Checksum 'md5' for Missing Man Formation 08/09/99
ed67eb0b6c27e7525c010372675bf4f1 *Missing Man Formation cd 1\01. Band Introductions.flac
4d27bc153243b78493a4adee9f86a826 *Missing Man Formation cd 1\02. Scarlet Begonias.flac
dc16a596945859fd13ed50682437eaea *Missing Man Formation cd 1\03. Vince Welnick speaks.flac
ea76a3261238e43d7b12fb454473823d *Missing Man Formation cd 1\04. Golden Days.flac
2fc8cda2543c6eac4ead4d5602dfe774 *Missing Man Formation cd 1\05. Stella Blue.flac
706e69d1ed01ac88aec0cb697924e988 *Missing Man Formation cd 1\06. Blue Jay Way.flac
a8b90d149795b0554dca4204a0118f04 *Missing Man Formation cd 1\07. Kashmir.flac
f2bdf6311d2378adc38c749828e19a04 *Missing Man Formation cd 1\08. Samba In The Rain.flac
c77d32b0f1844e1f4cfae03a92a9e5ff *Missing Man Formation cd 2\01. Because.flac
e50cf09d6a4286a415425be969554d51 *Missing Man Formation cd 2\02. Here Comes Sunshine.flac
c4e5f616456b0e40aeacd10c63e96ab7 *Missing Man Formation cd 2\03. She Comes In Colors.flac
e9c74a8beae56b37ce55cbebf922dcec *Missing Man Formation cd 2\04. Smog Farm.flac
ca839ec866e2304a45052af4b986f72a *Missing Man Formation cd 2\05. Scarlet Begonias Jam.flac
04194e0d75d2e429632a3c90a2e08976 *Missing Man Formation cd 2\06. Long Way To Go Home.flac
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