Oysterhead · 2001
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The Barn

Mr. Oysterhead Jam, Rubberneck Lions/Owner of the World Jam, Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Massey Hall

The Barn

Army's On Ecstasy Shadow Of A Man
Oysterhead was booked to play Irving Plaza in New York City on September 15, 2001. That show was cancelled due to the events on September 11, 2001.

Asheville Civic Center

Paramount Theater

Oz is ever Floating, Rubberneck Lions, Little Faces, Mr. Oysterhead, Radon Balloon, Army's on Ecstasy, The Grand Pecking Order, Birthday Boys, Polka Dot Rose, Owner of the World, Pseudo Suicide, E: Shadow of a Man, Immigrant Song

The Orpheum

Army's on Ecstacy Owner of the World Little Faces Shadow of a Man Pseudo Suicide Radon Balloon Rubernecking Lions
Birthday Boys Oz is Everfloating Mr. Oysterhead E: Wield the Spade E: My Generation

Salem Armory

Pseudo Suicide Little Faces Polkla Dot Rose Radon Balloon Army's on Ecstacy Owner of the World Shadow of a Man Oz is Everfloating Mr. Oysterhead Birthday Boys Rubbernecking Lions (encore) Them Changes

Greek Theater

Oz is Ever Floating, Mr. Oysterhead, Little Faces, Army's On Ecstacy, Radon Balloon, Polka Dot Rose, Pseudo Suicide, Shadow of a Man, Birthday Boys, Owner of the World, Rubberneck Lions E: Whamola and Marathon Jam, Them Changes

Hollywood Palladium
Los Angeles

Owner Of The World The Grand Pecking Order Army's On Ecstasy Little Faces Polka Dot Rose Shadow Of A Man Rubbernecking Lions Radon Balloon Pseudo Suicide Birthday Boys Oz Is Everfloating E: Mr. Oysterhead
Trey Anastasio - Electric Guitars, Vocals Les Claypool - Electric Bass, Vocals Stewart Copeland - Drums, Percussion

The Fillmore Auditorum

Army's on Ecstasy, Little Faces, Loves Me Like a Rock Jam**, Owner of the World, Grand Pecking Order, Birthday Boys, Psuedo Suicide***, Polka Dot Rose, Shadow of a Man, Mr. Oysterhead****, E: Rubberneck Lions
* - Trey on Matterhorn ** - Loves Me Like a Rock (Paul Simon, from 1973's There Goes Rhymin' Simon and the later Still Crazy After All These Years) jam while Les introduced the band *** - Moby Dick (Led Zepplin) tease **** - Voodoo Chile (Hendrix) and Rappers' Delight (Sugar Hill) teases

The Fillmore Auditorum

long extended intro-> Little Faces, Mr. Oysterhead, Oz is Ever Floating, Rubberneck Lions, Radon Balloon, Pseudo Suicide%, Army's on Ecstasy-> All Day and All of the Night*-> Walking on the Moon**-> Army's on Ecstasy, Wield the Spade, (Trey plays his "musical costume")#->Birthday Boys##, long intro jam-> Owner of the World, Encore: Them Changes
Comments: Trey wore Fishman's signature dress, Les wore a pig mask for the first two songs, then a wore a black hat. Stewart's face was painted camoflauge. %Trey quotes much of "Stash" in jam *The Kinks cover (Trey sang) **The Police cover (Les sang 1 verse) # Trey was very chatty. He played his "musical costume" and sang lyrics to several Jon Fishman classics including "Love You," "Bike," and "Cracklin' Rosie." Trey then mentioned that "you too can buy the new medley of Jon Fishman covers for only $19.99, via K-Tel Records!" ##Trey then introduced Les as "someone who really sucks" and then introduced Stewart and said "When I was 15 years old, my biggest dream in life was to play in a band with this guy, and I will say that, so this is my 15 year old cream dream, Stewart 'The Guy Who Sold Way More Records Then Me Or Les' Copeland!"

Aragon Ballroom

I: Polka Dot Rose, Psuedo Suicide, Little Faces, Rubberneck Lions, Radon Balloon, Army's on Ecstacy > jam*#, Shadow of a Man*, Wield the Spade*, Mr. Oysterhead** Encore: Birthday Boys***, Owner of the World * Trey on Matterhorn # Les on the Whamola bass ** Band faded out and let the crowd chant "when all else has been done and said..." *** Trey was pumping up the rowdy crowd with his fists and the "let's rock" fingers

Edward C. Elliott Hall of Music
West Lafayette

I: Pseudo Suicide, Little Faces, Army's On Ecstacy*, Grand Pecking Order, Owner of the World, Radon Balloon, Polka Dot Rose, Shadow of a Man** > Birthday Boys, Mr. Oysterhead*** Encore: Oz Is Ever Floating * With "Be My Girl" by the Police teases ** Trey on Matterhorn *** With "Another One Bites the Dust," "My Name is Mud" and "Dueling Banjos" teases and band induced crowd sing-a-long
During Polka Dot Rose, Les pointed out someone wearing a shirt that said Vermont on it and asked if he was wearing it because Trey is from Vermont. After his response, Les said to him, "Bless you heart." Trey then blew the fan a kiss. Drums and Tuba opened

