Umphrey's McGee · 2004
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Umphreys Covers The World Vol 1-3

Three disc cover song compilation. Awesome! :)

Jam Cruise 1 - Grand Ballroom
MS Regal Empress

All In Time, Kabump > Ocean Billy, JaJunk, Ringo*, Waiting Room, Prowler
We're Going To War > Der Bluten Kat, Syncropated Strangers, The Fuzz > "Jimmy Stewart" > Andy's Last Beer, Hurt Bird Bath
Encore: Slacker
Notes: much thanks to Ross! * with Let Me Blow Yah Mind teases

Jam Cruise 1 - Main Stage
MS Regal Empress

Jazz Odyssey* > Push the Pig, Resolution** > Nothing Too Fancy$, Walletsworth, Big Heart^, Pay the Snucka, Visions of Parin > Roulette, Soul Food I^^, The Song Remains The Same
Walking On the Moon > Miss Tinkle's Overture$$ > Mulche's Odyssey, Shine On You Crazy Diamond > Willie the Pimp%, Hot For Teacher%, Wife Soup, 40's Theme&, The Triple Wide > jam%% > The Triple Wide%%, Mail Package, In the Kitchen, Mullet (Over)
Encore: Smell The Mitten, Glory > 2x2&&, Roses
Notes: * there were problems with Ryan and Brendan's gear, so the rest of the band just jammed for about five minutes ** with Hot For Teacher teases $ with Amazing Grace, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, and Stranglehold teases ^ with Chris Littlefield (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe) on trumpet ^^ with Rob Wasserman on upright bass in addition to Ryan $$ with Thunderstruck teases % with Ron Johnson (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe) on Ryan's bass & with Another Brick In the Wall tease %% with Steve Molitz (Particle) on keys with Joel && with Feels So Good tease

Culture Room
Fort Lauderdale

2nd Self > Uncommon, When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around* > "Jimmy Stewart", Phil's Farm > drums > Blue Echo > The Haunt** > Phil's Farm, Sociable Jimmy, Trenchtown Rock
Get In the Van, Divisions, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > And Justice for All, The Crooked One > The Fussy Dutchman, Utopian Fir > Billie Jean > Utopian Fir, The Stranger > Last Man Swerving > The Stranger
Encore: Hurt Bird Bath
Notes: * with Another Brick In the Wall tease ** with National Anthem (Radiohead) jam

Barrymore Theatre

Tonight I'm Gonna Rock It Tonight > JaJunk > Hangover > Kimble, Bridgeless*, Blue Echo > Jazz Odyssey > Andy's Last Beer, 13 Days, Nemo*, JaJunk
Bright Lights**, Uncle Wally > Padgett's Profile > "Jimmy Stewart" > Padgett's Profile, Slacker, We're Going to War > Roulette > All Things Ninja, Push the Pig, Syncopated Strangers > Ocean Billy
Encore: Glory^ > 2x2
Notes: * first time played, originals ** first time played, Karl Englemann ^ Glory started with no one on stage; Jake was on a wireless behind the curtain


In the Kitchen, Chitlins Con Carne, Bright Lights, Mullet (Over), Hajimemashite > "Jimmy Stewart" -> Walletsworth, The Triple Wide* > Example 1, Cherub Rock
Soul Food I, Wife Soup, Bridgeless, Much Obliged > Last Man Swerving, Nemo, Kabump > "Jimmy Stewart" -> Mail Package, I've Got a Feeling, Smell the Mitten
Encore: Resolution > Dump City
Notes: * with Smell the Mitten teases

Umphreys Covers The World Vol 4 & 5

Volume 4 1. Kinky Reggae - Bob marley 2. Rastaman Chant - Bob marley 3. Comin in From The Cold - Bob Marley 4. Xxplosive - Dr. Dre 5. Lets Get it on -Marvin Gaye 6. Were going to war 7. White Wedding - Billy Idol 8. Scenes From an Italian Restaraunt - Bily Joel 9. Senor Mouse - chick corea 10. Willie The Pimp - Frank Zappa 11. Jesus is Just Allright - Doobie Brothers 12. Walk the Proud Land - Bob marley
Volume 5 1. Bron-Yr-Aur - Led Zeppelin 2. Black Water -Doobie Brothers 3. That's The Way - 4. Goodbye Blue Sky - pink Floyd 5. Because -The Beatles 6. You Never Give Me Your Money -The Beatles 7. Sun King -The Beatles 8. Mean Mr. Mustard -The Beatles 9. Polythene Pam -The Beatles 10. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window -The Beatles 11. Carry That Weight -The Beatles 12. The End -The Beatles 13. Her Majesty -The Beatles 14. Night Moves - Bob Seger 15. Got Me Wrong - Alice in Chains 16. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon 17. Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith 18. Jared - Subway 19. Duet - Jam w/ teases 20. Stewart w/ Teases 21. Father & Son - Cat Stevens

Fort Collins

Miss Tinkle's Overture* > Anchor Drops, Bridgeless, The Haunt > "Jimmy Stewart"** > 40's Theme, #Heart and Soul, ##Ringo
Nopener$, Nemo, Hurt Bird Bath$$, The Stranger, Utopian Fir > Jazz Odyssey% > Utopian Fir > drums > 2nd Self, Get In the Van, Push the Pig
Encore: Bright Lights%%
Notes: thanks to the Amsters OM Trio opened * with Nachos for Two tease ** with Tennessee Jed teases # with Shout at the Devil (Motley Crue) fakeout ## with Tonight I'm Gonna Rock It Tonight tease $ with Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution tease $$ with Push the Pig teases % with Nothing Too Fancy jam %% with Safety Dance teases

Cervante's Masterpiece

Rain Song jam > Nemo, Der Bluten Kat > "Jimmy Stewart"* > Der Bluten Kat, Resolution > Jazz Odyssey** > Visions of Parin > "Jimmy Stewart"$ > Roulette, FF > jam^ > Bridgeless
In the Kitchen > Mulche's Odyssey$$, August > #5 > August > Syncopated Strangers > Kat's Tune > The Crooked One, E.T.I. > Fame% > jam^^ > Wife Soup
Encore: YYZ
Notes: thanks to the Amsters and Finnius OM Trio opened * with Bridgeless tease ** with The Fuzz teases $ with Ocean Billy tease; with Brendan on improvised lyrics ^ with Pete Novembre of OM Trio replacing Ryan on bass $$ with Another Brick In the Wall, part II teases % first time played, David Bowie and John Lennon ^^ with Brian Felix of OM Trio on keys

Cervante's Masterpiece

Bright Lights, The Fussy Dutchman, Uncle Wally, Dump City, 13 Days > Much Obliged > "Jimmy Stewart" > Pay the Snucka, Blue Echo* > Jazz Odyssey, Hey 19
Padgett's Profile, Last Man Swerving > jam^, Ocean Billy, The Triple Wide** > Walletsworth, Professor Wormbog, 2x2, Mail Package
Encore: It's So Easy$, Andy's Last Beer$$
Notes: thanks to the Bamster OM Trio opened * with With for Those About to Rock tease ^ with Brendan on Rhodes, Jake making noises in the mic with his digital recorder, a drum section, and an ending vocal jam ** with Star Wars teases $ first time played, Guns n' Roses; for Axl Rose's birthday $$ with Sweet Child O' Mine teases

Fox Theatre

All In Time$, Sociable Jimmy > Jazz Odyssey$$ > White Man's Moccasins, Slacker^, Prowler > Bright Lights, #Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Bridgeless, Uncommon > Nothing too Fancy > "Jimmy Stewart"^^, And Justice for All, Nemo, Kabump > Jazz Odyssey > Wife Soup, JaJunk
Encore: Hangover
Notes: thanks to the Bamster OM Trio opened $ with a new introduction $$ arranged; with jam from the 02.06 "Jimmy Stewart" that came out of Much Obliged ^ at one point, Jake was playing a shaker with his right hand and his guitar with his left # preceded by a light solo for Adam Budney's 22nd birthday ^^ with Ilya Stemkovsky (OM Trio) on drums, Kris on percussion; with a Rocket Queen (Guns 'n Roses) jam


The Crooked One, Soul Food I > "Jimmy Stewart"^ > Hajimemashite > Smell the Mitten, She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, Phil's Farm* > Glory > Power to Love
Hurt Bird Bath, Front Porch, Bridgeless, Syncopated Strangers, Kimble, Nemo
Encore: Willie the Pimp > The Fuzz
Notes: thanks to Bace for calling McL ^ with vocals * with "techno" Professor Wormbog and Super Mario Brothers jam ** with Roundabout tease $ with Lose Yourself and Dear Prudence teases

Union Bar
Iowa City

Set One: Push the Pig > Space Funk Booty > 2nd Self, #Nothing Too Fancy, Ocean Billy, ##Africa, Mullet (Over)
Set Two: Resolution > "Jimmy Stewart"* > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft, Bright Lights, Red Baron, Nemo, Nopener, FF > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Mail Package, Waiting Room, Ringo$$
Encore: 40's Theme
Notes: # with Amazing Grace intro ## with Resolution false start * with Crazy Train jam ** with My Name Is Mud jam


Wallettsworth, Der Bluten Kat > "Jimmy Stewart" > Der Bluten Kat, Bright Lights, Thin Air, Bridgeless
Baby You're a Rich Man > Get In the Van, Nemo, Out of Order > Visions of Parin > "Jimmy Stewart" > The Song Remains the Same, Example 1* > Wife Soup**
Encore: Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey
Notes: * with Crosseyed and Painless teases ** with a Stairway to Heaven tease

