacemakers.

WOW Hall

Evolution > Molly Put The Kettle On > Evolution > Cuckoo's Nest > Evolution Coal-Mining Woman Kissin' Cousins Beneath The Blossoms *^ Up On Cripple Creek *^ Queen Elizabeth *^ Golden Days *^ Bit By Bit Busted In Utah
Summertime Gal Jackmormon Mother Cheatem's Dream Loose Lucy *^$ Pay Your Dues *^ Honkytonk Tequila *^ Rocket Man *^ California Snow And Rain Well-Oiled Machine *^
* w/ Matt Butler on drums ^ w/ Asher Fulero on keyboards $ w/ Nat & Matt on drums

High Sierra Music Festival - Big Meadow Stage

High Sierra Music Festival, Music Hall

High Sierra Music Festival, Shady Grove Stage

Copper Mountain

Desert Rat Evolution > Cuckoo's Nest > Evolution > Always Be the Moon Pay Your Dues (The Woes and The Lows) Open Season Idaho Pines Beneath the Blossoms Wedding Day Busted in Utah Angeline the Baker > Cindy

Greek Theatre

The Crest Honey Be Guns Or Butter Return Some Day Right Between Your Eyes Honkytonk Tequila * Cumberland Blues * * = w/ Billy Nershi.
Opened For The String Cheese Incident

Hidden Villa Ranch
Los Altos

Honey Be Lighten Up Your Load What To Do Beneath The Blossoms Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Sing Me A River Bit By Bit Well-Oiled Machine Summertime Gal
Busted In Utah Rosalee McFall Stories We Could Tell* Norwegian Wood Be Kind Boys Firefly Copenhagen Golden Days The Crest (E) Satisfy My Soul
* started w/ Erik and Nat only; Aaron and Bryan joined on ending

Soho Bar And Restaurant
Santa Barbara

Silas Hobo Song Limbo In Lovelock Hugs Not Handshakes> Amanda Lynn A Great Many Things Golden Days The Crest
Dinah Flask,Alas! Rather Be Blind> Honkytonk Tequila Right Between Your Eyes> Rebecca Roll River Roll> Virginia's Grin> Roll River Roll Summertime Gal Come All Ye Who May Rosalie Mc Fall
"Low Rider" tease on "The Crest". Mitch Marcus(Aphrodesia)plays tenor saxophone on "Rather Be Blind" and "Honkytonk Tequila".

The Malibu Inn

Swing & Sway Sweet Honey Fountain* Brokedown Beneath The Blossoms^ Cryin' Shame Idaho Pines Sifting Through The Ruins Big Sciota California King Good Ol' Boys Busted In Utah Satisfy My Soul# Sing Me A River Don't Think Twice It's All Right In These Parts> Blue Night Wedding Day Firefly
* w/ David Sartore (Aphrodesia) on saz (Turkish guitar) ^ w/ Erik on accordion # w/ Lara Maykovich and Maya Dorn (Aphrodesia) on vocals

Vaudeville Mews
Des Moines

Come All Ye Who May*, Return Someday, Hard Hearted, Loose Lucy, Waiting For A Squall, Cheatem's Dream, Be Kind Boys, Hugs, Not Handshakes > Cold Frosty Morning%, Poison Oak
Watermelon On The Vine, The Fox > Up On Cripple Creek*, Spider > The Fox, Honkytonk Tequila*, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Beneath The Blossoms, Small Axe, Busted In Utah, Horseshoe, Silas, Right Between Your Eyes > Blue Night, Guns Or Butter^ E1: 2 Buck Chuck, Whiskey On The Southbound#, Birds And The Bees
* w/ Erik on dobro ^ w/ "Cantina" tease # last "Whiskey On The Southbound" was on 5/18/06 (222 shows) % w/ "Hava Nagila" tease

Cain's Ballroom

Kissin' Cousins Roll River Roll Waiting For A Squall High Bill Medley Beneath The Blossoms * Flask, Alas! Idaho Pines Desert Rat Cumberland Blues ^ * = w/ Andy Goessling On Sax ^ = w/ John Skehan On Mando & Andy Goessling On Dobro
Opened For Railroad Earth


Amanda Lynn Guns Or Butter Howlin' At The Moon The Hobo Song Right Between Your Eyes Evolution -> Molly Put The Kettle On -> Evolution -> Desert Rat Tornadoes & Football * California King -> Angeline The Baker -> Cindy * = First Time Played/ Aaron On Guitar
Opened For Railroad Earth

Gothic Theatre

Limbo In Lovelock Sweet Honey Fountain > Waterpocket Fold* > Desert Rat > Sweet Honey Fountain Waiting For A Squall I've Let Go Gumboots^ Backrooms Of My Mind# Honey Be Be Kind Boys% Busted In Utah%
* unfinished; first section only ^ w/ Erik on tenor saxophone and Andy Goessling (Railroad Earth) on soprano saxophone # w/ Andy Goessling (Railroad Earth) on alto saxophone % w/ Erik on dobro and Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) on fiddle

Gothic Theatre

3.2 Return Someday Guns Or Butter Beneath The Blossoms In These Parts* Blue Night Firefly June Apple^ Lighten Up Your Load Birds And The Bees
* w/ Bob L. Head (HBR crew) on vocals ^ w/ John Skehan (Railroad Earth) on mandolin

