The Beatles · 2019
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Made In Merseyside

They defined music and popular culture like no other band ever will. But how did The Beatles make the journey from Merseyside teenagers to international pop stars in the 1960s? The Beatles: Made on Merseyside recounts how American rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues dragged post-war Liverpool into one of the most vibrant music cities ever with the Mersey Sound. Featuring unique archive and revealing interviews from those involved in the early years of The Beatles in Liverpool and Hamburg, we discover the story of The Beatles’ previous band formations and why it took so long for them to achieve success. From school bands to colleges, Hamburg to The Cavern Club, The Beatles moved from skiffle to rock ‘n’ roll before creating their unique sound.

Daddy Has Gone Away Now Vol. 1

Setting Up I've Got A Feeling Discussion 1 I've Got A Feeling I've Got A Feeling Don't Let Me Down Don't Let Me Down Discussion 2 Don't Let Me Down Two Of Us One After 909 Discussion 3 Because I Know You Love Me So Lucille Your Name Is Ted Discussion 4 Don't Let Me Down I've Got A Feeling Hitch Hike You Can't Do That Two Of Us Discussion 59, All Things Must Pass Maxwell's Silver Hammer7 My Imagination Discussion 62) Two Of Us3) The Palace Of The King Of Birds Don't Let Me Down All Things Must Pass Lowdown Blues Machine What I'd Say Get Back Get Back Get Back Dialogue About The Show 1 Dialogue About The Show 2 Dialogue About The Show 3 Dialogue About The Doldrums 1 Dialogue About The Doldrums 2 Dialogue About The Doldrums 3 I've Got A Feeling Oh Darling When I'm 64 Improvisation Maxwell's Silver Hammer Gone Gone Gone Dig A Pony A Case Of The Blues Gimme Some Truth, Gimme Some Truth Across The Universe Don't Let Me Down Don't Let Me Down She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Goodnight Microphone
Remastered Twickenham Rehearsals

Daddy Has Gone Away Now Vol. 2

The Long And Winding Road Let It Be Her Majesty Golden Slumbers Carry That Weight Honey Hush Stand By Me Hare Krishna Mantra Two Of Us Mean Mr Mustard Let It Be I Me Mine8,109) For You Blue She Came In Through The Bathroom Window,55) Suzy Parker I've Got A Feeling Get Back Get Back Across The Universe,82) Commonwealth Get Off Can You Dig It,94,83) Let It Be1-22) Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh Oh Darling Jazz Piano Song Woman Piano Improvisation The Back Seat Of My Car Song Of Love Get Back I've Got A Feeling I've Got A Feeling Get Back Get Back Get Back Get Back Get Back Get Back Hi-heel Sneakers Two Of Us George Quits A Quick One Dialogue About John And Yoko Pythonesque Dialogue Dialogue And Jokes 1 Dialogue And Jokes 2 Dialogue And Jokes 3 Dialogue And Jokes 4 Madman Mean Mr Mustard Watching Rainbows,35) Closing Remarks
Remastered Twickenham Rehearsals
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