Paradise Rock Club

Bridgeless, Resolution > "Jimmy Stewart" > Prowler, In the Kitchen, JaJunk*, Bright Lights > Roulette
Set Two: Wife Soup, Der Bluten Kat, Push the Pig > Glory > Push the Pig, Ringo, Profesor Wormbog
Encore: Soul Food I
Notes: OM Trio opened Joshua Redman sat in on saxaphones for entire second set and encore * with Hot For Teacher tease

Theater of Living Arts

Andy's Last Beer, Miss Tinkle's Overture> Syncopated Strangers, 2x2, Mail Package> Jimmy Stewart> Mail Package, Dr. Feelgood, Nemo
All Things Ninja, Walking on the Moon> Hurt Bird Bath>jam>Big Heart, Der Bluten Kat Encore: Anchor Drops, Professor Wormbog
2nd set and encore with Joshua Redman

Bowery Ballroom
New York

40's Theme, Ocean Billy, Bright Lights, Mulche's Odyssey, Nemo, Nothing Too Fancy > Walletsworth, Bridgeless
Wife Soup, Der Bluten Kat > jam* > Der Bluten Kat, Soul Food I > jam > Shine On You Crazy Diamond, The Triple Wide^** > drums^ > Anchor Drops > Glory > Ringo
Encore: It's About That Time^^
Notes: OM Trio opened Joshua Redman sat in on saxaphones for entire second set and encore * with Floyd-sounding jam along with Let Me Blow Your Mind tease ^ with Ilya Stemkovsky (OM Trio) on percussion * with Milestones jam ^^ with Brian Felix (OM Trio) on keys; with Stranglehold tease before the song

Funk Box

Kat's Tune, Much Obliged > Jazz Odyssey > The Crooked One, FF > jam, Bridgeless, White Man's Moccasins, Uncle Wally, All In Time
Professor Wormbog, When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around* > "Jimmy Stewart", Blue Echo > jam > Blue Echo > jam > ##Push the Pig, All Things Ninja, Wife Soup
Encore: Waiting Room
OM Trio opened Joshua Redman sat in on saxaphones for entire second set * with Ilya Stemkovsky (OM Trio) on percussion; with Another Brick In the Wall tease in the intro ## with Hot For Teacher tease

State College

Roulette, JaJunk*, Water > Syncopated Strangers > "Jimmy Stewart" > #Syncopated Strangers, Out of Order, I've Got a Feeling, The Fussy Dutchman
Dump City > "Jimmy Stewart", Bright Lights, Utopian Fir > Uncommon > Utopian Fir > Nemo, E.T.I. > "Jimmy Stewart"^, Kat's Tune* > Get In the Van
Encore: Pay the Snucka > "Sludge & Death" reprise**
OM Trio opened * with quotes from the Dave Chappelle show # with Out of Order tease ^ with OM Trio; also with heavy metal jam that was called "Sludge & Death" * unfinished ** with Master of Puppets jam

Band Room, Durty Nellie's

Uncle Wally, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > The Fuzz > Jazz Odyssey > 2nd Self, Hurt Bird Bath > Sweetness > Hurt Bird Bath*, Walletsworth, Mullet (Over)
Nothing Too Fancy > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Nothing Too Fancy, Nemo, Phil's Farm > Wanna Be Starting Something$ > Billie Jean > Phil's Farm, Last Train Home, Mail Package$$, And Justice for All
Encore: Uncommon, Divisions%
Notes: * with One (Metallica) jam ** with The Fussy Dutchman jam $ one verse sung, Michael Jackson $$ with Nachos for Two tease % with Wanna Be Starting Something tease

Canopy Club

Bright Lights, Example 1 > Padgett's Profile > Q*Bert* -> Ocean Billy, Pay the Snucka (parts I & II) > Padgett's Profile, The Haunt > Jazz Odyssey > The Triple Wide > Led Zeppelin medley$
Kabump > "Jimmy Stewart" > Much Obliged > Xxplosive, Bridgeless, Sociable Jimmy, #5, Last Man Swerving > Jazz Oddessy** > August* -> Pay the Snucka (part III)
Encore: All In Time
Notes: Orquestra Ranura opened * unfinished $ Included How Many More Times, The Ocean, Immigrant Song, Four Sticks, No Quarter, and Your Time is Gonna Come ** with a Push the Pig theme

Opera House at Expo Gardens

2x2*, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey, Thin Air, Hill Street Blues theme > Prowler > Release > All Things Ninja
Good Ol' Boys, Bad Poker, I Am the Walrus > Smell the Mitten, Anchor Drops, Front Porch > Resolution** > Front Porch > "Jimmy Stewart" > Front Porch, 13 Days > Kimble > Hangover
Encore: Luckenbach, Texas^, Nemo
Notes: * with Feels So Good jam ** with Will the Circle Be Unbroken tease ^ first time played (as a band), Moman/Emmons; just Jake and Brendan last Hill Street Blues theme 11.15.02

The Encore University Center
Stevens Point

Soul Food I > Jazz Odyssey > White Man's Moccasins, Slacker, #Blue Echo > "Jimmy Stewart" > FF > Jazz Odyssey > Bridgeless, Nemo
Bright Lights > ##JaJunk, Hajimemashite > Ain't No Fun^, Divisions > Roulette, Bad Poker Encore: Wife Soup
# with first verse of Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution ## with Hold On Loosely, Purple Haze, Sweet Child O' Mine, and Smoke On the Water teases ^ with Adam freestylin'

Stones Throw
Eau Claire

Chitlins Con Carne, 2nd Self, Nemo, Professor Wormbog, Ain't Too Proud To Beg, Nothing Too Fancy > "Jimmy Stewart" -> Walletsworth > Nothing Too Fancy*
Ocean Billy > "Jimmy Stewart" > Ocean Billy, In the Kitchen**, Ringo, Africa, Utopian Fir > "Jimmy Stewart" > Utopian Fir, The Crooked One
Encore: Maple Leaf Rag^, Syncopated Strangers > Nopener
Notes: thanks to Tall * with Ocean Billy tease ** with Odd Couple theme tease ^ just Joel and a little Kris

Buskirk Chumley Theatre

Set One: Dump City, August > Kabump > "Jimmy Stewart" > Miss Grandenko, Bridgeless, We're Going to War > Ringo
Set Two: JaJunk, In the Kitchen, Smell the Mitten, Nemo, piano solo^ > 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover > Sweetness, Syncopated Strangers*
Encore: Bright Lights
Notes: entire show without Andy ^ Joel on grand piano * with It's About That Time tease and Family Fued jam

Blind Pig
Ann Arbor

Set One: 2nd Self > Roulette > "Jimmy Stewart" > Roulette, Water, Push the Pig > Miss Tinkle's Overture > Wallettsworth, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, The Crooked One
Set Two: Hurt Bird Bath > Thin Air, Fool In the Rain > jam^ > Fool In the Rain, Nopener, Resolution* > Uncommon
Encore: All In Time
Notes: Smokestack opened entire show without Andy ^ with Glenn Brady on bass (member of Ali Baba's Tahini in 1999) and Dann Friedman (Smokestack) on saxophone; with Cissy Strut, It's About That Time, and St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins) teases * with Stairway to Heaven tease

Park West

Jam* > Bright Lights > Ocean Billy > "Jimmy Stewart" > Trenchtown Rock, Nothing Too Fancy > Bad Poker > Wife Soup**, Mail Package, Prowler > Ocean Billy
Mulche's Odyssey, Nemo, In Violation of Yes, Divisions > Blue Echo > Divisions, All Things Ninja, I Ran$ > Nothing Too Fancy
Encore: Bridgeless
* similar to the introduction of Ocean Billy ** with One teases $ first time played, Flock of Seagulls


Wife Soup, Utopian Fir > "Jimmy Stewart" > Utopian Fir > In the Kitchen, Kimble, Nemo, The Haunt > Jazz Odyssey > Phil's Farm* > Glory > In The Flesh
Uncommon, Senor Mouse, 13 Days, The Triple Wide > "Jimmy Stewart" > 2x2, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, Example 1 > Bridgeless, 40's Theme**
Encore: Maple Leaf Rag, piano solo^, Uncle Wally
* unfinished ** with Van Halen teases ^ only Joel

Tipitina's Uptown
New Orleans

Walletsworth, Last Man Swerving > JaJunk, Sociable Jimmy, Blue Echo > Jazz Odyssey > Dump City > Power to Love > Nopener
Set Two: White Man's Moccassins, Bright Lights, Hurt Bird Bath > Hajimemashite > Professor Wormbog, Syncopated Strangers > Der Bluten Kat* Encore: Cherub Rock
The Johnny Vidachovich Trio opened * with Crazy Train ending

Last Concert Cafe

Roulette, The Fussy Dutchman, Mail Package > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > "Jimmy Stewart" > Bad Poker, Get In the Van, Anchor Drops > Baby You're A Rich Man > Thin Air
In Bloom > Andy's Last Beer, Resolution > Pipeline* > Who Knows > Push the Pig > Nothing Too Fancy** > Ocean Billy > Pay the Snucka$
Encore: All In Time
Notes: * with Mail Package teases ** with Walletsworth and Pipeline teases $ with Stairway to Heaven and Stranglehold teases

Cain's Ballroom

Professor Wormbog, 2x2, Utopian Fir > "Jimmy Stewart" > Utopian Fir, Uncommon, Sweetness > Walletsworth > Hey 19
Mullet (Over), Much Obliged > Jazz Odyssey > Blue Echo > Bad Poker, Slacker, Dump City > 2nd Self, Out of Order, Good Ol' Boys Encore: Luckenbach, Texas, Hurt Bird Bath

