Soul Coughing · 1999
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

01 Lemon Lime 02 Blow My Only 03 212 04 Rare Star Ball 05 The Bug 06 16 Horses 07 Unmarked Helicopters 08 The Brooklynites 09 A Plane Scraped Its Bottom on A Sooty Yellow Moon 10 Super Bon Bon (Remix) 11 A Murder of Lawyers 12 The Coffee Song 13 Suzy Snowflake 14 Super Bon Bon (Remix) 15 Come On And Dig Me 'Cause I'm The Fly Pygmy 16 Wooly Imbibe 17 I?m Livin? On Baby Food 18 Buddha Rhubarb Butter 19 Theme From Rachel?s Sitcom 20 Never Gonna Come Back Down 21 American Girls (Weezer) 22 Super Bon Bon (Live)

Universal Amphitheatre
Universal City

St. Louise is Listening $300 Circles I Miss the Girl> Super Bon Bon
Broadcast cue sheet sent to radio stations identifies the Universal Amphitheatre portion of this show dated as 12/98. However, SC was not in LA in 12/98 and it is believed that this is really 2/6/99, when they opened for Everclear at the UA. See for the most comprehensive performance listing. Cue Sheet also misidentifies track#1 as 'St. Louis', track#2 as '$360.00', track#4 as 'Miss', and track #6 'Blue Eyed Devil' as 'Screenwriter's Blues'. It is believed that this is the complete show. Bill included: DJ Short, Black Eyed Peas and Everclear (Sno-Core Tour)


Miss The Girl Blue Eyed Devil Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago Blame St. Louise Is Listening $300 Circles Rolling Mr. Bitterness Super Bon Bon

Carnegie Mellon University

Vogue Theatre

Is Chicago Is Not Chicago White Girl Blame Soft Serve $300 Bus To Beelzebub Maybe I'll Come Down Rolling St. Louise is Listening Blue Eyed Devil True Dreams Of Wichita I Miss The Girl Mr Bitterness Super Bon Bon Circles Screenwriter's Blues Janine

Lawrence University

Is Chicago Is Not Chicago, Rolling, The Idiot Kings, $300, Sleepless, Blame, Blueeyed Devil, So Far I Have Not Found The Science, Collapse, Soft Serve, Moon Sammy, St. Louise Is Listening, I Miss The Girl, Mr. Bitterness, Super Bon Bon, Circles, Screenwriter's Blues, True Dreams Of Wichita

9:30 Club

Supper Club
New York

Star Wars intro Rolling Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago Collapse The Idiot Kings Bus To Beelzebub Blame True Dreams of Wichita St. Louise Is Listening $300 Circles Blue-Eyed Devil Maybe I'll Come Down I Miss The Girl Mr. Bitterness > Super Bon Bon ENCORE Screenwriter's Blues Moon Sammy Janine
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I.C. Light Amphitheatre

Bus to beelzebub Rolling Circles Blue-eyed devil I still have not found the science Lazy bones $300 Is chicago, is not chicago The incumbent Blame Sleepless The idiot kings Miss the girl Maybe i'll come down Mr. bitterness Super bon bon St. louis is listening Moon sammy Janine
"Rolling in Pittsburgh" liberated bootleg (not name of show or tour).
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