Col. Bruce Hampton and Related Artists · 1993
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Fox Theater

Intro, Compared to What, Two Truckloads, Time Flack, Shoeless Joe, Dead Presidents, Band Intros, No Ego’s Underwater, New River Train, Basically Frightened, Time is Free, Otiel & Q, Time is Free, Ain’t Nothing You Can Do, Working on a Building
Set II: Intro, Jam, Payday, Fixin’ to Die, Lost My Mule, How to Swing, I Go Crazy, Lives of Longevity, Sitting on Top of the World, Throndossa, Zambiland, Space is the Place, Apt. Q-258 Solo, Otiel Time, Space is the Place:, Yield Not to Temptation, Cheese Frog

Moving Sounds Through Space & Time: documentary fr

This is a documentary from WETV-30 in Atlanta, GA that contains interviews with and about Bruce Hampton. There are random bits of live footage from the late 70's and early 80's throughout the documentary. The live footage is from the Hampton Geese Band and the Late Bronze Age. The second part of the video is footage from an in-studio "promo" shoot for the Late Bronze Age songs: Arkansas, Brato Ganibe & Strange Voices. note: There are a few minor, split-second video dropouts from the source vhs. Total runtime: 38:52 Video: Studio Footage, Unknown Generation Source VHS>JVC HR-S5912U>S-Video Out>Toshiba RD-XS32> DVD>TMPGenc MPEG Editor(LOSSLESS)>Vegas 7.0> DVD Architect 4.0> DVD (MPEG-2 @ 8000kbps)NTSC Audio: From Video(Pro)-LPCM AUDIO @ 1536kb/s Source VHS provided to Bret Evans by Jonathan Epstein. THANKS!! Transfer/Edit/Author: A. Radford November, 2006
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