Dave's on Dickson

Bridgeless, Water > August > Water, Africa, The Fuzz > "Jimmy Stewart" > #5, Andy's Last Beer > Visions of Parin^, 13 Days
Resolution > "Jimmy Stewart" > Der Bluten Kat > Bright Lights > Der Bluten Kat, Hangover, The Crooked One > Space Funk Booty, I Ran > Nothing Too Fancy Encore: Dee^^, Nemo > Waiting Room*
^ with Bailey the Singing Dog * with Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (J.S. Bach) tease ^^ first time played, Randy Rhoads; while Joel spoke, Jake played Dee

Blue Cat's

Professor Wormbog, Divisions > "Jimmy Stewart" > Utopian Fir > ""Jimmy Stewart" > Utopian Fir > Sociable Jimmy > Divisions, Heart and Soul, Ringo
Push the Pig, JaJunk, Bright Lights^, Smell the Mitten, E.T.I. > The Fussy Dutchman, Last Man Swerving > Miles Beyond jam*, Ocean Billy Encore: Every Breath You Take/Peter Gunn theme > Nopener
OM Trio opened ^ with Karl Englemann * first time played, Mahavishnu Orchestra; with Brendan on Rhodes

Georgia Theatre

Uncle Wally, Pay the Snucka, Nemo, Prowler -> The Haunt > Jazz Odyssey > Walletsworth, FF > "Jimmy Stewart"* > I've Got a Feeling > Mail Package
Big Heart, In the Kitchen, All Things Ninja, Bad Poker > Hurt Bird Bath > Syncopated Strangers, Wife Soup
Encore: Padgett's Profile > Anchor Drops > Padgett's Profile
Notes: The Breakfast opened * with Crazy Train jam

Cat's Cradle

Miss Tinkle's Overture > Bright Lights, Roulette, Kabump > Jazz Odyssey* > Ringo, In Violation of Yes, 2nd Self > Kimble, Black Water
Bridgeless, Example 1 > "Jimmy Stewart" > Front Porch**, A 5th of Beethoven, Phil's Farm^ > drums > jam^ > Phil's Farm^, Runnin' with the Devil, 40's Theme Encore: Mulche's Odyssey
OM Trio opened * with Mail Package tease ** with Resolution tease ^ with Brian Felix on keys

Temple Club

Get In the Van, Wife Soup -> Hurt Bird Bath, Thin Air > Resolution* -> All in Time
Prowler > Uncle Wally, So What > Much Obliged -> And Justice For All > Utopian Fir -> Mail Package, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey
Encore: Push the Pig**
OM Trio opened * with Pipeline tease ** with California Love tease

Murat Egyptian Room

Nemo > The Crooked One > 2x2*, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, Sociable Jimmy > "Jimmy Stewart" > Glory, In the Kitchen > Jazz Odyssey > In the Kitchen, 40's Theme
Blue Echo > Bridgeless, Hangover > Padgett's Profile > Bad Poker > Padgett's Profile > Bright Lights, Anchor Drops, Synchopated Strangers > Moby Dick Encore: JaJunk
OM Trio opened * with November Rain teases


Ocean Billy > Nothing Too Fancy > "Jimmy Stewart"* > Nothing Too Fancy, 2nd Self, #5, Roulette, YYZ, Out of Order > Pay The Snucka
Walletsworth > The Fussy Dutchman, Dirty Love > Kabump > "Jimmy Stewart" > Uncommon, Dump City > 13 Days > We're Going to War > Ringo** > #Soul Food I > Ocean Billy
Encore: Maple Leaf Rag^, "Sludge & Death"^^ > Professor Wormbog
OM Trio opened * with Gimme Some Loving jam Phil's Farm tease ** with Fletch theme teases # with E.T.I. teases ^ Joel solo ^^ with Ilya Stemkovsky on vocals and Pete Novembre on head-banging Soundcheck: #5, YYZ

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Set One: The Fuzz > "Jimmy Stewart" > The Fuzz, Nothing Too Fancy > The Girl is Mine > Jane Says > The Girl is Mine > jam > Nothing Too Fancy, Wife Soup, Slacker > Professor Wormbog > Slacker, Divisions
Set Two: Mail Package, Front Porch > Resolution > Front Porch*, Thin Air, The Stranger**, Walletsworth, Ocean Billy Encore: Kabump > Nemo
Notes: * with Bridgeless teases ** with Push the Pig teases

Club Rio, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas

Bright Lights$ > Roulette, Hurt Bird Bath > "Jimmy Stewart" > Hurt Bird Bath, All In Time, Smell the Mitten, The Song Remains the Same, Push the Pig$^, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey
Wife Soup, Bridgeless, Uncle Wally > Blue Echo > Dr. Feelgood > 40's Theme, In The Kitchen, Ringo, I Ran > Pay the Snucka* Encore: Dirty Love > JaJunk**
thanks to Ross! late night show $ with Vegas dancers on the side of the stage ^ with Al Howard rapping * with Immigrant Song teases ** with Another Brick In the Wall, Cantina Band, and Sweet Child of Mine teases

McDonald Theatre

Set One: Soul Food I > jam* -> Water, Hangover, All Things Ninja, Walletsworth^, Ringo^, Last Train Home, Nemo
Set Two: Sociable Jimmy > Andy's Last Beer, 13 Days, Syncopated Strangers, #5^, Resolution^ > "Jimmy Stewart"^ > Ain't too Proud to Beg^, 2x2
Encore: Glory > Uncommon
* with Hangover teases ^ with Wes Cichosz on saxaphone

Crystal Ballroom

ONE SET SHOW Mail Package, Ocean Billy > "Jimmy Stewart" > Ocean Billy, The Crooked One > Blue Echo > Jazz Odyssey > Prowler > Divisions, 40's Theme, Much Obliged^ > Jazz Odyssey^> 50 Ways to Leave your Lover^ > Get In the Van, Anchor Drops, Kabump > "Jimmy Stewart" > In the Kitchen, Bridgeless
Encore: I've Got a Feeling
Ashbury Park and Big Island Shindig opened ^ with Wes Cichosz on tenor saxaphone

Historic Ashland Armory

Dump City > FF > "Jimmy Stewart > Thin Air > Kimble > Example 1, Space Funk Booty, Bad Poker > Jam, Nemo
In the Flesh > Visions of Parin > "Jimmy Stewart" > Syncopated Strangers, Padgett's Profile > All in Time, The Haunt, Slacker
Encore: E.T.I., Mullet (Over)

San Francisco

Push the Pig > Jazz Odyssey > Push the Pig > Miss Tinkle's Overture > Hajimemashite > Out of Order > Pay the Snucka, Uncle Wally, Africa, Bridgeless
Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Wife Soup > Hurt Burd Bath, The Rain Song* > Last Man Swerving > Utopian Fir > Bright Lights > Utopain Fir, And Justice For All
Encore: Roulette, Waiting Room
Sunfire Pleasure opened * one verse Soundcheck: Africa, White Man's Moccasins

4th & B
San Diego

Ocean Billy, Phil's Farm, Nemo, Soul Food I > Andy's Last Beer, Miss Gradenko, Mulche's Odyssey
Der Bluten Kat > "Jimmy Stewart"^ > Der Bluten Kat, We're Going to War, Bridgeless, Prowler, 2nd Self, Uncommon, Nothing Too Fancy
Encore: Walletsworth
^ with John Staten (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe) replacing Kris on drums

Orpheum Theatre

August > Padgett's Profile, Kinky Reggae, Wife Soup, #5, Divisions > Blue Echo > Divisons
In Violation of Yes, Much Obliged > Bad Poker > Bridgeless, Orfeo, In Bloom, #Walletsworth, Senor Mouse, Professor Wormborg
E:Miss Tinkle's Overture* > Thunderstruck** > Uncommon

Mason Jar

Get In the Van, Ocean Billy, Der Bluten Kat > "Jimmy Stewart" -> Mulche's Odyssey > Der Bluten Kat -> 2x2 > Der Bluten Kat, Kat's Tune, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock It Tonight
Soul Food I* > Bright Lights, The Crooked One, Visions of Parin -> Ringo, Hurt Bird Bath, Water > Mulche's Odyssey, Power to Love, Roulette
Encore: Pay the Snucka > Panama** > Pay the Snucka
* with Soul Food II theme throughout ** partial, sung by Kris

The Vibe

Push the Pig, White Man's Moccasins, Example 1 > "Jimmy Stewart" > Resolution > Thin Air, The Fussy Dutchman, Nopener
Bright Lights, I Am the Walrus > Utopian Fir > "Jimmy Stewart" > Mullet (Over), Hangover > Make Me > Hangover > Utopian Fir > FF > Miss Tinkle's Overture > All In Time, Sociable Jimmy > Kimble Encore: Mail Package

The Gypsy Tearoom

Jazz Odyssey > Get In the Van > Ocean Billy > "Jimmy Stewart" > Ocean Billy, Baby You're a Rich Man, Out of Order, #5, Wife Soup
Nothing Too Fancy > E.T.I. > ??? > Nothing Too Fancy > Much Obliged^ > Glory^ > Nemo, Syncopated Strangers, Black Water, Bridgeless
And Justice for All
Addison Groove Project opened ^ with Rob Marscher (Addison Groove Project) on keys with Joel