Key Club
West Hollywood

Swing & Sway Nellie Kane > Lighten Up Your Load > Nellie Kane Bliss Monkeys Waiting For A Squall Honey Be The Crest Idaho Pines Small Axe* Be Kind Boys*
*with John Skehan on mandolin and Tim Carbone on violin

Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach

Silas Guns Or Butter Beneath The Blossoms Golden Days My Back Pages *^ Banjo Rock N' Roll * Firefly Evolution # -> Molly Put The Kettle On # -> Evolution # Kissin' Cousins
Opened For Railroad Earth * = First Time Played ^ = w/ Todd Sheaeffer # = w/ John Skehan & Tim Carbone

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
San Francisco

Aloha Tower

Swing and Sway Return Some Day# Silas Firefly Lighten Up Your Load Well Oiled Machine Happy Birthday* Howlin' At The Moon Norwegian Wood Big Sciota California King 2 Buck Chuck Cumberland Blues In These Parts Encore Break Limbo In Lovelock
Acoustic Jam Possum Possum jam / banter Lay Me Down A Pallete On Your Floor
Soundcheck 17min Banjo jam Maggies Farm Howlin' At The Moon Howlin' At The Moon Guitar check Sucker For Pigtails California Girls intro Califronia Girls vocals fiddle jam jam I Saw the Light Star Wars Theme Beneath the Blossoms
# Lochs of Dread Tease * Steve Matthews' 69th Birthday

Hawaiian Hut @ the Ala Moana Hotel

Bliss Monkeys Evolution > Molly Put The Kettle On > Evolution Pay Your Dues (The Woes And The Lows) Brokedown Guns Or Butter Waterpocket Fold I'll Be Your Baby Tonight String's Breath Honey Be Rocket Man
Worth Waiting Hobo Song Golden Days Kiss Her But Stories We Could Tell Amanda Lynn* Walls Of Time Sugaree^ > Jackmormon Mother Right Between Your Eyes Rebecca Flask, Alas! Angeline The Baker > Cindy Encore: Lay Me Down A Pallete On Your Floor# You Ain't Goin' Nowhere#
* w/ "Angeline The Baker" teases ^ unfinished # unplugged from lip of stage; without BCH

Waimea Valley Audubon Center

I'm Still Here Busted In Utah Sweet Honey Fountain Beneath The Blossoms Hard Hearted Be Kind Boys Tornadoes and Football Sing Me A River Roll River Roll*
Naked Blue Always Be The Moon Angel from Montgomery*^ Idaho Pines Backrooms Of My Mind Satisfy My Soul* The Crest The Fox > Cluck Old Hen > Spider > The Fox Encore Break Summertime Gal* I'm Goin' Up On The Mountain#
* w/ Erik on ukelele ^ w/ Millicent Cummings on guitar and vocals; first time played (John Prine tune) # unplugged at front of stage w/ Saloon Pilots - Saloon Pilots opened - HBR dressed up for Halloween: Erik as Borat, Zac as Harry Potter, Bryan as Shawn White, Nat as a Naughty Cat and Aaron as a Hula Girl

The Stone Church

3.2 Sugaree Waiting For A Squall > Worth Waiting High On A Mountain Top Banjo Rock'n'Roll Metrosexual Dovetail Joint High Bill Medley
Happy Birthday Sweet Honey Fountain Tornadoes and Football (w/ Erik on archtop guitar) Thrill Is Gone (w/ Erik on archtop guitar) Backrooms Of My Mind Busted In Utah I Want A New Drug (w/o Nat) I've Let Go California King River Song Satisfy My Soul Queen Elizabeth The Crest

Oriental Theater

Swing & Sway Waterpocket Fold Guns or Butter Honey Be Desert Rat Take Me Home Firefly
Intro Mean Mr. Mustard Polythene Pam She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Mother Nature's Son I'm Only Sleeping Chatter Eleanor Rigby I Am the Walrus Blackbird I've Got A Feeling I Want You (She's So Heavy) I've Just Seen A Face Rocky Raccoon
Busted In Utah Return Someday Ginseng Sullivan Always Be The Moon Angeline The Baker / Cindy Waiting For A Squall In These Parts Back On The Train Cherokee Shuffle I'm Goin' Up On The Mountain ENCORE When I'm 64 Norwegian Wood

Oriental Theater

Banjo Rock 'n' Roll Poison Oak Golden Days California King Right Between Your Eyes > Blue Night The Crest Metrosexual
Satisfy My Soul > NYE Countdown > Kissin' Cousins Wedding Day June Apple Idaho Pines Lighten Up Your Load Up On Cripple Creek*^ Hugs, Not Handshakes Be Kind Boys Dinah > community billboard Bit By Bit Green Drop Howlin' At The Moon Coal Mining Woman Honkytonk Tequila# Sugaree E: String's Breath Beneath The Blossoms^ (You Make Me) Feel Like Dancin'$
* w/ Nat on drums and Zac on guitar ^ w/ Erik on archtop guitar # featuring Nat on paints $ w/ Joe Lessard (Head for the Hills) on fiddle
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