Jason Mraz · 2010
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Terrace Theater
Long Beach

Intro A Way To Remember Me Make It Mine Right Kind Of Phrase You And I Both Lucky (w/ Alysse Fischer) What Mama Say Love For A Child Don't Change At All The Dynamo Of Volition The Dreamlife Of Rand McNally Butterfly Lovely Day # Spanish Pipedream @ (The Natters) I'm Yours Encore break Jason talks with Jesse Good Morning (Dawn Mitschele) Life Rolls On (Timmy Curran) Life Keeps Rolling On (The Makepeace Brothers) Sea Captain

Wrigley Field

Freakshow Up Make It Mine Anything You Want Butterfly A Beautiful Mess Freedom Song I'm Yours All You Need Is LoVE

Santa Barbara Bowl
Santa Barbara

Intro Thinkin' About You * Up The Dynamo Of Volition Unfold A Beautiful Mess Coyotes Song For A Dancer Lucky # Don't Change At All Traveler > Make It Mine Fixer Love Looks Like What Mama Say Butterfly Leave It In Your Hands I'm Yours Encore break/intro They Shaped My Life * Intro to... Rock With You @ Dramatica Mujer All You Need Is Love %^
* Jason solo # Colbie Caillat on vocals @ Michael Jackson cover % Beatles cover ^ Voices of Prayz on vocals

Auditorium at The Neuroscience Institute
San Diego

Rescue High Friend @ A Beautiful Mess + All I Want For Christmas Is Us # @ The Natters + Raining Jane # Tristan Prettyman, played earlier in the night during Tristan's set
Short set at the Feeding The Soul Foundation charity benefit. Find out more info at www.feedingthesoulfoundation.org

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