Umphrey's McGee · 2010
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Orpheum Theatre

Resolution * > 2x2 ^ The Crooked One $ Black Water
In The Kitchen > Made to Measure > Joel Cummings > Sociable Jimmy > Professor Wormbog > In The Kitchen In Bloom % Got Your Milk (Right Here) Encore: Mulche's Odyssey
- entire show without Joel Cummins (keys) - * "Aeroplane" jam (Red Hot Chili Peppers) - ^ lighting power outage - $ unfinished - % Nirvana

House Of Blues
San Diego

Syncopated Strangers, Der Bluten Kat > Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty > Der Bluten Kat, Push The Pig, Ocean Billy
Cemetery Walk > Cemetery Walk II > Shine On You Crazy Diamond > Bridgeless > Alex's House, Dump City > You Know What I Mean Encore - San Diego Super Chargers > Glory Special Guest - Mike Keneally on Push The Pig & Dump City

The Regency Ballroom
San Francisco

1348, Much Obliged$ > 2nd Self, Ringo, Hangover, The Fussy Dutchman, Reelin' In The Years
Nothing Too Fancy$$ > Divisions, Plunger > The Pequod* > Plunger, Rastaman Chant** > Preamble > Mantis > Bright Lights > Mantis E: Miss Tinkle's Overture
Cornmeal opened $ with Linus & Lucy tease $$ unfinished ** with Roundabout jam ** with Rhiannon teases

Knitting Factory

Spires > The Bottom Half, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft > Morning Song, Kabump > Qbert > Andy's Last Beer
Jajunk > Higgins > Jajunk, Turn & Dub > Kimble > The Tripe Wide Encore - Can't You See, Partyin' Peeps
Cornmeal opened * with Ghostbusters theme jam ** first time played in full

Knitting Factory

Red Tape, Nemo, Wappy Sprayberry > Uncommon > August
Prowler > White Man's Moccasins, Intentions Clear > Pay The Snucka, Wife Soup > Hurt Bird Bath Encore - Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Notes Cornmeal opened * unfinished

The Depot
Salt Lake City

Get In The Van, Example 1 > Made To Measure > Jimmy Stewart > 40's Theme, Search4 > End Of The Road > Out Of Order
Slacker, Utopian Fir > The Fuzz > Utopian Fir > All In Time, Steppin' Razor > Jimmy Stewart > Mullet (Over) Encore - Preamble > Mantis > Mantis Ghetts > Mantis Special Guest - Allie Kral on Mullet (Over)

Belly Up Aspen

In The Kitchen > Padgett's Profile, Rocker (Part II) > Dear Lord > Uncle Wally > Great American, Syncopated Strangers > In The Kitchen
Professor Wormbog, Runnin' With The Devil, Thin Air, Phil's Farm > The Linear > Phil's Farm, #5, Mail Package, The Haunt > Cemetery Walk II Encore - Sociable Jimmy > Hollywood Nights

Fillmore Auditorium

Turn & Dub > 1348 > Jimmy Stewart > Bridgeless > 1348, Anchor Drops, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft > FF > Baba O'Riley
Wizard Burial Ground > Wappy Sprayberry > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Gulf Stream, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Bridgeless, Hangover > Nemo's Fat Bottomed Good Times > Wizard Burial Ground Encore - Partyin' Peeps, Ain't No Fun Special Guest - Allie Kral

Fillmore Auditorium (S2 Event)


Prowler > 2nd Self, Atmosfarag, Intentions Clear* > Phil's Farm, Push The Pig, Plunger
Higgins, 40's Theme > Blue Echo > 40's Theme, 13 Days, Red Tape > Mulche's Odyssey > Black Sabbath > War Pigs Encore - Hurt Bird Bath > The Linear > Hurt Bird Bath
* with Voodoo Chile teases

Liberty Hall

The Fussy Dutchman, The Crooked One > Passing, Resolution* > Alex's House > Believe The Lie
Pay The Snucka > Ringo > Kimble, Spires, The Bottom Half > Time > The Bottom Half, Walletsworth, Last Man Swerving > Ringo > In The Kitchen Encore - August
Notes Speakeasy opened * with Bright Lights tease

The Pageant
St. Louis

Made To Measure > "Jimmy Stewart"* -> Out of Order, Der Bluten Kat** > Turn & Run > Der Bluten Kat, 2x2 > Fame
The Triple Wide > #Words, Nemo > "Jimmy Stewart"* > Nemo, Syncopated Strangers > The Fuzz$ > Syncopated Strangers, Nothing Too Fancy > Slacker
Encore Professor Wormbog > ##Nothing Too Fancy
Notes Speakeasy opened * with lyrics ** with The Fuzz tease # with Don't Fear the Reaper tease $ with Baba O'Riley jam ## with Phantom of the Opera tease

War Memorial Auditorium

We're Going To War > Partyin' Peeps, All In Time > #5, Roulette, Women Wine & Song > All In Time
Miss Tinkle's Overture, Gulf Stream, Bright Lights Big City, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft, Ride On Pony, Mantis > Hajimemashite > Mantis Encore - Andy's Last Beer Special Guests - Jeff Coffin & Futureman on Bright Lights Big City & Glory

The Tabernacle

JaJunk > Sociable Jimmy, Cemetery Walk, Much Obliged > 1348, Morning Song, Wife Soup* > JaJunk
Turn & Dub, Layla, Bridgeless > Hangover$, Wappy Sprayberry > Bridgeless, Example 1, Cemetery Walk II$$ Encore: Eminence Front > The Floor
* unfinished $ with Soul Food II tease $$ with The Triple Wide tease Dubconscious opened

