John Cipollina · 2006
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Ultra Rare Tracks, Home Recordings, & Demos

JOHN CIPOLLINA - ULTRA RARE TRACKS, HOME RECORDINGS AND DEMOS 1967/1980, volume one. Disc One : JOHN CIPOLLINA & BARRY MELTON - UNKNOWN JAM 1977. (Home Recording) Jam #1 Jam #2 Blues Jam QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - DIFFERENT MIX ACETATE, LIVE LONG VERSION, ORIGINALLY SET FOR THE FIRST ALBUM AND NEVER RELEASED ! (SBD) Codine ALEX TAYLOR - DEMO RECORDED AT WALLY HEIDER STUDIOS, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 1975, featuring JOHN CIPOLLINA ON SLIDE AND ACOUSTIC GUITARS. (SBD) Live On Rock 'n' Roll BLUE HAZELHURST - DEMOS RECORDED AT THE FUNKY FEATURES, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 1978, featuring JOHN CIPOLLINA AND GREG DOUGLASS ON GUITARS. (SBD) Your Letter Midnight > That Old Train JOHN CIPOLLINA, BARRY MELTON, NICKY HOPKINS, ANDY KIRBY, HUTCH HUTCHINSON - 4 TRACKS RECORDED AT F.U.R. STUDIOS. (SBD) Fever Want To Live Leave You Untitled JOHN CIPOLLINA, NICK GRAVENITES & ROGER TROY - DEMOS 1978. (SBD) Somebody Had To Die Beat This Love What Is That Little One Thing Instrumental MISTERY TREND - DEMOS 1970 featuring JOHN CIPOLLINA (SBD) Be Your Man take 1 Instrumental take 1 Instrumental take 2 Be Your Man take 2 Disc Two : JOHN CIPOLLINA and FABIO - MILL VALLEY'S HOME RECORDINGS, JOHN CIPOLLINA'S HOUSE, MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, AUGUST 28 & 29 1980......This jam took place between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. Who Do You Love take 1 (august 28) * Chat & Tuning (august 28) The Pusher take 1 (august 28) + Phone Call > The Pusher take 5 (acid version) (august 29) + Who Do You Love take 9 (acid version) (august 29) * Blues Instrumental (august 29) * * John Cipollina - lead guitar, lead vocals. Fabio - rhythm guitar, background vocals + John Cipollina - lead guitar Fabio - rhythm guitar, lead vocals.
JOHN CIPOLLINA - ULTRA RARE TRACKS, HOME RECORDINGS AND DEMOS 1970/1985, volume two. DISC ONE : JOHN CIPOLLINA on vocals and guitars GREG DOUGLASS on guitars. JARRETT WASHINGTON on piano MARIO CIPOLLINA on bass ANDY KIRBY on drums GREG ANTON on drums BLACK DRAGON REHEARSALS, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. MAY 26TH 1978. (from master reel to reel soundboard) EAST TENNESSEE BOOGIE THE TRUTH SCHOOL DAYS > LONG LIVE ROCK 'N' ROLL COUNTRY JAM FREELIGHT ALL WORTH THE PRICE YOU PAY PART 1 ALL WORTH THE PRICE YOU PAY PART 1 FEVER DREAMS TRUE GOLDEN TOUCH JOHN CIPOLLINA & DIXIE DREGS. JOHN CIPOLLINA on guitars JARRETT WASHINGTON on piano ANDY WEST on bass (DIXIE DREGS) ALLEN SLOAN on violin (DIXIE DREGS) DIXIE DREGS JAM, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. MAY 26TH 1978. (from master reel to reel soundboard) (1 channel has more instruments on it compare to the other) JAM I JAM II DISC TWO : DIXIE DREGS JAM, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. MAY 26TH 1978. (from master reel to reel soundboard) JAM III JAM IV JAM V JAM VI PRE RAVEN JAM WITH DAVE WALKER, JOHN CIPOLLINA STUDIOS, CORTE MADERA, CALIFORNIA, NOVEMBER 4TH 1975 (from John's master cassette, recording is just ok cause it was recorded with a little tape recorder in the room, but this worths to be heard, absolutely, even if there are some drops) JOHN CIPOLLINA on guitars GREG DOUGLASS on guitars DAVE WALKER on vocals DALLAS ANDERSON on bass and back-up vocals ANDY KIRBY on drums DAVID WEBER on drums DAVID LAFLAMME on violin THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER VAMPIRA GARAGE JAM, MARIN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA 1970. (from 1st generation cassette) JOHN CIPOLLINA on guitars JERRY GARCIA on vocals and guitars BOB WEIR on vocals and guitars PETE SEARS on piano THE RACE IS ON HEART OF MINE LET ME IN DARK HOLLOW JOHN CIPOLLINA, MIKE BLOOMFIELD AND A CAST OF THOUSAND - AFTER SHOW PRIVATE PARTY SUPERJAM, FILLMORE WEST, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, NOVEMBER 27TH 1985. (fragments) (from 1st generation cassette) JAM (fragments) FOR WHAT IS WORTH (fragments)
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