Rob Wasserman & Friends · 1994
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Beacon Theater
New York

White Wheeled Limosine - B. Hornsby & M. Brecker This Foolish Heart - B. Hornsby & J. Scott Living With the Law - B.Hornsby & C. Whitley Spike's Blues - solo Gypsy 1 & 2 - M. Haimovitz Fantasy is Reality - JW Harding & V. Williams God Lives Upstairs - JW Harding What a Wonderful World - V. Williams Just Jammin - V. Williams & J. Scott Easy Answers - B. Weir & C. Whitley Maggies Farm - B Weir & C. Whitley Should Had Been Me - B. Weir Fever - B. Weir & J. Scott Take Me to the River - B. Weir Throwing Stones - B. Weir & B. Hornsby Home is Where You Get Across - C. Whitley Dustin Off the Bass - L. Reed One For My Baby - L. Reed Beginning of a Great Adventure - L. Reed & D. Sanborn Jesus - L. Reed, D. Sanborn & V. Williams Sattelite of Love - L. Reed, D. Sanborn, V. Williams & J. Scott Tracks of My Heart - L. Reed Dirty Boulevard - L. Reed & M. Brecker Waiting for the Man - Everybody w/ George Recile on Drums
Guests include: Weir, Hornsby, Lou Reed, Jimmy Scott, David Sanborn, Chris Whitley and others
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