WorkPlay Theater - Soundstage

Spires > "Jimmy Stewart" -> Anchor Drops > Nothing Too Fancy > Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Nothing Too Fancy, Uncle Wally, Graceland^, Higgins
Mulche's Odyssey*, Cold Gold^^, Water > Ocean Billy > Eat > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Eat > Ocean Billy, Kabump -> Meeting In the Aisle, Reelin' In the Years Encore: Red Tape, Mullet (Over)
^ first time played, Paul Simon; with Brock Butler (Perpetual Groove) on vocals and pedal guitar * with Immigrant Song tease ^^ first time played, Brock Butler; with Brock on electric guitar ** with Ocean Billy tease

The Orange Peel

Preamble > Mantis > Push The Pig, Liquid > The Bottom Half, Blue Echo > Rocker (Part II), Come Closer
Hurt Bird Bath, Intentions Clear > Smell The Mitten, Resolution, Utopian Fir > Mantis Encore - Senor Mouse

The Music Farm

Cemetery Walk, In The Kitchen > 2nd Self, FF > Walletsworth, Cemetery Walk II, Made To Measure, Prowler > In The Kitchen
Front Porch, Mantis Ghetts > Comfortably Numb, The Linear, Ringo, 40's Theme Encore - Pay The Snucka

Neighborhood Theate

Get In The Van, August, Plunger, The Fussy Dutchman > Keefer > The Fussy Dutchman, Morning Song, 1348
Robot World > Uncommon, Der Bluten Kat > You Know What I Mean > Der Bluten Kat, Conduit, Can't You See, Wappy Sprayberry > Thin Air Encore - Soul Food I > Words
Notes - Conduit played for the first time

Ram's Head Live

Big Heart, Turn & Dub, Example 1, Conduit, Nemo, Spires* > Miss Tinkle's Overture
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart$ > The Triple Wide* > All In Time, Booth Love$$, Partyin' Peeps
Much Obliged* > Pipeline > I Keep Forgettin'** -> Regulate -> I Keep Forgettin'** > Regulate&
Notes Hackensaw Boys opened * unfinished $ first time played, Wilco; Brendan on acoustic guitar; winner of the ValUMtine's Day Song Poll $$ first time played, original ** one chorus and one verse & with I Keep Forgettin' tease

Sherman Theater

Walletsworth Slacker -> Phil's Farm Morning Song Got Your Milk (Right Here) -> "Jimmy Stewart" -> Utopian Fir -> Slacker
Bridgeless -> Spires -> Utopian Fir Water -> Bridgeless Bloody Well Right (Supertramp) Robot World -> Thin Air E: Rocker Part II
Notes * with Search 4 teases $ unfinished ** with Black Water tease $$ with Another Brick In the Wall tease

Nokia Theater
New York

All In Time > "Jimmy Stewart"* -> Get In the Van > All In Time, Conduit, Hurt Bird Bath > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft -> Hurt Bird Bath, Turn & Dub
JaJunk, Nemo's Fat Bottomed Good Times, August, Resolution > Push the Pig jam** > Resolution, Lisztomania$, Wizard Burial Ground > Booth Love > Wizard Burial Ground
Encore Mulche's Odyssey
Notes Eric Krasno and Chapter 2 opened * with lyrics ** with Hysteria tease $ first time played, Phoenix

House of Blues

The Bottom Half > Higgins > The Bottom Half 1348 Uncle Wally In the Kitchen^ Prowler > Push the Pig^^
Preamble > Mantis > Ocean Billy -> 2nd Self > Ocean Billy Der Bluten Kat > The Song Remains the Same > Der Bluten Kat The Triple Wide
E: Plunger > \ Mantis
Eric Krasno and Chapter 2 opened ^ with Adam Deitch on drums ^^ with Nate Wilson on keys

Electric Factory

Wappy Sprayberry > Partyin' Peeps, Cemetery Walk, Pay the Snucka^ > #5, Sociable Jimmy > Booth Love > The Linear* > Pay the Snucka
Divisions** > The Floor, Ringo > Glory > Ringo, Mean Mr. Mustard > Polythene Pam > She Came In Through The Bathroom Window > Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight, 2x2 > Mantis Ghetts > Divisions
Encore Mail Package > Cemetery Walk II
Notes Eric Krasno and Chapter 2 opened ^ with Eric Krasno replacing Brendan on guitar and Nigel Hall on keys with Joel; with Brendan also on keys * first time with lyrics ** with Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' jam

Calvin Theater

Red Tape > Intentions Clear > Syncopated Strangers, Nothing Too Fancy > Africa, Conduit, Mullet (Over)
Much Obliged > E.T.I. > Much Obliged > Alex's House > Nothing Too Fancy, Made To Measure > Miss Tinkle's Overture, The Fuzz > 40's Theme Encore - Hangover Special Guest - Andy Buch on Miss Tinkle's Overture

The Westcott Theater

jazz Odyssey > Example 1, The Fussy Dutchman, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Anchor Drops, Dump City, Nemo > Mulche's Odyssey
Atmosfarag, Out Of Order > Nemo, In The Flesh > Another Brick In The Wall > Bridgeless > Professor Wormbog > I Ran, Last Man Swerving > Bridgeless Encore - Andy's Last Beer

Town Ballroom

Jazz Odyssey> Glory> JaJunk> Partyin' Peeps Blue Echo> Pop Tart> Blue Echo> Turn & Run> JaJunk
Plunger Abacab Ride On Pony Mantis> The Pequod> Mantis> Nopener End of the Road Search 4 Burning Down the House The Triple Wide
Notes - Pop Tart is played for the first time (original)

Newport Music Hall

The Haunt > Passing, 1348 > All Things Ninja > 1348, August, Sociable Jimmy$ > Sweetness > Booth Love, Cherub Rock
40's Theme$$, Push the Pig* > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Hurt Bird Bath% -> Walletsworth > Hurt Bird Bath, Utopian Fir > Hot for Teacher, Utopian Fir > The Bottom Half Encore Miss Tinkle's Overture%%
The Uglysuit opened $ with Xxplosive jam $$ with I Keep Forgettin' tease * unfinished ** with lyrics % with Time (Pink Floyd) tease %% with Abacab tease

