Yonder Mountain String Band · 2018
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State Theatre
State College

Insult And An Elbow Fingerprint Night Out Pass This Way > EMD > Pass This Way Dancing In The Moonlight Just The Same Bad Taste Take A Chance On Me All Aboard Looking Back Over My Shoulder Years With Rose Angel Encore: Criminal Jolene

Ram's Head Live

Part 1 Around You Don't Worry Happy Birthday A Father's Arms I've Always Been Crazy Kentucky Mandolin 40 Miles From Denver Winds Of Wyoming Son of a Preacher Man Drown Bound To Ride Chasing My Tail Sidewalk Stars Only A Northern Song Sidewalk Starsn Encore Another Day My Gal

Cat's Cradle

Sideshow Blues Train Bound For Gloryland The End Is Not In Sight No Rain River I'm Lost It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City Landfall It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City Love Before You Can't Sister Golden Hair Alison Last Of The Railroad Men All The Time Not Far Away All The Time Encore: Black Sheep Rambler's Anthem

Music Farm

On The Run > On Your Dime > Piss Up A Rope > On The Run, Don't Worry, Rambler's Anthem, I've Got A Name, Shakedown Street, Sister Golden Hair, Pockets, Jolene, Alison, It's Hard To Be A Saint, Son Of A Preacher Man, Casualty Frankenstein, White Freightliner

Stock Island

Landfall, New Dusty Miller, Little Lover, Take A Chance On Me, Don't Cry Blues, River, Pass This Way > EMD > Pass This Way, Another Day, Jolene, Rambler's Anthem, Kentucky Mandolin, Only A Northern Song, Criminal, Spanish Harlem Incident

Jannus Live
St. Petersburg

Insult And An Elbow, Just The Same, Dancing In The Moonlight, On Your Dime, Used To It> Eat In Go Deaf Eat Out Go Broke, Damn Your Eyes, Winds Of Wyoming, Groovin' Away, Last of the Railroad Men, Alison, All The Time> You're No Good> All The Time> Sidewalk Stars Encore: Walk on the Wild Side

The Plaza Live

Traffic Jam, Son of a Preacher Man, I'm Lost, Holland 1945, Amie, Around You, Left Me In A Hole, Travelin Prayer, Don't Worry Happy Birthday, Ever Fallen In Love, Fingerprint, Don't Fear the Reaper, On The Run, Scent of a Mule > Wheel Hoss > Scent of a Mule E: Bound To Ride, Ooh La La

New Orleans

Bolton Stretch, Years With Rose, Insult And An Elbow, Red Tail Lights, Nothin' But A Breeze, Left Me In A Hole, Winds Of Wyoming, Man Smart (Woman Smarter), Complicated, Bad Reputation, Little Lover, Mother's Only Son, On The Run > Piss Up A Rope > On The Run Son Of A Gun

Oak Music Hall

Intro All The Time To See You Coming 'Round The Bend Travelin Prayer Don't Worry Happy Birthday Don't Cry Blue Around You Just The Same Bad Taste Used To It Eat In Go Deaf Eat Out Go Broke I'm Lost Kentucky Mandolin Traffic Jam Not Far Away Traffic Jam Encore: Idaho For What It's Worth

The Bottleneck

Loved You Enough, Looking Back Over My Shoulder, Bound To Ride, Night Out, Complicated > Fingerprint, Travelin' Prayer, Annalee, Winds Of Wyoming, Remind Me, Sister Golden Hair, Criminal, Sideshow Blues > Jack A Roe > Sideshow Blues, E: Piss Up A Rope, Rambler's Anthem

McDonald Theater

Part 1, Winds Of Wyoming, Don't Cry Blue, Another Day, To See You Coming 'Round The Bend, All Aboard, Don't Fear the Reaper, Groovin' Away, Just The Same, Left Me In A Hole, Black Sheep, Son of a Preacher Man, Only A Northern Song, Casualty, Loved You Enough, I Know You Rider

Midtown Ballroom

Troubled Mind > 20 Eyes > Troubled Mind, Scent Of A Mule, Rain Still Falls, Little Lover, Train Bound For Gloryland, The End Is Not In Sight, Straight Line, Angel, Up For Brinkley's, Pockets, Hello City Limits, You're No Good, Traffic Jam, No Rain, Holland 1945,

Town Park

Insult And An Elbow, Just The Same > Bad Taste > Frankenstein, I've Always Been Crazy, 40 Miles From Denver, Hey Day, Damn Your Eyes, All The Time > Don't Fear The Reaper, E: Walk On The Wild Side
Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Landfall > Fire On The Mountain, I've Always Been Crazy, Chasing My Tail > Casualty, Jolene, Hey Day, Angel, Sideshow Blues, For What It's Worth

Turner Hall Ballroom

Hey Day Annalees Don't Cry Blue (Johnathan Edwards) I Second That Emotion (Smokey Robinson) Troubled Mind > 20 Eyes > Troubled Mind Don't Worry, Happy Birthday Bound to Ride (Ralph Stanley) Jolene (Dolly Parton) Just the Same Bad Taste > jam Son of a Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield) Damned if the Right One Didn't Go Wrong It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Bob Dylan) Years with Rose (Benny Galloway) Angel Encore: New Speedway Boogie (Grateful Dead)

Adrmore Music Hall

Only a Northern Song Annalee A Father's Arms End is Not in Site Ohh La La * River > Instrumental No Rain Jail Song I'm Lost Sister Golden Hair Take a Chance on Me Instrumental 2 On Your Dime > Jam > Traffic Jam Encore: 40 Miles from Denver Crazy Train

Rex Theatre

Casualty Left Me In A Hole I've Always Been Crazy Don't Worry Happy Birthday Son Of A Preacher Man Flagpole Sitta Landfall Fire On The Mountain I Need To Know Around You Just The Same Nowhere's Next All Aboard Sidwalk Stars Dancing In The Moonlight My Gal

Delmar Hall
St. Louis

Casualty White Freightliner Black Sheep White Rabbit On Your Dime 1952 Vincent Black Lightning Around You Fade to Black Countdown Touch of Grey Sister Golden Hair Goodbye Blue Sky Girlfriend Is Better Encore Left Me In A Hole 40 Miles From Denver

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