Hot Buttered Rum String Band and Related Artists · 2009
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The Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco

Desert Rat, Tear My Stillhouse Down, California King, Amanda Lynn, Turn The Wheel, In These Parts, Life During Wartime, Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place), Burning Down The House
bass solo, Every Stone We Lay*^#$% > jam*^#$% > Banjo Rock 'N' Roll*^, Hugs, Not Handshakes > Swing & Sway, Brokedown, Sexy Bakery Girl, Limbs Akimbo*#, I've Got A Feeling^, Summertime Gal*^ Encore: Beneath The Blossoms
Entire show played with Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra) on percussion and (except Every Stone We Lay) with Asher Fulero (Surrounded By Ninjas, the Floydian Slips) on keys * w/ Matt Eakle (David Grisman Quintet) on flute ^ w/ Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) on fiddle # with Perry Sayoma Quarshie on percussion $ w/ Adam Navone (Blue Turtle Seduction) on drums % Everyone Orchestra jam conducted by Matt Butler

Sellersville Theatre

Amanda Lynn Cherokee Shuffle Turn The Wheel I'm Still Here Six Weeks Summertime Gal Jackmormon Mother Rebecca Blue Night Stories We Could Tell Swing & Sway California King Sifting Through The Ruins > Cumberland Blues Something New Wedding Day What To Do

The Field

Wedding Day Swing And Sway Blue Ridge Cabin Home Tear My Stillhouse Down Busted In Utah>Good Ol' Boys>Busted In Utah Something New New Speedway Boogie California King
I'm Still Here Be Kind Boys Jackmormon Mother Mingus Ginseng Sullivan Copenhagen Hugs,Not Handshakes> Walking On The Moon*>Summertime Gal^>Walking On The Moon^#>Summertime Gal> Walking On The Moon>Summertime Gal Honkytonk Tequila Blue Night$
* first time played (Police); Erik on vocals ^ w/ "If I Were A Rich Man" (Fiddler on the Roof) teases # w/ "I Shot The Sheriff" teases $ w/ Erik on vocals

McNear's Mystic Theatre

Banjo Rock 'N' Roll Hugs Not Handshakes > Lulu Wedding Day Sifting Through The Ruins Desert Rat Limbs Akimbo
Intro A Great Many Things All You Need Is Love @ Ginseng Sullivan Apple Of My Eye # EO Jam $ > Lovelight Sexy Bakery Girl Brokedown Summertime Gal Encore: What To Do % Tear My Stillhouse Down %
@ - Phil Kalstrom on vocals; first time played # - Aaron Solo $ - w/members of Izabella & conducted by Matt Butler % - unplugged @ stage lip - entire show played with Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra) on percussion You gotta love the Mystic Theatre. It's comfortable & has fantastic acoustics. I believe the setup was the limited seating floorplan ( The unplugged encore featured the crowd's loud & stomping feet.

McDonald Theatre

Busted In Utah Lighten Up Your Load Turning The Wheel What To Do California King Naked Blue I've Got A Feeling

Crocodile Cafe

Something New > Busted In Utah Right Between Your Eyes Lighten Up Your Load Desert Rat Queen Elizabeth Cumberland Blues Up On Cripple Creek* Honkytonk Tequila*
Naked Blue If You Gotta Go, Go Now Song In A Can Turning The Wheel Always Be The Moon Silas James Santiaguel*^ Wedding Day*^ Lady Loop*% Sledgehammer*# Encore: Every Stone We Lay*
* w/ Asher Fulero (Surrounded By Ninjas) on keys and Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident) on mandolin ^ w/ Matt on washboard % First time played; ALO tune; w/ Dave Brogan (ALO) on archtop guitar and lead vocals; w/o Erik; Nat on tamborine # First time played; Peter Gabriel song; w/ Michael Kang and Asher Fulero on vocals; Dave Brogan on drums; Matt on tamborine - Entire show with Matt Butler on drums (and washboard where indicated) - Everyone Orchestra composed of: Matt Butler conducting Hot Buttered Rum, Michael Kang, Asher Fulero, and Dave Brogan

Boulder Theater

Something New; Beneath The Blossoms; Silas; If You Gotta Go, Go Now; Entangled; Blow Again Friendly Wind; Pay Yer Dues; The Crest; Metrosexual; I've Just Seen A Face; Naked Blue; Lighten Up Your Load > Limbs Akimbo E: Cupcakes and Kidneys (gifts) Banjo Rock 'n' Roll; Blue Night@; Rebecca@; Up On Cripple Creek@
Entire show with Matt Butler Co-bill with The Travelin' McCourys; HBR played second @ with Rob, Ronnie, Jason, and Cody from the Travelin' McCourys

