David Gans & Friends · 2015
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Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

Opening set (House band) Jam > Cassidy > Cold Rain And Snow > Cassidy Loser Brown-Eyed Women Shakedown Street
One From The Vault Part 1 Rex Foundation pitch by David Gans intro by Harry Duncan > Help On The Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower Big River Ð Roger McNamee & Jason Crosby intro by David Gans Sage And Spirit Ð Teja Gerken (solo acoustic) Eyes Of The World Ð Alex Bleeker & Kyle Field It Must Have Been The Roses Ð Alex Bleeker & Kyle Field The Music Never Stopped Grahame Lesh Crazy Fingers Ð Grahame Lesh intro by David Gans King Solomon's Marbles Totally Dead
One From The Vault Part 2 intro by Henry Kaiser Blues For Allah Ð Henry Kaiser quartet + vocalists Drums > The Other One Sugaree Around and Around > US Blues > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad all Brokedown Palace all
A celebration of 40 years since the Grateful Dead's legendary One From The Vault's performance House band: Mark Karan - guitar, vocals James Nash - guitar, vocals David Gans - guitar, vocals Danny Eisenberg - keyboards Robin Sylvester - bass Neil Hampton - drums Elliott Peck - vocals Totally Dead: Matt Salata - guitar Ned Patchett - guitar Jaime Cintado - keyboards Dave Gantenbein - bass Will McCosker - drums with Neil Hampton - drums Henry Kaiser quartet: Henry Kaiser - guitar Michael Manring - bass Bob Bralove - keyboards Scott Amendola - drums also with: Jordan Feinstein - keyboards Scott Guberman - keyboards Cochrane McMillan - drums

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