Quactus · 2014
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
OC Tavern
San Clemente

Soundcheck Jam --> Ghostbusters* Drinko (A Quactus Toast) > Firefly > Van Winkle's Dream If I Lost My Way Umbrella~ -> Esprit D'escalier The Offer > Mine All Mine Wine Poison Fever Boy^
* Dedicated to Harold Ramis ~ Last Time Played, April 14, 2012 ^ With Pedro Arevalo on Slide Guitar (Brethren of the Coast, Dickey Betts and Great Southern) Brethren of the Coast opened

Rosenthal Winery

Finally Free Esprit D'escalier > Have A Cigar > Might Be You* > History Repeats Again > His Father's Son Radar Love# Umbrella^ Superlfitious
All Apologies~ Happy Birthday Going Down The Road Feeling Bad > Keeping You Close Cutting Corners Fever Boy Poison The Journey Scarlet Begonias
Ice Bucket Challenge/Ice Ice Baby$ Drinko Wine Fearless Ice Bucket Challenge/Ice Ice Baby$$ Poinephobe Suzy Greenberg Gabe's Bathroom Break% Mine All Mine A Little Less Conversation Freedom Van Winkle's Dream
Keith Erickson was not present for show * Top Gun Tease # Technical difficulty with umbrellas tipping over on stage ^ In honor of the umbrella problems during Radar Love ~ Audience member, Fallon, comes on stage to sing "Quactus Karaoke" $ Video Campaign for ALS research involving the act of dumping a bucket of ice on one's head combined with Quactus jamming to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby", First Time Played $$ The first ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE of the night inspired others to do it too, Quactus supplied the music % Impromptu song during Gabe's bathroom break

Best Western Golden Sails - Crystal Ballroom
Long Beach

Esprit D'escalier Van Winkle's Dream It Isn't True* Keeping You Close Superflitious Might Be You > The Final Countdown^ > Might Be You$
Setlist provided by Seth Gordon * Star Wars Main Title tease - John Williams, First Time Played ^ Europe - Instrumental, First Time Played $ Auld Lang Syne tease - Robert Burns, Traditional Folk Song - First Time Played Keith Erickson did not perform Show lineup in order of performance: Quactus Eric McFadden Cubensis

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