Madison Theatre

Cemetery Walk 2nd Self Ringo > Conduit > Ringo Resolution* > White Man's Moccasins Cemetery Walk II
Der Bluten Kat > Voices Inside My Head > Der Bluten Kat In The Kitchen** > Breathe > Great Gig In The Sky Wappy Sprayberry > Gulf Stream Encore: All In Time
The Uglysuit opened * with Norwegian Wood teases; jam with Nick Blasky replacing Ryan on bass ** unfinished

Iowa Memorial Union - Main Ballroom
Iowa City

The Bottom Half The Crooked One > Kimble Roulette Morning Song
Red Tape Intentions Clear > I Am the Walrus > Uncle Wally > Partyin' Peeps The Fuzz > Mullet (Over) Bright Lights Encore: Bridgeless

Orpheum Theatre

The Floor, 2x2, Turn & Dub, Great American, Sweet Sunglasses
Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Words, Padgett's Profile, FF^ > Raymond^, Fool In the Rain > Mantis Ghetts > Preamble > 40's Theme E: Syncopated Strangers > Conduit > Syncopated Strangers
Heatbox opened ^ with Jake on percussion

First Avenue

Spires Jimmy Stewart > Linear > Mulche's Odyssey Much Obliged > Hajimemashite > Glory > Hajimemashite Hurt Bird Bath
Professor Wormbog > Booth Love* Cemetery Walk II > Making Flippy Floppy** Gulf Stream > Miss Tinkles Overture > Masoka Tango > Miss Tinkles Overture Encore:Got Your Milk (Right Here) Waiting Room
*-With "Get Up Stand Up" Jam **-With "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" Jam

First Avenue

Prowler > In The Kitchen Cemetery Walk > Pay The Snucka (Parts I & II) > Atmosfarag > Resolution > In The Kitchen That's All > Pay The Snucka (Part III)
Preamble > Mantis > Wappy Sprayberry > Mantis The Fussy Dutchman Push The Pig Steppin' Razor > Ocean Billy > Plunger > Kula > Plunger > Ocean Billy Encore: Alex's House 1348

First Avenue (S2 Event)

First Avenue

Jazz Odyssey > Hangover > Wife Soup > The Triple Wide Slacker > Dear Lord > Slacker Rocker(Part II) > YYZ > Hangover
Nothin Too Fancy > Higgins > Get in the Van > Nothin Too Fancy Andys Last Beer > Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty > Andys Last Beer JaJunk > London calling > JaJunk E:Wizard Burial Ground > Made to Measure > Wizard Burial Ground

Jam In The Dam

Ocean Billy > 2nd Self Higgins > Ocean Billy Hurt Bird Bath* Cemetery Walk Ringo > White Mans Moccasins > Ringo Can't You Hear Me Knockin'? Push The Pig 40s Theme
Notes - * Crazy Train Jam

Jam In The Dam

Rocker (part II), Wappy Sprayberry* > Turn & Dub > Much Obliged -> Hajimemashite -> Booth Love^, Nothing Too Fancy** > Bridgeless, When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around$ > Kimble, Mulche's Odyssey
Encore Pay the Snucka > Mood for a Day^ > Pay the Snucka
Notes * with Roadhouse Blues tease ^ Simon (The New Mastersounds) on drums for jam and ending of song ** with Roundabout tease; unfinished $ with Nothing Too Fancy teases and Another Brick in the Wall jam ^^ Jake only

Jam In The Dam

Partyin' Peeps, Mantis > Miss Tinkle's Overture*, Walletsworth, Utopian Fir, Conduit > Mantis, Wizard Burial Ground, In The Kitchen, Comfortably Numb, The Linear, 1348
* with Somebody's Watching Me jam

Byron Bay Bluesfest
Byron Bay

Jajunk > Made To Measure > 1348 > The Bottom Half, Cemetery Walk, 2nd Self, The Song Remains The Same > Jajunk

Byron Bay Bluesfest
Byron Bay

Plunger, Wappy Sprayberry > Booth Love, All In Time > Conduit > All In Time, Turn & Dub > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Reelin' In The Years

University Of The South

Push the Pig, In the Kitchen > Glory > In the Kitchen, Turn & Dub > In Bloom > The Triple Wide, Partyin' Peeps, August*, Bright Lights, Nemo, Much Obliged** > Andy's Last Beer
Encore Kinky Reggae, Cemetery Walk
Notes this was a private, unannounced show for students * with Boogie on Reggae Woman jam ** with For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield) jam

Lincoln Hall

First Quarter Front Porch > "Jimmy Stewart"^ > Front Porch, Hurt Bird Bath > Bron-Y-Aur Stomp$ > Hurt Bird Bath > The Weight Around*, Interstate Love Song$$ > Divisions Second Quarter Stew Art event
Third Quarter Wife Soup&, Muff II: The Revenge, All Things Ninja, Red Room Disco*, Muffburger Sandwich, Der Bluten Kat&& > Girlfriend Is Better** -> Der Bluten Kat% Fourth Quarter All In Time^^ -> Africa > "techno jam" > "Brendan & Jake switch rigs", 1348 "with improv" > "funk jam" -> 1348, Comfortably Numb
Overtime Land of Wappy
Notes inaugural UMBowl event first quarter was comprised of attendee votes, with Brendan and Jake on acoustics (Jake on electric for The Weight Around); second quarter was a Stew Art event, with live fan suggestions; third quarter was comprised of attendee votes; fourth quarter was in "choose your own adventure" style, with attendees voting for the next "adventure" live (Nothing Too Fancy, All In Time, or industrial jam; into Africa, Booth Love, or metal jam; into Hangover with Booty Wax, techno jam, or The Linear; into Gulf Stream, bluegrass jam, or Brendan & Jake switch rigs; Miss Tinkle's Overture, Can't Ya See, or 1348 with improv; into Tortoise jam, dub jam, or funk jam; finish All In Time, Conduit, or Comfortably Numb) ^ with lyrics; Brendan, Jake, and Joel lost power $ first time played, Led Zeppelin * first time played, original $$ first time played, Stone Temple Pilots & "dub" version && "funk" version ** first time played, Talking Heads % with Girlfriend Is Better teases ^^ unfinished

