Sublime ??/??/98
bumS Lie - The Psycho Semantic Police, KROQ & Demos, CA
Set I
Secret Tweaker Pad (Radio Show)
Judge Not (Demo)
Dee Jays (Radio Show)
Freeway Version (Demo)
Pass Me The Lazerbeam (Limited Edition Vinyl)
New World Jamaica (Radio Show)
Greatest Hits Extended (Demo)
Saw Red Bandelero (Demo)
Voodoo (Demo)
Poolshark (Live)
Seven Inches With Wesley (Radio Show)
Get Out! (Limited Edition Vinyl)
Chicken (Radio Show)
13 & Fat (Demo)
Greasy Lesbian Hanburger Fight (Radio Show)
I Ain't No Prophet (Practice Tape)
Set II
In addition to unreleased gems like Ain't No Prophet and Pass Me the Lazerbeam, BumS Lie features
different and revised versions of other Sublime songs, including Greatest Hits Extended, which is a longer,
better version of Greatest Hits from Robbin' the Hood.

This release also includes clips of songs from other artists as well, including Sublime influences
and collaborators Just-Ice and The Wesley Willis Fiasco. There are also tracks containing music by the Juice Bros., a band that Eric and Bud are in together.

In addition to music, there are various interview clips spliced throughout BumS Lie, including clips from
the Loveline interview with Bud and Eric, and the KROQ on-air interview during which the band toked up
and consequently were punished for; Their hit single Date Rape was pulled from the KROQ playlist.

The crown jewel of this release, however, is the rare full-band version of Sublime's acoustic favorite,
Boss DJ, which includes a few changed lyrics, mainly transplanting the line "I'd never lie to Lou because
he never did to me" in place of the line "I'd never lie to you because Sunday morning soon will come."
Apart from the tracklist, another special feature of BumS Lie is the artwork. On an original copy,
the paper behind the CD tray contains a photo of an older man smoking a cigar. This is one of the only known
photos of Raleigh Theodore Sakers, the loon from Robbin' the Hood, who also appears several times on this release.
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