Blues Traveler · 1987
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
"Blues Traveler" demo

Sweet Talking Hippie What Do You Want From Me* Severe Infatuation Glory, Glory Bad To The Bone Wouldn't It Make You Mad Closing Down The Park
* with unknown percussion player This is the band's earliest known demo tape under the name "Blues Traveler". They had previously been called "Blues Band", going through several guitarists (Levi Pervin, Dave Stern, Ted Irenas, Troy Straszheim) before Chan Kinchla joined, and bassists Sebastian Hill and Felicia Lewis before Bobby Sheehan joined. They then adopted the name "Blues Traveler". This demo was likely recorded sometime in late 1987, and features the only known studio recordings of "What Do You Want From Me" (the first song written by the band as a foursome), "Bad To The Bone" and "Wouldn't It Make You Mad". The percussionist on track 2 is unidentified, though it may simply be some overdubbed percussion performed by another band member, as it was on the "Dropping Some NYC" demo the following year.
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