The Granada Theatre

Hurt Bird Bath > Bright Lights > 13 Days, 40's Theme, Fool In the Rain, Blue Echo > JaJunk*
Prowler > 2nd Self, The Crooked One, The Haunt > All Things Ninja, Bad Poker > Andy's Last Beer, Ringo, It's So Easy Encore: Pay the Snucka
* with Family Feud theme

Center for the Performing Arts - Governors State
University Park

Uncle Wally, Jam, Push the Pig, Out of Order, Mullet (Over), 13 Days, She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, The Triple Wide* > Divisions, Pathetique^
Ocean Billy, Wife Soup, #Professor Wormbog, Example 1 > Flying > Example 1, Nemo, Get In the Van, Mail Package, Bridgeless
Encore: Syncopated Strangers^^
Notes: the show was a benefit for the University's educational outreach in the Arts and Sciences * with 7 Nation Army jam ^ Beethoven's Sonata #8 in C minor; just Joel on a grand piano # with Front Port tease ^^ Jake and Ryan returned to the stage wearing giant crocodile head-pieces; lyrics were changed to reflect their costumes

Mercy Lounge

Resolution > Jazz Odyssey > Water > Andy's Last Beer, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock It Tonight, Kat's Tune > Walletsworth, Nemo, Nothing Too Fancy^
Bright Lights, Walking On the Moon > 2nd Self, #5^ > Soul Food I^, Sociable Jimmy, Last Man Swerving, Hurt Bird Bath
Encore: Uncommon, Thin Air
Rob Wasserman opened ^ with Rob Wasserman


Anchor Drops, Wife Soup, Visions of Parin > Jimmy Stewart > August > Jazz Odyssey > When the World is Running Down You Make The Best Of What's Still Around > Bridgeless, Ringo^
The Fuzz > Who Knows* > Uncle Wally > Jimmy Stewart^** > White Man's Moccasins, YYZ, In the Kitchen > Syncopated Strangers > Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey
Encore: Kabumb > "Jimmy Stewart"^
Rob Wasserman opened ^ with Rob Wasserman * first verse only ** based on the Peter Gunn/Every Breath You Take theme

Mississippi Nights
St. Louis

Set I 1. ~intro~ :38 2. Mail Package 5:53 3. ~banter~ :31 4. FF > 3:23 5. Jimmy Stewart > 9:08 6. Nemo 4:22 7. ~banter~ :36 8. #5* > 7:47 9. Bad Poker 5:45 10.~banter~ :36 11.Der Bluten Kat 21:10
Set II 1. ~intro~ :49 2. The Triple Wide => 10:43 3. Roulette => 3:40 4. Dr. Feelgood => 4:38 5. Roulette 3:19 6. ~banter~ :36 7. Dump City 6:53 8. JaJunk** 18:17 9. ~banter~ :44 10.Much Obliged* => 7:27 11.Big Bottom*** 4:18 12.~banter~ :56 13.We're Going to War 7:09 Encore 12.~encore break~ 3:29 13.E: Ocean Billy 6:57 14. Big Heart 5:19
Notes: *-Featuring Rob Wasserman on Upright Bass **-with numerous teases, including "Dump City" and "Flight of the Bumblebee" ***-Featuring Rob Wasserman on Upright Bass, Last Time Played 3/5/02

Barrington High School After Prom

In The Kitchen Slacker Billie Jean The Fuzz > Pipeline > Uncle Wally Down Under Kabump > "Jimmy Stewart" All In Time
Front Porch > Resolution > Front Porch* > Uncommon > The Triple Wide > Every Breath You Take/Peter Gunn > Bright Lights Trenchtown Rock Nemo Encore: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
* With "Undecided" (Alanis Morrisette) jam

St. Andrew's Hall

Example 1 > Ringo > Jazz Odyssey* > Ringo, White Man's Moccasins, Utopian Fir > Jazz Odyssey > Utopian Fir, Syncopated Strangers, Power to Love
40's Theme, Water > Uncommon, Hurt Bird Bath^, Mail Package, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Jazz Odyssey** > Mulche's Odyssey, Pay the Snucka
Encore: In the Flesh > The Fussy Dutchmen
* with Crazy Train and Walk This Way teases ^ with Dann Friedman (Sparklemotion) on saxophone ** with Norwegian Wood theme

Grand Rapids

So What? > Walletsworth, Resolution > "Jimmy Stewart" > Kimble, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window > "Jimmy Stewart" > The Haunt > Dump City > Andy's Last Beer > Dump City
Bridgeless, FF > jam$ > 2x2 > Visions of Parin > All Night Long^ > Nothing Too Fancy > Divisions^^, Hangover
Encore: #Nopener, Anchor Drops
$ with the whole band "Taking it to the church" ^ with Jake on percussion ^^ sang by Jake instead of Brendan; "Johnny Cash" version; with Ring of Fire (Cash) jam and teases # with Desperado (The Eagles) intro last All Night Long 10.23.02

Bendix Theater
South Bend

In The Kitchen Uncle Wally Bright Lights Professor Wormbog Good Ol' Boys Uncommon> Prowler> 2nd Self "Sage's Solo" Bridgeless
Much Obliged> Mulche's Odyssey Bad Poker> Wife Soup JaJunk I Ran Kat's Tune> Nemo E: Jessica

Big Wu Family Reunion, Harmony Park Music Garden
Clarks Grove

ONE SET SHOW The Fussy Dutchman, Wife Soup, Syncopated Strangers, Nemo, The Triple Wide^, Anchor Drops > Mulche's Odyssey > Push the Pig^^ > So What?^^, Mullet (Over), Utopian Fir > Bright Lights > Utopian Fir > Mail Package, Blue Echo* > I Ran > Hurt Bird Bath
^ with Jeff Austin ^^ with Willie Waldman * with Don't Fear the Reaper tease

Three Sisters Park

ONE SET SHOW Smell the Mitten, In the Kitchen, Ringo > Miss Tinkle's Overture > Ringo, Resolution > Glory -> Bridgeless

Three Sisters Park

Bright Lights, Prowler, 2x2, The Crooked One, The Triple Wide > Ocean Billy, It's About That Time^, Uncle Wally
Nemo, JaJunk > Jam^^ > JaJunk -> Padgett's Profile > Jam$ > Padgett's Profile > JaJunk, Nopener$$, Mulche's Odyssey, All Night Long*, Pay the Snucka
Encore: Lenny
late night set * with Meat (moe.) teases ^ with Nick Blasky (Ray's Music Exchange) replacing Ryan ^^ with Rob Derhak (moe.) replacing Ryan, and Jim Loughlin (moe.) sitting in with Andy $ with Al Schnier replacing Brendan and Vinnie Amico (moe.) replacing Kris; with 25 or 6 to 4 (Chicago) tease $$ Kris on vocals, lounge style, and Jake on drums * with Vinnie and Jake on percussion with Andy

Piere's Entertainment Center
Fort Wayne

13 Days, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Jazz Odyssey > Walletsworth, Bad Poker > Dump City, #Der Bluten Kat
Anchor Drops, Get In the Van, Thin Air, E.T.I. > The Fuzz* > "Jimmy Stewart" > All Things Ninja, And Justice for All
Encore: Kabump > Glory > Kabump > Uncommon
# with Unskinny Bob jam * with Tom Sawyer (Rush) teases

Newport Music Hall

White Man's Moccasins, #5, Bridgeless$, Slacker > "Jimmy Stewart"$$ > Slacker > Sociable Jimmy, A Go Go^
Cherub Rock, August > Smell the Mitten > Hajimemashite^^ > Sweetness > Professor Wormbog, Nopener, Kimble, The Haunt > "Jimmy Stewart"* > 40's Theme Encore: Example 1**
Ed McGee and Dave Katz from ekoostik hookah opened $ with Paint It Black (Rolling Stones) tease $$ with Siberian Khatru (Yes) jam ^ with Steve Sweney (ekoostik hookah) on guitar ^^ with Jake on bass along with Ryan * with Another Brick In the Wall part 1 and Norwegian Wood (a la 06.06.03 and 12.30.03) jams ** with Don't Fear the Reaper and No Quarter teases

Bell's Brewery

In The Kitchen > Jazz Odyssey > In The Kitchen > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Mail Package, Mullet (Over) > Pick Your Nose Jam > Uncle Wally > Jazz Odyssey* > Andy's Last Beer**, A 5th of Beethoven
Hysteria > Soul Food I > "Jimmy Stewart" > It's About That Time$ > Hey 19 > Phil's Farm > 10th Grade > Phil's Farm > Nopener^ > Regulate Jam > All In Time$$, Push the Pig Enc: Nothing Too Fancy% > Hangover
*with Hurt Bird Bath teases **with Close Encounters theme tease $second half only ^with Kris on vocals $$with Gypsy Queen (Santana) teases %unfinished

Belmont-Sheffield Festival

Peter Gunn theme/Every Breath You Take > Mulche's Odyssey, Wife Soup, Ocean Billy, Much Obliged*, Ringo**, Big Heart$, Bright Lights
Prowler > Resolution, Blue Echo > "Jimmy Stewart" > Last Man Swerving > Miles Beyond^, Heart and Soul, Syncopated Strangers, The Triple Wide$$, Nemo
* with Safety Dance tease ** with My Name is Mud (Primus) and Wild Side (Motley Crue) teases $ with Seven Nation Army tease ^ with Brendan on Rhodes $$ with I Ran tease the show was called at 9:30, at the end of Nemo, by the authorities because Umphrey's was "too loud"

The Vogue

Uncommon, Divisions, That's the Way, Syncopated Strangers*, Water > Black Water, Nemo, Bad Poker, Uncle Wally > Night Moves$
Roulette > Jazz Odyssey > Roulette, 13 Days, Groove Holmes > The Crooked One > #5 > JaJunk > "Jimmy Stewart" > JaJunk, 2nd Self, Waiting Room$$
Encore: Much Obliged%
PreBonnaroo WarmUp for the entire first set, Brendan and Jake were on acoustic guitars * with Hysteria ending ** with Ringo tease $ first time played, Bob Seger $$ with Jesu, Joy of Man's Desire tease % with 3rd Stone from the Sun and Are You Gonna Go My Way?