Aggie Theatre
Fort Collins

Tear My Stillhouse Down RV Turning The Wheel In These Parts A Great Many Things Mingus# Be Kind Boys@ Honkytonk Tequila@ Big River@ Bit By Bit Three Point Two Song In A Can Always Be The Moon > Right Between Your Eyes Thrill Is Gone* Everyone Orchestra Jam* Cherokee Shuffle*
Entire show with Matt Butler Co-bill with the Travelin' McCourys; HBR played second # Bryan only @ with Jason Carter on fiddle and Rob McCoury on banjo * with all of the Travelin' McCourys (bass player alternated with Bryan)

Miramar Theatre

Swing and Sway Tear My Stillhouse Down RV Always Be the Moon Rebecca Bliss Monkey Great Many Things Andy Banter Crazy Glue
Do You Think I'm Sexy Sitting Alone in the Moonlight LuLu Big River 3.2 > Copenhagen Cripple Creek The Ballad of Danny & Cleo Poison Oak Song in a Can Right Between Your Eyes
Bryan Horne double bass & vocals Nat Keefe guitar & vocals Aaron Redner fiddle, acoustic and electric mandolins & vocals Erik Yates banjo, guitar, Dobroâ„¢, & vocals Matt Butler (Everyone Orchestra) drums, funboard Front of House: Josh Osmond

Mexicali Live

Swing & Sway, Guns Or Butter, Entangled, Sifting Through The Ruins, Waiting For A Squall, Gumboots, Up On Cripple Creek, Pay Yer Dues, Desert Rat.
Lulu, Queen Elizabeth, Loose Lucy, Mingus, Butterflies, Poison Oak, Blackberry Pie, If You Gotta Go, Go Now, Right Between Your Eyes, Rebecca, Silas. E1: Jackmormon Mother, Bit By Bit
venue formerly mexicali blues

Owsley's Golden Road

Busted in Utah Hugs, Not Handshakes Lulu The Ballad of Danny & Cleo> Blow Again Friendly Wind Back on the Train Butterflies RV Entangled
Right Between Your Eyes> Rebecca* Song In A Can* Great Many Things In These Parts Crazy Glue Blossoms Silas Lighten Up Your Load What To Do
*Adam Galblum on fiddle

Redondo Beach

RV Tear My Stillhouse Down Turning The Wheel Limbs Akimbo A Great Many Things Crazy Glue I Am The Walrus Guns Or Butter Brokedown * Honkytonk Tequila * New Speedway Boogie Hugs, Not Handshakes -> Cherokee Shuffle Busted In Utah You Got Gold * = w/ Tim Bluhm
Co-Bill w/ The Mother Hips

SoHo Bar & Restaurant
Santa Barbara

Something New Lighten Up Your Load Banish Set# Two Buck Chuck Turning The Wheel Poison Oak> Billie Jean> Poison Oak Six Weeks* Limbs Akimbo^ You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'^ I've Just Seen A Face Butterflies Crazy Glue Pay Yer Dues Brokedown Sexy Bakery Girl Silas
* Erik solo # Dedicated To Emily Cloud ^ with Zach Gill, ALO, on Melodica

Owsley's Golden Road

Something New* > Busted In Utah* If You Gotta Go, Go Now New Speedway Boogie How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)# Honkytonk Tequila Butterflies Sugaree Tennessee Jed Summertime Gal
Hobo Song^ Lonesome Fiddle Blues^$ Althea@ > Desert Rat Brokedown Scarlet Begonias > The Crest Bertha@ Cumberland Blues Encore: Limbs Akimbo Turn On Your Lovelight
- billed as "A musical tribute to Jerry Garcia" on Jerry's birthday - entire show with Asher Fulero on keys, except where noted * w/o Asher ^ w/o Matt # last played 2.03.08 (175 shows) $ last played 6.30.06 (436 shows) @ first time played

Hoxeyville Music Festival

Busted In Utah Unknown Unknown Unknown %> Maggies Farm % Honkytonk Tequila % Summertime Gal % Shine Your Light Loose Lucy Unknown Bluegrass Pickin' Band Unknown
% = W/ Anders Beck From Greensky Bluegrass On Dobro

Research Park Amphitheatre

Something New A Great Many Things Poison Oak Blackberry Pie Turning The Wheel The Love You Gave Away > Busted In Utah > Up On Cripple Creek What To Do Crazy Glue Summertime Gal > Walls Of Time > Summertime Gal Limbs Akimbo Encore: Cumberland Blues


Swing & Sway If You Gotta Go Go Now Firefly Desert Rat Love You Gave Away Bertha Poison Oak Sexy Bakery Girl Brokedown Ramblin Girl Wedding Day Jam Always Be The Moon Silas Pay Yer Dues Beneath The Blossoms Ode To Billy Joe (with Kate Gaffney) Amanda Lynn Guns Or Butter Blackberry Pie
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