Larry Keel Experience · 2004
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Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Brian & Clint's House

Critters, Pumpkin & Daisy, My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains, Faded Love, instr*, Dim Lights, Thick Smoke*
Mr. Engineer**, mando instr**, Can't You Hear Me Callin'**, Old Cabbage Head**, Sitting Alone In The Moonlight**, Alabama Jubilee**, Little Sadie***, Rainbow Rollercoaster***, Jerry's Farewell***
* Big Daddy & Jack Lawrence duet ** w/ members of Grassoline, Jay Sanders, et. al. *** Big Daddy, Jack & Jay Sanders

Peasant's Cafe

Damascus Old Mill

Old Ebeneezer Scrooge, Mule To Ride, Silver Bells, Buffalo Creek, Little Birdie, Try Me, Pontapee's, Jerry's Farewell, Ocracoke Song, Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday, Dusty Miller, Mountain Song, Can't Blame The Youth, The Road To Berryville, or two more tunes....
(compolarina) > Corn Liquor, Tamlin Spider, O Me-O, My-O > Raleigh & Spencer > Culpepper Woodchuck, I Know You're Married, Catfish John, Nuages, Koko Joe, Aquarian Fescue > The White Face, Hangman

Bamboo Room
Lake Worth

// ??Instrumental?? Tombstones Tear My Stillhouse Down Mountain Song Water of Love @ Pontapees Pioneers One More Dollar Buffalo Creek ??Instrumental?? Mars' Cry Red Clay Halo ??Instrumental?? Teach's Wrath > Rainbow Bridge Just Having Fun > ??Instrumental??
??Instrumental?? > Ko Ko Joe Rainbow Rollercoaster * Confusion * Pumpkin & Daisy Ocracoke November * Ragtime Annie > Liberty * Little Bess Drink Up and Go Home > ??Instrumental??
* Steve on guitar

Suwannee Spring Festival - Main Stage
Live Oak

instrumental (?) Pioneers Water Of Love Road To Berryville Mountain Song Pumpkin & Daisy Tombstones Hell Broke Loose in GA Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday Rainbow Rollercoaster Soldier's Joy
Fiddlin' Dave Vandeventer & Big Daddy for whole set.

Suwannee Spring Fest (Dance)
Live Oak

Hangman, Mountain Song, Tear My Stillhouse Down, Pioneers, Cherokee Shuffle, Good Gone Bad, Sun Is Shining, The Road To Berryville, November, June Apple*
Curtis Burch, Fiddlin' Dave VanDeventer, Jenny Keel, Larry Keel, Steve "Big Daddy" McMurry

Blowing Rock

Old Ebeneezer Scrooge Okracoke Song Fireline ... ... ... Cabin in the Hills of Caroline I Know You're Married Jerry's Farewell Struggling Man Today Has Been a Lonesome Day Teach's Wrath> Aquarium Fescue> The Star of Munster Mountain Song Cantina Bar Theme Buffalo Creek Rose of Old Kentucky
tuning ? > Corn Liquor Culpeper Woodchuck Rabbit in a Log Keep On Movin' Soul Shakedown Party > Spock's Theme Koko Joe Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday Darling Corey Drink Up & Go Home Raleigh & Spencer
Encore: Mahattan Island Seranade (Larry solo)
Larry Keel: Guitar & Vocals Jenny Keel: Bass & Vocals Danny Knicely: Mandolin & Vocals

Grey Eagle

Bluegrass Breakdown, Goodbye Old Pal, Mark Vann Song, Whole World Round > Tamlin Spider, Sun Is Shining, Pioneers, Dusty Miller, Mountain Song, Fire Line, Stoney Lonesome, Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday, Darling Corey, Back Up & Push, Keep On Movin', Whiteface
Trance > Soul Shakedown Party > Spock's Theme, O Me-O, My-O, Nuages* > All Blues*, Rabbit In A Log*, Cold Frosty Morning, I'll Be Jimmy Gaudreau Someday E: Can't Find My Way Home
* w/ Steel String Theory

The Pub

Intro Whiteface Ocracoke Song Jerry's Farewell Mountain Song Pontapees Little Birdie Stoney Kitchen Pioneers Dusty Miller Buffalo Creek The Road to Berryville ?? > Stoney Lonesome Little Bess Bluegrass In The Backwoods
Corn Liquor Star of Munster Just Havin' Fun Hell Broke Loose in Georgia Connie Chung Swamp Wang Manhatten Island Serenade Pomplarina Culpepper Woodchuck Tombstones > Hangman Can't Find My Way Home > Raleigh and Spencer
Larry Keel - guitar Jenny Keel - bass Dave VanDeventer - fiddle