Bonnaroo, The Other Tent

ONE (FUGGIN LONG) SET SHOW Walletsworth, Resolution > Jazz Odyssey, Wife Soup, Nothing Too Fancy, Bright Lights > Jazz Odyssey > Prowler > Glory > Ocean Billy > The Triple Wide > jam^ > moe. switch^ > jam^ > And Justice For All, Bridgeless, Push the Pig, Hurt Bird Bath, In the Kitchen, 40's Theme, Nemo, I Ran, JaJunk*
Encore: Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey
late night set ^ the members of moe. came out one-by-one and took over for Umphrey's for a "set break"; moe.'s set was Recreational Chemistry > Brent Black > Enter Sandman; Michael Travis (String Cheese Incident) was on percussion for Brent Black and Enter Sandman; for Enter Sandman, Vince Iwinski was on lead vocals, a la James Hetfield * with Norwegian Wood jam and My Name is Mud tease


#Push the Pig, In the Kitchen, JaJunk, Uncommon, Utopian Fir* Notes:
Umphrey's played on the Piggly Wiggly Music Stage, followed by The Samples and Medeski Martin & Wood # with The Plunger intro * with Sweet Child Of Mine Teases the show was cut early due to lightning

MidAmerica Bank Club Stage, Naperville Ribfest

Anchor Drops > Andy's Last Beer, Kabump > Jazz Odyssey > Wife Soup, We're Going To War > The Fuzz > Glory> Nemo, All In Time*
Ringo, In the Flesh > Soul Food I > Jazz Odyssey > Roulette > Uncle Wally > America the Beautiful^ > #Nothing Too Fancy, Slacker**, Bright Lights
Encore: The Crooked One > Bridgeless
* with Star Spangled Banner Teases ^ bass solo # with The Triple Wide tease ** with James Bond Theme tease


The Fussy Dutchman, Walletsworth, Resolution > Jazz Odyssey* > Kat's Tune, Plunger$, 2x2**, Pay the Snucka
2nd Self, Hurt Bird Bath, Syncopated Strangers > Vision of Parin^ > Jazz Odyssey^^ > Willie the Pimp^$$ > Jam^ > Prowler > Bad Poker
Encore: Bright Lights
Theresa Anderson Group opened * with Much Obliged jam $ first time played, original ** with Feels So Good jam ^ with Mike "Mad Dog" Mavridoglou (Ray's Music Exchange and Jazz Mandolin Project) on trumpet ^^ with "Mad Dog" and with Nick Blasky (Ray's Music Exchange) on Ryan's bass $$ with Nick Blasky on vocals

The Odeon

Ocean Billy, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > "Jimmy Stewart", Sociable Jimmy, White Man's Moccasins, Dump City > Der Bluten Kat
Plunger, The Triple Wide > "Jimmy Stewart" > Mail Package, In the Kitchen > Robot World jam > In the Kitchen, Last Man Serving > "Jimmy Stewart" > Bridgeless, Miss Gradenko
Encore: Much Obliged > Mullet (Over)
Aranka Fabian opened

All Good Music Festival, Marvin's Mountaintop

ONE SET SHOW Roulette, Nemo, JaJunk, Waiting Room, Utopian Fir > jam > Utopian Fir > Thin Air, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Bridgeless
other performers included Jazz Mandolin Project, Soulive, Burning Spear, and Medeski Martin & Wood

Chameleon Club

Example 1 > Jam, Hurt Bird Bath > The Crooked Once, FF > "Jimmy Stewart" > Divisions
Front Porch, Plunger, Nothing Too Fancy > Africa, All Things Ninja, Party Peeps*, Much Obliged > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Nothing Too Fancy
Encore: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover > Nothing Too Fancy
Quagmire Swim Team opened

Rocks Off Boat Cruise
New York

Set One: Bright Lights, Anchor Drops, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Jazz Odyssey > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Nemo, Plunger, Push the Pig > "Jimmy Stewart" > Walletsworth, Wife Soup
Set Two: Mulche's Odyssey, Visions of Parin > "Jimmy Stewart" > Pay the Snucka, Uncommon > Bridgeless > Resolution > Jazz Odyssey > Pequod > Hajimeashite > The Song Remains the Same
Encore: We're Going to War


Set1: 65:25 Disc1 1. Glory -> 40's Theme 12:47 2. Uncly Wally -> 07:01 3. Synchopated Strangers -> 03:30 4. "Jimmy Stewart" -> 05:47 5. Synchopated Strangers 03:22 6. Smell the Mitten 08:33 7. Plunger -> 05:52 8. The Triple Wide -> 09:37 9. Ocean Billy 08:53
Set2: 88:47 Disc 2 1. Party Peeps 07:50 2. Prowler -> 05:47 3. I am the Walrus -> 05:26 4. Ringo -> 05:03 5. Out of Order -> 08:22 6. Ringo ->^ 09:26 7. August -> 03:24 8. Jazz Odyssey 03:13 9. White Man's Moccasins 09:19 Disc3 10.Nopener*^^ 03:03 11. Jajunk 18:01 Encore: 12. Crowd 03:12 13. I Ran**% 06:36
Show Notes: ^ w/Magner from the biscuits * w/kris Meyers on vocals & Jake on Drums ^^ East Coast Swing Style ** Flock of Seagulls cover % w/Eye of the Tiger Tease

The Stone Pony
Asbury Park

Jam > The Fuzz > Roulette, Andy's Last Beer, Blue Echo > E.T.I. > The Haunt > Norwegian Wood > All In Time
Get In the Van, I've Got a Feeling, #5 > 2nd Self, Mail Package > Kimble > In the Kitchen > The Pequod > Slacker > Jazz Odyssey^ > Slacker, Bad Poker, Dump City
Encore: Party Peeps
^ with Ilya Stemkovsky (OM Trio) on percussion (including cowbell); with Don't Fear the Reaper jam

Marrz Theatre

Soul Food I > 2x2, Water > Uncommon, Professor Wormbog, Utopian Fir > "Jimmy Stewart", Der Bluten Kat > Billie Jean > Der Bluten Kat
The Fussy Dutchman, Nemo, Phil's Farm > The Stranger > Utopian Fir > Phil's Farm, 13 Days, Sweetness > Jazz Odyssey > Last Man Swerving > Syncopated Strangers > The Stranger, Bright Lights
Encore: Hangover > Pipeline > Hangover

Music Farm

Blue Echo > Wife Soup, Much Obliged > "Jimmy Stewart" > Bad Poker, Kabump > Jazz Odyssey > Hey 19 > Jazz Odyssey > Pequod > Plunger
Padgett's Profile, Partyin' Peeps, Push the Pig, Uncle Wally > Hurt Bird Bath, Thin Air, Bridgeless, Ringo
Space Funk Booty > Pay the Snucka

Van Hoy Farms Family Campground
Union Grove

In the Kitchen-> Nothing Too Fancy Bright Lights, Big City Mullet (Over) Crooked One Fool in the Rain Anchor Drops Mrs. Tinkles Overture-> Mulches Odyssey Nemo The Triple Wide-> Syncopated Strangers-> Resolution-> Glory Roulette Encore: Slow Ride Intro-> Ocean Billy Trenchtown Rock
◆ Smilefest ◆

Homegrown Music Network Stage - Smilefest 2004
Union Grove

Variety Playhouse

Anchor Drops, Plunger, Smell the Mitten, Party Peeps^, Hajimemashite > "Jimmy Stewart"#, Get in the Van, Bad Poker > White Man's Moccasins, Walking on the Moon, All in Time, Nemo^, Utopian Fir > It's About Time > Utopian Fir, Mail Package
Encore: Soul Food 1 > Wife Soup
Co-headline with Steve Kimock ^ with Karl Engelmann # with Regulate (Warren G.) tease

Skyline Stage at Navy Pier

intro Push The Pig > Bridgeless #5 Sociable Jimmy > "Jimmy Stewart" Much Obliged > Jazz Odyssey > Senor Mouse Divisions
intro Super Freak tease > Prowler > Patyin Peeps Hurt Bird Bath > Fast Blue Echo* > 13 Days Ja Junk Bad Poker > Padgett's Profile > "Jimmy Stewart" > Padgett's Profile Mail Package Ocean Billy^ Hot for Teacher

Skyline Stage at Navy Pier

Mediterranean Sundance^ > In the Kitchen > Walletsworth, Nemo, The Pequod, August, Uncle Wally, Bullhead City^^, 40's Theme
Example 1 > Jazz Odyssey > Plunger, Professor Wormbog, #Roulette, ##Uncommon, The Crooked One, Glory > "Jimmy Stewart" > All In Time
Wife Soup, Making Flippy Floppy$ > White Man's Moccasins, Anchor Drops, Miss Tinkle's Overture > "Jimmy Stewart"% > Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey > Robot World > "Jimmy Stewart" > No Ordinary Love^^, Bright Lights Encore: Der Bluten Kat
Jake, Brendan, and Ryan were on acoustic instruments for the entire first set ^ only Brendan and Jake ^^ with Eliot Peck on vocals # with Safety Dance tease ## with Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution tease and the "Why am I blowing this?" quote from the album $ first time played, Talking Heads; with Hella Good (No Doubt) tease by Joel % with Jake on percussion

