Furthur Festival · 1997
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Lakewood Ampitheater

Bruce Hornsby: Big Rumble Night On The Town Mandolin Rain That Would Be Something Scalet Begonias Tango King White Wheeled Limousine Going Down The Road Feeling Bad ---------- Ratdog: Walking Blues I Know You Rider Playing In The Band Queen Jane Look's Like Rain Samson & Delilah Bass Jam Playing In The Band Reprise Touch Of Grey ---------- Thrust Jam: Arlo Recites Moose Poem Black Bird Maggie's Farm Evangeline Cassidy ---------- Black Crowes: Hard To Handle If It Ever Stops Raining Bring On, Bring On Oh Sister She Gave Good Sunflower Under A Mountain Think N Thin Girl From A Pawn Shop Remedy Happy ---------- All-Star Jam: Deal Good Lovin' Not Fade Away

Sony-Blockbuster Entertainment Center

moe.: Rebubula Moth Akimbo Bring You Down (with Jorma) Sherri Jackson: Bruce Hornsby: ? Valley Road ? Black Muddy River Night on the Town Western Skyline Masterpiece (with Weir) Jack Straw (with Weir) Mighty Quinn > Another Day > It Takes a Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry > Mighty Quinn > Another Day Arlo Guthrie: All Along the Watchtower (played on a Ukulele)
Jorma Kaukonen and Michael Falzarano: Hesitation Blues^ Walkin' Blues^ Embryonic Journey^ Ice Age Big Fish Ratdog: I Need A Miracle Wang Dang Doodle (with Debbie Henry) West L.A. Fadeaway New Minglewood Blues Eternity The Other One -> Bass solo -> Throwin Stones -> One More Saturday Night Arlo Guthrie: (incomplete) City Of New Orleans Mr. Tamborine Man Ring Around the Rosy Rag Mickey Hart & Planet Drum: (incomplete) Only the Strange Remain Fire on the Mountain (with Jorma Kaukonen) Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman (acoustic): El Paso (with Hornsby) You Ain't Going Nowhere Friend Of The Devil# Black Crowes: Sting Me Torn & Frayed She Gave Good Sunflower Descending Jam -> Thorn in My Pride -> Jam If It Ever Stops Raining Girl From A Pawnshop Mr. Spaceman Non Fiction%
Final Jam: Spoonful (with Johnny from Black Crowes, Hart, Jorma, Weir, Wasserman, Hornsby and Kelly) Higher and Higher (with Marc from Black Crowes, Sherri Jackson, Hart, Weir, Wasserman, Hornsby, Debbie Henry and Kelly) White Rabbit (with Debbie Henry, Jorma, Hart, Weir, Wasserman, Hornsby, Kelly and horns)
* (with Hornsby, Arlo, Jorma, Michael Falzarano and Sherri Jackson) # (with Hornsby, Jorma, Kelly, Falzarano and Jackson) % (with Dave Ellis of Ratdog) ^ (with Wasserman)

Montage Mountian

Moe - Mexico, Spaz Medicine, Nebraska, Brent Black Bruce Hornsby - There is a mountian jam/ Ratdog - Sugar mag->take me to the river Mickey Hart - Fire on the Mountian, Jam Black Crowes - Dreams, Share the Ride/

Polaris Amphitheater

Sherri Jackson: Liberation Maple Tree Misery If It Ain't One Thing * Superstition * If It Ain't One Thing * *-w/Jorma Kaukonen on Guitar ---------- Moe: She Sends Me Mexico If 32 Things ---------- Planet Drum: Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown * Fire On The Mountain * Unknown* Only The Stranger Remain * Unknown * * With Jorma Kaukonen ----- Jorma Kaukonen & Michael Falzarano: Walkin' Blues San Frnicaso Bay Blues Unknown Unknown Baby What You Want Me To Do ---------- Bruce Hornsby: Harbor Lights Across The River Another Day Takes A Lot To Laugh Another Day Black Muddy River Hot House Ball The Valey Road ---------- Ratdog: Sugar Magnolia Take Me to The River Wang Dang Doodle Loose Lucy I Know You Rider Little Red Rooster Corrina Bass Solo Jam One More Saturday Night ---------- Thrust Jam: Black Bird I Just Saw A Face Keep Onn Truckin Mama Cassidy ---------- Black Crowes: Remedy Under A Gun Evil Eye Decending Only A Fool Wiser Time Ballad Of Urgency Thick N Thin P.25 London ---------- All-Star Jam: Come Back Baby Dear Mr. Fantasy Johnny B. Goode Sunshine Daydream

Pine Knob

Sherri Jackson: Your Gonna Need Somebody Unknown Unknown ---------- Planet Drum: Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown 07. Fire On The Mountain * 08. Unknown * 09. Only The Strange Remain * * With Jorma Kaukonen ---------- Bruce Hornsby: Spider Fingers Tightn Up Spider Fingers Preacher In The Ring Going Down The Road Feeling Bad Big Rumble White Wheeled Limousine Cruise Control The Way It Is ---------- Ratdog: Saint Of Circumstance Good Morning Little School Girl Queen Jane Big Boss Man Eternity Jam The Other One Bass Jam Samson & Delilah * *With Jorma Kaukonen ---------- Thrust Jam: K.C.Moan Wild Horses Never Happens No More Bird Song ---------- Black Crowes: Cursed Diamond Hollow Day Jam My Morning Song Black Moon Jam Black Moon Creeping Jealous Again Torn And Frayed She Talks To Angels Nebakanezer ---------- All-Star Jam: I Got My Mojo Working Iko-Iko Good Lovin'

Riverbend Ampitheater

Moe: Rebubula Yodelittle Rebubula Saint Augustine ---------- Sherri Jackson: Gonna Need Somebody What I Want Maple Tree Time & Time ---------- Ratdog: Wang Dang Doodle She Belongs To Me I Know You Rider West L.A. Fadeaway * Look's Like Rain Easy To Slip Supplication Jam Bass Jam Supplication Jam -> Easy To Slip Reprise Cassidy Reprise Touch Of Grey * With Jorma Kaukonen ---------- Jorma Kaukonen & Michael Falzarano: Hesitation Blues Unknown Unknown Unknown ---------- Planet Drum: Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Fire On The Mountain Unknown Only The Strange Remain Unknown ---------- Arlo Guthrie: Wake Up Dead Unknown Unknown This Land Is Your Land ---------- Bruce Hornsby: What A Time Jacob's Ladder Fields Of Grey Tango King Sugaree Rainbow's Cadillac Mighty Quinn Train To Cry -> Mighty Quinn ---------- Thrust Jam: Victim Or The Crime Maggie's Farm Keep On Truckin' Mama ________ Black Crowes: High Head Blues If It Ever Stops Raining Jealous Again How Much For Your Wings Bring On, Bring On Nasty Boogie Woogie * Evil Eye Darling Of The Underground Press Come On Baby Thick N Thin * With Jorma Kaukonen ---------- All-Star Jam: Willin' Truckin' Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

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