String Cheese Incident and Related Artists · 2006
Display shows for related artists: Billy Nershi & Liza Oxnard , Comotion , String Cheese Incident
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Pozo Saloon
Santa Margarita

Restless Wind, Sometimes a River, Little Hands > Jam > Eye Know Why, Barstool, Pretty Polly, Mouna Bowa, Peace of Mind, Big Bottom > Drums > Best Feeling > Outside Inside Encore: Tamba, Sittin' on Top of the World, Close Your Eyes
Ratdog Opened

Greek Theatre
Los Angeles

Search Pack it Up Can't Stop Now Shine Cats* One Step Closer Give Me The Love Impressions Coal Train Jam Impressions+ Hey Pocky Way + Boo Boo's Pik-A-Nik Rain & Texas
* = First Time Played Cats (new Billy tune) & = First Time Played Rain (new Kyle Tune) + = with Kenny Brooks

Viejas Concerts In The Park

Rollover, New Pollution, Adobe Jam, Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms, MLT, Texas Town, Tamba, Lost, Drums, Big Mon, 45th of November, Jellyfish, Rivertrance Enc: Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad

Dodge Theatre

Way Back Home Yo Se Rhythm Of The Road Piece Of Mine The Old Home Place Freedom Jazz Dance I Wish Lonesome Fiddle Blues > Jam > Lonesome Fiddle Blues Miss Brown's Teahouse > Hot In Herre > Miss Brown's Teahouse > Don't Say It Is What It Is
Guests: Kenny Brooks (From Ratdog) - Freedom Jazz Dance

Pine Mountain Amphitheater

Rain Desert Dawn Drive Banter Think Of What You've Done > Blackberry Blossom Solution^ Land's End Smile
Climb > Joyful Sound > Dudley's Kitchen Cats > This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) > Big Shoes > Round The Wheel Black Market > How Mountain Girls Can Love Barstool

The Great Saltaire

Daryl, Under African Skies > Looking Glass > Rhum 'N Zouc > Drums^, Friend Of The Devil^^, Pack It Up, Sometimes A River > Eye Know Why, Just One Story, Sweet Melinda > Restless Wind Encore: San José

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

One Step Closer, Got What He Wanted, Rain, Miss Brown's Teahouse, Can't Stop Now, Desert Dawn
Kidney In A Cooler*, Shine, Birdland, Flying Home Jam, Birdland, Resume Man, Solution, Way Back Home, Texas Enc: China Cat Sunflower** > I Know You Rider**
* with Keller Williams ** with Keller Williams and Bob Weir, Jay Lane, Jeff Chimenti, Kenny Brooks from Ratdog

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Outside Inside > Best Feeling > Sittin' On Top Of The World, Mailbox Blues*, Ballad Of Stagger Lee*, Piece Of Mine, Black And White#, Search#, Shining Star#
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad^, It Is What It Is, Sometimes A River, Smile, Eye Know Why#, Rivertrance E: Tamba#, Black Clouds
* - w/ Taj Mahal # - w/ Panjea Horns (Trumpet & Saxophone) ^ - w/ Ratdog

Marcus Ampitheater

Come As You Are, Close Your Eyes, Black Market, Kevmo Jam, Close Your Eyes, Yo Sé, Cats, The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)*, Little Hands, Pack it Up, Sirens, So Lonely, Rollover E: Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
*with Ratdog and Keller Williams who opened the evening Summerfest

Starlight Theatre
Kansas City

Cedar Laurels Missin' Me Boo Boo's Picnic Solution Rhum 'n' Zouc One Step Closer Doin' My Time Sing A New Song > Rain Windy Mountain > Lonesome Fiddle Blues > Concrete Jungle > Born On The Wrong Planet > Lonesome Fiddle Blues

Fox Theatre
St. Louis

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Heads Up Jam Wheel Hoss Looking Glass Desert Dawn Latinissmo Piece Of Mine Friend Of The Devil* Bam! Big Shoes Way Back Home ENCORE: Good Times Around The Bend
* Friend Of The Devil features Bob Weir (guitar & vocals), Jeff Chimenti (keyboards), Mark Karan (guitar), and Kenny Brooks (saxophone))

PromoWest Pavilion

Magic Carpet Ride> Lost> White Freightliner Blues, Tamba, Valley of The Jig, Ring of Fire, Howard
Drums> Search, Sometimes A River> Boogie On Reggae Woman, The Big Compromise> Shine, Dirk> Over The Waterfall> Restless Wind Encore: Seventh Step, Round The Wheel

Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center

Smile Pack It Up Give Me The Love> Barstool * Look At Where We Are Indian Creek 45Th of November
Disc 2: Skat * Outside Inside Climb> Black Clouds *-W/Mark Karan
Some Rain And Wind Noise at times during last 2 songs of the show due to severe thunderstorms rolling through the area.

