Medeski Martin & Wood and Related Artists · 2019
Display shows for related artists: Billy Martin (illy B) , Medeski Martin & Wood
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Brooklyn Steel

Kid Tao Mammal (Unworldliness Weirdo) Billy Banter Alan Banter Henduck > # Just Like I Picture It # Alan Banter Dowland Remix ** Eye Of Ra
Big Time > # Coconut Boogaloo # Escape Wisconsin (Alarm Remix) ** Alan Banter Northern Lights Alan And Billy Banter Coral Sea Anonymous Skulls End Of The World Party (Just In Case) Encore: Point-Ill-Ism
Performed with Alarm Will Sound: Erin Lesser - flutes, piccolo Christa Robinson - oboe, english horn Bill Kalinkos - clarinet Elisabeth Stimpert - clarinet, bass clarinet Michael Harley - bassoon, contrabassoon, voice Tim Leopold - trumpet Michael Clayville - trombone Shelagh Abate - horn Andrew Hitz - tuba Matt Smallcomb - percussion Christopher Thompson - percussion Peter Ferry - percussion John Orfe - piano, composer Courtney Orlando - violin, voice Caleb Burhans - violin, electric guitar, composer Nathan Schram - viola Stefan Freund - violoncello, composer Miles Brown - double bass Alan Pierson - artistic director, conductor Daniel Neumann - technical director, audio engineer Gavin Chuck - managing director, composer Jason Varvaro - production manager Chihiro Shibayama - librarian # = MMW only ** = AWS only
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