Joy Division Compilation · 1982
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'Here Are The Young Men'

Decades Dead Souls Love Will Tear Us Apart Shadowplay Day Of The Lords Digital Colony New Dawn Fades Autosuggestion Transmission Sound Of Music She's Lost Control They Walked In Line I Remember Nothing Love Will Tear Us Apart
"Here Are The Young Men" (FACT 37v) (released 08/18/1982) 100% out of circulation. Sources: Track: 0: Rehearsal footage and title sequence from Plan K, Brussels, Belgium 01-17-80 Tracks: 1,2,3 & 11: Manchester, Apollo Theatre 10-27-1979 Tracks: 4,9,10,12 & 13: Manchester, Apollo Theatre 10-28-1979 Tracks: 5,6,7 & 8: Eindhoven, Effenaar, The Netherlands 01-18-1980 Track 14: Love Will Tear Us Apart promo video: TJ Davidson Rehearsal Studios 04-28-80 Boths nights at the Apollo were videotaped in full (on 1/2 inch tape) by Richard Boon (Buzzcocks' manager). All songs were released on the Ikon video HATYM (FACT 37: released 08/18/1982) Effenaar 01-18-80 was filmed on Super 8. LWTUA promo video performed at TJ Davidson Rehearsal Studios 04-28-80. Directed by Stuart Orme. 1st TV broadcast Granada's "Fun Factory" (06-26-80)
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