Three Sisters Park

Rocker (part II), Walletsworth, Turn & Dub -> The Linear* > Hajimemashite > Plunger, Gulf Stream, Lisztomania
40's Theme, Ocean Billy > #5, In the Kitchen** -> Girlfriend is Better > "Jimmy Stewart" -> Booth Love -> Glory > Ocean Billy
Encore Cemetery Walk II
Notes Sunshine Stage show was simulcast on * with Can't You Hear Me Knockin' teases ** with Much Obliged jam; unfinished

Three Sisters Park

Phil's Farm, Syncopated Strangers, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft, Conduit, All In Time, Cemetery Walk^, Sledgehammer^
The Triple Wide*, Preamble > Mantis > Hangover > "Jimmy Stewart"^^ > Hangover > Mantis$, Women Wine & Song^, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough#^, Nothing Too Fancy$
Encore Mulche's Odyssey$
^ with Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns * with Mantis tease ^^ with Mike "Mad Dog" Mavridoglou conducting $ with fireworks # with Chelsea Dagger (The Fratellis) jam before song ◆ Summer Camp Music Festival ◆

Three Sisters Park

Early Set: JaJunk, Much Obliged -> Partyin' Peeps, The Fussy Dutchman, We're Going to War^, Seven Bridges Road**, Bridgeless > August > Bridgeless
Late Set: Pay the Snucka > Bright Lights, Resolution^, Wappy Sprayberry* > Slacker -> I'm On Fire$ > Slacker^^, Voices Inside My Head -> 1348, The Floor, Pay the Snucka
"Summer Camp Music Festival" Early set notes: Notes Sunshine Stage ^ with Mike Racky on steel pedal guitar ** first time played in full, The Eagles Late set notes: Red Barn played before EOTO ^ with Roy Ponce (Brainchild) on guitar * with 25 or 6 to 4 jam $ no lyrics ^^ with Jesse Clayton (The Macpodz) on keys

Three Sisters Park

Pay The Snucka > Bright Lights Big City, Resolution, Wappy Sprayberry > Slacker > I'm On Fire > Slacker, Voices Inside My Head > 1348, The Floor, Pay The Snucka
Guests - Jesse Clayton from Macpodz on Slacker "Summer Camp Music Festival"

House Of Blues
New Orleans

Red Tape, Professor Wormbog, Got Your Milk (Right Here) -> White Man's Moccasins, Kat's Tune, Intentions Clear > Mail Package
Ringo -> I Heard It Through the Grapevine -> Ringo^, Nemo, Higgins, Push the Pig^^, Hey 19
Encore Get In the Van
Brock Butler opened ^ Ivan Neville on keys ^^ with Brock Butler replacing Brendan on guitar

House Of Blues

Sociable Jimmy, 2nd Self, Example 1 > Passing, Prowler > Can't Find My Way Home, Utopian Fir
Miss Tinkle's Overture, Cold Gold^, Graceland^, Dump City, Spires > End of the Road > Thin Air*
Encore The Bottom Half
Notes Brock Butler opened ^ with Brock Butler on dobro and vocals * with Pink Panther theme teases


1348, 2x2, Mantis Ghetts> Hurt Bird Bath> Uncle Wally, Divisions> Dr. Feelgood> Divisions> Blue Echo> Divisions, Der Bluten Kat> Time> Der Bluten Kat, Booth Love, Andy's Last Beer E: JaJunk


Bridgeless > Partyin' Peeps, In The Kitchen > Bridgeless, Come Closer, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Steeping Razor > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Much Obliged > In The Kitchen Encore - Cemetery Walk

Bonnaroo Music Festival, Which Stage

All In Time > The Floor Turn & Dub > Boothe Love Cemetery Walk 1348 Conduit > All In Time Eminence Front Preamble > Mantis > Glory Mantis


Resolution > Conduit, Professor Wormbog, Search 4, Fool In the Rain, 2nd Self, Turn & Run
Nothing Too Fancy> Partyin' Peeps, Push the Pig, Dump City> In Bloom> Nothing Too Fancy, The Fuzz> The Floor E: Ringo
Miller Light Oasis stage

Nateva Festival

Great American, Red Tape, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > The Bottom Half, Get In The Van, Slacker, Higgins > The Bottom Half

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Mantis > Mantis Ghetts > Mantis > Ocean Billy, Wappy Sprayberry > Booth Love, 1348 > Hajimemashite > 1348, Hangover, Mulche's Odyssey > Mantis Encore - The Triple Wide, Don't Stop Til You Get Enough/Crosstown Traffic Special guests - Galactic during encore

Gothic Theater

The Star Spangled Banner, Ringo* > Kimble, Conduit > Space Funk Booty$ > Meeting In the Aisle, FF > Much Obliged$, Words
All Night Long, 40's Theme, The Linear > Phil's Farm** > Glory > Phil's Farm, Hurt Bird Bath, August, Dirty Love
Encore Bright Lights > Can't You See
Notes * with Born Under a Bad Sign jam $ unfinished ** with A Love Supreme jam