Electric Factory

Best Feeling, One Step Closer, MLT, New Pollution -> Jam -> MLT, Joyful Sound, Rain -> Drums, Shenandoah Breakdown, Think Of What You've Got, Solution, Black Market -> Jam -> I Wish, Rhythm Of The Road Encore - Rollover

Radio City Music Hall
New York

Drums > Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Close Your Eyes, Birdland, Flying East Jam, Birdland, Sirens, Water, Mouna Bowa, Cats, Eye Know Why, It Is What It Is, Can't Stop Now

Radio City Music Hall
New York

Way Back Home, Restless Wind, Sometimes A River, Pack it Up, Looking Glass, Dudley's Kitchen, Miss Brown's Teahouse, Land's End, Big Apple Jam, Glory Chords, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, All Star Jam, I Know You Rider
Miss Brown's Teahouse features Vinx on vocals Shine On You Crazy Diamond features Kenny Brooks on saxophone I Know You Rider features Bob Weir, Jay Lane, Jeff Chimenti, Mark Karan, Kenny Brooks, Robin Sylvester (all from Ratdog) and Aaron Johnston on percussion (from The Brazilian Girls, Comotion)

Tweeter Center

Acoustic Set Panama Red Salt Creek Dim Lights Thick Smoke Pirates 45th Of November Lester Had a Coconut Hold Whatcha Got Weary Homesick Blues Missin' Me -> Remington Ride KC Moan * Dark Hollow *
Electric Set 'Round The Wheel -> Jam -> Born On The Wrong Planet Piece Of Mine Texas Town Tamba Sweet Melinda -> & Lovelight % * with Bob Weir acoustic guitar, vocals & with Mark Karan on guitar % with Bob Weir on guitar and vocals and Mark Karan on guitar

10,000 Lakes Festival (Soo Pass Ranch)
Detroit Lakes

Intro, Texas > Johnny Cash, Solution, The Joker, San Jose*, Looking Glass > Bam
Under African Skies > Rivertrance > Howard, Sometimes A River, Rain, Jellyfish > Dirk > Black Clouds, Banter E: On The Road
* w/ Garaj Mahal

Moose's Tooth Pub & Pizzeria

Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother Lonesome Fiddle Blues Missin' Me > Wheel Hoss The Walls Of Time Climb One Step Closer > Drums > Way Back Home
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Sitting On Top Of The World High On A Mountain Top Pack It Up > Outside & Inside > Desert Dawn Could You Be Loved
Shenandoah Breakdown * The Old Home Place ^ Come Back Home @ Mouna Bowa # Joyful Sound > Rollover Encore: Walk This Way * = Kang & Billy ^ = Kang, Billy & Keith @ = w/ Jim Sandy On Keys # = w/ Ben Millstein On Congas

Bear Tooth Theatre Pub

Texas Town Round The Wheel > Can't Stop Now Heart Of Saturday Night Piece Of Mine Black & White Little Hands > Dudley's Kitchen
Blackberry Blossom It Is What It Is MLT Doin' My Time Black Market > I Wish > Vocal Jam > Black Clouds > Round The Wheel Encore #1: Tamba > Quinn The Eskimo > How Mountain Girls Can Love Encore #2: Shine Barstool

Fuji Rock Festival

Intro 'Round The Wheel How Mountain Girls Can Love MLT Search Close Your Eyes Another Brick In The Wall pt 2 Rollover

Fuji Rock Festival '06 Field
Naeba, Niigata

Come As You Are Best Feeling Daryl Sometimes A River Yo Se Miss Brown's Teahouse Way Back Home Black Clouds
Lively Up Yourself * Desert Dawn Outside And Inside Rain The Old Home Place Rivertrance Smile Joyful Sound Texas Encore: Sittin' On Top Of The World
* with Brendan Bayliss from Umphrey's McGee

