Warren Haynes · 2022
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Island Exodus 12
Runaway Bay

Intro Company Man Questions Round Glory Road Questions Round Is It Me Or You Questions Round Old Before My Time

House Theater at Tree House Brewing Company
South Deerfield

Give Me Love, Give Me Peace River’s Gonna Rise Endless Parade Gordon James Is It Me or You? Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out Ain't No Love Glory Road Patchwork Quilt Captured Old Friend
King's Highway Beautifully Broken Goin’ Down Slow Happy Birthday A Friend to You Cypress Avenue When the World Get's Small So Weak, So Strong Raven Black Night Two of a Kind, Workin' on a Full House Encore: Melissa

House Theater,Tree House Brewing Company
South Deerfield

Traveling Tune PT.1 Company Man Hattiesburg Hustle Everyday Will Be A Holiday Forsaken Savior New Years Eve Roller Derby Queen The Real Thing Ballerina I'll be The One Mean Mis Treatin' Mama
Hallelujah Blvd My Opening Farewell My Separate Reality Please Come To Boston Desdemona Sick Of My Shadow Stella Blue Encore: Traveling Tune PT. 2 > SoulShine

Ridgefield Playhouse

Patchwork Quilt Hattiesburg Hustle Traveling Tune Glory Road Captured Company Man So Weak, So Strong Raven Black Night The Real Thing Sky Is Crying Railroad Boy
Spots Of Time Your Wildest Dreams Dreams And Songs Tastes Like Wine Listen To The Lions Frozen Fear In My Life I’ll Be The One Old Friend China Doll Encore: That’s Why I’m Here > Wish You Were Here

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