Centennial Terrace

Sociable Jimmy, Syncopated Strangers, Prowler > Spires, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft, Morning Song > Rocker (Part II), Intentions Clear > Trenchtown Rock

Riverside Festival Site

Plunger > Visions of Parin > Plunger, The Linear > I Heard It Through the Grapevine > Andy's Last Beer, Cemetery Walk > Utopian Fir* > Alex's House > #5 > Baba O'Riley^
Push the Pig > "Jimmy Stewart"** > The Crooked One > Anchor Drops > The Crooked One> Cemetery Walk II
Encore Push the Pig > "Jimmy Stewart"** > The Crooked One > Anchor Drops > The Crooked One> Cemetery Walk II
Notes Cornmeal opened * with Super Mario Brothers theme tease ^ with Allie Kral (Cornmeal) on fiddle ** with lyrics

Marvin's Mountaintop

Booth Love > Bridgeless, Made To Measure > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Walletsworth, It's About That Time > Turn & Dun > Divisions > I'm On Fire > Divisions
◆ All Good Music Festival and Camp Out ◆

Forecastle Festival

Professor Wormbog, Resolution* -> 2nd Self, Nemo, Mullet (Over), In the Kitchen > The Fussy Dutchman, Dear Prudence, Uncle Wally** > In the Kitchen, Conduit
Notes * with 2nd Self tease; with Crazy Train jam ** with Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' jam

Big Flats

1348, August > "Jimmy Stewart"* > August, Kabump > Slacker, Der Bluten Kat, Black Water, Soul Food I > Higgins
Encore Uncommon
Notes * with lyrics

Lifestyle Communities Pavilion

The Linear > Women Wine & Song, Search4, End Of The Road, Mullet (Over), All In Time > Wizard Burial Ground, Wife Soup > All In Time

Thursday In The Square

One Set Much Obliged, Get In the Van, Red Tape, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Spires* > In the Flesh > Another Brick In the Wall (part 2) > We're Going to War, Preamble > 40's Theme**, The Bottom Half, The Triple Wide, Partyin' Peeps Encore Front Porch$, Mulche's Odyssey Notes Tea Leaf Green opened * unfinished ** with Xxplosive tease $ with Norwegian Wood jam from

Fredrick Meijer Gardens
Grand Rapids

Alex's House > Bright Lights > Stew Made to Measure > Upbeat Stew> Bright Lights, 2x2*, Thin Air
Nothing Too Fancy# > Conduit, Africa, Phil's Farm > Kula > Phil's Farm, Example 1 Gulf Stream, 2nd Self, Night Moves > Nothing Too Fancy Encore: Orfeo^, 1348

The Lawn at White River State Park

Push the Pig Prowler > Words Hurt Bird Bath Turn & Run Girlfriend is Better
JaJunk > Shine On You Crazy Diamond > Wappy Sprayberry > Miss Tinkle's Overture > Thunderstruck > Miss Tinkle's Overture Muff II: The Revenge Booth Love > Ocean Billy > JaJunk E: Plunger > Glory > Ocean Billy

Cape Cod Melody Tent

Cemetery Walk, Conduit, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft > Andy's Last Beer, Hurt Bird Bath, Wife Soup*, #5, Mulche's Odyssey, Slacker, Hollywood Nights Encore - All In Time > Hangover, Wappy Sprayberry > All In Time
* dub style

Seaside Park

Turn & Run Much Obliged Women, Wine & Song Der Bluten Kat> Hajimemashite> Der Bluten Kat The Linear Steppin' Razor Mullet (Over) The Floor Pay The Snucka> White Man's Moccasins The Fuzz> Pay The Snucka 40's Theme

Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach

Rocker (part II), Anchor Drops > The Fussy Dutchman, Booth Love > In the Kitchen > Smell the Mitten, Morning Song
Set Two Ringo > Cheap Sunglasses* > Ringo, Bridgeless > In the Kitchen, Partyin Peeps, Cemetery Walk II, Resolution > "Jimmy Stewart"^ > Resolution > Bridgeless
Encore Phil\'s Farm > Lenny > Phil\'s Farm
Notes Rebolution opened * first time played, ZZ Top ^ with lyrics

Saranac Brewery

Got Your Milk (Right Here), Bright Lights Big City, Spires > Kabump > Mail Package, FF > Push The Pig, Red Tape > Breathe, Professor Wormbog > 2x2 Encore - Soul Food I > Thin Air, Wizard Burial Ground

Theater At Westbury

Higgins, Out of Order, #13 Days, Preamble > Mantis > Robot World* > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Mantis, The Triple Wide$
Prowler > Syncopated Strangers > Interstate Love Song > Syncopated Strangers > Nothing Too Fancy > Believe the Lie, The Haunt$$ > Sweet Sunglasses > Nothing Too Fancy
Encore Wife Soup > Glory > Wife Soup
Notes Rebolution opened # with Robot World intro * with Prophecy Now and Sludge and Death teases ** with lyrics $ with Stairway to Heaven tease $$ with Alex's House teases

Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe

Conduit, Atmosfarag, The Bottom Half > 2nd Self > Andy's Last Beer, Bloody Well Right, Intentions Clear > The Bottom Half
Miss Tinkle's Overture, Words > Last Man Swerving > Immigrant Song/Thunder Kiss 65 > Utopian Fir, Cemetery Walk Encore - Jajunk

Stone Pony Outdoors
Asbury Park

Sociable Jimmy > Walletsworth, Eat > Nemo > Eat, In The Kitchen > The Stranger > I'm On Fire > In The Kitchen, Uncommon, 1348
Dump City, Roulette > Kula, Blue Echo* > Keefer > Blue Echo > Booth Love, Search 4, Eminence Front > The Linear > Kimble
Encore Hangover**, August
Notes * with Kula tease ** with Xxplosive jam

