Umphrey's McGee · 2021
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Spirit Of The Suwanee Music Park
Live Oak

The Silent Type [1] Hajimemashite [1]> Atmosfarag [1]> Shine On You Crazy Diamond [1] The Triple Wide [2] Sociable Jimmy [3] Jake Guitar and Drums Making Flippy Floppy [4]
Glory [1] Attachments [1]> Den [1] FF [3]> Much Obliged [3]> Soul Food I [3]> Soul Food II [3] Dr. Feelgood [5]> Push The Pig [5] E: Fame [5]
Kris Absent due to COVID19 [1] Andy on drums [2] Andy then Jake on drums [3] Jake on drums [4] Ben Atkind on drums [5] Adam Deitch on drums

Westville Music Bowl
New Haven

Goonville> Cut the Cable> Nothing Too Fancy> Out Of Order, Looks, #5> Nothing Too Fancy, Daffodils
The Crooked One> Bad Friday, It Doesn't Matter> Speak Up, Wife Soup E: All In Time
drive-in show

Westville Music Bowl
New Haven

Get In The Van> 2x2, The Silent Type, Cemetery Walk, Cemetery Walk II, Uncommon> Dump City
Mantis> Day Nurse, Ringo, 1000 Places To See Before You Die> Crucial Taunt, Miami Virtue> Mantis E: Outshined, Den
drive in show

SeatGeek Stadium "Drive-In"

Attachments > Words, In The Kitchen -> 2nd Self, Intentions Clear > In The Black > Believe the Lie
Hurt Bird Bath > Half Delayed > Hurt Bird Bath, Resolution > Free Fallin'[1] > Resolution > Glory, Draconian -> In The Kitchen > Draconian > 40's Theme E: Wizard Burial Ground
[1] debut, Tom Petty; instrumental this was a "drive-in" show
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