Marymoor Park Amphitheatre

Search Missin’ Me -> Boo Boo’s Pik-A-Nik Doin’ My Time Solution -> Birdland Rhythm Of The Road -> Rain
One Step Closer -> It Is What It Is -> Sirens -> Eye Know Why The Big Compromise * -> Shine * Shantytown -> I Know You Rider * = w/ Scott Law On Guitar
Jerry Garcia's Birthday

Marymoor Park Amphitheatre

Suntan Got What He Wanted -> Whiskey Before Breakfast Wake Up Pack It Up Wheel hoss Black & White -> Ramblin' Man
Looking Glass -> Pirates 45th Of November Born On The Wrong Planet -> Valley Of The Jig Jellyfish * Howard Encore: Restless Wind * = w/ Chris Littlefield On Trumpet.

Cuthbert Amphitheatre

Lil Hands San Jose Piece Of MIne High On A Mountain Top Black Market Dirk Can't Stop Now
LFB Sometimes A River Close Your Eyes Sand Dollar Desert Dawn Texas Town Naive Melody Black Clouds
No encore was played.

Cuthbert Amphitheatre

Joyful Sound > Daryl, Weary Homesick Blues, Water, MLT > Pollution > MLT, Outside Inside
Come As You Are > Smile, Walls Of Time, Freedom Jazz Dance, Pretty Polly > Drumz, Bam, Way Back Home, Rollover, On The Road

Cuthbert Amphitheater

I Saw The Light Wayfaring Stranger Blackberry Blossom Panama Red Duncan & Brady Eat My Dust I've Just Seen A Face Rocky Road Blues Shenandoah Breakdown
100 Year Flood > Mountain Girls Yo Se Barstool Cedar Laurels Shakin The Tree > Round The Wheel
Round The Wheel Reprise Just One Story Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms Galactic Don't say Mouna Bowa Best Feeling > Texas Thank You To The Crew The Bridge Good Times Around The Bend

Stubb's BBQ

Intro Way Back Home Sittin’ On Top Of The World Pack It Up It Is What It Is Rhum ‘N Zouc Magic Carpet Ride Rivertrance Missin’ Me Outside And Inside encore’s: I Am A Pilgrim On The Road Way Back Home
ACL Aftershow

Zilker Park

Search Sometimes a River Rain Restless Wind Shine Texas
"Austin City Limits Music Festival" Bill Nershi's birthday The band performed later at Stubb's

Aragon Ballroom

Lonesome Fiddle Blues, High On A Mountain Top, Sometimes A River, Mouna Bowa, Miss Brown's Teahouse > The Bridge > Miss Brown's Teahouse, Shine
Howard, Ring of Fire > Daryl, Resume Man, Eye Know Why, Doin' My Time, Way Back Home > Drums > Jam > On The Road Enc: Elvis' Wild Ride*, Round The Wheel
* Billy and Travis only

Aragon Ballroom

Close Your Eyes, One Step Closer> Yose, Midnight Moonlight, Smile, Black Market> Kevmo Jam> I Wish, Rain
Intro, Best Feeling> Desert Dawn, Shakin The Tree, County Road Blues, Search, Solution, Black Clouds> Outside Inside> Jessica ENCORE Amazing Grace> Missin Me> Salt Creek, Texas

Michigan Theater
Ann Arbor

Murat Theatre

Come As You Are, Suntan, Up The Canyon, Just One Story, Hotel Window, Joyful Sound, Don't Say > Restless Wind
Pack it Up, Got What He Wanted > Sand Dollar, Shantytown, Catfish John > Born On The Wrong Planet > Birdland > Wheel Hoss > Birdland Enc: How Mountain Girls Can Love

Palace Theater

MLT, Little Hands > 45th Of November, Ooh Las Vegas, 100 Year Flood > Impressions > Sittin' On Top Of The World
The Joker, Dirk > Orion's Belt > Rain, Shine, Jellyfish > Whiskey Before Breakfast E: Tamba, Rhythm Of The Road

Performing Arts Center

San Jose, Pirates, Sweet Melinda > Big Sciota, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, On Fire > Bam > Drums > It Is What It Is
Outside Inside, Water > LA Woman > Can't Stop Now, Texas Town, Way Back Home > New Pollution > Desert Dawn, Search E: Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Will it Go 'Round in Circles