Rubber Soul
Winston Salem

Old Ebenezer Scrooge, Mountain Song, You Won't Be Satisfied That Way, Buffalo Creek, Pontapee's > Jerry's Farewell, Just Havin' Fun, Stoney Kitchen, Whole World Round, Tamlin Spider, Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday, Little Bess > First Day In Town, Fiddlin' Shiflett, Bluegrass In The Backwoods
Dusty Miller*, I'll Stay Around*, Nuages*, Bluegrass Breakdown*, Step It Up & Go*, Corn Liquor, Raleigh & Spencer, Pompalarima
* w/ Dixie Broadway (featuring Ralph McGee)

Flatrock Music Festival

Aiken Bluegrass Festival

Dusty Miller Mountain Song Water Of Love Road To Berryville Pioneers Stoney Lonesome Rainbow Rollercoaster 420 Blues Harder They Come Fiddlin' Shifflet Buffalo Creek Jerry's Farewell I Know Your Married, But I Love You Still The Star of Munster Sweetest Breezes Hell's Broke Loose in Aiken Raliegh and Spencer
Line Up: Larry Keel - Guitar Jenny Keel - Bass Fiddlin' Dave - Fiddle Steve McMurry - Mandolin

Old Mill

Old Ebenezer Scrooge, Buffalo Creek, What Does The Deep Sea Say?, Scramanamanow(dots), Old Man Kelsey's Ocean, Dusty Miller, Pioneers, The Ghostly Crabs, Mountain Song, Stoney Lonesome, Miles & Miles, Tamlin Spider, Ocracoke Song, Pontapee's > Jerry's Farewell, Star Of Munster
O Me-O, My-O > Pompalarima > Velma > Raleigh & Spencer, Blackberry Blossom, Hell Broke Loose In Georgia, Fiddlin' Shiflett, Jenny On The Railroad > Hangman, Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday, Bluegrass In The Backwoods, The Message, Whiteface E: Can't Find My Way Home

Canal Club

Stoney Kitchen, Ocracoke Song, Buffalo Creek, Pontapee's > Jerry's Farewell, Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday, Mountain Song, Hell Broke Loose In Georgia, Pompalarima > Velma, Shine, Connie Chung, Raleigh & Spencer, Bluegrass In The Backwoods
with Fiddlin' Dave VanDeventer

Eden Valley Farm, Appalachian Uprising

intro, ?, Buffalo Creek, Road to Berryville, Pioneers, Mountain Song, Clinch Mountain Backstep(?), Miles & Miles, ?, Trance, Carter/Stanley song(?), Bluegrass in the Backwoods>?, Pontapees> Jerry's Farewell> Falling Down, Manhattan Island Seranade, Raleigh & Spencer, Hangman's Reel#
Band: Larry Keel (guitar, vocals) Jenny Keel (bass, vocals) David Vandeventer (fiddle, vocals) #Guests: Jimmy Reed (mando), Shannon Whitworth (banjo), Bill Cardine(dobro)

Statebridge Lodge

Larry Keel - guitar/vocals Jenny Keel - bass/vocals Jeff Austin - mandolin/vocals Jenny's birthday

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Disc 1/Set I: 1. (tuning/intros) 2. Bill Cheatem 3. Pioneers 4. (tuning/talking) 5. Little Willy 6. Mountain Song 7. Pontapees 8. Keep On Movin' 9. East Virginia Blues 10. Jerry's Farewell 11. *Believe It (Benny Galloway Tune)* 12. Tombstones 13. Rose of Old Kentucky 14. (tuning/talking) 15. Clinch Mountain Back Step 16. All Fall Down 17. (tuning/talking) 18. Gold Rush > Stoney Lonesome
Disc 2/Set II: 1. (tuning/talking) 2. *Dear Old Dixie* 3. I Know You're Married(But I Love You Still) > 4. I've Got A Mule To Ride 5. Nashville Skyline Rag 6. Over The Hill To The Poorhouse 7. (tuning/Ross Martin intro) 8. *Reuben's Train* > 9. Raleigh & Spencer 10. (tuning/talking) 11. Just Havin' Fun > 12. Rawhide 13. (tuning/intros/talking) 14. Groundhog > 15. *Leather Britches* > 16. Bluegrass Breakdown 17. (crowd/tuning/talking) Encore: 18. On My Way Back To The Old Home 19. *Home Sweet Home*

Bele Chere

Pontapee's, Buffalo Creek Pioneers Durham's Bull Good Gone Bad Mountain Song November Critters Stoney Lonesome Stone Walls & Steel Bars Long Way Round Just Havin' Fun > Panhandle Country Kind Veggie Burrito Ocracoke Song Cincinnati Rag Encore: Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday* Mettie Madness*
Comment: * w/ Bill Cardine on dobro Lineup: LARRY KEEL EXPERIENCE (Jenny Keel, Larry Keel, Steve "Big Daddy" McMurry)

