Glen Phillips and Related Artists · 2003
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Los Angeles

Sleep of the Blessed Back on My Feet Courage Gather Duck and Cover Train Wreck With Sean and Sara Watkins: La Lune (Sean Kennedy/Woodburning Project) Comes a Time Windmills Let it Fall Sake of the World Fiddle medley Revelator (Gillian Welch/David Rawlings) Easier Whatever I Fear Greer Zoller Spirit (Mike Scott/Waterboys) Professional Victim Reasons Why Liars Everywhere Trouble (Jon Brion) Political Science (Randy Newman) Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder) Encore: back to just Glen Darkest Hour Judgement Day Let it Pass Don't Need Anything

Los Angeles

Flanagan Introduction Duck And Cover Comes A Time Dam Would Break Train Wreck Far Away Windmills My Own Town "oil Rant" Fred Meyers Courage Easier Small Dark Movie Two-headed Boy Pt. 2 Old Man Drive By Lay Down Your Arms Disc 2: Men Just Leave Another Half-life Simple Thankful Mr. Poppy Maya Gabriel "how Many Hipsters" Back On My Feet Greer Zoller "that's Not Entertainment" Crowing "you Miserable Sons Of ..." E: Political Science Darkest Hour All I Want (singalong) I Don't Need Anything

Santa Barbara

Sleep of the Blessed Better Off Here Comes A Time Back on My Feet Duck and Cover Gather Dam Would Break Small Dark Movie Fred Meyers Another Half-Life Marigolds Mr. Poppy Dr. Dresser Shorn Courage Windmills Easier Drive By Train Wreck Whatever I Fear Thankful Political Science All I Want Don't Need Anything

Los Angeles

Sleep of the Blessed Mr. Poppy Marigolds (Brett Simon On Bass Comes On) I Don't Need Anything Easier (Brett and Ramy Antoun Join Glen) Duck and Cover Better Off Here A Lot to Be Thankful for Train Wreck Windmills Back in the Ocean Again Judgment Day Gather Chapel Perilous Half Life The Hole Never Was Cool Dam Would Break Simple Courage *Encore* Small Dark Movie - (Greg Brown Cover) Mother Stands for Comfort - (Kate Bush Cover) Love is Stronger Than Death - (The The Cover) Political Science - (Randy Newman Cover)

Tractor Tavern

Duck & Cover Crowing Trainwreck Gather Whatever I Fear Thankful Gabriel Comes a Time Easier Simple Fred Meyers Drive By Windmills Dr. Dresser Mr. Poppy High on a Riverbed Courage Mother Stands for Comfort~ Between the Bars* Love is Stronger Than Death^ Political Science# Nightingale Song Something's Always Wrong + Another Half Life Darkest Hour@ Don't Need Anything Walk on the Ocean Thinking Out Loud$ The Hole (Behind the House) I Will Not Take These Things for Granted
+ unplugged ~ Kate Bush cover * Elliott Smith cover ^ The The cover # Randy Newman cover $ Ron Sexsmith cover

Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

Comes A Time Whatever I Fear Thinking Out Loud + Duck And Cover Rachael @ Professional Victim Maya Easier Train Wreck The Innocent (AKA Judgment Day) Thankful Courage Windmills Gather Chapel Perilous Half Life Marigolds Don't Need Anything All I Want Hyperballad # Better Off Here Nightingale Song Small Dark Movie ^ The Hole Political Science *
@ only known performance + Ron Sexsmith cover # Bj?rk cover ^ Greg Brown cover * Randy Newman cover

Los Angeles

Brain Trust Kid Dam Would Break Careless Thankful* Simple* Easier* Duck and Cover* The Hole* Courage* Better Off Here* Gather* Half Life* Chapel Perilous* Revelator*@ ^ Encore: All I Want + Something's Always Wrong +
+ unplugged * with Ramy Antoun - drums Brett Simon - bass (except Revelator) John Fields - piano (bass on Revelator) @ with Sean Watkins - guitar Sara Watkins - fiddle ^ Gillian Welch cover

Santa Barbara

Comes a Time Dam Would Break Thinking Out Loud ^ Brain Trust Kid Thankful* Windmills* My Own Town* Back in the Ocean Again* Brother* She* % Back On My Feet* Far Away* Easier* Crowing* Train Wreck* Courage* Gather* Whatever I Fear* Fred Meyers* Old Man # Two Headed Boy (Part 1) @ Mother Stands For Comfort $ P.S. The Hole Maya Drive By Something's Always Wrong + All I Want + Encore: Better Off Here* Chapel Perilous* Let's Ruin Everything Tonight
*w/Ramy Antoun - percussion + unplugged ^ Ron Sexsmith cover % Gram Parsons cover # Randy Newman cover @ Neutral Milk Hotel cover $ Kate Bush cover

Red Light Cafe, Atlantis Music Conference

Glen Phillips Solo: Duck and Cover A Lot To Be Thankful For Thinking Out Loud (Ron Sexsmith Cover) Simple Gather Brain Trust Kid Falling Easier The Hole Dam Would Break
Glen Phillips with Nickel Creek: All Things In Time Crowing Between The Bars (Elliot Smith Cover) Men Just Leave Let It Fall Sake Of The World Political Science (Randy Newman Cover) Marie (Randy Newman Cover) Ferdinand The Bull Whatever I Fear Trouble (Jon Brion Cover) Windmills Out Of The Woods Darkest Hour Fred Meyers Don't Need Anything
with special guests Nickel Creek

