Bill Payne · 2013
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Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach

Dennis McNally monologue
Intro by Dennis McNally Bill's Intro Cat Fever Growing up in California/Piano lessons Work with other musicians/Ritchie Hayward/Gunboat Willie Song writing/Robert Hunter Jubal Wolf In The Wilderness Dennis and Bill Q and A/classical music Tracing Footsteps Through The Eyes Of A Child/All Out Of Innocence Bluegrass Pines Truck Stop Girl Tripe Face Boogie Oh Atlanta Rain Today
Bill Payne (Little Feat): Tracing Footsteps – A Journal of Music, Photography & Tales from the Road with Dennis McNally

The Top Hat

Dennis McNally opening With Grateful Dead Road Stories
Cat Fever Three Feathers And A Smile Five The Blues Keep Coming Jubal Wolf In The Wilderness Questions With Bill And Dennis Through The Eyes Of a Child/ All Out Of Innocence Devil In Your Smile Katy Cruel Shoot The Moon Mr. Tight Topsy Turvy World 7th Daughter If I Had a Mind To Uncle Johns Band Dixie Chicken > Tripe Face Boogie Oh Atlanta
The Hooligans were on the bill.

Alberta Rose Theatre

Dennis Mcnally Telling Stories Set: Worst Bus Driver Going On Tour With Bill Payne Salt Lake City Thud Pat Leahy Dances On Hanging With Al Gore Going Up With Jerry Take Me Out To The Ballpark Here Comes The Bride And Jerry Bernice Meets Jerry And The Hell's Angels Monument Valley
Bill Payne Set: Introduction Of Bill By Dennis Bill's Welcome Devil In Your Smile Talking About Robert Hunter A Thousand Nights Learning To Play Piano Cat Fever Talking About Song Titles Feathers And A Smile Yes Sir Mr. Dixon Louisiana Jubal Taking A Break From Writing Wolf In The Wilderness Q & A With Bill And Dennis Tracing Footsteps Through The Eyes Of A Child/ All Out Of Innocence Dust And Bones Truck Stop Girl Oh Atlanta Rain Today
Bill Payne's Tracing Footsteps featuring Dennis McNally.

The Dakota

Dakota intro BP: opening comments Devil In Your Smile BP: first lessons/minor magic minor improv > BP: play the desk BP: in 1969 we fire the piano player Feathers And A Smile BP: Price sisters/love,murder,moon walks Cat Fever BP: the Payne/Hunter team PT I Wolf In The Wilderness BP: where was I?/photos & comments Through The Eyes Of A Child * BP: Gabe play's drums?/photo bug via son Dust & Bones BP: influences/connections Louisiana BP: I hate that lick Blues Keep Comin' BP: working w/Hunter PT II Bluegrass Pines BP: Long Hair's last show If I Had A Mind To drum solo Jubal Q&A BP: seeds of Dixie Chicken/Richie Tripe Face Boogie BP: Richie as MC Oh, Atlanta I Think It's Going To Rain Today
The Band: Bill Payne - keyboard/piano, vocals, clicker Gabe Ford - drums Joe Rocco - banter in Q&A * pre-recorded track from Bill's CD, "Cielo Norte" run as a bed for slide show as Bill recited poem

Evanston SPACE

Bill's intro Cat Fever banter A Thousand Nights banter Wolf In The Wilderness Tracing Footsteps (Bill's Photography) All Out Of Innocence (poem)/Through The Eyes Of A Child (music) Intro of Gabe Ford Dust And Bones
Intro/Influences/Gun Boat Willie Louisiana Playing with Willie Dixon/The Blues The Blues Keep Coming Writing with Robert Hunter Bluegrass Pines banter If I Had A Mind To Big Boy Pete (abbreviated version) unknown song > Drums > Jam > Jubal Meeting Ahmet Ertegun Truck Stop Girl Q&A with Bill, Gabe and Joe Rocco Oh Atlanta Tripe Face Boogie I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Bill Payne's "Tracing Footsteps" Show

