Glen Phillips & John Mayer · 2001
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World Cafe Radio Broadcast

Interview - John Mayer JM: My Stupid Mouth Interview - Glen Phillips GP: Darkest Hour Interview JM: Not Myself Interview GP: Fred Meyers Interview


Careless Sleep of the Blessed Whatever I fear She Men Just Leave Back on My Feet Two Headed Boy Part 2 Windmills My Own Town Fred Meyers Liars Everywhere Forget About Me Marie All Things in Time Maya Didn't Think You Cared Sweet Afton The Great Valero Hyper Ballad Between the Bars ? All I Want Something's Always Wrong Tea in the Sahara* Wanna Be Startin' Something* Sir Duke* Walk on the Ocean*
* with John Mayer

Zephyr Club
Salt Lake City

....this has all of glen's set and then john joined glen during his set for some songs. Unfortunately I don't have john's set. Nice cover of Tea in the Sahara. Tracks 15-22 are them together, but there is a skip in track 16, windmills.

The Cellar at John Foley's
San Francisco

John Mayer: My Stupid Mouth No Such Thing Improv Love Soon 3 x 5 City Love Your Body Is a Wonderland Neon
Glen Phillips: 10 Professional Victim Crowing (false starts) Sleep of the Blessed Darkest Hour Careless Rings Train Wreck Maya Whatever I Fear Men Just Leave Something to Say Sweet Afton (Nickel Creek) Easier Back on My Feet Political Science (Randy Newman) All I Want Drive By Windmils* Fred Meyers* Walk on the Ocean* Rainbow Connection% Throw It All Away% Something's Always Wrong%
*with John Mayer %singalong
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