Santa Barbara

Sleep of the Blessed Crowing Courage Dam Would Break Half-Life Train Wreck Nanci Comes a Time All I Want Between the Bars * Gather Thankful Careful Windmills Brother Fred Meyers Throw It All Away Duck and Cover The Great Valerio ^ Chapel Perilous Easier Back on My Feet Liars Everywhere The Hole Judgement Day Drive By Political Science # Whatever I Fear Fall Down Mr. Poppy Revelator @ Don't Need Anything Encore: Small Dark Movies % Walk on the Ocean ** I Still Love You
* Elliot Smith cover ^ Richard Thompson cover # Randy Newman cover @ Gillian Welch cover % Gregg Brown cover ** unplugged/singalong

Los Angeles

Duck and Cover Careless Courage Comes a Time Gather Torn Thankful The Last Sunset * Dam Would Break Small Dark Movie Another Half-life The Hole (aborted) Greer Zoller Something to Say Easier Mr. Poppy Stupid Ziggy Stardust Shorn Let It Pass Better Off Here Windmills Don't Need Anything Encore: Drive By
* new song co-written with Kim Richey

Top Cat's

Sleep of the Blessed Pale Thankful Men Just Leave Another Half Life Crowing Darkest Hour Trainwreck Duck And Cover Windmills Easier Something to Say Stupid There Comes A Time All I Want Courage Whatever I Fear Back On My Feet Simple Throw It All Away The Last Sunset Fred Meyers Mr. Poppy Gabriel All Things In Time Encore Break Walk On The Ocean* Don't Need Anything
* with Gus Black

North Star Bar

Duck and Cover Whatever I Fear Train Wreck Comes A Time Back On My Feet Crowing It Takes Time Courage Liars Everywhere Brother Easier Another Half-life Windmills Between the Bars * Thankful Sleep of the Blessed The Last Sunset Stupid Simple Two Headed Boy Part I ** All I Want Walk on the Ocean Better Off Here Drive By Don't Need Anything Crazy Train *** Fred Meyers Small Dark Movies **** I Will Not Take These Things for Granted
* Elliott Smith cover ** Neutral Milk Hotel cover *** Ozzy Osbourne cover **** Greg Brown cover

The Fez
New York

Sleep Of The Blessed Dam Would Break Courage Comes A Time Train Wreck All I Want Easier Crazy Love (Van Morrison Cover) Duck And Cover High On A Riverbed Windmills Thinking Out Loud (Ron Sexsmith Cover) Simple A Lot To Be Thankful For Walk On The Ocean Drive By Fred Meyers Crowing Don't Need Anything Everything Matters Better Off Here All Things In Time

The Middle East

Crowing Easier Train Wreck Let It Pass All I Want Gather Whatever I Fear Chapel Perilous Brother Duck And Cover A Lot To Be Thankful For Windmills Fred Meyers Stupid Star Trek Theme Two Headed Boy Pt. II Another Half-Life Walk On The Ocean Nightingale Song Falling Drive By All Things In Time Something's Always Wrong Political Science Don't Need Anything Dam Would Break

Messiah College

Duck and Cover Crowing There Comes A Time Sleep Of The Blessed Liars Everywhere Fred Meyers One More Dollar (Gillian Welch Cover) Nanci Everything Matters The Last Sunset Dam Would Break Train Wreck Gabriel Walk On The Ocean (with singers from the audience and Teitur) Don't Need Anything (with Teitur) Easier (with Teitur) All I Want Falling Shorn Windmills The Hole Fly From Heaven Drive By Brother I Still Love You

The Loft Sessions

Glen Phillips with Teitur XM Radio The Loft Sessions November 15th, 2003 Taper: Chris Berryman ( Source: Delphi SkyFi XM Receiver->Lunatec 316->Apogee Mini-Me->Fujitsu P2110 via USB->N-track @ 16/44.1 Transfer: CDWav->mkwACT Transfer By: Chris Berryman ( 01. Intro 02. Sleeping With the Lights On * 03. Easier 04. Josephine * 05. Last Sunset 06. I Was Just Thinking * 07. Don't Need Anything 08. Rough Around the Edges * 09. Franchesca 10. Waiting for Mars * 11. Greer Zoller 12. Marie (Randy Newman Cover) * 13. Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince via Sinead O'Connor Cover) 14. End * = Teitur Song NO EQ, PROCESSING, DSP OR NORMALIZATION WAS DONE IN THE PREPARATION OF THIS SHN. ALL COPYRIGHTS HELD BY THE ARTISTS!!! Visit to purchase Glen's CDs and many other great CDs Visit to be able to subscribe to great programming specials like the above listed show!!

Black Orchid

Sleep Of The Blessed Courage Nanci Torn Marigolds My Own Town Windmills Gather Shorn Dam Would Break Easier Train Wreck Walk On The Ocean * Fred Meyers * Something's Always Wrong * I Don't Need Anything # Duck And Cover # The Last Sunset % Men Just Leave % Amanda's Dream @ Brain Trust Kid It Takes Time Darkest Hour All I Want Thinking Out Loud The Seductress All Things In Time --ENCORE-- Sir Duke * Sing-A-Long, w/ P.A. off # w/ Teitur, P.A. off % w/ Teitur, P.A. on @ Teitur solo

Los Angeles

Duck and Cover Everything Matters Another Half-Life Last Sunset Let It Pass The Hole Marigolds Thankful Windmills Comes A Time Courage Fred Meyers Between the Bars Sake of the World Sleigh Ride La Lune Greer Zoller Let It Fall Gabriel Easier Drive By All I Want Don't Need Anything Walk on the Ocean
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