Bottle Rockets · 2019
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Bantha Tea Bar

Bit Logic Pot of Gold Highway 70 Blues Radar Gun Lo-Fi Get Down, River Maybe Tomorrow Trailer Mama Sunday Sports Saxophone Welfare Music 1000 Dollar Car Knotty Pine I'll Be Comin' Around Indianapolis Dog Smokin' 100's Alone Kit Kat Clock
'Living Room Show' at a tiny venue

Euclid Records
Webster Groves

Dog (in progress) Hard Times Happy Anniversary Blue Sky I Don't Want To Go Home Alone In Bad Company Get Down, River Indianapolis 1,000 Dollar Car Trailer Mama
Record Store Day The first song + the first half of "Dog" is not on the recording.

Stone Pier
Lake View

Bit Logic Highway 70 Blues Lo-Fi Maybe Tomorrow Dog Ship It on the Frisco Monday (Everytime I Turn Around) Hard Times Happy Anniversary Blue Sky Lucky Break I Don't Want to Go Home Mendocino Alone in Bad Company Get Down River Slo Toms 24 Hours a Day Indianapolis Queen of the World I Wanna Come Home Radar Gun 1000 Dollar Car Pot of Gold Trailer Mama
Part of the Stone Pier Summer Concert Series

Fox Theatre
St. Louis

Intro Monday Highway 70 Blues Lo-Fi 1000 Dollar Car Give Me Room Dog I Wanna Come Home Stovall's Grove shape Of A Wheel Indianapolis Take Me To The Bank
Opening for Wilco

Off Broadway
St. Louis

Bit Logic Maybe Tomorrow Highway 70 Blues Lo-Fi Stovall's Grove Big Lotsa Love Dog Ship It On The Frisco Shape Of A Wheel Get On The Bus Give Me Room Suffering Servant Mountain To Climb Feeling Down Lucky Break Blue Sky Mendocino I Don't Want To Go Home
Alone In Bad Company Nancy Sinatra > Sometimes Found Dinner Train To Dutchtown Waitin' On A Train Perfect Far Away Slo-Tom's Indianapolis Welfare Music I Wanna Come Home Radar Gun 1,000 Dollar Car Take Me To The Bank Kereosene > Wave That Flag Bud Nanney Theme Trailer Mama ************ Monday Smokin' 100's Alone > 24 Hours A Day Pot Of Gold Building Chryslers
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