Mississippi Nights
St. Louis

The Fuzz > Plunger, Slacker, 13 Days, Bright Lights, Nothing too Fancy
Walletsworth, Utopian Fir > Wife Soup, Get in the Van, Jessica, Partyin' Peeps Encore: Soul Food I > Nemo

Simon Estes Ampetheatre
Des Moines

ONE SET SHOW In the Kitchen, Professor Wormbog, Sociable Jimmy, Synchopated Strangers, Hurt Bird Bath, Baby You're A Rich Man, Push the Pig > Uncle Wally , 2nd Self, Kabump > Uncommon
Encore: Bad Poker, Example 1, Lenny

Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre
Apple Valley

Set One: Ringo, Dump City, Much Obliged > In the Hall of the Mountain King, Anchor Drops, Prowler > Africa, All In Time
Set Two: Bridgeless, Making Flippy Floppy > Miss Tinkle's Overture > The Crooked One, Visions of Parin* > Phil's Farm, The Triple Wide > Hangover
Encore: Plunger
Notes: Floodplane and Heiruspecs opened * with Roundabout tease

New City YMCA, The Chill

ONE SET SHOW Nemo, Plunger, Resolution > "Jimmy Stewart"* > Blue Echo > Mulche's Odyssey**, 2x2, Aint' to Proud to Beg, #Nothing Too Fancy, Mail Package, Ocean Billy, Nopener
Notes: * with Blue Echo teases ** the ending repeated due to "lack of passion" # with I Ran teases; Kris asked Jake to start a Stranglehold jam other bands performing included Toots and the Maytals, Jazz Mandolin Project, Los Lobos, and Violent Femmes

Copper Dragon

Divisions, Roulette, The Fussy Dutchman, In the Kitchen, Heart and Soul > JaJunk > Sociable Jimmy > JaJunk*
We're Going to War > Hurt Bird Bath > FF > "Jimmy Stewart" > Robot World > 40's Theme, Anchor Drops, Glory** > Baba O'Reily$ > Bright Lights Encore: #5 > Pay the Snucka
* with Spirit of the Radio jam ** with Baba O'Reily teases $ first verse only; The Who

Canopy Club

Set One: Big Heart, Wife Soup, Ocean Billy > Jazz Odyssey > Ocean Billy, Der Bluten Kat*, Uncommon^ > The Pequod^ > Ahab^ > The Pequod^, The Triple Wide**
Set Two: 2nd Self, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Party Peeps, All Things Ninja > "Jimmy Stewart" -> All Things Ninja, Regulate^^, Rondo Alla Turka > Out of Order, Walletsworth, Bridgeless
Encore: Push the Pig, Nopener
Notes: * with Uninvisible (Medeski Martin and Wood) tease ^ with Jake on acoustic * with Riding the Storm Out (REO Speedwagon) ending ^^ with Andy on vocals last Rondo Alla Turka 09.24.02

Rosemont Theater

Walletsworth, JaJunk > "Jimmy Stewart" > JaJunk, Anchor Drops, Bright Lights, Syncopated Strangers > Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey
Notes: opened for Allman Brothers Band

The Temple Club

Jazz Odyssey > White Man's Moccasins, Uncommon, Uncle Wally, Der Bluten Kat*, Example 1**, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > In the Flesh
Party Peeps > The Triple Wide > "Jimmy Stewart"$ > Tomorrow Never Knows$$ > Good Ol' Boys, Get In the Van, 40's Theme%, Hangover, Hurt Bird Bath Encore: Smell the Mitten
* with Padgett's Profile tease ** with Milestones jam $ with Mamu teases $$ one verse % with Pequod jam

Mishawaka Brewing Company

Front Porch > Resolution > Front Porch, banter (Joel's mic), Much Obliged > Crooked One > Kimble, 50 Ways > "Jimmy Stewart" > Fussy Dutchman*, Bad Poker > Robot World
Plunger** > E.T.I., Bridgeless, Nemo***, Ringo > Glory > Ringo, Visions of Parin^ > Jazz Oddessy > Hot For Teacher^^ Encore: All In Time^^^
* Linus and Lucy tease ** Extended jamming *** Start Me Up tease (Stones) ^ Family Feud tease w/ Pee-Wee Herman vox ^^ Played in full, Eruption teases from Jake ^^^ With Krojo on percusion

Barrymore Theatre

Dump City > Ocean Billy, Sociable Jimmy > Sweetness > "Jimmy Stewart" > Last Man Swerving > 10th Grade, Making Flippy Floppy > drums > Space Funk Booty, Andy's Last Beer
Wife Soup, Blue Echo > "Jimmy Stewart"* > Roulette, Soul Food I > Mail Package, Push the Pig, Shenandoah^ > Pay the Snucka (part III), Cherub Rock Encore: Nothing Too Fancy
* with Norwegian Wood jam ^ Joel singing solo

Third Base Field House, University of Iowa
Iowa City

Professor Wormbog > Jazz Odyssey > Professor Wormbog, Hajimemashite > Plunger, Water, Uncommon > Much Oblidged* > #5 > Walking On the Moon > Syncopated Strangers
Hurt Bird Bath > Kat's Tune > Hurt Bird Bath^ > Robot World, Walletsworth, A 5th of Beethoven, In the Kitchen, Utopian Fir > Thunderstruck jam > Utopian Fir, Mullet (Over) Encore: #Pipeline > Thin Air
* with Push the Pig jam ^ with Freedom (Rage Against the Machine) teases; with Kris on vocals # with drums/bass/vocal jam

The Granada

We're Going to War> Last Man Swerving> Jazz Odyssey Wife Soup 13 Days Bright Lights, Big City Uncle Wally> Equal Rights> Bridgeless
Prowler> 2x2 Kabump> Jazz Odyssey> Resolution> Anchor Drops> Andy's Last Beer Power of Soul E: Mulche's Odyssey

Gypsy Tea Room, Deep Ellum, TX
Deep Ellum

Nemo, Smell the Mitten, The Fuzz* > Jazz Odyssey > The Stranger, All Things Ninja > Glory > All Things Ninja, FF > Jazz Odyssey > Every Breath You Take/Peter Gunn theme > Plunger
Ocean Billy, 2nd Self, The Triple Wide > In Bloom, The Pequod > Ahab > The Pequod, August > White Man's Moccasins, Slacker, Nopener Encore: The Fussy Dutchman, Waiting Room
* with Glory teases

Stubbs BBQ

Roulette > Soul Food I > "Jimmy Stewart" > Water > I've Got A Feelin', Miss Tinkle's Overture > Ringo, Phil's Farm > Drums > Phil's Farm
Bright Lights > Padgett's Profile, Hey 19* > Divisions, JaJunk^, Mail Package Encore: Push the Pig > Robot World
Theresa Anderson Group opened * with Divisions jam, middle section only ^ Brendan, Jake, and Joel took their guitars and a keyboard and walked them around banging them on the stage

Last Concert Cafe

In the Kitchen, The Crooked One, Walletsworth, Bad Poker^ > "Jimmy Stewart"^ > #5 > The Song Remains the Same, Hurt Bird Bath
#Syncopated Strangers, YYZ, Example 1, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Partyin' Peeps, Der Bluten Kat, All In Time Encore: piano solo^ > Bridgeless
Theresa Anderson Group opened ^ with Theresa Anderson on violin # with Front Porch tease * with LA Woman tease ^^ Joel only


Plunger, Utopian Fir > Kimble > Utopian Fir > Nemo, Sociable Jimmy, Never Cease to Amaze, Nothing Too Fancy > The Girl Is Mine > Jane Says > The Girl Is Mine > Anchor Drops
#2x2 > Mullet (Over), Hangover, 40's Theme > Kat's Tune > Jazz Odyssey > 40's Theme, Big Bottom, Robot World > Thin Air, Blue Echo > Nothing Too Fancy Encore: Wife Soup*
# with Front Port tease * with Front Port tease in the intro; Hurt Bird Bath and Imperial March teases later

The Library

Ocean Billy > Professor Wormbog > Ocean Billy, Front Porch > The Triple Wide > Jazz Odyssey > Black Water > Pay the Snucka
All In Time, Bright Lights > Last Man Swerving > Miles Beyond jam > I Ran > " Jimmy Stewart" > Much Obliged > You Gotta Move > Party Peeps, Ringo
Last You Gotta Move 04.20.03

George's Majestic

Soul Food I > Push the Pig, Syncopated Strangers, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Trenchtown Rock, Prowler > Uncommon, Der Bluten Kat, Mail Package, Kabump > White Man's Moccasins, Hot for Teacher

Ron's Dixon Alternative

The Fuzz, The Fussy Dutchman, Sociable Jimmy, Smell the Mitten, The Bottom Half*, #5 > Dr. Feelgood > Nothing Too Fancy
Slacker, August > "Jimmy Stewart" > August > Bridgeless, FF > jam^ > Flippy Floppy > Thin Air, Visions of Parin > Jam^^ > Nopener Encore: Fool In the Rain
* first time played, original ^ with Bailey the Singing Dog ^^ with Kris on vocals, Jake on drums, and Jeff Gray (Eckobase) on trumpet