Hill Auditorium
Ann Arbor

Little Faces, Army's On Ecstasy, Owner Of The World, Pseudo Suicide, Radon Balloon, Rubberneck Lions, Shadow Of A Man, Polka Dot Rose, Birthday Boys, Mr. Oysterhead, Encore: Immigrant Song

State Theater

Owner Of The World, Army's On Ecstasy, Polka Dot Rose, Radon Balloon, Pseudo Suicide, Shadow Of A Man, Birthday Boys, Wield The Spade, Oz Is Ever Floating, Mr. Oysterhead
Encore: The Israelites, Little Faces

Massey Hall

Disc One: The Grand Pecking Order Pseudo Suicide Owner Of The World Radon Balloon Army's On Ecstasy Polka Dot Rose Shadow Of A Man Oz Is Ever Floating Wield The Spade Disc 2 Birthday Boys Rubberneck Lions Mr. Oysterhead Encore: Changes

Utica Memorial Auditorium
West Utica

Oz is Ever Floating, Rubberneck Lions, Little Faces, Army's On Ecstasy, Radon Balloon, Pseudo Suicide, Shadow of a Man, Wield the Spade, Birthday Boys, Mr. Oysterhead, E: The Immigrant Song

Tsongas Arena

Pseudo Suicide, Owner of the World, Shadow Of A Man (fake start?) > Army's On Ecstasy, Grand Pecking Order, Rubberneck Lions,Radon Balloon, Oz is ever Floating, ?* > Wield The Spade, Birthday Boys**, Mr. Oysterhead*** Encore: Little Faces^
* same spacey jam as "**" on Friday, with the Whamola and Matterhorn ** band got the whole crowd clapping; performed acoustic > electric, but then also back to acoustic *** began with Les looking for the guy in the audience with a Mr. Oysterhead hat, then saying "He's a crafty individual. This one's for you, sir" ^ ended, with the band walking offstage, with the Trey loop that begins the track on the studio release Thanks to Ellis and Phish.net who thank Hal.

Tweeter Center

Polka Dot Rose, Little Faces , Oz Is Floating, Rubberneck Lions, Shadow of A Man, Jam -> Grand Pecking Order, Owner of the World, Radon Balloon, Army's On Ecstacy, Birthday Boys, Pseudo Suicide, Mr. Oysterhead

Roseland Ballroom
New York

Polka Dot Rose, Armys on Ecstacy, Owner of the World, Shadow of a Man, Oz is Everfloating, Rubbernecking Lions, Radon Balloon, Pseudo Suicide, Wield the Spade, Mr. Oysterhead, Encore: Birthday Boys, Little Faces

Roseland Ballroom
New York

Army's On Ecstasy Polka Dot Rose Grand Pecking Order Oz Is Ever Floating Rubberneck Lions Owner Of The World Shadow Of A Man Birthday Boys Pseudo Suicide Mr. Oysterhead Encore: Immigrant Song

Late Night With Conan O'Brien
New York

1. Oz Is Everfloating

D.A.R.-Constitution Hall

1)Polka Dot Rose 2)Oz Is Ever Floating 3)Little Faces 4)Shadow Of A Man 5)Radon Balloon 6)Pseudo Suicide
1)Rubberneck Lions 2)Birthday Boys >Clickity Clack Claypool > Birthday Boys 3)Wield The Spade > 4)Owner Of The World 5)Army's on Ecstasy 6)Mr. Oysterhead

Asheville Civic Center

Owner Of The World, Polka Dot Rose, Oz Is Ever Floating, Shadow Of A Man*^, Army's On Ecstasy*, Wield The Spade, Birthday Boys, Pseudo Suicide#, Little Faces##, Rubberneck Lions###, Mr. Oysterhead E: Immigrant Song
* Trey on Matterhorn ^ Les in flashlight goggles and dayglo-star helmet # Moby Dick (Led Zepplin) tease by Trey ## The Other One (Grateful Dead) tease by Trey ### Tommy the Cat (Primus) tease by Les

Stephen O'Connell Center

Polka Dot Rose, Oz Is Ever Floating, Rubberneck Lions, Shadow Of A Man*, Owner Of The World**, Birthday Boys, Pseudo Suicide > Little Faces***, Army's On Ecstasy, Wield The Spade#, Mr. Oysterhead##, Encore: Changes###
* - w/ Les in goggles/helmet and Trey on the Matterhorn. ** - long intro, w/ bass jam -> Whamola Stick jam *** - Stewart finishes by throwing drumsticks ^ - includes Moby Dick tease # - Les chats about the end of "*the* funnest tour" he's ever done, and thanks the crew ## - with Dueling Banjos tease by Les ### - Stewart throws barrage of drumsticks before finding the pair he wanted to use.

Raw Oysters

sbd from sessions nicknamed RAW OYSTERS; edited by stewart

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