House Of Blues
Atlantic City

Bridgeless > Resolution > Alex's House The Crooked One Made To Measure > "Jimmy Stewart" > Bad Poker Young Lust
Pay The Snuka > Hurt Bird Bath The Floor Turn & Dub > "Jimmy Stewart" > Uncle Wally > Pay The Snuka Much Obliged > Bridgeless Encore Break
Encore: Reelin' In The Years
w/ Rob Marscher on keys during Much Obliged

The NorVa

The Fussy Dutchman, Anchor Drops, Phil's Farm > Gulf Stream > Phil's Farm, Morning Song, I've Got A Feeling, Mulche's Odyssey
Red Tape, 2x2, 1348 > "Jimmy Stewart" > 1348, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft* > Partyin' Peeps, End Of The Road, No More Tears
Encore 40's Theme**
Notes Tiny Boxes opened * with Xxplosive teases ** with I Keep Forgettin' jam

House of Blues
North Myrtle Beach

Set I: Snake Juice> Rocker part II Kat's Tune That's All> Der Bluten Kat Liquid Get in the Van Set II: Wappy Sprayberry> Example 1 Padgett's Profile Nemo Higgins > Message In a Bottle* > Higgins Moby Dick (w/Jake on drums)^ Slacker> Sweetness> Slacker Encore: Push the Pig** Layla
Notes Rebolution opened * only one verse, The Police ^ with Jake on drums ** with Layla teases

Raleigh Amphitheater

Water > Syncopated Strangers, Miss Tinkle's Overture, Great American > Walletsworth > Great American > Ride On Pony, The Floor
Turn & Dub > The Triple Wide*, Ringo, Jajunk > Voices Inside My Head > Jajunk > Hangover > Jajunk, Power To Love Encore - The Linear > I Ran
* with Every Breath You Take/Peter Gunn Theme jam

Masquerade Music Park

Preamble > Mantis > Hurt Bird Bath, Booth Love*, Prowler > Passing, Conduit, Making Flippy Floppy > Nothing Too Fancy > Mantis
Plunger > Hajimemashite > Plunger, Front Porch > Cheap Sunglasses** > Front Porch, Bright Lights Big City, FF > Nothing Too Fancy Encore - All In Time$
Notes Rebolution opened * with Another One Bites the Dust teases ** with Bulls On Parade jam $ with Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' jam

North Coast Music Festival

Conduit > 1348, Wappy Sprayberry > Booth Love > jam^ > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Fuck You*, Turn & Dub > Mulche's Odyssey
Encore Divisions
Notes North Stage ^ with rapper Kidd A * first time played, Cee-Lo

The Valarium

Set One Slacker, Rocker (part II), Anchor Drops, In the Kitchen -> Alex's House > Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty, The Linear -> In The Kitchen Set Two Spires > "Jimmy Stewart" > Spires > Ringo > Made to Measure > FF > drums^ > All Night Long, "Jimmy Stewart"* > Got Your Milk (Right Here)$ > Push the Pig
Encore Resolution$$ > Ringo
Notes ^ with Jake on drums * with lyrics $ with Soul Food II jam $$ with Norwegian Wood jam

Minglewood Hall

Andy's Last Beer, Intentions Clear > White Man's Moccasins, Conduit, Example 1 > Morning Song, E.T.I. > 2nd Self
Wappy Sprayberry > Turn & Run, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Comfortably Numb, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Higgins > Miss Tinkle's Overture
Encore Pay the Snucka > Panama* > Pay the Snucka
Notes Speakeasy opened * incomplete

Diamond Ballroom
Oklahoma City

JaJunk > Phil's Farm > "Jimmy Stewart"* > Phil's Farm, August, Partyin' Peeps, End of the Road, 1348 > "Jimmy Stewart" > 1348
Wizard Burial Ground, Bright Lights, Nemo > . . . And We Became Sunshine^ > Nemo, Mail Package > Kimble, Cemetery Walk II, The Floor
Encore I Am the Walrus > JaJunk
Notes * with lyrics ^ first time played, The Uglysuit; with Jonathan Martin (The Uglysuit) on keys

George's Majestic Lounge

Prowler > The Bottom Half > 13 Days, All In Time > Hangover, Nothing Too Fancy > YYZ
Much Obliged > Bridgeless > The Bottom Half, Booth Love > Nothing Too Fancy, Wife Soup* > The Crooked One* > Bridgeless
Encore Gulf Stream, Bonafide Lovin > All In Time
Notes * unfinished

El Rey Theater

Search 4, 2x2, Mantis Ghetts > Mantis, Band On the Run > Walletsworth > Mulche's Odyssey
Encore Hajimemashite > Come Closer
Notes * with Let's Dance (David Bowie) jam

Orpheum Theater

Hurt Bird Bath, Uncle Wally > Good Ol' Boys, KaBump > Out of Order, Thin Air
Cemetery Walk > Women Wine and Song > RedTape, Mean Mr. Mustard > Polythene Pam > She Came In Through the Bathroom Window > Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight, Utopian Fir, Last Man Swerving > Pipeline > 40's Theme
Encore Making Flippy Floppy

The Depot
Salt Lake City

2nd Self, Water, Push the Pig > Roulette, Intentions Clear > Smell the Mitten* > Words
Divisions > Plunger > Conduit, Nemo > Graceland > Nemo, Ringo > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Spires > Divisions
Encore Andy's Last Beer, The Song Remains the Same

Knitting Factory

Ocean Billy > Booth Love, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > #5, Slacker, Heart & Soul, #The Fuzz > Ocean Billy
Miss Tinkle's Overture, Wellwishers*, Wappy Sprayberry > The Fussy Dutchman, The Linear > Glory, Girlfriend is Better > Cemetery Walk II
Encore Pay the Snucka
Notes Big Light opened # with Maybe I'm Amazed by Joel during a wedding dedication by Brendan * first time played, original