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

Doin' My Time Lester Had A Coconut Just One Story County Road Blues Pretty Polly Metered Man Missin' Me Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms Howard
Under African Skies The Hobo Song Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 'Round The Wheel Piece Of Mine Big Shoes Drums Smile Encore: Freedom Jazz Dance Black Clouds Salt Creek Black Clouds

Thomas Wolfe Auditoreum

Got What He Wanted > Sittin' On Top Of The World Bend Down Low > Solution Mouna Bowa Looking Glass > Valley Of The Jig > Rollover
Drums* Miss Brown's Teahouse > Chameleon > Miss Brown's Teahouse Sometimes A River Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother Panama Red Rain Land's End > Ramble On > I Know You Rider ENCORE: Big Mon** Think Of What You've Done** Close Your Eyes
*all of Delta Nove on drums/percussion enter from the rear of the auditoreum, jam at the front of the stage, then go onstage as SCI returns for set 2! **with Billy Constable on banjo

Blackbaud Stadium

Best Feeling > Daryl, Long Black Veil1, Free Mexican Air Force*, No Woman No Cry*, MLT, Joyful Sound > Search
Black and White > How Mountain Girls Can Love, Sirens > Eye Know Why, Black Market > I Wish > On The Road Enc: Restless Wind
* with Peter Rowan on guitar and vocals, Sharon Gilchrist on mandolin and vocals, and Bryn Bright on vocals

Tennessee Theater

White Freightliner Blues > Born On The Wrong Planet, Bumpin' Reel, These Waves > Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms, Eat My Dust, Sing a New Song > Dirk
Cedar Laurels, Cottonmouth, Pack it Up, Heart of Saturday Night > 45th of November > Texas, Rivertrance, Walk This Way Enc: Little Hands > The Mighty Quinn

Koka Booth Amphitheater at Regency Park

Birdland Ring of Fire Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Yo Se High On A Mountain Top Give Me the Love > Miss Brown's Teahouse > Could You Be Loved
Just One Story Piece Of Mine The Big Compromise > Boo Boo's Pik-a-Nik Rhythm of The Road > Drums > This Must Be the Place(Naive Melody) > It Is What It Is
E: Lonesome Road Blues

Warner Theater

Bam, Missin' Me > Doin' My Time, Latinissmo > Tinder Box > Las Vegas > Wheel Hoss
Rain, Wake Up > One Step Closer, The Bridge, Way Back Home > Magic Carpet Ride > On The Road > Way Back Home Enc: Bumpin' Reel, Hotel Window > Restless Wind

Warner Theater

Sometimes A River, Mouna Bowa, Close Your Eyes, Tamba, Barstool, Dudley's Kitchen, Boogie On Reggae Woman > Outside Inside
Lost, Galactic > Round The Wheel > Solution, Drifting, Smile > Desert Dawn > Round The Wheel Enc: Blue Ridge Cabin Home, Shine

Chevrolet Theater

Just One Story Will It Go 'Round In Circles Big Mon Hold Whatcha Got Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms Pack it Up The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo) Catfish John Search
Best Feeling Eye Know Why Sand Dollar Up The Canyon Sand Dollar Black Market New Pollution Rollover Encore: Little Hands I Saw the Light

The Palladium

Daryl One Step Closer Suntan Look At Where We Are Missin' Me Looking Glass Come As You Are Life During Wartime Howard
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Worcester Jam Rhum 'N Zouc Piece Of Mine Blue Bossa Joyful Sound Rivertrance I Know You Rider Stir It Up I Know You Rider Encore: Texas

Tampa Performing Arts Center

On The Road> Close Your Eyes, These Waves> Boo Boo's Picnic > How Mountain Girls Can Love > Shenandoah Breakdown, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Jellyfish > Just One Story
Desert Dawn > Dirk, Hotel Window > Latinissmo > Rhythm of The Road, Howard > Can't Stop Now Enc: Texas Town

Pompano Amphitheater
Pompano Beach

Best Feeling > Dudley's Kitchen, Cottonmouth, Water, Freedom Jazz Dance, Bumpin' Reel > Drums, Rain
Black Market > It Is What It Is, County Road Blues, Yo Se, Big Shoes> Sirens > So Lonely > Outside Inside Enc: Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms > Wheel Hoss