Aggie Theater
Fort Collins

Get In the Van, 2x2, Nemo, Der Bluten Kat > "Jimmy Stewart" > Der Bluten Kat > "Jimmy Stewart" > Der Bluten Kat, Party Peeps, The Bottom Half
Robot World, Andy's Last Beer, When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around, Water, All In Time, Tribute To the Spinal Shaft, Roulette, Synopated Strangers Encore: Plunger

Twist and Shout Record Store

Uncommon, 2nd Self, 40's Theme, In The Kitchen, The Pequod, Thin Air, Wife Soup, The Bottom Half

The Fox Theater

Anchor Drops, Prowler > The Crooked One, Resolution > Kimble, XXXplosive, Blue Echo, The Bottom Half, Hurt Bird Bath
Bright Lights, JaJunk*, Making Flippy Floppy^ > jam^**, Wife Soup, Padgett's Profile > Hajimemashite > Padgett's Profile, Soul Food I^^ > Making Flippy Floppy^^
Encore Nopener$, Pay the Snucka
Lotus opened * with Stairway to Heaven tease ^ with Kyle Hollingsworth (String Cheese Incident) on keyboards ** with Shine On You Crazy Diamond jam ^^ with Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band) on mandolin $ Kris on vocals; lounge version

Gothic Theatre

Ringo > Dump City > Ringo, Ocean Billy, Mulche's Odyssey, Much Obliged > White Man's Moccasins, I Am the Walrus > Walletsworth, Nopener
The Triple Wide > Bad Poker > The Triple Wide > Push the Pig* > Miss Tinkle's Overture, The Bottom Half, Professor Wormbog, Plunger, Last Train Home, Slacker, Bridgeless Encore: In the Kitchen, Hot For Teacher
* with So What teases

The Buskirk-Chumley Theater

Jam > August > 13 Days, Soul Food I > Jazz Odyssey* > Anchor Drops, White Man's Moccasins, The Bottom Half, In Violation of Yes, Release, Wife Soup
Hurt Bird Bath, Much Obliged > "Jimmy Stewart" > Uncle Wally > Nothing Too Fancy** > Dr. Feelgood > Sociable Jimmy > Mullet (Over), #2nd Self Encore: piano solo^ > The Fussy Dutchman
* with "Immigrant Song" (Led Zeppelin) tease # with "Chariots of Fire" tease

House of Blues

All In Time, Party Peeps, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > The Crooked One > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Nemo, Resolution, Garbage Man^ > Mulche's Odyssey
Plunger > Robot World, Roseanna > jam^^ > The Triple Wide > "Jimmy Stewart" > Walletsworth, 40's Theme > Glory > Utopian Fir* > JaJunk Encore: The Bottom Half, Bridgless
^ with Mike Mirro on vocals and breakdancing ^^ with Greg Arzab on bass ** second half only last Roseanna 10.27.00

The Rave

Hangover, Roulette, Divisions, Ringo > "Jimmy Stewart" > Ringo > Blue Echo > Tonight I'm Gonna Rock It Tonight, Der Bluten Kat
Bright Lights > #5 > "Jimmy Stewart" > The Bottom Half, Seven Bridges Road*, 2x2 > Ocean Billy > "Jimmy Stewart" > Ocean Billy, Nopener, Syncopated Strangers, In the Kitchen
Power to Love
* one verse only (The Eagles)

The Marquee Theatre

Plunger> Jazz Odyssey> Anchor Drops Sociable Jimmy> Jazz Odyssey*> Sociable Jimmy Miss Gradenko All Things Ninja Much Obliged** The Bottom Half
Resolution> Hajimemashite> Kimble Making Flippy Floppy> "Jimmy Stewart"> In The Kitchen 2x2 Uncle Wally E:Thin Air
*with Let Me Blow Your Mind tease & Push The Pig jam **with Plunger teases

House of Blues
Las Vegas

FF > "Jimmy Stewart" > Roulette, Jam > Slacker > Sweetness > Slacker, Blue Echo*, Uncommon, Example 1 > Jazz Odyssey > Roseanna > Big Heart > The Crooked One
Pay the Snucka, Baby You're A Rich Man > "Jimmy Stewart" > Walletsworth, Bad Poker > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Jazz Odyssey** > Push the Pig, 40's Theme, Smell the Mitten Encore: Bright Lights
* Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution tease ** lounge jam

The Key Club
Los Angeles

Dump City Anchor Drops Prowler> Wife Soup Der Bluten Kat 13 Days In The Flesh
Bridgeless The Fuzz The Song Remains The Same* Nothing Too Fancy> Ocean Billy White Man's Moccasins Andy's Last Beer Ringo> Paradise City**> Ringo E:Nemo
*with The Rain Song tease **one verse only

The Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

Roulette, Utopian Fir > Syncopated Strangers, Plunger, Mail Package > Divisions > Glory > Divisions, Hot for Teacher
2nd Self > Robot World > Jam^ > Franklin's Tower^, Nemo, Mulche's Odyssey, Visions of Parin > The Bottom Half, Hurt Bird Bath > Making Flippy Floppy > Hurt Bird Bath Encore: All In Time
^ with Phil Lesh on bass (in place of Ryan) and on vocals for Franklin's Tower

4th & B Theater
San Diego

Walletsworth > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Bridgeless, In the Kitchen, JaJunk

SOhO Restaurant and Music Club
Santa Barbara

Get In the Van, Uncommon, The Crooked One, Blue Echo > Wife Soup*, Phil's Farm, The Stranger
2x2, Party Peeps, August > Padgett's Profile > How Many More Times** > Padgett's Profile, Push the Pig, Much Obliged > Dump City, Orfeo, Last Man Swerving
Encore: Equal Rights
* with So What teases ** one verse, Led Zeppelin

Arcata Community Center

Sociable Jimmy, The Haunt > Jazz Odyssey > Bright Lights > Jazz Odyssey > Kat's Tune, The Bottom Half, The Pequod > Ahab > The Pequod, Down Under, Ringo
Front Porch, Push the Pig > Out of Order, Syncopated Strangers, Q*Bert> "Jimmy Stewart" > Walking On the Moon Encore: We're Going to War > Plunger

WOW Hall

Party Peeps, In the Kitchen > "Jimmy Stewart" > In the Kitchen, Nothing Too Fancy, Water, Heart and Soul, Bad Poker, Hajimemashite > Nothing Too Fancy
#5, Hurt Bird Bath, Mullet (Over), Pooh Doggie, Mail Package, Waiting Room^, Hangover > Who Knows > Hangover, Thin Air Encore: Example 1* > Pay the Snucka**
^ with Pat Bayliss on vocals * with Stairway to Heaven tease ** with Smooth Criminal tease


The Fuzz > JaJunk > Walletsworth, Kabump > Jazz Odyssey, The Bottom Half, Prowler > Good Ol' Boys, All In Time
Resolution > And Justice For All, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > "Jimmy Stewart" > FF > Jazz Odyssey, Mulche's Odyssey, Nemo, The Crooked One Encore: Nopener^, Lenny
^ sung by Kris "lounge" style

Aladdin Theater

Anchor Drops^, Bridgeless, Out of Order > "Jimmy Stewart", Roulette, 40's Theme, The Fussy Dutchman, Black Sabbath* > War Pigs > No More Tears**, Wife Soup
The Triple Wide > The Bottom Half, Halloween medley$, Der Bluten Kat, Bright Lights, Ocean Billy, Miss Tinkle's Overture Encore: Mama I'm Comin' Home%, Anarchy In the UK%%, Plunger
Celebrity Criminal Celebration - Brendan was dressed as Courtney Love, Jake was Ozzy Osbourne, Joel was Jerry Lee Lewis, Ryan was Sid Vicious, Kris was Pee Wee Herman, Andy was Pete Rose, and Vince was dressed as Nick Nolte ^ with Pat Bayliss, dressed as Brendan, on guitar and vocals * first time played, Black Sabbath; with Jake on vocals ** first time played, Ozzy Osbourne $ the medley went something like: Rock and Roll Part II (Gary Glitter) > The Way You Make Me Feel > Smooth Criminal jam > Thriller jam (Michael Jackson) > Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent) > I Believe I Can Fly (R Kelly) > Whole Lotta Shaking Going On (Jerry Lee Lewis) > I Can't Explain > Baba O'Riley (The Who) > Mike's Song tease (Phish) % first time played, Ozzy Osbourne; with Jake on vocals %% first time played, the Sex Pistols; with Ryan on vocals and Joel on bass

Majestic Theatre

The Bottom Half, Andy's Last Beer, Hangover, Visions of Parin, Robot World > Utopian Fir > Making Flippy Floppy* > Utopian Fir > Mail Package
2nd Self > Jazz Odyssey > Baba O'Riley > Water > Great American > Thin Air, Uncle Wally, White Man's Moccassins, Bridgeless Encore: Anchor Drops > Glory
Bump opened * with Eminence Front tease

The Intersection
Grand Rapids

Push the Pig, Partyin' Peeps, Phil's Farm, Never Cease to Amaze, Padgett's Profile > "Jimmy Stewart" > Padgett's Profile, August, In Violation of Yes, No More Tears
Pay the Snucka, Ringo, Uncommon, All Things Ninja, Roulette, Wife Soup, YYZ* Encore: In the Kitchen
* with Spirit of the Radio ending