The Kent Stage

Intro by Tom (Kent Stage) & Bill Devil In Your Smile childhood "The first three notes I learned" Love Field theme "Ruth Newman/joining Little Feat" Feathers And A Smile "Richie Hayward" A Thousand Nights Cat Fever (w/intro) Sophie (w/intro)* "I'm a photographer" All Out Of Innocence/Through The Eyes Of A Child** Dust and Bones (w/intro)
Thick As A Brick/intro Louisiana "Talk about the blues" The Blues Keep Coming "Robert Hunter tunes" Bluegrass Pines "Another Garnsey tune" If I Had A Mind To Gretchen Pleuss intro Jubal Into The Wild*** tuning/banter Human*** Q & A w/Bill, Gabe, Gretchen and Joe Russo "Welcome to the club" untitled Monongahela (not sure of title) "Take it back to the spirit of rock and roll" Oh, Atlanta Encore: I Think it's Going to Rain Today
*First time played **AOOI is the poem read, TTEOAC is the music ***Gretchen Preuss vox & guitar

Woodlands Tavern

Devil In Your Smile Bill's Stories Meeting Lowell George > Gunboat Willie > Feathers And A Smile Writing Songs With Robert Hunter/Wolf In The Wilderness "Tracing Footsteps" Through The Eyes Of A Child (Song)/All Out Of Innocence (Poem) Dust And Bones Technical Difficulties
Louisiana The Rolling Stones Gabe Ford Rooster Rag * Song Writing Bluegrass Pines * If I Had A Mind To * Jubal *# Into The Wild *# Human *# Q And A With Bill, Gabe And Joe Rocco Ohio Story Oh Atlanta * Tripe Face Boogie *
* With Gabe Ford Drums # With Gretchen Pleuss Vocals

World Cafe Live

Intro Devil In Your Smile Piano Lessons/Keyboard/Organ playing Gunboat Willie/Feathers And A Smile Richie Hayward/ Manson Family Cat Fever Marc Josephs/Working on Movies An American Theme Writing songs with Robert Hunter Robert Hunter Song/Tracing Footsteps (Bill's Photography) Through The Eyes Of A Child(music)/All Out Of Innocence(poem) Intro of Gabe Ford Dust and Bones *
Louisiana Working w/ Willie Dixon The Blues Keep Coming The Rolling Stones Bluegrass Pines If I Had A Mind To Instrumental Jubal A Thousand Nights Q and A with Bill, Joe Rocco and Gabe Ford Truck Stop Girl Ohio State Story Oh Atlanta
Entire show dedicated to Marc Joseph * Dust and Bones and Set II with Gabe Ford - drums

Grey Eagle

Truck Stop Girl -Bill Learns the Piano- -Song About the Ocean- -Bill Joins a Band, then Another Band- Feathers And A Smile -The Price Sisters and the Summer of 1969- Cat Fever -Bill Begins Working with Robert Hunter Down Along the Delaware -Katrina and The Power of A Camera- -Ragtag Street Band, Joe Rocco, and the Knights of Columbus Hall- All Out of Innocence(spoken word)/Through the Eyes of A Child(instrumental) Dust and Bones
Louisiana The Blues Keep Coming Bluegrass Pines Devil In Your Smile If I Had A Mind To A Thousand Nights Q & A session ? ? Rooster Rag Oh, Atlanta I Think It's Going to Rain Today

Terminal West

Introduction/Banter Devil In Your Smile Banter On Little Feat Truck Stop Girl Banter Banter/Song Banter On Band History Feathers And A Smile Cat Fever Wolf In The Wilderness Banter/Slide Show All Out Of Innocence (Poem) Dust An Bone
Louisiana The Blues Keep Coming Bluegrass Pines A Thousand Nights If I Had A Mind To Down Along The Delaware Q & A Instrumental > Drum Solo > ? Rooster Rag Story Of Oh Atlanta Oh Atlanta Encore: Banter On Randy Newman I Think It's Gonna Rain Today

Rochester Opera House

Cat Fever Thousand Nights Ash And Smoke If I Had A Mind To Who You Belong To Rag Mama Rag Oh Atlanta Bluegrass Pines w/ Dave Gerard Louisana w/ Gerard, Ned Chase and Pete Kowalski from Truffle In The Night w/all and Hot Tamale Horns
This was a Halloween/ New Orleans themed gig featuring Bill Payne and Gabe Ford, Truffle, and the Hot Tamale Horns who opened the show.
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