FlaVet Field - University of Florida

Come As You Are > New Pollution > Come As You Are, Joyful Sound > Mouna Bowa, Weary Homesick Blues > Birdland > Got What He Wanted > Birdland > Johnny Cash, Search
Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Solution > Sittin' On Top Of The World, Under African Skies > Eye Know Why, The Joker > jam > Smile
ENCORE: Crew Appreciation, 'Round The Wheel > This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) > 'Round The Wheel

Vegoose Music Festival - Double Down Stage
Las Vegas

Burnin' Down The House -> Once In A Lifetime Ninja Blatant Ripoff Luckiest Man Mullet Cut Sing For My Dinner Portapotty Lightning Bob Rules -> Restless Wind -> Bob Rules (reprise) Bargain Life Is -> Freaker By The Speaker
With Keller Williams

Orleans Arena
Las Vegas

The Monkees Theme Black Clouds BAM! Piece Of Mine 'Round The Wheel -> Solution -> Birdland -> Wheel Hoss -> Birdland Las Vegas -> Welcome To The Jungle -> Drums -> Zumanity Cirque Jam -> Welcome To The Jungle
Shantytown Rain Little Hands -> Concrete Jungle -> Bumpin' Reel Eye Know Why -> Jungle Boogie -> Texas Encore: Doin' My Time Daryl
Late Night

Orleans Arena
Las Vegas

Show started in the wee hours of Monday the 30th and ended around the time the sun came up.

The Fabulous Fox Theater

Close Your Eyes, Mouna Bowa, Just One Story, Joyful Sound, Windy Mountain, On The Road > Rain > On the Road
Black Clouds > Born on the Wrong Planet > Lands End > Resume Man > Remington Ride , Elvis's Wild Ride > Lands End > Bigger Isn't Better > Johnny Cash > Lester had a Coconut >Diggin In' > Texas > Jellyfish > Black Clouds Encore: Missin' Me, The Devil Went Down to Georgia

The Fabulous Fox Theater

Good Times Around The Bend, Blackberry Blossom, Lonesome Wind Blues*, Long Journey Home, Outside and Inside, Solution > Blue Bossa, Piece of Mine, Little Hands > The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)
Howard, Meet Me In The Morning*, Don't Say > Bumpin' Reel, Shine > Farther*, Best Feeling > People Everyday** > Galactic > Shine Encore: Smile
*first time played **with Speech from Arrested Development

Boulder Theater

Drums > Rhum 'N' Zouc > Search, Sometimes A River, Lonesome Road Blues > Wheel Hoss > Lonesome Road Blues > Piece Of Mine, Emma's Dream > Land's End > San Jose
Outside Inside, Yo Se, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Pack It Up, Windy Mountain > Boogie On Reggae Woman > Eye Know Why > Texas E: Missin' Me, Sittin' On Top Of The World

Concourse Exhibition Center
San Francisco

Looking Glass > Just One Story, Doin' My Time, Tinder Box > This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) > Drums > Valley of the Jig, Way Back Home > Across the Universe > Way Back Home
Samba DeGreeley > Come As You Are, Restless Wind, On the Road, The Road Home, Galactic > 100 Year Flood > MLT, Got What He Wanted > Round the Wheel
Encore: Good Times Around the Bend, I Wish

Concourse Exhibition Center
San Francisco

Can't Stop Now, These Waves, BAM! > Rockit > BAM!, Pretty Polly, Rhum 'n' Zouc, Close Your Eyes > Rocket Man > Close Your Eyes, Desert Dawn
Miss Brown's Teahouse > Get On Up > Miss Brown's Teahouse > Star Trek Theme > Jam > Star Trek Theme¹ > Rollover > Ziggy Stardust, Rain, Farther, Dub Jam > It Is What It Is, Bumpin' Reel, Black Clouds
Encore: Joyful Sound, Birdland > Wheel Hoss > Birdland > Rollover
Notes: ¹ with NYE Countdown *Birdland features Soul Eye on vocals/rap 1st time played: -Rockit (Herbie Hancock) -Rocket Man (Elton John) -Sex Machine (James Brown) -Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie) features Travis on vocals
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