Arcata Theater

Higgins, Morning Song, In The Kitchen, Mullet (Over), Der Bluten Kat > Voices Inside My Head > Der Bluten Kat
Wellwishers, Nothing Too Fancy > The Bottom Half, Syncopated Strangers, Blue Echo > Much Obliged > Mulche's Odyssey Encore - Equal Rights > Nothing Too Fancy

McDonald Theater

Prowler > The Crooked One > Red Tape, Phil's Farm, Time > Out Of Order > Gulf Stream, 40's Theme
2nd Self, Utopian Fir, Lisztomania, Sociable Jimmy, 1348, August > The Floor Encore - Wizard Burial Ground

Showbox SoDo

Mantis > Thin Air, Atmosfarag > Booth Love, Great American > Cheap Sunglasses > Great American, Women Wine & Song > Mantis
Soul Food I > 2x2, The Triple Wide, Fuck You, White Man's Moccasins, Hangover, Jajunk > Push The Pig Encore - Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Jajunk

The Showbox (S2 Event)

Wilma Theater

Partyin' Peeps, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft > Turn & Run, Wellwishers > Hurt Bird Bath, Andy's Last Beer, Runnin' With The Devil
Wappy Sprayberry > Pay The Snucka > The Linear > In The Flesh > Another Brick In The Wall > Get In The Van, Resolution > Pay The Snucka, Plunger Encore - Miss Tinkle's Overture

Mr. Small's Theater

All In Time > #5, Syncopated Stranger, 13 Days, Push The Pig > When The World Is Running Down You Make The Best Of What's Still Around > Professor Wormbog, The Floor
Made To Measure, Reelin' In The Years, Ringo, Alex's House > All In Time, Rocker (Part II), Thin Air Encore - Mulche's Odssey

kalamazoo State Theater

The Bottom Half > Ocean Billy, Jajunk > The Bottom Half, Cheap Sunglasses > Hurt Bird Bath, Wellwishers > Jajunk
Miss Tinkle's Overture > Cemetery Walk, Der Bluten Kat > Dear Lord > Der Blute Kat > Booth Love > Der Bluten Kat, Cemetery Walk II > Much Obliged

House of Blues

intro In The Kitchen > Walletsworth Nothing Too Fancy > Red Tape FF > We're Going To War Words > Nothing Too Fancy
Prowler > Higgins Wappy Sprayberry > Mullet (Over) 1348 > "Jimmy Stewart" > In The Kitchen Sociable Jimmy > 1348 encore) She's So Heavy (I Want You)

The Bluebird

Conduit, Intentions Clear > Hangover, Smell The Mitten, 2x2, The Haunt > Regulate
Bright Lights Big City*, Wellwishers > Get In The Van, Gulf Stream, Phil's Farm > The Linear > Release > Phil's Farm, The Triple Wide Encore - Pay The Snucka
* with Ghostbusters jam

People's Court
Des Moines

Mantis > Resolution > Professor Wormbog > Morning Song, Got Your Milk (Right Here), Nemo, Turn & Run
40's Theme, Wife Soup > Dump City > Made To Measure > White Man's Moccasins, August > Mantis, Partyin' Peeps Encore - Fool In The Rain

Canopy Club

Spires > Jimmy Stewart > Thin Air, Baby You're A Rich Man* > Slacker, Wizard Burial Ground
Plunger > Wellwishers > Plunger > Believe The Lie, Padgett's Profile, The Fuzz > 2nd Self, Burnin' Down The House Encore - Wappy Sprayberry
* with Frankenstein jam

Canopy Club

Much Obliged > The Fussy Dutchman, Example 1, The Stranger, Ringo > Kimble, Mulche's Odyssey
Hurt Bird Bath, The Bottom Half > The Crooked One > The Bottom Half > Utopian Fir, Bonafied Lovin', The Floor Encore - Der Bluten Kat > I'm On Fire > Der Bluten Kat

The Pageant
St. Louis

All In Time > The Linear*, Red Tape**, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft^, Bulls On the Bus$ > Front Porch$$ > Cemetery Walk II
In Bloom > Booth Love, Rocker (part II)$$ > In the Kitchen, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Andy's Last Beer, Higgins > Miss Tinkle's Overture
Encore Push the Pig$$% > All In Time
Notes The Wood Brothers Opened * with Halloween theme teases ** with 25 or 6 to 4 jam ^ with Chris Wood replacing Ryan, on upright $ first time played; Mark On the Bus (The Beastie Boys) and Bulls On Parade (Rage Against the Machine) mash-up $$ unfinished % with How Many More Times teases

The Pageant
St. Louis

Ocean Billy > Conduit, Nothing Too Fancy > Hangover^*, November Walk$, Women Wine and Song > Ocean Billy, 1348 > The Way You Rule the World$$ > 1348
The Triple Wide^ > Bitter Sweet Haji**, Bridgeless > Walletsworth, "Top Ten" list^^, Prowler > Bridgeless, Sociable Jimmy% > Nothing Too Fancy, 1901 Jump%%, Bright Lights Big City&
Encore JaJunk > Don't Stop the Spirit of the Radio&& > JaJunk
Notes ^ with a "mini me" Ryan on bass * with One Nation Under a Groove teases $ November Rain (Guns N' Roses) + Cemetery Walk mash-up $$ Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears) + The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson) mash-up ** Hajimemashite + Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve) mash-up ^^ Kris does a "Top Ten" list of Halloween costumes % unfinished %% 1901 (Phoenix) + Jump (Van Halen) + Fuck You (Cee Lo) mash-up & with Superstition teases && Don't Stop Believin' (Journey) + The Spirit of Radio (Rush) mash-up Andy: G.I. Joakim Noah, Brendan: Yoko Bono, Jake: Paul Stanley Cup, Joel: Pope John Paul Shaffer, Kris: Larry David Letterman, Ryan: Dr. Evel Knievel

