Will Bernard Projects and Related Artists · 2003
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
San Francisco

Mung Beans & Rice, Ripple Sole, Nook Sack, Afro Sheen, Sultan, Motherbug Theme
Bed Head, Close Shave, Elements Of Style, Low & Behold, Invisible Superheros, Three Toed Sloth, Talk To The Hand, 100 Cha Chas. Fried Banana Leaves, Chomper
Soundcheck #1, Soundcheck #2, Soundcheck #3, Soundcheck #4, Soundcheck #5, Soundcheck #6, Soundcheck #7

Boom Boom Room
San Francisco

Close Shave Pt. 1* Mung Beans & Rice* Low and Behold* Nook Sack Motherbug Theme Afro Sheen
Bed Head Elements of Style* > Three Toed Sloth* > Invisible Superheroes > Ripple Sole Fried Banana Leaves Talk to the Hand Pursuit of Happiness Encore: Cornflakes* > Azeem Jam* - with guest vocalist Azeem on freestyle rhyme
Will Bernard (guitar) Michael Bluestein (keys) Jan Jackson (drums) Keith McArthur (bass) * - with guest vocalist Azeem on freestyle rhyme This was the "farewell" peformance featuring this, the original lineup of Motherbug. Signal Path opened.

Sweetwater Saloon
Mill Valley

Motherbug Theme Nook Sack Tank Top Mung Beans and Rice Folding Green Pursuit of Happiness* Ripple Sole*
Close Shave (part one) untitled new tune Sultan Rounders Afro Sheen Bed Head Talk to the Hand
Will Bernard (guitar) Michael Bluestein (keys) Ryan Newmann (bass) Paul Spina (drums) *- for most of the show Will played his standard Gibson hollowbody, but for Pursuit and Ripple he played a "Ransom" custom, which looked like a Les Paul Jr. and Will notes that it was modelled after a "Sears and Roebuck guitar from the 50's".

The Rainbow

Motherbug Theme, Nook Sack, Bed Head, - ? -, Close Shave Pt. 1, Folding Green, Rounders, Mung Beans and Rice, - ? -, Ripple Sole, Afro Sheen

Elbo Room
San Francisco

Motherbug Theme Mung Beans and Rice Rounders Folding Green Kaki Jam% Ms. Riverside* new Bernard tune* Let the Music Take Your Mind*+ Stay*+
New Drummer Jam^ > Drummer Switch Jam* Afro Sheen* Bedhead Nook Sack* Talk to the Hand*$
MOTHERBUG Will Bernard (guitar) Will Blades (organ) Ryan Newman (bass) Paul Spina (drums) % - w/ Kaki King on acoustic guitar * - w/ ERIC KRASNO (Soulive) on electric guitar + - w/ Neal Evans on organ, Alan Evans on drums, both of Soulive; they replaced Motherbug's drum/keys players. ^ - w/ NEAL Evans on drums (not organ); Paul Spina plays beer bottle, then switches into his drum seat as Track 2 begins. $ - w/ Adam Theiss on trombone

Knitting Factory
New York

Will Bernard - Guitar Marco Benevento - B3 Organ Gabe Jarrett - Drums Special Guests: Peter Apfelbaum - Tenor Sax Chuck Mckinnon - Trumpet Joe Russo - Drums

North By Northwest

Bed Head Mephisto Folding Green ? Motherbug Theme Nook Sack Crab Apple Red Crispy Human Transmission ? * > Freebird Tease Smells Like Teen Spirit
* Lee Morgan cover, title unknown Will Bernard - Guitar Gabe Jarrett - Drums Marco Benevento - Organ/Keys

North by Northwest

Lineup: Marco Benevento, organ; Gabe Jarrett, drums; Will Bernard, guitar - 2 sets.

The Pour House

Will Bernard - Guitar Marco Benevento - Keys Gabe Jarret - Drums

North Beach Jazz Festival, Union Street Stage
San Francisco

Nook Sack Motherbug Theme Bed Head Rattlesnake Trap* Ripple Soul Pursuit of Happiness Afro Sheen*#
entire show w/ ADAM THEISS on trombone * - w/ Sam Kinninger on sax # - w/ "Jungle Boogie" teases

The Fairview Pub

Will Bernard: Guitar Joe Russo: Drums Ryan Newman: Bass Cochemea Gastelum: Alto Sax on track#6 Openner for Robert Walter's 20th Congress

Tractor Tavern

Talk to the Hand Ms. Riverside Intro > ? ? ? ?
Tried the best I could with tracking and song titles. If you have an update for this, please email me. An updated version of this can be found at: http://www.geocites.com/alienbobz/wbm2003-11-01.txt Will Bernard & Motherbug are: Will Bernard - guitar Joe Russo - drums Ryan Newman - bass Cochemea Gastelum - saxophone Compiled by alienbobz@yahoo.com (2004-01-15).

Moe's Alley
Santa Cruz

Joined by Fareed Haque on guitar.

New York

Will Bernard-guitar,Marco Benevento-keys,Joe Russo-drums,Peter Apfelbaum-tenor sax

San Francisco

Talk to the Hand Mung Beans and Rice Share the Sea Ripple Soul > Close Shave Leo's Cat
Motherbug Theme Nook Sack Afro Sheen Bed Head Three Toed Sloth jam* > Sultan [encore] Low and Behold
lineup : Will Bernard (guitar) Keith McArthur (bass) Jan Jackson (drums) Will Blades (organ) * - based on Hendrix's "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" (?)

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

Gonna Have A Funky Good Time* Cross The Tracks / Thelonious Four In One Brake's Sake Stomping Ground / Green Chimneys Bemsha Swing Epistrophy > The Pay Back
Get On The Good Foot / Rockhard In A Funky Place > Cold Sweat > Shuffle Boil / You Can Have Watergate, Just Give Me Some Bucks** Damn Right I'm Somebody Ruby My Dear Meeting At Termini's Corner / I Got A Bag Of My Own / Brilliant Corners I Got To Move / In Walked Bud > Jackie-ing Outro E: Skippy
* w/ Schott Band Re-Introduction ** Slow Blues Version

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

The Payback Four In one Skippy Ruby My Dear ??? Damn Right I'm Somebody Epistrophy
I Got To Move ??? Shufflegate (?) Jackieing Get On The Good Foot Long Black Veil Teo E: ???

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