MSU International Center
East Lansing

Much Obliged-Jazz Odessey Plunger FF- Jimmy Stewart Willie The Pimp Out of Order Roseanna - Pick Your Nose Jam Hot Bird Bath Slacker Crooked One Number 5 Syncopated Strangers
Syncopated Strangers( Cont'd) 'Jimmy Stewart" Nopener Syncopated Strangers Trenchtown Rock Banter Last Man Swerving Bad Poker The Bottom Half

Newport Music Hall

Resolution > "Jimmy Stewart" > Divisions Get in the Van Example 1 > Bright Lights > Dirty Love Mulche's Odyssey
JaJunk Nemo > Robot World > Nemo E.T.I. > 2x2 > Triple Wide * > Home Sweet Home > Prowler > Ocean Billy Encore: 40's Theme

The Foundry Nightclub

01. Red Baron 02. Walletsworth 03. Last Man Swerving > 04. "Jimmy Stewart" > 05. The Bottom Half 06. "Jimmy Stewart" > 07. 13 Days 08. All In Time 09. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
01. August > 02. Dump City 03. Hey 19 > 04. Jazz Odyssey > 05. Space Funk Booty > 06. In the Kitchen 07. Anchor Drops 08. Out of Order > 09. Nemo Encore: 10. Sociable Jimmy

The Odeon Concert Club

01. Uncle Wally -> 02. Jazz Odyssey 03. Ringo -> Sweetness -> Ringo 04. Blue Echo -> 05. Jazz Odyssey -> 06. the Crooked One 07. Push the Pig -> Jam^ -> Push the Pig
01. Bridgeless 02. Hajimemashite -> 03. Tribute to the Spinal Shaft-> 04. Drumz^^ -> 05. The Fuzz 06. Nopener 07. Wife Soup 08. Der Bluten Kat E: 09. Cat Scratch Fever 10. Fool in the Rain
^ w/ all of Rays Music Exchange ^^ w/ Jake on percussion

Murat Theatre - Egyptian Room

Set One: Bright Lights > Divisions, Party Peeps, Never Cease to Amaze, Prowler > jam > 2nd Self, Hurt Bird Bath
Set Two: Plunger > "Jimmy Stewart" > The Bottom Half, Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V, Resolution > Pipeline > The Triple Wide > Syncopated Strangers, Rock and Roll Part II > Miss Tinkle's Overture
Encore: "Jimmy Stewart" > Baba O'Riley


Anchor Drops Mail Package JaJunk > ??? > JaJunk Kimble Bad Poker I Ran > Robot World > Jazz Odyssey^ > Ocean Billy
Professor Wormbog Jam^^ The Song Remains the Same Slacker Padgett's Profile Nothing Too Fancy > Mulche's Odyssey E: Hot for Teacher
^ with on Brad Myers on guitar and Nick Blasky on bass (Ray's Music Exchange) ^^ with Oteil Burbridge replacing Ryan

Good Music and Other Stuff

That's the Way Uncle Wally 40's Theme Nemo (1) Bad Poker Banter Can't Find My Way Home (2) In the Kitchen (1) w/ Rain Song intro (2) Last played 12/04/03

The Orange Peel

Syncopated Strangers > "Jimmy Stewart" > Party Peeps > fire alarm break$, Party Peeps, Prowler > "Jimmy Stewart" > Divisions, A 5th of Beethoven, Bridgeless
Miss Tinkle's Overture, Slacker, #Dump City, #Mail Package, Baba O'Riley, Nothing Too Fancy^, Uncommon Encore: Ringo > Burning Down the House* > Ringo
$ the fire alarm awent off and the venue was evacuated; when the "all clear" was given, the show resumed with the second verse of Party Peeps # with Fire Starter (The Prodigy) teases ^ with Karl Engelmann * one verse

Variety Playhouse

Mulche's Odyssey The Haunt> Jazz Odyssey > Sociable Jimmy 40's Theme The Pequod > Ahab > The Pequod Senor Mouse FF> Jimmy Stewart > Robot World > Black Water
Much Obliged > Jimmy Stewart > Hajimemashite > Hurt Bird Bath The Bottom Half > The Triple Wide > The Crooked One Kat's Tune > And Justice For All E: Crowd Front Porch > Norwegian Wood > Kashmir > Front Porch

Music Farm

Plunger, Nemo, Uncle Wally > "Jimmy Stewart" > 2x2, Never Cease to Amaze > Soul Food I*, The Girl is Mine > Jane Says > The Girl is Mine > All In Time
JaJunk > Jazz Odyssey > JaJunk > "Jimmy Stewart" > JaJunk, In Bloom, Push the Pig > "Jimmy Stewart" > Thin Air, Walletsworth, 2nd Self, Nopener^ Encore: #Big Heart

Cat's Cradle

Space Funk Booty > Equal Rights Andy's Last Beer# Out of Order Example 1 > "Jimmy Stewart" > Example 1 Der Bluten Kat
Pay the Snucka The Fuzz > No More Tears > The Fuzz Smell the Mitten Party Peeps Glory > Anchor Drops In the Kitchen* Padgett's Profile Encore: Wife Soup
# with Is There Anybody Out There? tease * with Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) tease

Revolution Hall

1. The Fussy Dutchman 2. Resolution -> 3. Jimmy Stewart 4. Water 5. I Got a Feeling 6. Phil's Farm 7. August 8. Plunger *
1. Ocean Billy 2. Africa ^ -> 3. #5 ^ 4. Syncopated Strangers 5. The Bottom Half 6. new song 7. White Man's Moccassins 8. Hangover 9. E: Bridgeless
* with Dan Bennet from Cloud Nine Music on Saxophone ^ with Vinnie from moe. on percussion

Theater Of The Living Arts

Robot World Sociable Jimmy Uncle Wally Mulche's Odyssey Much Obliged > Jazz Odyssey > 13 Days Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Lay Down Sally jam > Waiting Room
Nothing Too Fancy > Walletsworth E.T.I. > Jimmy Stewart" > Bright Lights new song We're Going to War > Uncommon Professor Wormbog All In Time Encore: Nopener > The Triple Wide > Nothing Too Fancy

The Paradise

Miss Tinkle's Overture, Anchor Drops > 2x2 > "Jimmy Stewart" > Women Wine and Song, Divisions, Roseanna
Cowboys from Hell* > Ringo, Utopian Fir > FF > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Last Man Swerving > Roulette, Power to Love Encore: Kimble, Mail Package
* first time played, Pantera; played in memory of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott who was murdered while performing the night before ** with Elenor Rigby (The Beatles) jam

Irving Plaza
New York

Plunger > Nemo Dump City * In the Kitchen The Crooked One Women, Wine & Song > Blue Echo > "Jimmy Stewart" > Baba O'Riley ** Wife Soup
Bridgeless Partyin' Peeps *** Plunger Thin Air San Francisco Bay > 40's Theme **** Push the Pig > JaJunk encore: The Bottom Half Hot For Teacher
* technical sound problems ** w/ Chad from Emptybag on bass *** w/ Jeremy Pivens (actor) on percussion **** w/ Keller Williams on "mouth noises"

9:30 Club

Hurt Bird Bath Roulette The Triple Wide > "Jimmy Stewart" > 2nd Self Bad Poker Andy's Last Beer # Making Flippy Floppy > Bright Lights, Big City
In the Flesh > Another Brick In The Wall part I > Resolution > "Jimmy Stewart" > Miss Tinkle's Overture > Thunderstruck > Miss Tinkle's Overture Slacker Get In the Van > Ocean Billy Pay the Snucka Encore: Sex Farm > Tonight I'm Gonna Rock It > Glory
# with Cowboys from Hell (Pantera) tease last Sex Farm 10.31.01

Xm Studios for XM Cafe (early)

XM intro Uncle Wally Walletsworth The Pequod > Ahab > The Pequod Anchor Drops Women Wine & Song Blue Echo > Professor Wormbog Nemo Mulche's Odyssey
lots of entertaining chatter between songs

Riviera Theatre

Soul Food I > "Jimmy Stewart" > Nemo Padgett's Profile Much Obliged > Buckethead Jam > Resolution > Bridgeless
Der Bluten Kat* Walletsworth Glory > Uncommon The Fussy Dutchman^ Hangover Sister Christian% The Bottom Half E: Keytar Jam Panama#
* - with Greg Rzab on bass during jam ^ - with "Linus & Lucy" tease % - with Brian Felix on keys # - first time played

The Riviera

Divisions, San Fran, Sociable Jimmy, Prowler > "Jimmy Stewart" > Anchor Drops, 2nd Self, The Crooked One, Nopener%
Robot World > Party Peeps, Ophelia^*, Mail Package^, Nopener^%%, Panama^%%, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey, The Triple Wide, Sledgehammer^**, Women Wine and Song^
Don't Do It^$, Slacker^, Bright Lights^ > Auld Lang Syne^%, Plunger&, JaJunk, Push the Pig, Ringo&&, Late In the Evening^, Wife Soup^& E1: Good Morning^$$ E2: #In the Kitchen
The Best Show on Earth circus theme - with side shows, acrobats (Erika Gilfether and Andrew Adams), jugglers, and balloon animals Mini Kiss opened % with Mini Kiss on stage ^ with a four-piece horn section (trombone, two trumpets, and tenor saxaphone) * first time played, The Band %% sung by Kris, "lounge" style; with Jake on drums ** first time played, Peter Gabriel $ first time played, Lamont/Dozier/Dozier (as peformed by The Band) & with two trapeze artists (Bridget Muldoon on audience right and Beth Stare on audience left) performing on trapezes at the front of the stage && with My Name Is Mud (Primus) tease $$ first time played, The Beatles # Brendan and Jake started playing while off-stage
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