The Orange Peel

(intro) Kissimee Kid Footprints In The Snow Wheel Hoss On & On Rainbow Bridge Me & The Dog Gone Blues Salt Creek > ??
Larry Keel, Jenny Keel, Jason Krekel, Curtis Burch, Vassar Clements, Rex McGee and Woody Wood Opening for Bluebrass project


Floyd Fest Workshop Porch/Mainstage

WORKSHOP PORCH Tuning Sunny Side of the Mountain The Only Girl I Ever Loved Roanoke No Expectations Chug-A-Lug Black Mountain Rag Cold Rain and Snow Rocky Island Panhandle Country Sea of Heartbreak Cry, Cry, Darlin' Man of Constant Sorrow Highway of Regret Bile Them Cabage Down
MAIN STAGE Liberty You Can't Blame The Youth Tuning If Your Ever Gonna Love Me Carol County Breakdown Two Little Boys Mountian Song Little Swing Little Pink Fiddle Tune Ocracoke Song Down Yonder
Line Up (Workshop): Larry Keel Gary Keel Jenny Keel Fiddlin' Dave Gary Ruley Chance McCoury Line Up (Main Stage): Larry Keel Jenny Keel Gary Keel Fiddlin' Dave

Shakori Hill Grassroots Festival
Silk Hope

1. (tuning) 2. Old Ebenezer Scrooge 3. Stone Walls & Steel Bars 4. Rocky Island * 5. Dear Old Dixie * 6. Tamlin Spider 7. Ocracoke Song 8. Mountain Song ** 9. Pioneers ** 10. Hell Broke Loose In Georgia ** 11. Buffalo Creek ** > 12. The Road To Berryville ** 13. You Won't Be Satisfied That Way ** 14. Bluegrass In The Backwoods ** 15. Fiddlin' Shifflet *** 16. Stoney Kitchen *** 17. Raleigh & Spencer ***
Lineup: Larry Keel, Jenny Keel and Fiddly Dave VanDeventer * with Andy Pond on banjo ** with Ryan Cavanaugh on banjo *** with Ryan Cavanaugh on banjo and David Via on mandolin

Magnolia Festival
Live Oak

Shady Grove, Little Birdie, Hell Broke Loose In Georgia, Jerry's Farewell, Your Achin' Heart, Creation #15, All Fall Down*, Hangman, Pioneers > The Border Ride, Just Havin' Fun > Star Of Munster, If I Were A Carpenter, Kind Veggie Burrito**, Ruby Comment: * w/ Slinky Cobblestone ** w/ Steve "Big Daddy" McMurry Lineup: LARRY KEEL EXPERIENCE (Jenny Keel, Larry Keel, Mark Schimick, Rex McGee)

Magnolia Festival
Live Oak

The Border Ride, Pioneers, Dusty Miller, Mars' Cry, Sunnyside Of The Mountain, Long Way Round, Lee Highway Blues, Simple Man, Star Of Munster, God Don't Never Change, Love Please Come Home*, In The Pines*, America The Beautiful, Kentucky Fried Mandolin, Pike County Breakdown Comment: * w/ Jim Lauderdale on guitar & lead vocals


Dixie Breakdown Tombstones Mountain Song Dusty Miller Your Aching Heart Pioneers Your Old Stand By Stoney Lonesome Tragic Romance Stone Walls & Steel Bars Little Birdie Bluegrass In The Backwoods Things In Life Buffalo Creek > Pontapee's Shady Grove
Jerry's Farewell > Just Havin' Fun > Jerry's Farewell Weary Heart You Stole Away Long Way Round > Whiteface > Big Fun Soul Rebel Teach's Wrath > Hell Broke Loose In Georgia Simple Man > Culpepper Woodchuck > Soldier's Joy E: Mother*, Ruby
* Larry Solo

Orange Peel

Ralph's Banjo Special Whole World Round > Pontapee's > Jerry's Farewell Goodbye Old Pal Teach's Wrath Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday Old Hobo Joe Buffalo Creek Ocracoke Song I Know You're Married Durham's Bull Good Gone Bad * Rebecca * Mountain Song * Let's Go To The Fair *
* with Big Daddy on mandolin

Grey Eagle Tavern & Music Hall

(Raffle) Soundcheck Mountain Song Little Rock Getaway Rose Of Old Kentucky The Bells Of St. Mary (Happy New Year!) Water Of Love Stoney Lonesome Rainbow Rollercoaster Let's Go To The Fair Little Maggie Critters Old Cabbage Head Lineup: Jenny Keel, Larry Keel, Steve "Big Daddy" McMurry, Will Lee
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