Higher Ground
South Burlington

All Things Ninja, Conduit, Wife Soup > Smell The Mitten, Ringo > Blue Echo > Ringo
Mantis > Breathe* > 2nd Self, Wellwishers > Jimmy Stewart > Mantis, Pay The Snucka > The Linear > Pay The Snucka Encore - YYZ
* dub version with Technobeam (The New Deal) jam

Higher Ground
South Burlington

Partyin' Peeps, Booth Love, Nemo, #5, Wappy Sprayberry > Girlfriend Is Better
Divisions, The Fussy Dutchman, 2x2 , Triple Wide, The Crooked One > > Glory > Divisions, Don't Stop the Spirit of Radio Encore Miss Tinkle's Overture^
Notes ^ with Scott Hannay on keys with Joel

9:30 Club

Turn & Dub, Resolution > Phil's Farm > Jimmy Stewart* > Phil's Farm, Alex's House > Words
Mulche's Odyssey**, Much Obliged > White Man's Moccasins, The Bottom Half > The Floor, Intentions Clear > Jimmy Stewart > Can't You Hear Me Knockin' Encore - Hangover
* with lyrics ** with Thriller/Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' jam

9:30 Club

1348, Slacker, FF > Wellwishers, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft, Morning Song
Der Bluten Kat > Eminence Front > Der Bluten Kat, Gulf Stream, August, Plunger > Mood For A Day > Hajimemashite > Plunger Encore - Orfeo, 1901 Jump
Notes # with Pipeline intro * with Xxplosive / I Keep Forgettin' jam ^ with Jake and Ryan on keys

Jefferson Theater

Walletsworth, Bridgeless > Made To Measure > So What?, Nothing Too Fancy > Higgins, Prowler > Conduit
In The Kitchen > Bridgless, Bulls On The Bus > Push The Pig, Got Your Milk (Right Here)> Andy's Last Beer, The Fuzz > In The Kitchen, Sociable Jimmy > Nothing Too Fancy Encore - Spires > Hollywood Nights


Set 1: Red Tape Anchor Drops Robot World> Uncommon Mullet (Over) The Girl Is Mine > Jane Says > The Girl Is Mine The Linear> 40's Theme Set 2: JaJunk> Eat> Intentions Clear> Eat I Ran Booth Love Front Porch* Mail Package> Kimble Encore- The Triple Wide> JaJunk
* with Little Drummer Boy jam

Bear Creek Music & Arts Festival
Live Oak

2nd Self, Rocker (Part II), Cemetery Walk, Ringo > Much Obliged > Ringo, Bright Lights Big City* > Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Bad Poker, Pay The Snucka > Dump City, Slacker, The Way You Rule The World > Glory > Plunger, Pay The Snucka, Cemetery Walk II Encore - All In Time
* with Rock Superstar (Cypress Hill) tease

Bear Creek Music & Arts Festival
Live Oak

1348, Resolution* -> Wellwishers, Hurt Bird Bath > Making Flipppy Floppy > Hurt Bird Bath, Women, Wine and Song^, Nothing too Fancy^^**, Ocean Billy** > Barracuda$, Hangover
Notes The Big Tent * with Norwegian Wood jam ^ with Roosevelt "The Doctor" Collier on pedal steel ^^ with Bernie Worrell and Ivan Neville on keys; with 25 or 6 to 4 jam ** unfinished $ with Jen Hartswick on vocals

Orange Peel

In The Kitchen Syncopated Strangers Get In The Van Resolutions* > Glory*# * With Ivan Neville # With Mike Barnes On Guitar

Asheville Civic Center

Conduit 1348 Ain't No Sunshine* Tinkles All in Time * w/ John Bell of Widespread Panic
22nd Annual Christmas Jam

Riviera Theatre

Bridgeless$> Slacker> Conduit Utopian fur> Search 4> Push the pig Hollywood nights
Much Obliged> Bridgeless Bad Poker Tribute to Spinal Shaft> Made to Measure 2nd shelf Peg$$> triple wide> Oceans Billy Encore Hurt Bird Bath
$ with Prowler jam && first time played (Steely Dan)

Riviera Theatre

Prowler Bottom Half 2x2 JaJunk Slacker Ape Man Mulches
Preamble Mantis Hangover Roundabout* Pay the Snucka August Gulf Stream Fussy Dutchman Mantis Floor Encore: Resolution Pay the Snucka III
* first time played (Yes)

Riviera Theatre

Nothing Too Fancy > In the Kitchen, Rocker (part II), Nemo, Bright Lights^, Deeper* > Nothing Too Fancy
Wellwishers^^, The Payback$ > Sex Machine$, #Andy's Last Beer^^, All In Time, Ringo, Demolition Man**^^ > 1348^^
Set Three Hajimemashite, Mixed Bizness%^^ > Auld Lang Syne^^, Partyin' Peeps^^@, Miss Tinkle's Overture@@, Higgins, Slacker&, Booth Love^^ > National Anthem%%^^ Encore Sir Duke$$, Glory > 40's Theme
Notes ^ with Jeff Coffin on saxophone * first time played, original ^^ with horns $ first time played, James Brown; Kris on vocals, Jake on drums, with horns and backup singers # with Jam On It (Newcleus) rap by Jake ** first time played, The Police % first time played, Beck @ with Auld Lang Syne tease @@ with Can't You Hear Me Knockin' jam & with Cody Dickinson on washboard, and Brendan on percussion %% first time played, Radiohead $$ first time played, Stevie Wonder; Kris on vocals, Jake on drums, with horns
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