Mickey Hart & The Marin County Collective · 1972
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Mickey's Barn

"Area Code 415" Sessions Fire On The Mountain (Melton, Garcia, Hart, Freiberg) Ghost Riders In The Sky (Cipollina, Hart, Freiberg, Jim Mcpherson) It Makes Me Feel Mad #1 (Kathy Mcdonald, Mcpherson, Steve Schuster) You Know I Will (Kathy Mcdonald, Mcpherson, Steve Schuster) Is Anyone There (Freiberg, Hart, Mcpherson, Mcdonald) Night Of The Vampire (Melton, Lesh, Hunter, Hart) It Makes Me Feel Mad #2 (Melton, Garcia, Hart, Freiberg)
"Fire On The Mountain" Sessions Fire On The Mountain (Melton, Garcia, Hart, Freiberg} Speed Racer (Melton, Hart, Lesh, Schuster, Bill Champlin) Untitled (Garcia & Hart At The Palace Of Fine Arts) Fear And Loathing (Ali Abkar Khan, Ali Raka, Garcia, Hart) Checker Man (Hart, Rob Stokes, Lesh, Melton, Freiberg, Hunter) Marshmallow Road (Hart, Melton, Bloomfield, La Flamme) Fear (Lagin, Lesh, Cipollina) Ariel (Melton, Hart, Lesh, Stokes, Garcia, Freiberg)
From 1972-1973 featuring Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, Ned Lagin, Barry Melton, John Cipollina, David Freiberg, as well as Ali Abkar Khan and others. The former is called "Area Code 415" ( a nod to the then-current Nashville supergroup album entitled "Area Code 615") and the latter is known as "Fire On the Mountain".

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